20 lbs of whine

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Oh motivation for healthy living, where for art thou?

It’s almost June and the needle on my scale and the button on my pants are both telling me the same thing: for the love of chub and all things holy, HELP US!

About two weeks ago, I had one of those "I am hitting bottom moments"; you know the ones I’m talking about. Nothing fits. You can’t look in the mirror without thinking, Dear God, is my butt really that big now?  You realize that you’re hanging on to your current pant size by the skin of your teeth and one more peanut butter cup will be the ultimate tipping point. So, I re-committed to exercise and healthy living.

That lasted all of a week.

I wish I were okay on the puffier side. I really, really do. I wish I looked in the mirror at any size and thought: Well hello there… how much for de lady?  But maybe those searing brands of 7th grade insecurity never really go away. That feeling that somehow, you know you could and should look better. Don’t get me wrong. I really like who I am. I just take issue with the packaging.

Two years and two months after leaving my 20-little-sticks-of-love-(and death) a day habit behind, I still think sometimes: I really miss being a skinny smoker. No, I have no plans of doing anything rash. I’m just sayin’. Nicotine and photos of myself from 2006 still haunt me.

I’m sure some would say, "For the love of Neil, get OVER it. Go for a flippin’ walk and shut up!" And sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to hear. And other times, well… your hormones might just have to go all medieval on their asses.

Still. I’m looking for love in all the wrong places.

Stalemated, i mean "scale" mated in St. Paul

Cathy Zielske20 lbs of whine

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    Meghan E

    I know EXACTLY what you mean! I got to the same point… hated looking in the mirror, clothes barely fit, it was terrible. The doctor put me on some drugs for my migraines and I decided to get my butt in gear. In the last 5 weeks I’ve lots 9 pounds (had a goal to lose 10 pounds before our trip to SD on June 3). No idea why I got so motivated, but I did and it feels great. You can do it!!

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    Oh I can relate! I have 40 pounds to lose and can’t seem to get my fat butt to move! This she says after wolfing down a bagel this morning!!!!!!

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    Heather R

    i feel your pain!
    i can’t motivate myself either. the refined sugars call my name, and, well, the treadmill doesn’t.

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    Rebecca G.

    Oh, friend. Life is much too short to worry about a few extra pounds! You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Don’t let these little things get you down, or consume your thoughts. It’s so not worth it. And God knows that I have struggled with my weight all of my life, so believe me. I know what I’m talking about! I have the handful of Prozac to prove it!

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    Sharon F.

    Totally understand. I broke down and bought two pair of pants in the comfier larger size, vowing not to have wear them for long and looking forward to when they are so baggy on me that I will think, what was I thinking?

    On the bright side, you are how many pounds/tons lighter without the big square box and chair with a hat in the basement?

    its just the calm before that storm of exercise hits…wait for it?…it will come.

    sharon f

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    Had a similar day yesterday. In fact, had a bit of a meltdown in the fitting room when I went to look for new summer clothes. needless to say, it didn’t go well.

    Part of my problem is the medication I’m on. Apparently I can either be thin and completely neurotic and anxious, or fat and calm. Nice.

    Hang in there!

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    In the last 10 days, I’ve lost 7 lbs. AND… I did it without lighting up. πŸ™‚ (I’ve been smokeless for over 3 years.) Anyway, I’ve started eating low glycemic index foods and it’s great! Last year, I lost 20 lbs. thanks to WW but I didn’t stick with the program therefore gaining 20+ back. Oh the joy. With some guidance of a dietician, I’m now eating great and feeling better. Hang in there… you’ll find the motivation and the action you need to make things happen.

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    Jamie S

    Hi Kathy!

    I totally understand! You should check out Wii Fit. It just came out and I think I am going to get it to motivate me because I love the Wii and it sounds like it’s a lot of fun.

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    So there…I love the “searing brands of 7th grade insecurity never really go away” comment…got this fluffy mommy back to Weight Watchers last week…it’ll be a slow, painful climb down the weight loss scale but its time…the “baby” is turning three next month…and my oldest turned nine and I’m beginning to resemble a tree…with fat rolls around my trunk representing years and children born…keep fighting the good fight!!!

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    Jen G

    right there with you. The elliptical sits beside me in my office as I type this. Have I obsessed about bathing suit weather approaching and wearing shorts? yes! Have I done anything resembling exercise in months? no.


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    I hear you! Although, I’m one step close, I’m actually eating better and exercising and it’s not doing my one ounce of good.It’s been almost 3 weeks and I have nothing to show for it but legs that scream at me every time I sit on the toilet.

