Never planned on being a scrapbooker

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A few months ago, a nice blog reader named Megan posted a link that I have been meaning to share here, because it’s just so super cool.

It’s here—A book called "Not Quite What I Was Planning" Six word memoirs by writers famous and obscure.

Love this clip. It’ll fill you in. And make you think. What would YOUR six-word memoir be?

Six-Word Memoir book preview from SMITHmag on Vimeo.

(Great, great song by Pedalsped.)

Cathy ZielskeNever planned on being a scrapbooker

38 Comments on “Never planned on being a scrapbooker”

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    katie scott

    jean chatske (sp?) was talking about this a few weeks ago on her radio show on oprah xm. there is also a show on tv, some kinda news magazine type show, that does three words written on your hand at the end. i did a mini book of my whole life using the just three words concept. i’m not sure i could put my whole life into 6 words but i could put each part of it into 6 words in scrapbook form.

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    I did a ATC swap on on this theme. It was great. I really enjoyed this clip, I’d like to check out the book.

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    Fabulous. I can only imagine the 6-liners we could come up with as the result of being working moms, wives, friends, daughters…the list goes on and on. 🙂

    “Never planned on having it all”

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    Trisha Carter

    I loved this. Now everything I am thinking is ocunted to see if it is just 6 words. I can’t wait to get the book and listen to the Podcast mentioned in your comments.

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    Cameron Yates

    I love this Cathy! Thanks so much for sharing! I don’t know about encapsulating my life entirely but at the moment my six words would be, “Artist finally finds Bulletproof Positive Attitude!”

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    Hey Cathy. I know you’re a music fan and I am wondering if you are familiar with the Scissor Sisters. I think they should be the official band of scrapbooking.

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    Julie Mitchell from Canada

    I want the recipe for cloning.
    Home is where the heart is.
    Can I go home right now?
    Been there, done that, what else?
    Life’s precious moments immortalized on camera
    Will remain a devoted Cathy fan

    and the list goes on

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    I have it narrowed down to these:

    Selfish mistakes…trying to live better

    Selfish mistakes…trying to forgive myself

    Bum ovaries. Removed before cancer struck.

    And the one that makes me smile is:

    Ooops!! I guess I’ll marry him.
    (For what it’s worth, we are living happliy ever after, so it was a good “oops”)

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    Thanks for sharing. The one “Found True Love After Nine Months” totally got me. I am IN LOVE with my son and this has to be my next LO!!!

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    Fall of life, wishing for Spring. Not as desperate as it sounds, but coming up on 50 is sorta skeery.

    Great post today – a big thank you! Also loved the music (and the link to Scissor Sisters, thanks Lisa).

    Loving the moments between, that’s life.
    Less stuff, less worry, more life.

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    i actually caught an interview with the originator of the concept a while back, and it is sooooo addictive. for the next couple of days, i went around counting my words…”shoot, that’s 7″ or “oh, that’s only 5!”

    i thought doing a whole mini album, or tag book w/your own 6 word memories would be so cool. i started with one layout – but like usually…best laid plans – lol! never-the-less, it’s a cool idea – LOL

    here’s the layout if you want to check it out.

    take it easy today and tomorrow (hey, that’s 6 words! LOL!)

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    Experienced, learned, love, gave and captured.

    Thanks. For some reason I feel better I have my 6 words.. it helps to focus one sharply.. huh!

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