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Do you ever wonder what it’s really like to work for a magazine? I mean, is it glamorous? Is it exciting? Is it over-the-top creative?

Well let me answer a resounding, "YES!" It’s all that and SO much more.

Sometimes though, people work long hard hours. And they get a little goofy. Take our fabulous photo studio. We have an in-house studio at CK Media headed up by the exceptionally able and amiable Brian Smith (link to follow). Because I work in another state, I rarely get the pleasure to be in the studio, art directing the shots we need for the magazine.

In our current issue, there’s a lovely article by Candice Palmer on turning scrapbooking mistakes into scrapbooking fabulousness. We used our super cute editorial assistant Jenny Wilden as our model. The end product looks like this:


But as some of you who read the Simple blog may have already seen, we had another option to choose from:


God, sometimes I love my job beyond words.

Go give Brian some blog love. He rarely updates it, and apparently, he and I are the only people who read it, but, any man to step in and do this needs to be virtually high fived.

Cathy ZielskeI work with fun people

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    So why isn’t Brian making the magazine?? Are you saying he can’t compete with her big toothy smile? Whatever, they are both cute. But Cathy… love the fonts used on that article/page. What are they?? Look like the same ones you used in that “welcome home” baby sign, and it has been driving me nuts looking for them.

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    Cathy – you’re the best! It’s such a pleasure to read your blog and see your latest layouts. I’m an 80s survivor too, so love the music references! Thank you!

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    Imagine that same photo without him holding up the scrapbook page. It would make a great ad photo for Gas-X or Bean-O wouldn’t it?

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    Anne-Liesse Ankeny

    Go Cathy! We’ve been closet-watchers of “Rock of Love II” as well. Both my husband and I were in a panic over the SNL clip on your blog a few posts back. We’ve even decided to pre-empt our return to “Boston Legal” tonight in honor of Bret. He was there when we needed him during the writer’s strike. This is a critical time for him. We can’t let him down now. Enjoy!

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    i wasn’t sure if this was a scrapbook mag or a family planning ad!! ha

    okay seriously – this is hilarious as i have two of my own “happy accidents” – we call them twins!! using this “turning our oops into ooh la la” is it’s own page for them – now 6 months –

    love it!

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