it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature

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Because when you do, she gets real pissed off and does this, y'all.



Dan won't shovel in April. It's in his contract apparently.

He also won't remove the giant air conditioning unit that has been sitting in that very position on our deck SINCE NOVEMBER. I remember asking him, when we pulled it out of the wall it was sealed into, "Do you think that will still be sitting there in Spring?"

That's how we roll. We're saving it for when we retire. To a trailer.

But despite the snow, today is a special day because I'm not sure if you know this or not, but it's Crazy Hair Day at my kids' school.



Even Cole's teacher (who's also a friend of mine) got into the action. Nice devil nubs, Melissa!


So all's not lost.

But I think sweet Chester sums up how most of us Minnesotans feel about this April 1st shovel out:

Well said, furry friend. Well said.

Cathy Zielskeit’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature

39 Comments on “it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature”

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    Heidi P.

    We have snow here in Washington too….hate it! Aidan is turning into such a beauty. (She was always a cutie).

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    I’m with you, Cathy! We got it down here in SD, too! TIRED of it. Don’t know about yours, but ours was wet and heavy…ugh. I am so ready for spring!!

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    Trade ya! The grass is always greener, or should I say whiter? I already have my air conditioner on as it is 85 and muggy here outside of Houston. We would love some snow around here! (Although my tomato plants wouldn’t be too happy)

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    Trade ya! The grass is always greener, or should I say whiter? I already have my air conditioner on as it is 85 and muggy here outside of Houston. We would love some snow around here! (Although my tomato plants wouldn’t be too happy)

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    Too. Damn. Funny.

    My husband refuses to shovel in March. We live in Massachusetts and if we get snow in March, it’s usually warm enough that it will just melt in a day or two. I can’t imagine living in Minnesota though. I think I’d go all shining on someone and blow up my house. I know I would.

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    My sympathy lies with you. Having said that I hope to transfer some of the heat wave that we are having to you guys so that Dan really doesnt have to shovel. The sun should do it for him, sooooon!!!!

    I know exactly how you feel coz we used to live in Eagan, for eight years. Every March my husband and I would have the same discussion- What the @#*& are we doing here? So we moved to India, south India to be precise. And now we have the same discussion we’ve been having for the past 10 years- only this time its in May, when the temp here in Chennai hits 110 deg with horrid humidity. I guess we are stuck with the same topic of discussion for the rest of our lives. Humph!!! Priya

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    Kelley Sweitzer

    So then I shouldn’t tell you that here in PA I have windows open?

    Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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    I just love your blog Cathy! You are one of the funniest people ever. Your great sense of humour always makes me laugh.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    Trish :o)

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    Right there with you on the snow. Spring break here in Spokane. Five inches of snow on Saturday morning. Who knew we’d be shoveling and sledding instead of riding our bikes and tidying up the garden?

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    Seattle, here, checking in on our second day of Spring Break and third day of snow on the ground. Global warming… HA! I say, “bring it on, baby!” I’m ready to start digging the pool.

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    Wow! That is a lot of snow. I always forget that people up north are still dealing with winter. I have my A/C on here already. I want cold (I just don’t want snow LOL)

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    Would it be really , really, really wrong of me to tell you I have been blogging about sitting in the sun at the marina enjoying a java and the sun, daffodils, tulips, and well, just about paradise???? Guess maybe it would πŸ˜‰ (I couldn’t help myself!)

    Jacquelin ( who used to live in freezing , snow into May ALberta, Canada and now has moved to heaven – Victoria, BC)

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    I hear ya. Here is the past week of my life in a nutshell: Easter Photo Shoot with the kids at Fort Snelling that looks like it was made for a Christmas card. So that melts and we think (AGAIN) HEY Spring is HERE! We go out on a lovely 53 degree day (the warmest yet this year) for a walk around the Stone Arch Bridge and a nice drive around town. Kids are off school for a couple of days and I think, hey the weather will be nicer than it was over their spring break 2 weeks ago, WRONG. More BLeePinG SNoW ALL DAY yesterday. We did brave the roads for dinner at Cossetta’s last night, well worth it, but I give up. I am not leaving my house until it melts.

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    Wendy H.

    You are so darn FUNNY!!! I love your wit. You and Dan must laugh all the time! The picture is actually beautiful. My daughter is dying to go to the snow. We are in Northern California, so Tahoe is about 3 hours away, but it’s just making the effort to get there.

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    Shew! Thank God you explained about the crazy hair. I was really afraid that Chester had learned to spell and that also maybe he had some kind of infection. See, this weather just messes with your head!
    Love you, your humor, your blog…YOU are the complete package!

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    Melissa Cavanaugh

    okay so I won’t even leave the april fool comment, but it is sunny and oh, 80 today… we have been having to turn the A/C on for about two weeks (just at night to cool things down for about an hour)… so I could seriously use some cooler temps… I am with you that constant 70 something degree weather would be heaven… maybe we should move to hawaii? Ya with me?

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    Heather H.

    I feel the same way about snow in April. I did manage to shovel a path to my car and for the postman. Fortunately it’s nice and sunny today and Sven did forecast a nice weekend.

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    it’s hard for me to sympathize with you today as it was a beautiful 73 degrees here in Norfolk, VA. (okay I’m sure you’re giving me the finger now) BUT I do have a blow up mattress that you could stay on. I guess you probably don’t stay at random blog stalkers homes eh? oh well. I hope the snow thaws for you soon.

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    Yeah, over here in Maple Grove and I was actually hoping for a snow day in April. Never thought that could happen.

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    love the die snow pic. Woman after my heart.

    I love the feet picture of the dog.
    It makes me want to take a pic of my cats feet, and I can’t believe I’ve never done it before. My cat has 6 toes on each foot.

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    Sami from Sydney

    Was wondering why my friends warned me “Don’t eat yellow snow”!! To us it looks beautiful. We don’t get snow!

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    Dan saying it isn’t in his “contract” made me laugh – my hubby and I have our own ‘contract’ about stuff (i don’t do mopping or microwaves or mowing – or anything starting with M)

    his mother didn’t beleive I was serious when i’d say “its not in my contract”

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    Now, that just doesn’t seem right. We are having a wonderful spring here.

    Crazy hair day. I love it. Why didn’t we haven’t that when I was in school?

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    Amen, Chester! Not shoveling here, either. Let the sun have her revenge…

    I wore really cute shoes the morning after the snow, thinking, “Well, I really only walk to my building when I get downtown (Minneapolis), so the snow won’t be a big deal.” Great thought until I pushed about 4 inches of snow away when I opened the door…and then filled my shoes with powder on the way to my car. Ugh.

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    Lisa Russell

    Down here in FL, I’m thinking we can finally put away the long pants for good. It has been in the 80’s all week. I hope you get some warmth very soon! It is beautiful down here.


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