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    Obviously you are not alone in this.

    I went for a while on the whole fat and happy route, and most of the time I am still there.

    But fat and unhappy is a little sad.

    So, I just try to be as healthy as I can be, get out every now and then, and for goodenss sake, get some clothes that fit because even if you aren’t totally happy with the weight you are at, at least you can look good while you’re there!

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    I sing the same song everyday. It’s such a battlle. I promise myself that I am going to better the next day, and it always catches up to me. I did buy a Wii Fit. It’s not the end all, be all exercise plan, but it’s fun – and the competitor in me can help but try to beat my time/record each time I do it. Worth the 80 bucks at Costco. And hey, I may even lose some weight……

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    I hear ya…and I can’t even go there right now as my hubby and I are currently on Weight Watchers. He has lost 11 pounds and I have gained 1 pound in same amount of time. But I wanted to recommend a VERY funny read – Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. If you haven’t read her stuff, DO IT. This is her latest book and I can so relate and I know you would love it. She also wrote Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights, Big Ass…both very funny. Her blog is a riot, too: jennsylvania.

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    I finally found my motivation a few months back at http://www.myfooddiary.com. It is going slow, but I am committed to the slow route, since I think it will be more long-lasting. After all, it took me a long time to get to this point. I am also thinking about the Wii Fit, but right now just doing corny workout videos in the basement…slow and steady. Thanks for the great honest post.

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    Dude… Join the gym and lay off the booze.

    This is something that I have battled all of my life. I get fat then I work my ass off, literally, and get skinny. I had been blaming my last bout of fatness of my lovely 2nd child, but since she is turning 3 next month I couldn’t use her as my scape goat any longer.

    In February I reached my tipping point and I joined the gym. I also rejoined WW. I get my fat ass to the gym at 5:00 am most week days. Yes, I know that is insane, but I really don’t have a choice. It’s either do it then or be fat. It sucks getting up that early, but I truly do feel better afterwards. I’m down 15. I still need to lose another 20-25, but it is working.

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    I wish I were one of those women who looked good/healthy with 20+ extra pounds. But I’m not. I gain all of my weight in my stomach, butt and, of all places, my back. Ugh. I lost almost 40 pounds on WW about 5 years ago and it only took me 3 years to gain it all back. I have got to get motivated. I’ve heard that the Wii Fit game is pretty good, so that’s next on my list to try. So yep, I feel your pain.

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    Oh man, I am SO with you! Happy with myself as a person, but so unhappy with the packaging!

    I’m signed up to do the Breast Cancer 3Day walk in DC in October. 60 miles in 3 days. You have to train for it, and it’s a lot of walking. I started training recently and I’m really hoping that since I HAVE to get out and walk 4 days a week, that in 5 months it will be a habit and part of my routine and I’ll stick with it. I’ll never have a super flat belly, but man do I wish I was in better shape. I’ll take a nicely toned arse over flat abs any day πŸ™‚

    I know you can do it girl! Once you get started it’ll become easier and easier!

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    katie scott

    I’ve been cheating on Nutrisystem but i’ve still lost 6 pounds. So it is working. Its worth a try and every time I see Donna Downey on her blog I think – if she can do it I can do it (maybe I’ll just do it a little slower – but I think I can).

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    Nancy Peacock

    Hey Cathy,
    Have you ever thought of joining Curves?
    It’s only a half hour, 3 days a week (I go 4) and there is variety in the 12 to 14 machines on the circuit.
    I’ve been going for over 4 years, and though I’m hardly ‘svelte’ I’ve lost over 30 lbs (without any dieting), my blood pressure is normal again, I have little or no joint pain and I feel great.
    And; you meet really nice people (clients and staff)!
    By the way… I think you look great!

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    Nancy Peacock

    Hey Cathy,
    Have you ever thought of joining Curves?
    It’s only a half hour, 3 days a week (I go 4) and there is variety in the 12 to 14 machines on the circuit.
    I’ve been going for over 4 years, and though I’m hardly ‘svelte’ I’ve lost over 30 lbs (without any dieting), my blood pressure is normal again, I have little or no joint pain and I feel great.
    And; you meet really nice people (clients and staff)!
    By the way… I think you look great!

