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When I asked you a few posts back about what you wanted to really learn about design, I had no idea you would all be so dang insightful and specific and inspiring. I’m not even halfway through the replies, and I’ve found myself shouting out things to the ether, and making furious notes, and getting one a-ha moment after another.

For those who are scratching their heads, a quick recap: I am teaching an online class at bigpicturescrapbooking.com for 12 weeks at the end of this year, October through December. And it’s called Design Your Life, and it’s all about scrapbooking and design and how to be an all-knowing design zen master. And no, you don’t have to have taken the other three expert classes to be ready to take mine. And yes, you’ll be so sick of me by the end of 12 weeks, that you may NEVER READ MY BLOG AGAIN. But that, my friends, is a risk I am willing to have us ALL take in the name of good design and all things holy.

That said, there is one thing that is clear to me from comments I’ve read so far is this: you want to become more confident. You want to know what you’re doing makes sense. And is right. And is good. You love this hobby and you don’t want to waste time questioning what you’re doing, in terms of design, and you also don’t want to waste time staring at a page, and NOT doing the hobby you love because you’re stifled by, "What now?"

What is so cool about this class is that right now, where I’m at, the sky is the freaking limit, in terms of the amount of information I can package and bring to you. I’m so inspired right now, I wish I could just sequester myself in a superbly air conditioned room and just knock it all out and be ready to roll TOMORROW.

Of course, I can’t do that, but you need to know, THAT is how I’m feeling.

Registration for the class will be opening around August 1.  There will be a cap to the number of students, but at this point, I’m not sure what it is going to be, but I think the class can be large if we need it to be.

I’m working on some promotional stuff as well, and know this: there will be recommended supplies for this class, but…. NOT required. And certainly no required product. I am working really hard to make the content about design. Not product.

That said, there will be a supply list and if you want to use what I’m using for the core stuff (we are going to create the most killer binder of designed layouts ever) then you’ll have ample time to either get your own ready, or track down the stuff I’m using. (by stuff, I’m talking binders and page protectors people, nothing more at the present time of planning. Because other stuff you’ll "need" will be cool custom-designed content you’ll download, designed by me, and for that, you’ll just need a printer and a good stash of white cardstock, follow?)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the totally on-point comments. It’s making me realize that this is stuff I know, and you can know it too. It’s not an exclusive club. And it’s far less about being super creative than you might think. And what does that mean? I HAVE NO IDEA, but you’re going to find it out through the course of the class and it will become crystal clear. To both of us. Amen.

Oh yeah, and the fonts on the class logo? Avenir and Amelie…. for those who need to know! : )

And as I have more details on this class, size, cost and a weekly course syllabus etc. I’ll post it here, for you, my lovelies. You know, for those who’ll need to… well, know.

Cathy ZielskeI hear ya

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    I so love it when you’re up, jazzed, and excited! Makes ALL of us just as excited! I was wondering what you were going to pull out of somewhere for your class πŸ˜‰ – looking waaaaaaaay forward to it now. Talk about folks needing a confidence booster – I’ll play cheerleader – Yay, Cathy! Yay, Cathy! (crouches low for the big jump) – yaaaaAAAY CATHY!!! (shakes pom-poms mightily!) lol! You’re right – never was a cheerleader and always miffed by their way-over-cuteness. Here’s to YOU and your confidence booster! Love your stuff – keep it comin’!


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    You know, the one thing I remember about my design classes from high school and college that I use on my layouts all the time is no trapped white space. I simply cannot stand to look at a layout with trapped white space!

    Anywho, I am excited that you are going to be hosting a class. I love your simple classic clean style. I assume that your style will be portrayed in your class, yes? Looking forward to taking your class!

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    Cynthia Michener

    Hi Cathy,

    I am deaf. I used to take your class long time ago when BPS started. I would like to know how you can help deaf student like me if I decide to register for your class. I would like to get all information as possible as everyone else (hearing)gets from you. Thanks for your time. :o)

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    Very cool, Cathy! I live all the way in Manila so I’m really looking forward to this online class πŸ˜€ It’s the only way I can get to learn from the design master! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait!

