Coffee, comrades?

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Good morning, and cheers, fellow United Workers of America. I bring you wishes of peace and solidarity and caffeination.

Having recently bid adieu to my Super Mullet of Horror, and only minutes ago, canceling my membership to Weight Watchers Online, i'm feeling marginally out of control and carefree this morning. Like I'm 36 again.

Why cancel the membership? Why not? I had success. I had failure. Or rather, I have failure. I'm going to try a new thing: eat less, move more. Now who's talking about revolution, eh comrades?

But I want to focus on the positive things in life. Things like:

1. Epic Dental Gum
So I mention this gum on my blog a few weeks ago, and they must have a nice Google Alert set up, and they send me the following: a Party in a Box as a thank you for the blog mention.


Buried in all that adorable color is this guy, and he's full of, you guessed it, gum:


Epic Dental, you have officially got it goin' on in the customer service department. You have made me and my teeth feel loved. (Even if the pinata was a tiny bit psychotic looking.) Bravo to you!

Seriously. Companies that do stuff like this? Hug them. They are few and far between.

2. This photo makes me happy:


I don't know why. Traveling isn't high on my list of Things I Love, especially after my recent trip to Utah where the combination of turbulence and lightning exploding just outside our plane made me never want to be higher than a second floor apartment ever again.

3. Cole's shoes and the back of his head.


I just like his shoes and the back of his head a lot.

What are you feeling positive about today? Please, do tell.

Cathy ZielskeCoffee, comrades?

72 Comments on “Coffee, comrades?”

  1. #1

    1. Termite inspection was negative this morning.
    2. My son taking a shower without me telling him!!?? (must be a girl somewhere!)
    3. simple good night sleep.
    4. The wonderful weather here (today) in Phoenix, AZ.
    5. Getting to laugh with your blog.

  2. #2

    this is silly but my 2 year old son had his first big boy haircut at the barber shop yesterday and i cant stop smiling everytime i look at his new really short hair. he just looks adorable

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    Cathy, I hesitate to post because I hate to sound like some weird stalkerish sales person waiting to jump on someone that mentions their weight (I really do read your blog every day… or at least the days you post), but I wanted to share something that is working for me. I couldn’t find an email address for you, but if you are interested in looking at my website you can email me at tonaly at gmail dot com. Have a great day!

  4. #4

    Somewhere within the last couple of months I gained two extra paychecks (and not because I robbed a bank). And that is very happy times.

  5. #5
    Meghan E

    It’s hard to look at the positive right now because my uncle unexpected passed away on Sunday, leaving behind his wife who is dying of cancer. It just hasn’t been a good week.

    But I’m feeling VERY positive about my family and friends. My best friend not only sent me flowers on Monday to cheer me up, she also made me homemade mac-n-cheese and chocolate chip cookies.

  6. #6
    Tracy in NC

    Happy that I AM a “Highly Qualified Teacher”. My scare was just a computer error. No Child Left Behind is ridiculous.

  7. #7
    Karen Breen-Bondie

    1. It’s been a week since I lost my graphic designer job here in the Motor City where unemployment has been rampant and leading the 50 states for some time.
    2. Paid half of $2K initial installment today to Kid #3’s orthodontist…even after having DUAL dental insurance.
    3. Kid #1 home from first year of college. I’m not looking forward to adding him back to our auto insurance where his annual premium alone is over $2K.

    Oh, you said positive things.

    1. I have a photo shoot on Saturday for a cool family!!!

    I’m (a little) better now.

  8. #8
    melanie louette

    Happiness for today:
    1. I have the day off of work. πŸ™‚
    2. Finalizing a cottage on the beach deal for vacation in Maine. WOOHOO!
    3.Organizing the kids clothes. It feels so good to make a big pile for give-away.
    4. The sun came out for our end of year Cub Scout BBQ tonight.
    5. Being ok with the fact that b/c of above cottage deal, I will not be meeting you in Buffalo at the end of the month.

    Happy Thursday!

  9. #11

    I am happy today because I ate a healthy snack after a hard workout (because I have to show my trainer my food journal tomorrow)

    I quit WW last year. For more than $500 I hadn’t lost any weight. The program is right, but I am not. I use SparkPeople now – all the great features of WW online (tracking, message boards, recipes, exercises, articles) & no co$t or gimmicks.