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    Emily Hoadley

    i have had a membership to Gold’s Gym for about 5 years. Back in the day (before babies) I’d get up at the butt-crack-of-dawn and workout and thought it was great. Got pregnant with twins, got put on bed rest and that was blown out of water. I’ve never been “little” but I’ve always been active and able to do whatever I wanted. Now the babies are 2 and I’m struggling to get back to “actively happy” or even just moderately active. I know the secret is diet and exercise but if it were really that easy wouldn’t we all have that figured out by now? And don’t even ask about stretch marks, I look like a freaking road map!

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    Well I didn’t get an email from you, so I’ll direct you straight to my website for what is working for me πŸ™‚ I won’t be offended if you delete my comment, I’m not trying to spam your blog! http://www.trytss.com.

    Sparkpeople.com is also a great tool. I haven’t been keeping it updated lately, but I love that it adds up all of your calories and it is so easy to use (and FREE isn’t bad either).

    BTW, I think you look great in your pictures, but I know how frustrating it is when you want to lose & can’t.

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    If we go to the same place on vacation this summer, you can sit beside me on the beach and I’ll tell you how fantastic you look and you can return the favor and we won’t care what anyone else thinks.

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    cathy – I understand.
    I have no magic pill for ya.
    no get out there and go do THIS and it will work.
    but – I understand.
    I too was a skinny smoker and am now a plump non-smoker.
    I have tried it all and I do give myself credit for keeping the exercise going, but I have a fabulous support system. on any given day I can find someone to run, walk, bike or go do yoga with. very lucky.
    I would like some help to let go of this image of what I SHOULD look like and try really hard to remember that is about how I FEEL. am I healthy? am I taking care of my body? my latest self-help book (I could open my own bookstore) is the quantum wellness by kathy freston. I love that she says to “lean into a change”. not all at once, but just lean into it. here’s hoping that you lean a little and feel better.

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    Oh girl I feel your pain. I lost 30 pounds last year after fighting it for years. I finally just decided to change one thing at a time, permanently. I quit skipping breakfast first. After that was a routine, I started exercising every day for an hour. After that, I quit eating anything after dinner. Etc.
    I won’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t horrible. Good luck!

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    oddly enough, im writing a blog on this same subject today.
    you were also 38 in 2006. right?
    40 is the end isnt it?

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    In the words of a Saturday Night Live skit wherein Chris Kattan was playing Olympian Kerri Strug and Mark McKinney was playing her coach Bela Karolyi and McKinney said: “You can do eeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!” (Yes, another one Mike and I still quote more than 10 years later.)

    (Why am I quoting SNL to you twice in two days?)

    You can do eeeet, sistah. I know you can. Put that peanut butter cup away. It’s probably stale and won’t taste good anyway. Step away from the chocolate. Step away from the potato chips. Have an apple. It’s crunchy and sweet. Then you can tell me to shut the hell up because we both know that an apple is not nearly as good as chocolate and potato chips.


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    i am so with you… but for different reasons! prego with number two, and contrary to popular belief, gaining weight “because you’re supposed to” doesn’t feel any better on the ego than gaining weight just for the fun of it!

    Add prego hormones and I’m a ragin’ ball of craziness down here! so you can at least be thankful that your added poundage is hormone free. πŸ˜‰

    have a great weekend!

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    Teresa W.

    Thank you for being real. You are the first place a I check in each day because I know I will find authenticity. Summer usually has a way of pushing me out of the weight gain slump. I bet you will feel more motivated soon. Your humor give me a nice lift every day…thank you.

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    thanks for mentioning the peanut butter cups. now i need one. all that beautiful inside stuff is all good, but there is nothing like looking in the mirror and thinkin, “man i look good.” …at least that is what i hear. now i have depressed myself. two peanut butter cups should do it. i mean they are packaged that way… it seems a shame to leave one out.

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    Sherri P eh

    I thought I’d comment and suggest Wii fit, but I’m now the third person to mention it. I am NO ATHLETE, so I think it’s perfect for me and my 20 or 30 extra pounds. When you see your BMI put you into the overweight category, and your Wii fit age is closer to your parents,it just might be enough motivation to move. No trip to a gym, no spazzing out in an aerobics class and hoping no one saw you. We’ll see if it does the trick, but it’s very entertaining — I’m laughing out loud trying to head soccer balls and spin multiple hoola hoops! Of course I make sure my husband’s out and the kids are at school! I am sore in places, so either I’m doing it right, or it shows how pathetically inactive and out of shape I really am!

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    Beth R.

