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Now that might seem a bit negative for a blog post title (Same Shit, Different Day) but it’s actually a curiosity, or an interest, when you put it in the context of your photos—especially if you’re shooting digitally, and have easy access to your files.

I was trying to find a photo today to add to a yet-to-be-conceived blog post, when I got curious to see what photos have I taken on this day, April 2, since going digital in 2004.

And here’s what I found and, interestingly enough, what photography phase I was in at the time:

April 2, 2004—The "WHERE IS MY BLACK VELVET? and the "I WILL PAY FOR SHOTS" phase.


April 2, 2005—The "Constant Documentation of EVERYTHING I DO" phase (pictured here at dinner at CKU Minneapolis.)


April 2, 2006—I didn’t take this shot. I believe it was the very talented Candice Stringham, but it is in my iPhoto library under this date, so it counts! I LOVE this shot of me and Ali.) It was also, strangely enough, at a CKU. We really wanted to use this in the final night slide show. Alas. Somehow, it got omitted. I can’t imagine why.


April 2, 2007—Apparently we see a return to the The "WHERE IS MY BLACK VELVET? and the "I WILL PAY FOR SHOTS" phase.


Which leads us to today, and I bet you’re wondering what killer shot I took on this day, April 2, 2008, aren’t you?



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    Hey, it’s also not nice to fool your readers!! 🙂

    The photo of you and Ali didn’t load completely while I was scrolling down, so all I saw was a cut-off picture of your and Ali’s heads which was a little strange. I finished reading the post and began this comment and scrolled back up for something and the picture had finished loading. It’s a funny picture, but ended up being even more funny to me the way I actually viewed it.

    See, you make me laugh even when you don’t mean to.

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    Kim H.

    I love this perspective. I think I’ll go do the same thing for my blog entry today. Imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery, right?

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    I just spit Iced Peppermint Mocha all over my Mac when I saw the picture of you and Ali. If my laptop doesn’t work in the morning it was worth it!

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    Don’t keep us in suspense… Tell us, phleeease. 😀

    Hey, I made some of those tags with your “month tag template”. Mine are totally different from yours but I think they’re still really cute. If you want to see how someone else used your template please check out my blog: Thanks for the inspiration! I’m having too much fun with these tags. Perfect project for me. It’ll be a fun keepsake for my daughter. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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    Years later and I am STILL in the “Constant Documentation of EVERYTHING I DO”, with THOUSANDS of photos and LOTS of family members testimony to prove it!! 😉

    You make me laugh everyday.

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