    I still remember you using the term “net zero” about weight loss. When I think I have had a bad eating week & the scale is not my friend, I think about the term net zero & it cushions the blow just a little.

  10. #12
    Christy Pair

    A friend of a friend is building a gate for our staircase. The time that will be saved removing the one year old child from the stairs may help me get some dog hair swept up!

  11. #13
    Lorrie Spotts

    Hmmm. Positives.
    1. My students are all taking tests with me today (five periods worth) which means I can pretend to do important stuff on the computer, but really post messages here and check out my favorite websites. Of course, all while making sure they don’t cheat…but since I have different test versions, it is harder for them.

    2. I have a new coffee cup given to me by some students and it is so cute that it just makes me happy. Happier yet with the coffee in it.

    3. I have a shirt on that I like, even though my arms are too fat for it. I am not caring today.

    4. My three year-old daughter ate the muffin that I was planning on eating for breakfast today, which means I have a better chance of sticking to my WW points for the day. I will eat my yogurt and an apple instead. Oh….and I started WW TODAY! and while it might not be working for you all….I had to do something because in about a minute my ass will be too big to fit into any pair of pants that I own. πŸ˜‰

  12. #15

    I promise, promise, promise (PROMISE) this isn’t promotional spamming of any type (look, see, I have a personal blog). But…I work for an insurance company and write about dental insurance. My company offers members a discount on Epic products. something to check out and see if your dental insurance offers.

    today, i’m feeling happy, happy about my best girlfriend setting up a blog so i can see cute pictures of her kids AND, because i’m going on a beach vacation in T-minus 11 days. YAY!

  13. #16

    I’m feeling happy today because my obsession with Led Zeppelin, more particularly Robert Plant just seems okay after reading about your, uh, um, being a fan of Neil.

    Hey, can I help it my mother kept me in music exile and I’m first now gaining an appreciation for music I should have been exposed to much earlier in life.

    Anyway, the obsession started when you posted the Plant/Krause Raising Sand link here. Obsession still going strong.

    Thanks Cathy!

  14. #17

    SO not appropriate for anyone watching their weight (like I should be) or trying to make it go down (ditto), but my happy right this very second is Edy’s Slow Churned Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Sigh.

  15. #18

    The twitter dialogue listed today made me laugh out loud, especially the one about kick starting a diet. I’ve enjoyed your columns and books for a long time now but just discovered your blog during NSD week. You are one funny girl, so add that to your list of positives.

    Thank you for the laugh today.

  16. #19
    rubberbandgirl Cami S.

    I took on the gargantuan MAN task of cleaning out the garage as well as cleaning and vacuuming out my mini-van.
    How I wish this meant I could be lazy for the rest of the day, but there’s too much to do.
    Anyway, THAT is what I’m feeling very positive about!

  17. #20
    Michigan Marissa

    1. Leaving office early to go home an mow an acre!
    2. My eight year old only son’s smile
    3. My husband (great partner, lover and father) – 24 years together, 14 years married
    4. The clear blue sky
    5. My blooming tulips!
    6. My Jack Russell Terrier, Max

    These are the things I’m grateful and are a positive highlight on this Thursday.

  18. #21
    Rebecca G.

    How stinkin’ cute is that box of party fun? What an incredible company for doing that. Cudos to them!

    Today’s positive… it’s 11am and I’m still in bed! Woohoo!!

  19. #22
    Margaret C

    The fact that my student is going to be a FAB teacher makes me happy cos a) I helped do that and b) with a DD growing fast, I worry about her education ( as a teacher, I’m scarily qualified to…)Also, I got my brand new niece’s photos scrapped into a wee book for the proud parents to be given tommorow. She was born Mon night. GO ME !!!!

  20. #24

    1. Just got a nice call from my sister.
    2. Going on a spa day with my aunt & cousin tomorrow.
    3. Did two field trips with my kids this week.
    4. I’ve been making pages from my scrap drawers and just having fun.
    5. Purged a bunch of my scraps and gave them to family members who want to start scrapbooking.
    6. Had a really great conference call this morning and feel re-energized about work.
    7. Finally cleaned my closet.
    8. Fed ducks and geese yesterday.
    9. When my son and I were praying out loud before bed the other night he thanked God because he said “I feel good inside.”
    10. Gave my daughter a super cute hair cut.

