Very helpful for those of you who like to use Photoshop

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I’m getting ready to hit the road tonight to attend the Inspired Artist Workshop in hopefully a much warmer North Carolina. I have to tell you (but don’t tell anyone else this) I’m nervous to go. Why? I have never attended ANYTHING as a student. So if you’re sitting next to me in class, and wondering why I’m crying and swearing under my breath, it’s because we Type A people have a hard time if we can’t follow the steps EXACTLY.

I’ve called Donna numerous times daily, for the past four days, with any number of highly specific questions. Finally, she basically gave me the old, "Dude, chill out" speech, to which I replied: Hello? Have you ever MET me?

I am planning to wear my slippers to all of my classes, however. I think this very fact alone will ensure my wild success over the weekend.

I’m hoping to post from the road though. So stay tuned for amazing tales of how I get thrown out of my first class for being too linear and highly ANNOYING. It could happen.

But while I prepare to head out, I thought I would share with you one of a great video series on Photoshop, if you haven’t seen it (and thanks, sweet Margie, for making me laugh yesterday with this!)


Cathy ZielskeVery helpful for those of you who like to use Photoshop

29 Comments on “Very helpful for those of you who like to use Photoshop”

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    I am not sitting next to you unfortunately cause you know I would totally help you and offer you any and all tools, snacks, beverages and clothing you wanted. I’m your girl! I will however be freaking out when I see you and if I say something stupid please slap me! hope to see you sometime this weekend and hopefully we are not caught in the bathroom taking potty portraits OR maybe? ciao!

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    sue Treiber

    I totally wish i was going so that I could hang with the queen of cool.
    I suck at Photoshop and I love these tutorials.

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    OMG! I’m currently taking a class with Jessica Sprague, so this video totally cracked me up! Where do you come up with this stuff!

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    I’m about 1 hour away from where you will be sitting at the workshop (where you will NOT be linear and even if you are, that’s okay) and the weather is freakin’ gorgeous!! Enjoy an NC spring (although we will have thunderstorms on Saturday.)
    I won’t be at the workshop but will be anxious to lurk via your blog and Donna’s.

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    my bff is going to inspired and is so freakin’ excited that she is in your class group. sayin’ it’s a dream come true for her is an understatement. hope you all have a blast . . . hope she makes your blog! she’d be the one wearing the two different colored crocs (unless she is taking her flip flops) and the funky socks. you two are so similar it’s insane.

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    Lori Hudson

    I am laughing so hard my stomach is hurting! I think it might even be more funny to me since I just got back from Photoshop World. I can see Scott Kelby doing something like this.

    See you at Inspired. I am in your group.

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    Hey Cathy whre are your tags for March? Have you hidden them somewhere or not done anymore? I managed to do most of March and now into April. Great idea and still loving it.

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    Wendy H.

    That clip STRESSED me out! I have been wanting Photoshop, but it looks like it is complicated! (I probably missed the point of it b/c I wanted to see how it worked!)

    Have fun in your class!!

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    Sue Carter

    OMG I am just laughing so hard. I LOVE this. I don’t have a cat, but I have a Yorkie whose pee stains are everywhere!

    Have a great time. You’ll feel better just wearing your slippers.

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    I am sorry to say that even though I only live an hour away from the Inspired event, my husband was not too keen on me spending that kind of money. I must tell you that my 9 year old daughter, Vincenza aka Vinny, is your biggest fan. She actually wants to drive around the event to see if we can spot you. So, if you need ANYTHING, AND I MEAN ANYTHING like new slippers, or a nice stiff drink, whatever your heart desires, please email me and we will be happy to bring it to you. I promise we are not scary stalkers. Check out my blog and see what nice people we are. We just moved to SC from Utah this past June.
    Have fun!

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    Sharon F.

    As Ali would say, It’s Ok and Embrace Imperfection…just have fun!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    sharon f
    oakland, ca

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    I so wish I could go to Inspired, but I’ve been banned from all such creative events. Word of my unwillingness to be anything but linear and my highly annoying behaviour has somehow been leaked to all creative event organizers, and they refuse to take my money. I hear there’s a picture of me at the entrance (not a very flattering one either)so I’m pretty muched screwed.

    You go have fun though and don’t worry – you are a beloved member of Team Simple and can do no wrong in the eyes of your many adoring fans.

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    Melissa Raphael

    THese videos are the best! My husband was showing them to me this past weekend.I love the one with the woman he tries to Photoshop and make beautiful. SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!

    Have fun at Inspired!

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    I AM LAUGHING MY A** OFF AT THAT VIDEO…Seriously just got in my ab workout for today and burned off like 3 points laughing. Seriously. SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!

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    Oh, I wanted to do that to one of the cats we had. We called her the 3P cat (piss, puke, and poop). There should be some photos of her somewhere …. πŸ™‚

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    I’m taking your class at CKC-Buffalo. Since you like to follow directions exactly, does this mean we’ll be able to follow your directions exactly? ;-)I’m looking forward to your class.

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    omg, that was freakin hilarious and i’m sure my coworker thinks i’m nutz… but she won’t think it’s funny since she’s not a photoshopper! and i’m cryin from laughin so hard, and can’t help my co-worker understand… ohlordy…

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