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And may I just say as I return fully to the written form and leave behind National Scrapbook Day-related video blogging, that from the 20th row of the Orpheum Theater, it didn't really matter that Jesus was 64 years old. Dude can still sang! And I was a bit nervous. I'll admit it. We saw him in a production of this in 1993, and I can still remember Dan shooting me a few glances during the show, then afterward, saying: "Jesus has lost a bit of his upper register."

But not on Saturday night. Jesus rocked. (That would make an excellent bumper sticker, no?) Took both Aidan and Cole, along with my two sisters in law and one corresponding husband. Cole totally dug it, as you can see by his excited expression in the photo below, which can also double for constipation:


He's reached that age. That magical age where he will barely tolerate the carefully trained lens of my camera. Sigh. Knew it was coming.

But not Aidan! She has entered a new phase, the one that says: I look REALLY good, will you take a picture?


Cathy ZielskeBack to life, back to reality

29 Comments on “Back to life, back to reality”

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    Cathy Cathy Cathy….I will forever miss your video blogs….loved them so much. BUT…your post today DID make me laugh out loud, so I forgive you for giving them up:)

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    Well, maybe you can photoshop a little grin on Cole’s face?? LOL — Aiden *is* beautiful! Glad that Jesus rocked — Donny Osmond was Jesus when I saw the production and he was pretty awesome!

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    my brother and I saw that production in January and we really enjoyed it, we were amazed that ‘jesus’ was twice as old as the ‘real’ jesus…but still sounded great.

    we are big JCSS fans.

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    Teresa G.

    Your daughter is just so PRETTY! What a great photograph. I still think you should do more video blogging. Maybe just surprise us every once in a while with a new clip! What do you think??? – We never got to see the bathroom!

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    not exactly a “jesus rocked” bumper sticker…but I can totally hook you up with some “Looking Good for Jesus” lip balm. Close enough, dontcha think?

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    Julie Mitchell from Canada

    OMG I just love Cole’s photo. Very funny. Lucky, I was just telling my man that I’d love to see the show. I wonder if it plays in the great white north, eh? I’ll have a look into it. My mind is clearer now….

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    Oh Cathy, you just triggered a memory…back in the day *ahem*…like about 1974? I had a girl-crush on Yvonne Elliman. And when we went to Vegas in the early 80’s, she was a lounge singer and I adored her still. The best Mary Magdalene ever.

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    yup we get that poop face here from my oldest a lot too. but when i ask him if he’s pooping he usually smiles so the next frame is ok. lol

    sounds like a good time. i haven’t seen JCS since 1988.

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    Delaney Gates

    Man, you have a wicked sense of humor woman. Love what you do. Keep on being cool. (This was my first visit to your blog, I believe, but I’ll be back!) XO, Delaney

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    Oh, man.

    I stopped by today to see what is up and oy. 15 comments?


    Oh, yeah.

    The love left with the Superblogging and the Magic Box.

    I’m so sorry.

    Scrapbookers. We are a fickle bunch now, aren’t we? πŸ™

    Then there are the tried & true, the loyalists. We’ll be with you ’til the (next) end.


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    melanie louette

    Thanks for superblogging last week, I really enjoyed it!
    I love the pics today, constipated look and all. ;p And Aidan is just so beautiful. Is that lipstick she’s wearing already?

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    Was hoping you’d still be video bloggin’. It’s ok, back to life, back to reality, back to normal right? Beautiful picture of Aidan.

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    I also saw Jesus Christ Superstar back in 1993, starring Ted Nealey and Carl (umm, Anderson?)and agree with your husband that, while they were enjoyable to listen to, they didn’t kick it the way they did in the seventies. Glad you had a great experience this time.

    And on the “Jesus Rocks” front, that would make a good T-shirt, but I can go one better. During a Billy Graham conference at my hotel, I saw one pastor wearing a shirt that said “Will work for Jesus”. It was such a clever play on “will work for food” that I laughed out loud, upsetting the poor minister who thought I was mocking him, until I explained it was the greatest shirt I had ever seen.

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    I saw the stage show about 10 years ago and Ted Neeley was still excellent of course there is no other “Jesus” for me so I’d probably think he sounded good no matter. I’ll never forget when the stage show first came out getting the album then the movie and that rocked!

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    OMG! I used to live in MN as a kid and seeing that theater reminds me of going there to see “Annie!” I think I sang “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” out my bedroom window just waiting for a talent scout to hear me for a good month after that. Good times! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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    Knowing how much Cole likes Jesus Christ Superstar, the picture of him is disturbing, but one that you will have fun showing his future girlfriends!

    p.s. I vote for the written blog. easier (and quieter) to sneak a peak at at work πŸ™‚

    luv ya, keely

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    My second comment here on my first visit and my face dropped when I read the comments above – please keep your keyboard! I’m Deaf and I betcha Videoblogs don’t have subtitles. Begging you!!! Thanks for the reminder – I remember JCS being a favourite LP of mine back when my speakers worked.

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