  21. #25

    Oh, that company just earned a customer for life, eh???
    I have a new haircut I’m grooving…
    I love my car (convertible VW Beetle)
    My daughter is going through the terrible threes, but she’s my third so I can just laugh…

  22. #26
    Tertia Jacobs

    Feeling really good about finally bumping mr. Conscience off my shoulder and playing hooky today so that I could play with my new Cricut that my DH bought me for my birthday.
    Feeling really lucky to have a man that buys me cool scrapping toys, even though he REALLY dosn’t get it.

  23. #27

    1.I’ve got a day to myself (the last one for awhile) as my oldest has his last day of school.
    2.Got to have a scrappin’ friend come over and we got to play some with paper and adhesive as well as my new Mac with 24″ monitor-so pumped up about that.
    3.Photo booth is sooo much fun!!
    4. Happy and grateful that I was able to convince my DH to get a mac.
    5. Have a happy day! Enjoy your gum and your pinata CZ!

  24. #28

    *Substitute teaching wonderful elementary school kids is better than not teaching kids at all.
    *Wonderful sunshine instead of consistent rain (which was “predicted” for today.
    *Wonderful family in great health.
    *And I am thankful for granda iced, nonfat, vanilla lattes from the place that does them best-yep, Starbucks. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for spreading positives!! As usual! :))
    Can’t wait to see the mullet-less pics! πŸ˜‰

  25. #29

    Quick question: Still live in MN? My daughters are doing a “postcard quest” and trying to get a postcard from all 50 states (and other countries, as well) this summer. They are both (9yrs and 13yrs) having their tonsils out as soon as school is out, and we won’t be traveling. So, we were looking for fun things to do. Thus the quest. And we have no Minnesota, so we thought we’d try and see if you might be able to send us one? If not, as you are super busy, no big deal, just thought we’d ask!

  26. #30

    1. That it is my last day at work before four months of maternity leave
    2. That after Monday I will no longer be pregnant!
    3. That I have a pedicure scheduled with my mum on Sunday as a late mother’s day present (and I haven’t seen her since last October so should be a day filled with chatter).
    4. That on Monday I will officially be the mother of two boys (well two outside my body that is).

  27. #31

    The weight loss revolution: isn’t it funny how all it really boils down to is eating less & moving more? So simple. I just gotta find my motivation now. πŸ˜‰

  28. #32
    sue Treiber

    I dig the coffee mug.
    I’m feeling very postive that it’s going to rain while I’m camping with the girl scouts this weekend.

  29. #33
    Wendy Holifield

    *LOVE the mug!
    *Today I am feeling POSITIVE about my daughter’s feelings of excitement to cut 12″ off her hair for Locks of Love. She is so EXCITED to help out a child. This means her own hair will be VERY short and she doesn’t care, she is welcoming the change. She has been waiting months to be able to do this and today is the day.
    *Today I passed out my son’s birthday invitations. I’m POSITIVE he will still ask for more toys once it is all over.

  30. #35

    I am feeling very positive about:
    -the fact that I have reading bits & pieces to look forward to every morning. (couldn’t resist that one!)
    – I am almost finished with the invitations I am MAKING for my dd’s 7th birthday party. And they look pretty darn cool, if I may say so myself. They have been one of the few creative things I have been able to do lately (due to positive thing #3) and I have so enjoyed it!
    – We started our own business last year and we are totally paying our bills, not scared to death about the house payment, etc, and my husband and I are still even talking to each other after working together! WOW WEEEE! πŸ™‚
    -I have been so very blessed with awesome children, a sweet dog and of course there is that husband who is still talking to me who is an awesome person.
    – oh, yeah, and I am almost FIVE years cancer free! That is a biggie, don’t cha think?

  31. #36

    My car broke down on tuestaday, my cleaning leady left me 3 weeks ago, my daugther had no school today and my zumba class was canceled.
    The possitive side I had time to take my car to the shop in the morning and by noon it was on my garage again and the repair was just a third of what I have expected. I have a new cleaning lady and it seems she’s good and fast =) . And the best thing!!! I had excelent company during the day, love to see that my baby is becoming my best friend and sheΒ΄s only 8 =)

  32. #37
    Deborah P

    My positive today is that, come Sunday, I’m in town for 2 weeks straight and that includes a 3 day weekend – yahoo! That hasn’t happened for about 2 months now and I can’t wait.

    Congrats to all the other commenters on their positives and thank you, Cathy, for inquiring.

