57 Comments on “Superblog? Might be an overstatment today. That, and my porch is full of trash. Don’t judge me.”

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    Beth S.

    Wow – I think that I’m the first to leave a comment! Yeah! Love working from home. Cathy, thanks for the comment about kids fighting – get to thinking it’s just my two and that it is surely a result of bad parenting. I am so enjoying the videos – thanks. And, today was funny – they’re always funny. Hope you have a great Wednesday and I’ll look forward to tomorrow!

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    Haven’t even watched your post yet and I’m laughing. Stu-stu-studio — thanks, now I’m singing Phil Collins and my family think I’ve gone mad!

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    you crack me up! no judging here! we are building a new garage so everything that was in the old one is now on my front porch! Lovely. and when you figure out how to keep your kids from fighting, please let me know. my 2 drive me insane at times

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    Mary c

    I am happy that others have ‘stuff’ on the porch too.
    And from previous days, I am happy to know that I am not the only one that has only ‘online’ friends. They are real…they are.

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    amy j.

    I have two girls, three and six, they drive me absolutely crazy every afternoon when they come together to torture each other and us until they go to bed. So, therefore, I feel your pain on the kid fighting thing.

    Have to say the Christmas decor thing is very unnerving for me. I’m that OCD type that has nightmares about still having a tree up in July.

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    Even on an “off” day, you’re the best and funniest part of my day! Totally love the video blogging. Hope it turns into a regular feature!

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    Lisa Cohen

    Glad to hear that your kids fight too…. although it’s sad to know that it might not improve (my two are younger than yours). OH and I just joined Twitter too and added it to my blog (very happy that they make that part so easy to do!!)

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    michelle tabb

    Hey Cathy,
    You’re funny even when you’re not trying to be. Hang in there with the kids fighting. I’m right there with you. It sucks.
    And the porch…well you’re not alone there either. In my garage I have two pack&plays, 2 toddler beds, and 4 baby car seats (I had twins – needed them for both cars). The clincher – my twins are 6 yrs. old now! At least you can say you’re ahead of the game now getting ready for Christmas 2008.

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    you are ALWAYS funny, and I want to be your neighbor. any houses for sale over there? I am thinking it is time to move from Highland Park, and do the realtors over there realize they could emphasize the bonus of having YOU in the ‘hood?

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    totally cracking up.
    anna says “that was kinda weird, but kinda funny.”

    all i have to say is: I GAVE AWAY THE HOT ROLLERS….best line ever.

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    I have loved having a cup of coffee with you every morning this week! If I ever move back to the Midwest – I am going to buy a house with a porch. I think a front porch seems so friendly…you can invite your friends to have coffee on the porch even if your house is a mess!”bathroom? Oh, ummm, it’s broken…you can go to the coffee shop down the street, I guess!”

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    Ali Lipton

    Lovin’ the SUPER BLOG. Like lots of the posts before me the thing that stayed with me most about today’s post was about your kids fighting and your exasperated reaction. I’m with ya! Thanks for sharing everyday moments with us-
    Ali (the one from the plane to Alabama)

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    jill p.

    I can’t tell u how fun it has been to have my coffee with you every morning this week! It’s almost as cool as it would be if we were doing it at the caribou at the MOA and then heading over to Archiver’s for a little crop and shop. Oh how I wish we were real-life in person friends!!! Gawd does that make me sound like a super stalker or what!?! πŸ™‚

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    jill p.

    I can’t tell u how fun it has been to have my coffee with you every morning this week! It’s almost as cool as it would be if we were doing it at the caribou at the MOA and then heading over to Archiver’s for a little crop and shop. Oh how I wish we were real-life in person friends!!! Gawd does that make me sound like a super stalker or what!?! πŸ™‚

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    jill p.

    Aaah! I am a super stalker!! Honestly I did not mean to post that twice! Going back to my stalker corner now and lurking until the end of time.

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    What are we going to do when the week is over and you won’t be having coffee with me every morning? Maybe I’ll get a life, but I doubt it.

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    Martha M.

    You crack me up every day, CZ. You rock the video blogging.
    My kids are exactly the same age as yours and I so get the fighting comment and I, too, am afraid of my pre-teen. I wish he was a little more afraid of me, KWIM?

