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So today's all about my comrade in arms and erstwhile smoking buddy Miss Donna Downey. Donna has two more (and final) books out in her killer Yes, It's a Scrapbook series: A Photos-First Approach to Designing Layouts and Fabric Scrapbooking. I've got two of each, so I'm giving a set away to two blog readers with a bit of that Irish-Catholic Downey-esque luck on their sides. Could it be you?

But wait, there's MORE!

The more part is this. I have a confession. I briefly paged through one of the sets I'm giving away. I'm sorry. That's bad, isn't it? I couldn't resist. Truly. And as I was flipping through the Designing Layouts book, I wondered to myself, "Hmmmm, could I make a cool page using one of her designs?" And then, rather than wait for the voices inside my head to answer, I simply shouted out: YES! YES WE CAN!"

So here's the design I chose:


And I did what Donna encourages you to do throughout the book (and she shows samples on every gate fold!)… I flipped it, and made it work for the photos I had. And because I already had some killer journaling, this page came together in about and hour.


I used my much loved HP Photosmart 8750 printer to print a full bleed, edge-to-edge title strip (and used a font called  Rosewood for the title—and might I add, if you like super ornate display type like this, a good rule of thumb? Use it for short, big titles. That's how it works best.) I also printed out my photos from a bunch of really goofy shots we took last Friday night with my little point-and-shoot, and I think they're perfect for this.

(We also took a series of shots with my friend C.T.—who introduced me and Dan, lo those many  years ago.) Here is C.T. and me, with me looking much like the whitish, subterranean cave dwellers in the movie The Descent, about to take a lethal but tasty bite of her naturally sculpted cheek bone:


(Remember how some of you thought I looked so great in that toilet shot the other day? Remember people, it's called Selective Photo Editing (SPE). Go ahead, stand in front of a sun-flooded window, holding a camera a foot directly above your head and look straight up. You'll swear you're ready for the next season of Make Me a Supermodel, too! Chins be GONE!)

Oh, and one more shot of me and Dan that didn't make it onto the layout, but will DEFINITELY be part of the 2008 Christmas Newsletter.


We're sure not as young and hip as cute Elsie and her friends, but damn, we should earn points for trying. Afterall, I DID get that new shirt.

Okay, where the hell is this post going?

Leave your name. I will draw two winners to receive both of Donna's books, tonight at around 9 p.m. C.S.T. And one of those set will be rife with the discarded epithelial cells of yours truly. Now THAT is a value-added!

Good luck.


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Cathy ZielskeA giveaway plus a layout share