  33. #38

    That I am seriously back walking and my scales reflect this with a loss so far of 6kgs. Walking does it for me.

  34. #39

    my unmitigated failure as a Star Wars playmate is completely eclipsed by my uber cool ‘in the know-ness’ of things Club Penguin.

  35. #40

    I’m loving we have school assembly this morning and the kids are doing the macarena, my 6 year old learnt it in one day

    I’m happy we all lived through our flu shots yesterday without a single tear

    I’m ecstatic it is Saturday tomorrow!

  36. #41

    So thankful for the rain that is helping to raise the lake level (still down about 7 feet). I’m also grateful for the crazy little boy that lives in my house and decided to color on an item I’d sold on etsy. Thankful that he is capable of coloring on things and for the great customer for understand life.

  37. #42
    Belinda Venables

    Hi Cathy – I am such a blog lurker of your blog – but I thought that it’s about time I said hi….so “hi”…:D
    I just love reading your blog – you make me giggle!
    Enjoy your day.

  38. #44
    Hillary Chybinski

    Things I’m happy about today:

    1. Guitar Hero (DUDE – have you played???)
    2. Sunshine and a sunroof
    3. Hubby getting home before kiddos bedtime
    4. chocolate cake before bedtime

    rock on sister!


    ps – that pictue of the airport is really cool!

  39. #45

    Ah, that walk home from work in the rare 80ΒΊ sunshine made me so happy today! (we’re talking rainy Oregon here…) Seeing air conditioners on sale this week also made me happy—considering how it’s supposed to be in the 90’s tomorrow & our upstairs is an oven when it gets hot (this year it’s going from winter straight to summer for some reason)… Happy Thursday everyone!

  40. #46

    1. My goody box from winning one of the National Scrapbook Day layout challenges at Simple Scrapbooks came today!!! Whoo Hoo!
    2. Sun came out later today.
    3. My daughter had a physical today and is one healthy girl! Despite the complete embarrassment of wearing a hospital robe. (She’s 9.)
    4.Loving Like all the other weight loss online programs but it’s FREE!!!
    Thanks for sharing the love Cathy!

  41. #47
    Maple Jenny

    1. I only have 14 papers for regular English left to grade.
    2. My swag from a blog challenge at Simple Scrapbooks came today.
    3. I had a yummy dinner with the fam and managed to get my four year old to eat an asparagus.
    4. One of my talented colleagues who was going to lose his job due to budget cuts will be retained to teach English and Spanish.
    5. My garden is beautiful.
    6. I got to swim today–indoors, but still relaxing. And by swimming four times a week and not snacking, I’ve lost 8 pounds since January, for the cost of a Lifetime Fitness membership.
    7. My students who were in a car accident recently are doing better and will be back in school soon.

    Thanks for the invite to contemplate life’s blessings.

  42. #48
    lynn whelan

    dammit, i knew it was just a matter of time. i was likin’ the hair. in fact, i was considering letting my own hair gorw. OK, let’s see what you got!!!

  43. #50

    Today I am positively happy because:

    – it was 26 degrees Celsius here (around 78 degrees in your neck of the woods), which is positively summer-esque compared to two weeks ago!
    – my very cute Pilates instructor named Jim gave me a Thai massage at the end of my workout (got rid of most of the knots in my shoulders and neck)!!
    – I got a new cute haircut yesterday
    – my children are not fighting currently
    – and Cathy always makes me laugh!! Thanks Cathy!

    Happy weekend everyone!

  44. #51
    Kristi B

    -new, soft, high thread count sheets to sleep on tonight (with cute quilt to match)
    -riding bikes around the block with the family
    -air conditioning (hit 100 today)

  45. #53
    Melissa LaFavers

    I’m feeling totally positive today about the man I married because no matter what I’m doing, how I’m feeling, he is right there for me. I’m feeling really positive about my friend Stephanie inviting me to do a reading at her wedding and how she said my marriage inspires her.

    How freaking awesome is that?!

    I’m also feeling positive about getting to spend the day out tomorrow, visiting the LSS, doing other shopping and stuff, soaking up the Michigan spring weather. Oh, yeah.

  46. #54

    Eat Less, Move More is the diet book I wrote and it works, but you have to actually do it… good luck!
    The sun finally came out and it was 70 degrees today.
    I bought flowers to plant tomorrow.
    I have a new Frensh press.
    Life is good.

