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    first to comment? Yeah, I’m competetive in a very nonaggressive way! love the video and will scurry over to the Simple Blog…cause I might be first there too!

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    Jess S

    Love the blog and I can’t wait to see your finished layout. I am off to check out SS.
    Looking forward to superblogging week.

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    oh please just video blog from now on! for us work-from-home types, it is like having someone to chat with in the office.

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    love superblog!

    and…all i saw of your body were your thighs. they look quite thin to me. just sayin’.

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    It was nice seeing your scrap space in the background instead of your toilet! lol Was that an Ikea basket?? Love Ikea and you!! Off to try the type challenge at SS!

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    Rebecca G.

    You are so stinkin’ funny! Can’t wait to see the finished layout. Love where that is going. Miss seeing the toilet, though. πŸ˜‰

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    This is going to be the best week. I love it when you do video πŸ™‚ Really. And I’m going to do that challenge. I can do it. I know I can. “See” you tomorrow. I guess I don’t need the quotes because I really *am* going to see you tomorrow.

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    Hillary Chybinski

    LOL – Cathy – you are a scream! I pretty much live my life talking out loud like that – my own personal narrator. . .it comes in handy with an 18 month old around. . .the 7 YO finds it annoying at times. . .thanks for the lift on Monday – off to the Studio blog. . .


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    Michael Ann

    Definately heading over to the Studio blog! Thanks for keeping it real Cathy! You so crack me up.

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    ok so at times you sounded like you were on talk radio – one of those saturday morning shows like garden talk with sue. except of course yours would be titled superblogging with cath (notice the lack of a y – it just flows better don’t ya think.) LOL

    i posted my challenge layout on the studio blog. and your body is looking quite thin – i must say. πŸ™‚

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    Great superblog!!!!! Although I do miss seeing the toilet…..but I loved the before layout….looking forward to the after shot! Off to SS……have a good one!

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    Kelli Johnson

    there are so many things in life that I love…and you are just great πŸ™‚ thanks for making me giggle! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until the mega minis…love it! πŸ™‚

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    I thought with this superbloggingthing you might be on the t..let. Sorry, but since you introduced it on your blog I kind of missed it today. My apologies: my mind is running to fast for me now. I do need a break: it’s Monday 10:21 PM, one more day at work tomorrow, then celebrating Queen’s Day and a holiday. One more word: I love your superblogthing. Even without the toilet. OK, that’s 8. Can’t even count anymore.
    Love you.

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    Are you my auntie? Of course that would mean granny had an, er, well you know. But are you? Its not so much the uncanny resemblance, or that your voices are a pitch for pitch match. Its the way you say things EXACTLY the way my aunt Jane says them! Same words, same tone, same odd syncapation. Granny – you’ve been found out!

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    Love the super blog. You can always cheer someone up. Even if it is just showing a ruler with a great cup o’ java.
    While I was waiting to pick up dinner tonight I was reading Rolling Stone. I though of you when they had an article about the relationship between the Foxboro Hot Tubs and Green Day.
    You can enjoy here… http://www.myspace.com/foxborohottubs

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    Jane (photoscrapin)

    Your awesome!!! I just come by here because it is SO refreshing to see someone like you a very natural down to earth person …. you must be a blast in person!!! Thanks so much for what you do and I do LOVE your work girl!!! oh I forgot…love the super blogging!!

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    You crack me up – I am such a fan (not your number one stephen kingish sort of fan you understand of course) but a fan nevertheless. I like this background better (than the bathroom); I think you have beautiful children and I have quoted you in my scrapbooking, i.e. it makes me happy. National Scrapbooking Day always lands on the same day as Fishin’ Galore which is hosted by Dream Day Foundation in Louisiana which is a day of fun for child cancer patients and their families. My 7 year old daughter is a cancer survivor – PTL and we always do that instead. Not too sad, really I’m not (do you believe me?). Anyhoo, thanks for all you do . . . including introducing me to Ree who totally rocks. And a little promo, if you are a reader, get and read, “The Shack.” Warning – it’ll change your life.

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    Megan Hoeppner

    OK, now i have the theme from Superman in my head. You need to have that playing in the background in honor of SUPERblogging. πŸ˜‰ I adore you, CZ. You’re a crak…and I mean that in the best possible way, of course. Cheers!

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    Yay, videos! I so totally want to be you when I grow up. Not only will I be hysterically funny, but I’d have mad scrapping skills too!

    I wish I could time travel back to my college years and change my major to Graphic Design. Having a BA in Speech-Path has been totally worthless. What am I gonna do…make a scrapbook about communication disorders? Um…not.

    My DD is thinking about majoring in graphic design when she starts college this fall. I may have to audit her classes. LOL!

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    you gotta stop making me laugh out loud woman, my husband thinks I have lost the plot!

    and your body don’t look so bad to me.

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    Off to check out SS! We use the same adhesive. Isn’t it the greatest? Love your video blogging. My body should look so bad.


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    Love the video blog !! Keep it up !! Hey now, (hey now) will you be at the Vic on 5/10? Hope to see you there ! I’m a big C-H fan too. I hear they are playing new songs. (check out the frenz.com for a set list)

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    Sonja Chandler

    Cathy you are one funny lady. You make me smile and laugh. Not just smile. Nope, there is laughter also when watching you. too.
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, so this is my first. Love your videos. You make me smile and laugh. I needed it, I’m haded out the door to have a root canal in 17 minutes. Yep you sure make me laugh an smile. Yep sure do.
    Sonja Chandler

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    You crack me up! Funny thing, I had to google my sewing machine model Sunday to thread it. I finally went to the mfg site, and they had fantastic help. Good luck! Isn’t technology grand!

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    Great Video…I think your layout looks like it is going to be a great one!
    Love Grungeboard. If you don’t have the Tim Holtz Ruler…it is a Must! The best 7 bucks I EVER spent….
    Have a great day….off to check out Simple…

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    Great Video…I think your layout looks like it is going to be a great one!
    Love Grungeboard. If you don’t have the Tim Holtz Ruler…it is a Must! The best 7 bucks I EVER spent….
    Have a great day….off to check out Simple…

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    I REALLY thought… when you stood up you wouldn’t have pants on. I just cant work out if that says more about YOU or ME..

    sadly.. i think this one is on me.

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    Mel Nunn

    Hey cathy… crack me up totally! Can you please post the link to the video of C.D. Muckosky?? I would love to watch it while on the toilet…

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