    Ooohhh and I also joined twitter and added it to my blog. Cool…

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    OMG I bout peed my pants! We don’t have a Christmas wreath still up cause my last name is Soares and it never went up in the first place……LOL!!! We dragged it all down from the attic and it sat in a pile until the new year when it went back up to the attic…

    For the record, I have more junk on my porch than you do on yours….I’ll take a pic.

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    Katie Scott

    1. love super blog week 2. my hot rollers from 1986 finally gave out & i went & bought some more – i just like big hair that much! 3. i also love to drink coffee out of a clear mug 4. did the type challenge & put it up in the reader gallery πŸ™‚

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    There is no judging. Definitely none. You are way braver than me – no way anyone online is seeing the inside of most of my rooms. (I say that, but you kind of make me want to try a video for my blog…)

    I am no doubt behind the times, but I’m just so glad to hear your last name’s pronunciation from your own lips.

    P.S. Awesome roller skate.

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    Greta Williams

    I am a stranger. You have no idea who I am and therefore why would you take any advice from me?! That being said, I will proceed to the doling out of advice: DON’T GROW YOUR HAIR OUT AGAIN!!! I like it short! Don’t go through that phase again, Cathy! – it scared me to death last time you did it. Besides, just beyond that phase is the i-think-i’ll-give-up-blogging-for-awhile stage and we all DEFINATELY hated that one!

    Keep the short hair – it’s perfect on you!


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    Beth D

    You are so much fun! And I feel so much better about the fact that we just took the Christmas lights down from around our front door and off a small pine tree LAST WEEK. So thanks for that. Also my two kids fight all the time too. And I am also a bit afraid of my twelve year old daughter. Why is that?

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    I am so glad you blog everyday, you are so funny……I never knew how to pronounce your last name until today! Merry Christmas!

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    Kelly Byrom

    i love the video blogs. i totally feel like im hanging out with you. whats your fav font? i think currently rotis sans is doing it for me. i am much more a sans serif girl

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    Feel your pain on the two kids fighting thing!! And one day I will have a Christmas tree closet. No decorating and undecorating – just pulli it out and “fluff” it each December!!

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    Anna Beth

    My whole house looks like this seriously. So don’t judge me.

    Anyways, I just realize that your name sounds different than I thought. I have met you in person once, but I guess I never heard you say your name. I thought it was like – Zil – esk -key . Is that from Honey I Shrunk the Kids? Maybe that is where I got that huge mispronounce-ment. And I just made up a word, evidently.

    I am loving these super-blogs. And I love your hair too!

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    Rebecca G.

    Oh, friend. You are much funnier than you think! Thanks for sharing your porch with us. It definitely makes me feel better about my backyard – although, seriously, nothing could ever look as bad as my backyard!!

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    Cathy, Cathy… You are such a Zen master of color that your cardstock not only reflected at least one color from your porch, but also perfectly coordinated your shirt and jacket. Amazing, you are. πŸ˜‰

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    Not there for me today? How can you say that? A celebrity scrapbooker, talking about fighting kids and Christmas decorations in April, that lets face it, will still be there in May. You were there for me today – thank you.

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    Dawn H

    Kids fighting?? What?? are you kidding? My 3 NEVER fight!!! More like never get along and when they do it turns into a fight. Thanks for the insight…its nice to know I am not alone in this nightmare. Love the superblogs!! Great way to start my day!!! So funny!! Dawn H

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    Thank goodness someone else still has their Xmas wreath up. Mine’s been up since, oh, three Xmases ago… And although most of my Xmas decorations are down and put away, I do still have two mini snowmen and a reindeer up in my bathroom, too. Hey, they match the decor! Besides, I have nothing to replace them with and there would then be empty spaces on the wall and on the windowsills…

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    I’m sorry, but that had anchor woman written all over it. seriously!

    And it was brilliant. You are brilliant. And your hair looks beautiful.

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    I think it is very Minnesotan to have tons of stuff on the porch at the end of winter. I guess I’ll call it trash too as I’m not a native Minnesotan either, and therefore should not be blamed for the havoc this place’s winters wreak on me! (or something like that)

    I truly don’t know how it’s possible to be so funny all the time, so I’ll just say thanks for making me laugh. πŸ™‚

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    Cathy, what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks are you talking about?!?! That was heeeeelarious! You have a Christmas wreath up…in May (almost). It seriously doesn’t get funnier than that. I guess my name must be Zielske, too, as I still have a frosted “Believe” sign up in my house from TWO Christmases ago! No, I’m not kidding. I wish I were, but, alas, I’m not. LOL!