  47. #56

    I don’t know why but I feel positive this morning although I had to pull myself out of bed (had a dinner with friends last night; Japanese food so we were home rather late), when we were getting ready to go to school it was drizzling, thought a minute about going by car and then decided to go by bike (as usual) instead. The drizzle made me happy and the little boy in the back who was putting his tiny hands on my back for warmth even more. On the way back the drizzle had become rain. So I was wet when I got home. It made me happy. Silly me. And here I am reading your blog, writing this little note (my hair and clothes still a bit wet from the rain), I smell a fresh pot of coffee and I am happy.

  48. #57

    When I entered my note I saw the time. I didn’t write my note at 3:00 AM LOL. But at 10:00 AM … European friday morning

  49. #58

    Positive today about creating a great layout about my son with journaling.

    Positive today my online store not only is surviving but thriving!

    Positive today that there you are a coffee Comrade!

  50. #59

    First, it’s my birthday today! Why I’m happy about it? Well, seems to make people think about me in a special way (plus they show it)! And that’s cool!
    Second, we’re moving into our own appartment in just two days! And this is even cooler!

    Thanks for templates, Cathy! But how about YOUR tags?! It’s been quite a while…

  51. #61

    Having a VERY positive day myself, actually Cathy…thanks for asking! Nothing in particular, just feeling good about life. Don’t you just love those kinda days!

  52. #62

    Hooray for you on cancelling the WW subscription! I do think WW is probably one of the best programs out there, but you’ve got the secret formula – eat less, move more! I’m dragging around a few extra pounds and keep resisting signing up for WW or buying any books. Eat less, move more. It’s simple, and you are all over the simple thing! It will happen, slowly, but it will happen!

  53. #63
    Jen D.

    1. Your post about Epic gum and it being Gluten free!!! My oldest was just diagnosed with Autism and I am looking into the Gluten free diet. So thanks for adding a treat for him!

    2. Having an Uppercase Living Demo. with friends tonight and looking forward to some girl talk (I have 3 sons!)

    3. The way my 3 yr.old says fork- it comes out as F&%#. Totally inappropriate I know – but after this past week I needed a laugh.

    4. That my 3 yr. old’s test for diabetes came out negative this morning.

    5. That my 2 yr. old’s scan on his kidneys came back clean! (I told you it has been a week!)

  54. #64

    Today I am happy because I get to see my sister. And because I have a craving for beans. Which must mean I am now, officially, a health nut.

    Or maybe just a nut.

    Probably just a nut.

  55. #65

    It’s Friday… nothing better than a Friday to lift the spirits!

    What’s not so great:

    American Idol and Criminal Minds are both on TV at the same time tonight, my VCR is broken and I’m not techie enough to have anything else to record with. (in case you think i’m insane, I’m in the UK so American Idol is totally behind over here, it’s the semi-final tonight).

    If you can save me the trouble of watching AI by telling me the outcome, please feel free.

  56. #66

    I’m dang stinkin’ happy about the COCA COLA I bought at 8:30 this morning in the McDonald’s drive thru for $1 – it’s a large too they just have a $1 deal going on all summer! I had gotten up just moments before to drive my youngest to school after fighting with him about his spelling homework (he’s 8 – the DEVIL age!) and after dropping that little sucker off at school I promptly drove my striped pajama pants wearing arse to Mickey D’s. I had my NAVY BLUE sweatshirt on even though it was already 80 degrees – it helps to cover up the morning hair – my navy sweatshirt is comprable to your orange one in the love department.
    Yeah they gave me the funny looks and the “that’s it??” when I only ordered a large COKE but hey It made me happy and that is what matters….RIGHT!

  57. #68
    Sara Hawsey

    If I wanted to email you, how might i do that? I have a video clip you will LOVE!!

  58. #70

    What am I feeling positive about…

    1) Reading Cathy Zielski’s blog

    2) Having the shortest haircut of my life right now

    3) Scrapping some last week despite the fact that if there is a problem possible with a computer, I experienced it last week. Who needs to print anything from a computer when you have a stack of 10 year old photos and an ink pen?

    Good luck on the new plan (eatig less & moving more).

  59. #71

    I’m positive I made the right choice to quit smoking 2+ years ago. I’m positive the 20lb. weight gain is temporary. I’m positive that my daughter will graduate from High School next month. I’m positive we survived her adolescence. Life is Good (my cellphone said so)

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