    I know it doesn’t help worth a crap to hear how much “we understand” because I am right there with ya. But boy do I understand sista.
    You think it’s over at 40??? just “weight” until the bright light at the end of the tunnel are the shooting flames of 50 birthday candles ( 48 this year so it’s close) I have gained more weight this year than in the past 5, and let me remind you that it sucks. As one of your other posters said I also had a meltdown in a dressing room last weekend looking for a dress for a wedding in which I didnt even know the freakin’ bride! It sucks! Am I repeating myself?
    I finally decided that unless you are size 4 and under 21 or OVER “a certain age” and willing to wear shirts with bands around the bottom and appliqued roses or teddy bears, there is nothing out there. I’m no longer a junior and not yet a AARP member, caught in the middle of neverland.
    No pajama pants allowed at that stinkin’ wedding. So we keep thinking that today just might be the day we get motivated….or not.
    Good luck and I do know how you feel. Now I need to go chew on something.

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    You know what, people can say, “Don’t worry about the extra pounds” all they want, and it won’t change the way YOU look at yourself in the mirror. Or me. Regardless of my size I am always thinking, “You know? I could loose another five pounds…”

    Just remember YOU CAN DO IT! It sucks, don’t get me wrong, but you can do it.

    Have you tried Quaker Mini Delights? They are yumm-Y and only have something like 100 calories per bag. They make an excellent treat when you are craving sugar, sans guilt.

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    it’s called ‘natural insulation’ hun. I’ve seen your pics, Minnesotta winters are fierce. What body in it’s right mind wouldn’t stock up? But now that it’s spring your metabolism is gonna speed up and the pounds will just melt away.

    I’m in awe of your writing right now.

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    Dance. In the comfort of your own home, put on your favourite rockin’ tunes and spend 20 minutes (or more) flinging yourself around! (You can’t say that you haven’t done this before!) It gets your heart pumping and lightens your mood! You may think that you look stupid but who cares! No one can see you anyway! I can’t promise you that the weight will drop off but so what. It will make you feel good! Or…take a Pilates class. I haven’t lost any weight since I started in April but I’ve had to cinch in my belt a notch because of the changes in my body! It’s awesome!

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    If wieght is creeping on.. i say creep it off… before it isnt 10 pounds it is 20 or 40… i wish i had taken of the extra when it crept… I joined my first gym this week. It has a no make up no mirrors and no men policy… but it is circuit based and with women of all shapes and sizes (literally) facing the middle.. it seemed not unlike a witches meeting. Hocus Pocus make it work! LOL I figure even if I HATE going… 3 times a week for 1/2 an hour wont kill me. GOOD LUCK!

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    Kelley Sweitzer

    I am right there with you sister. Especially after eating that King Size Whatchamacallit bar this afternoon. I feel your pain.

  39. #44

    You will feel better tomorrow, always good to just “get it out”…….is the weather crappy today? I always tend to not like what I see on crappy days! Have a fun weekend and I say eat what you want and don’t think about it! or just type about it, it always feels good to see that others feel the same way! πŸ™‚

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    I feel your pain!!! But at least you have been enjoying the yummy chips and candy. I’ve been “dieting” and working with a trainer for the last 2 weeks and have lost ZERO! Now that is frustrating. But if you’ve never tried working with a trainer it is sweet! Wish I could afford to keep that deal going indefinitely.

    But God help me I can’t give up. Got to keep trying or I’ll just gain more. I only want to lose 15 lbs, but you’d think it was a hundred as hard as it’s been.

    Get back on the wagon and we’ll all cheer you on! Leslie

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    sue Treiber

    I so get you. I wish I didn’t care about being fat but I’m at the last string, y’know!

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    Hi Cathy, you are one of my heroes!
    You make me laugh! I too am a Neil Finn fan.( Actually Neil went to Te Awamutu College and his old principal is a family friend!) I so agree with your comments about Liam, you made me laugh so much I had to read your blog out to my DH. ( I’ve convinced him you are an all out American celeb!)
    Love your blog, scrapping style, thoughts on life. Cut yourself a bit of slack re weight. It’s a head game. One day at a time…
    I care!!!

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    Dear Scalemated: I feel your pain and then some. You are not alone. I too ask why my motivation is a no-show. The one part of me (which part?) wants, no, longs to be thin & healthy but the “let’s rock!” part of me seems to have a lead shield over it. Perhaps we can find a way out of the forest together.

    If it’s of ANY consolation: You are WONDERFUL the way you are. (If I could only be where you are on the scales.)

    Commiseratin’, not hatin’, in the mountain west πŸ™‚

    Peace out.

