Puffle Christ Superstar

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It’s no secret that Jesus Christ Superstar is in heavy rotation at the Zielske abode—both on CD and YouTube—and we are planning to take the kids see the show all the way over in Minneapolis next month.

It’s also no secret that certain Zielske children are quite fond of the MySpace for the under-10 set, Club Penguin. And if you know anything about said "club," then you’re familiar with Puffles, yes? (They are the virtual pets of the penguins.)

And as we go deeper into the Everyone Already Knows This category, we see that Coleman is way into tiny drawings, including, but not limited to, comic strips.

With all that, I present Coleman’s interpretation of Jesus Christ Superstar, using Puffles.

(click to see it bigger)


My favorite parts? The bus that shows up in the first frame, and "You’ll find him in the Garden of Pufflemene."

You can’t make this stuff up.

No, I’m serious, you can’t.

Because Cole already did.

Cathy ZielskePuffle Christ Superstar

37 Comments on “Puffle Christ Superstar”

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    That kid certainly has your sense of humor. I cracked up at the Garden of Pufflemene, too. That is hilarious. I have to blow it up bigger so my old eyes can read it again so I don’t miss anything.

    Thanks for the great break in the dulldrum of work . . . and Good Work Cole!


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    Dude, when you’re ready to marry him off some day, please look me up. Uh, I mean, I want him to be my son-in-law. My daughter is the same age, and they appear to have a similar passion for music and all things dramatic. A match made in heaven. Perhaps we could secretly add them to each other’s Club Penguin friends list . . .

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    I don’t know whether to laugh or say a few hail marys (although it probably wouldn’t do any good because I’m LDS and have no idea what a hail mary is).

    The Garden of Pufflemene seriously cracked me up, too.

    Please ask Coleman if he wouldn’t mind penning a Puffle version of Rent for us (525,600 Puffles, perhaps?)

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    Julie Mitchell from Canada

    LOVE this. He is so creative.

    Now you’re reminding me of Jesus Christ Superstar. I used to have the album. Last week Fame, this week this. You certainly bring me down memory lane. I know all the lyrics to the songs.

    Off to download a few.

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    Kathy Besser

    Coleman, my sons Dane and Tate think you’re seriously COOL. They generally use the Parka server on CP. You’ve definitely inspired them to do some Puffle cartoons…thanks so much!! Kathy

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    Stephanie T.

    OMG! This is too funny!! My two kidlings are ocd about their puffles…finally had to pull the plug and shoo them outside for air. All was well until another mom bought the youngest a Webkin!! Don’t let the cuteness fool you..They are sheer evil!! They will suck out your child’s brain while they chirp and smile sweetly… all the way to the bank!

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    tena Sprenger

    Ha love this…..Cole has got some serious skills.. love his take on Jesus Christ Superstar! Amazing..definitely a great way to get my creative mojo going this morning. thanks cole. tena

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    My two “sweet lambs” are so into The Club. Our dinner conversations seem to always include the Puffles. Go figure.

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    I fell in love with Jesus Christ Superstar when I was ten, and would listen to it over and over again. That was a few years ago (cough!) and I could still sing you the entire thing from memory. I only saw the movie years later, and that first sight of the bus caught me off guard to say the least. So, my favourite frame from the cartoon is definitely the bus, it made me laugh out loud.

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    Look Pufflemous, he’s right outside our yard.

    Quick Pufflemous, go call the Puffle guard…..

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    Corinna Lyons-Revello

    Yes, I’m an expert of all things Club Penguin and puffles. My daughter would play it 24 hours a day if I would let her! And would you believe she has started drawing comics all the time too? Leaves them all over the house!


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    Bravo Cole! This is fabulous, very talented job on this piece of art!

    Just curious will Cole be mini fan (not sure if that is the correct title or not) again this year? I would suggest that he should send in a resume to the Detroit Tigers, they are in serious need of a mini fan.

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    OUTSTANDING!!! I love how Coleman used musical notes to denote the singing, and “I Don’t Know How To Looove Him” always gives me goosebumps.

    psst… I’d never heard of Club Penguin, now I’m officially the coolest mum eva.

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    Mary Kate

    I was at Inspired and did not want to stalk you and say hello just b/c u r famous and I read yer blog plus, I thought, “well we have nothing in common”. Au contraire! I adore JCS and my friends and I were obsessed with it as teens. I have seen it 36 times and I am not a movie person. So there. Well, maybe next year.
    Thanks to Cole for making my day!

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    all right Cathy….that is sooo funny…My 8 and 10 year olds are soooo addicted to Club Penguin….what is the name of Cole’s penguin?..my LI’l one wants to meet Cole penguin. hers is Baluga 86….nice to meet you..does Coleman have a “fancy igloo”? we know all about the status having that kind of igloo is over there. thanks for the chuckle…great job…on the comic strip…what a talented guy.

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    Oh my god!
    Club Penguin…. my two girls (10 and 12) LOVE it.
    There was huge excitement when yellow puffles became available for the first time……

    I might have to force them to do ‘Pufflefame’ for me later…..

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    Whenever you mention Cole’s drawings I remember the ones you once posted where one whole white page had tiny tiny people (I think they were a sports team?) gathered at the bottom of it.

    They were awesome….as are Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals starring Puffles.

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    I could more or less quote Irma directly…I too fell in love with Jesus Christ Superstar as a young child – I was eight. I too would listen to it over and over again (4 LPS of heaven 🙂 on your mind) and I can still sing you the entire thing from memory.

    I first saw the movie at about 10 years of age but have viewed it many times since and the soundtrack is well used. But the bus in Cole’s cartoon really brought back a rush of memories and I am in the mood to go rent it. Please tell him it was a delight to share his take and the boy has a serious sense of humor! TFS.

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    Tinka Rote

    I love Cole’s interpretation,…what a creative genius you are raising! Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my family’s (my siblings adn I…and now their kids) favorite musicals. I’m showing my age but when I was a junior in high school, my mother bought the sound track….on 8-track! When we wore it out, we bought another one. I have the sound track on vinyl, cassette and CD…and the movie on VHS and have seen the stage show 3 or 4 times. It has always been a staple in our road trip music collection and our cleaning house mix while we were growing up! I haven’t actually listened to it in awhile, so I think I’ll play it when I get home tonight!

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    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it?

    Cathy, I have to say thank you so much again for the amazing prizes! The “twins” arrived safely, with no complications. The extra “goodies” were such a fun and generous surprise and I am wicked happy about my good fortune!

    Sometimes I think you must be too good to be true, but then you toss us a self-portrait with a toilet backdrop. It is during these moments that I know you are real and true, and then some. Thanks for that too. xoxo Lisa

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    Cathy – I’ve seen JCS the movie about 140 times! I love the music, I love the movie, I’ve loved the play! Didn’t think there was anyone else out there obsessed!

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    WOW!!! That is too brilliant and too funny!!! Great work Cole!!!
    Really, it made my day today 😀
    It’s really fabulous!!!


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    OMG! That is just too cool! He’s so creative! We know all about puffles in our family. I can’t wait to show this to my daughters. They will just love it.

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