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud. That’s not an easy thing to do. I don’t know why that is, but something really has to tickle the ol’ funny bone to get the full on HAHAHAHA outta me, and this post did just that.


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    Regardless of whether or not you feel it’s magic, your SUPER BLOGGING is making me smile every day. Love it…Love your frankness and sarcasm.

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    Sarah B.

    Not that it matters, but my brother and I once (for about a decade and a quarter) behaved like that (seriously – from the year I started first grade till I left for college), and then we evolved into kind of a detente kind of situation, and now we hang out. I can’t really pinpoint when it switched, but my parents sure do seem to drink less now… πŸ™‚

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    Wholly Buckets! You get me laughing every day! Loved today’s blog best so far. I’m off to scrap. Peace Out, Homie-G-Dawg-Funk-Gangsta-Money! πŸ™‚

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    kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    I have been so excited everyday to come check out your video blogging. I’m not sure what that says about me and the fact that I think you are hilarious……but who cares at least I don’t have christmas lights on my porch. πŸ™‚

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    Oh, Mylanta….I only have 1 child at home, but teach 190 K thru 5’ers everyday. I totally get the fighting. I actually found myself say “Nuh-uh” today…oy.

    So, I think I have watched too much MTV, because I was thinking that when you said, “This is where the magic happens”, perhaps you should do your own little version of CRIBS. But a girlfriend would never ask you to do that. Then all the rooms in the house would have to be clean. And we’d have to see you rides…

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    I am laughing at your color choices. Did you happen to notice that your shirt and jacket (for the freaky spring weather) happened to match perfectly? You should make a LO of your super blogs! HA!

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    I don’t care what anyone says, YOU, my dear are hilarious! I love the personal touch on the front porch. My husband just … just moved the box of Christmas lights to the hallway inside my house last week. Last week! But, it’s appropriate because he set the box of lights on top of our Christmas tree! I think we may be married to long lost brothers from another mother.

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    You are one of the funnest most real people I have seen in a long time. I glad I found your blog.

    I think I read somewhere that you live in MN. (not sure where I saw it.) if I am wrong sorry but I just wanted to tell you I live in MN to.


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    OK – I really hope you read your comments because I really must say, you crack me up! I love the dry sense of humor! Totally me! The other day you listed something on the twitter blog about sewing and Jamie Gumm! CLASSIC!! I was totally laughing. I wonder if anyone else got it??


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    Melissa Blair

    Okay– color challenge?!? Who can think about a color challenge after you just Vanna White’d that fierce roller skate. I got about 3 or 4 layouts spinning in my head just based on that roller skate dream boat you just showed off… and no… I’m not kidding… that’s the sad part.

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    lol even when you don’t think you are funny you are. πŸ™‚

    love the reasoning behind why the wreath is still hanging. my last name is zielske. ha!

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    Heather H.

    OMG! I HAVE those roller skates! No, actually they are at my mom’s house. But I’m sure they are still there! And it wasn’t THAT cold here in MN this morning! Yesterday was way worse!

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    Hi Cathy πŸ™‚ Lovin’ the video blogging & your challenges at the Simple Scrapbook blog! I’ve also checked out your Twitter entries and I’d like to just comment about cooking bacon in the oven πŸ˜‰ …I’ve been doing that for years & it really is the greatest way to cook bacon. No mess & no watching over it while it cooks, just like the gal in the video says. I’m glad she’s passing her knowledge on to others and I’m glad you put that link to the video out there! πŸ™‚ Have a nice rest of the week!

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    Cathy – i felt your pain with the kids figthing thing – my two are now young adults (my baby turned 21 last week) and i’m sad to say they continued to fight until my oldest left to live overseas … BUT… about 10 years ago i came to the realisation that it was actually OK … they are two different people with two different personalities and who in life outside the family probably wouldn’t be friends – but here they were ‘stuck’ with each other. The bottom line is it is not your parenting that is causing this or anything like that – it is just personalities – I used to say my kids didn’t like each other – but they sure loved each other – and they would still do anything for each other – except get along !!!

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    Just got us a computer with high speed connection so I can see all these fun things. Too cool! Love putting a voice to your words on the blog and in the magazine. Off to see the challenge.

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