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    I hear ya sister! I just ate a bag of those yummy fruit crisps (you know the commercial with the flying pig) and just got a whole serving of FRUIT!! Yeahhhhh, I’m gonna go with that for now…

    =) Diane

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    Beth in Wisconsin

    Sigh…I am SO frustrated with weight. I just cant deal with the crushing thought of having to loose 100 pounds. My motivation lasts about 3 days, then poof! Seriously, why is this so hard???

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    For the love of Neil, get OVER it. Go for a flippin’ walk and shut up

    you asked….

    yup, I need to do some of the same, whatever, blah… I’m going on vacation in two weeks, think I’ll be bathing suit ready? me either… maybe when I get back from vacation, I’ll lose it…… oh oh wait the blame game, I wanna play too. I was a size 4 last year, until I started having crazy health issues and was on steroids for 8 months, sucks bad I tell ya, since all I was ever doing before was eating EVERYTHING I wanted but exercising enough, did I tell ya the doctor made me stop exercising during all that time too (I’m still not allowed to)? Steroids, make you hungry and cranky, depressed, food makes me happy…

    yup, ugly road I tell ya’
    almost 36, married 18 wonderful years, five awesome kids, 35 pounds to lose, so not fair, except it is, it’s what I’ve got right now.

    For the love of Neil, get OVER it. Go for a flippin’ walk and shut up

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    You always bring me a dose of reality with humor. Oh I wish I could be happy in my “thicker” skin… but I always have that 10 lbs hanging on to me???

  48. #53

    okay i haven’t read the other comments, but i get it that this hits so many people where they are now.

    I am with you, too. All my life … skinny, now in my forties … not skinny. It feels really strange to me to feel not only getting older, but to be “average” in weight. Average to me just is not a word that I find appealing at all, and so I keep my size 4’s believing that I WILL get back into them, but so many days feeling uninspired to do much about it. NOt a good cycle.

    Thank you for not making a post that is so very REAL!

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    Here’s a huge hug for you! Put it in your pocket for the next time the evil numbers stare at you! I have to give you a huge pat on the back for your non-smoking! I started up in 06 after having not smoked in 8 years. Thankfully I re-quit in December…I have those photos to look back on, too, that are just …yucky!

  50. #56

    I wish I had some words of wisdom for you….but alas, I have none. I’m fighting the same 20 pound battle. I like food. I like a little sweet treat every now and then. Is that so wrong? Apparently, it is. πŸ˜›

    And I like when you vent about the real-life stuff. It’s selfish, but it makes me feel better. πŸ˜‰

    You rock.

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    Lorrie Spotts

    Ha, right with you also. I have major weight issues. I lost and got to my goal weight last year and gained it ALL back! I continually said I would “never” get back to this weight through the whole battle of losing last year. And here I am again. I feel more than disappointed with myself, can’t look in the mirror, don’t want to buy new clothes…the list of negatives goes on. But even though there seems to be more negatives than positives, I do think it is pretty big of me to still want to lose weight and to have this on a list of my goals. At least I have not given up, I still care enough to try. After my last WW meeting, I am 4 pounds down. 54 to go. That last four wasn’t not absolutely awful. If I can do what I just did 13 more times… then I would be at my goal. 13 is way easier to think of than 54, so that I what I do.

  52. #58

    you could say you lost 100 plus pounds just by getting rid of that freezer… maybe even 200 if you throw if the ac unit and chair!

    Ahhhh, the pros on “clean sweep” would be so proud!

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    Terri B in Oregon

    Yeah I can relate, but hell, get over it!!! Or as my dear father used to say, “Sh– or get off the pot!” HaHaHa! I am over my “good” weight, and there is not a day in my life that I don’t think, I should lose weight, and I should, but my motivation is just not there! Anyway, you always look great in your photos, so what more can you want?? And, I need to see the follow up pictures from the basement (?) clean out. I need some inspiration!!!

  54. #60

    It sucks! And blows too! At the same time!Its only taken me almost 50 yrs to really get into my head that the path to better health is slow with setbacks! Im clawing my way back to working out after almost two months off after surgery! I try and eat better, and work out at least 3 days a week. Plus its summer! Maybe some sunless tanner stuff will mkae it better??LOL Thats what Im betting on. I may be fat, but Im tan and damn if that doesnt mean healthy…right??

  55. #61

    Ever try nicotine gum? Don’t tell anyone a doctor said this, but the Fresh Mint flavor tastes really good and are easier to come off of, if you want to.

