Emergency trip to Apple Genius Bar on tap. I plan to change out of these old clothes and wear something WAY more low cut. The Superblog is BACK!

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Vist the Studio , y’all.

Here’s the link for Epic Dental. Remember—NO gas!

Cathy ZielskeEmergency trip to Apple Genius Bar on tap. I plan to change out of these old clothes and wear something WAY more low cut. The Superblog is BACK!

28 Comments on “Emergency trip to Apple Genius Bar on tap. I plan to change out of these old clothes and wear something WAY more low cut. The Superblog is BACK!”

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    Sharon F.

    Yes, Cathy you are a comedianne – up there with Lucille Ball and the like! You are hysterically funny and I so enjoy starting each day with one of your pithy antedotes…

    Cheers to you! Good luck at the A-Bar!

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    Cathy you rock my world girlie, I have been rolling this morning watching your videos. I think you should video blog 2 x a week at least! Love it.

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    I can’t actually see your post until I get home tonight (thanks to my wonderful IT department here at work), but I just had to comment on your banner.

    “now, with wings”

    baaaa hahahahahahaha

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the superblogging later tonight!

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    As opposed to all the *other* gums that give you gas? 😉 Hmmm… Actually, I wouldn’t know. I don’t chew gum. It’s just weird to me that you’re chewing on something yummy, and you can’t swallow it. I just… yeah, that’s a weird concept to me. Just don’t like it. I don’t, however, mind if *you* like chewing gum. No, I’m not one of those tyrants who won’t let people chew gum or… say, dress like the Village People. Sheesh.

    And nice choice of words for explaining your laptop noises. Unsavory. Yes, I would like a side of Leopard with my external hard-drive, thank you… mmm mmm good. 🙂 Yes, like all those other unsavory things we dread: lima beans, under-cooked pot roast, or worse, Windows Vista. Eek.

    Loved your video today. Good luck on getting your MacBook fixed! I’ll be sending healthy Apple-vibes your way! 🙂

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    I thought of YOU this morning when I woke up to the radio telling me that Rogers was working on a plan to bring the Iphone to Canada.
    Weird but true!

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    Ah…I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to see today’s videoblog. I set a side a time when there would be quiet in an oh so busy house just to watch and enjoy. I’m so bummed.
    Hope to see ya tomorrow.

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    Love that year round school concept. They’ll never do it here or if they do my now 3rd and 1st graders will be 12th and 10 graders. I like to imagine that somehow if the stars aligned just perfectly we would be friends. Hearing and seeing you talk makes me believe it even more…No, I’m not a stalker. Thanks for the laughs!

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    sue Treiber

    I have never had a problem with gum and gas. At the same time. Maybe there’s another cause???

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    I did it Cathy, I took a picture of myself that looks very much like yours (in my bathroom)! I just need to turn it into a page!! Thanks again for my daily CZ laugh…please don’t stop video bloggin’…you crack me up even more!!!

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    Love the superblogging Cathy, you rock!

    A word of caution, please be careful with the xylitol gum, it is EXTREMELY toxic to dogs!

    Hope your laptop gets fixed quickly and painlessly!

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    Hey CZ, I just wanted to share my exciting news with you – as a long term Apple devotee I am nerdtastically giddy to now be a member of the GENIUS TEAM at an Apple Store. In fact, my business cards state it:
    My Name

    I have a stack of them to mail out to everyone I know who might ever have questioned my intelligence, or just generally wondered how smart I really am 😉

    Hope things went well at the Bar today.

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    My 16 year old daughter is insanly jealous … we do NOT have Apple Genius Bar’s here in Australia. She wants to move to USA so she can work in one…she loves her macbook…slightly more than me her mum I think! And I think she thinks your way cooler than me cause you have an imac AND a notebook…I only have a smelly PC… so when she leaves home at 16 for her job in the US can she move in with you!!!
    The only way I can get her to read a scrapbooking blog is if you mention APPLE!!

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    Sonja Chandler

    Yes the other gum DOES cause major gas. (its the aspertame or zorbital or something like that)
    Cathy!!!!… thank you for making me smile again today. You helped me through my root canal the other day, and now you gave me a good chuckle before I have to go to the “Mothers Day Picnic” with my son and 49 other kindergarteners and their mothers.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your a real gem.
    Really, thank you.

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    Jennifer Kolakowski

    You are flippin HI-LARIOUS!! You have made my week with the superblog videos. Thank you!

    Jen K.

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