  56. #62
    Debbie Cook

    well, let me tell you a lesson i NEVER seem to learn. do not, under any circumstances eat dinner and then go try on some cute crops with the yummy barbecue deliciousness not even gone from your breath! not fun. not even a little bit. i think i’m just done with food.

  57. #63

    Have a glass of wine, you’ll feel better. Life is short, eat the dessert and let go of the guilt.

  58. #64
    Jennifer Stewart

    Would it help to hear that my goal is to be YOUR size? πŸ™‚ I think you’re beautiful. And fun. And smart. And I look forward to hanging out again!

    Jennifer πŸ™‚

  59. #65

    We are all here with you. I finally broke down and purchased two pairs or pants in the next size. I won’t say anymore on that subject….

    On a completely different subject: I have been meaning to post my thanks to you for talking about the Pioneer Woman blog. In addition to yours, hers just blows my mind. You both provide me with laughter on a daily basis. THANK YOU!

  60. #66

    Amen sister. I feel like I’m wearing a fat suit. Nothing fits. I’ve never been this fat in my life & I don’t even eat peanut butter cups.

    Sending you hugs.

  61. #67
    Wendy Holifield

    1 year ago I was feeling that same way. I had gained 50lbs after losing my mother and marrying my husband (which those 2 events happened w/i 11 days of each other). I battled that for almost 13 years (you know adding two pregnancies in the mix). Right when I turned 37 my BIL ordered Nutrisystem. I thought I would try it (only b/c I would have a buddy). In 5 months I lost my goal of 60 lbs (I was 100% on this diet – no cheating)!. I have kept it off PLUS another 10 lbs for 8 months.

    I have a picture of us CKU San Jose. Might I say you look fab and I had a good 60 lbs to lose there!

    It was just my time – I was ready!

  62. #68

    I totally hear you infact i could have written this post myself thought not quite as eloquently. For me it never fails when i finally get my but motivated to get back in shape I get prego. Wouldn’t be nice to look in the mirror at anysize and say yeah i got it going on! But i like you still have that 7th grade mentality and unfortunatley for me and my body thinner is better. Good luck to you! Great post

  63. #69

    Get a copy of Dana Carpender’s “How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds”. I got my copy at Amazon.com. She is a riot and the book is so funny and easy to read – but she really explains so much about how and why we eat the way we do and what we can do to change our eating habits. She weighed almost 200 lbs and had tried exercise and low fat cooking/eating. She explains the changes she made in her life/diet and how she lost over 40 lbs. and has kept it off for years. She also has a website…www.holdthetoast.com. She is only 5’2″ and says she will never be “skinny-skinny” but she says she feels great and has a tremendous amout of energy and has kept the weight off for a long time.

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    rani Shah

    totally know how ya feel! After watching best beaches on A&e, I started working out….again! UGH! Another summer on the way and no bathing suit in sight!!!!!

  65. #71

    Have a look at this website ladies! It really works and is not a fad diet but a positive & healthy way to look at food. And it only requires walking … no gym memberships. I am using it and DOES work!


    I promise it is excellent and great for the whole family. Its the way we should all eat everyday!

  66. #72
    melanie louette

    I love what Nicola said. Great reasoning. ;p But very true after the winter we had here in Quebec!
    Here’s to hoping we’ll shed our poundage now that the summer heat is near…

  67. #73

    I enrolled in a boot camp, I go at 5:40 three days a week. It’s working. I’d rather smoke any day though so I tell myself that if I live to be 75 I am going to smoke. It gives me something to live for. But in the meantime, I will not smoke and I will go to boot camp.

  68. #74

    I would never tell you to shut up about this, I feel your pain and I am living it to. It truly bites! I have never struggled with weight before, but then again I was a smoker, most of my life(sad but true), but now that I quite smoking, that number on the scale increase like there was no tomorrow. I went into totally panic mode, about this weight gain. So now I am signed up at a gym, and enjoying chicken & veggies, because I will not see myself waddle, or wear any kind of elastic band waist pants in my life time. But oh how I miss that cancer stick that keep me in the perfect size clothes, and that would allow me to eat the brownie fudge dessert without weight gain. Life was good!

  69. #75

    why is it so damn hard to get those non motivating thoughts from our head. I am so sure that all of us spend at least 1 hour on the computer. Right? I know i do. I also devote an hour or so out of my day to watch Oprah. So why can’t I run in place when i am doing such. A question I seem to be asking myself each and every time it’s over. My only justification is this, ‘its my ME time’ and i guess that sucks.

    For anyone interested go to this website



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