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    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS CLASS! I’m so ready for some direction as I struggle to make better pages. I’m re-reading Clean & Simple. I found my way to your About Type Archives – and I’m working my way through those. I’m taking a BPS journaling class in July. I’m choosing some really special photos to work on during the class.

    Could it be that it’s all coming together in a perfect scrapbooking storm?

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    Cannot wait. I was hoping to make the trip to Buffalo to CKC but was unable to do so so this will be my course this year. Do you ever come to Southern Ontario to teach?

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    Wendy in MD

    “you also don’t want to waste time staring at a page, and NOT doing the hobby you love because you’re stifled by, “What now?””


    I can’t wait till your class begins. I cannot WAIT!!!

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    I’m so excited aboot this! Since I missed you in Buffalo, this is the next best thing. Looking forward to your scrappy wisdom. πŸ™‚

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    Oh geez. Forgive the ‘aboot’ typo above..
    I really don’t say aboot, that’s just other Canadians. :p

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    oo, i hope i can take your class! time and money are always a concern, but i KNOW it would be worth it. when i started, i found ss mag and realized scrapbooking can look cool and not just cutesy (though there’s nothing wrong with cutesy – just not “me”). ss led me to your two books . . . i could go on and on, but just want to say: save me a “seat!”

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    I just want you to know I am forgoing my daily must-have cafe mocha from Tim Horton’s so I can save for class and supplies.

    Ok, probably not every day, but yeah.

    Seriously I am pysched. Not to be confused with psycho although others might disagree!

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    can i add in another request? because this second posting reminded me that i forgot to comment on your first one. darn feed reader!

    i would love to know more about RGB coloring. i have converted to mostly digital scrapping these days (two reasons — i lost my scrap space to another nursery AND i LOVE being able to hit “undo”…) and i completely don’t get the whole RGB thing.

    other than that, basic page design stuff would rock. things like trapped space on a page (that i know i’ve heard you mention before) and using things in threes… and how to use more than one patterened paper on a page without it looking like a yard sale.

    thanks Cathy! i can’t wait to sign up for your class!!! πŸ˜‰

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    tiffany k

    o.k. i am so excited right now that even my paper trimmer has goose bumps! bring it on queen z! bring it on! your admiring fans are ready!!!

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    “It’s making me realize that this is stuff I know, and you can know it too. It’s not an exclusive club.”
    Thank you for saying that! Seriously, I feel like it is sometimes – or am I just intimidated? LOL, probably that! But don’t get so excited you burn out! I really hope to get to take your class – for one, you are so funny and second, you are so real! And I really thank that with you, I have a chance of getting it. I can’t wait!

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    Christy B.

    Hello, Cathy!! I love your blog and I am sure your class is going to be so cool, but I have a completely unrelated comment. I was looking at your favorite bags and wanted to tell you about something cool. My sister is in the process of adopting a little girl from Columbia and her sister-in-law decided to make some bags to sell to help offset the cost of the adoption. (crazy that it costs so much!) Anyway – I thought you might like to see the bags! http://www.bagsforzaza.blogspot.com ENJOY!

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    Well, sign me up sista! I can’t wait! First I’ll be having more fun with Stacy and then I’m all yours! You rock! πŸ™‚

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    thank you, thank you for this class. I know it takes a lot of prep time and time to answer questions, etc. but I am so excited. I promise to still read your blog when we are finished!

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    I’m stoked! I can hardly wait. There is only one bummer…I’m getting married August 2 and I really hope I can slow down enough to register on the 1st or else it might be closed when I get home from honeymooning!

    Thanks for posting the fonts. I had emailed you about Amelie & I’ve found it and the other one (well, similar one) for free if anyone wants me to share.

    You’re awesome!

    By the way, 8.5 by 11? or 12 by 12??

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    well if that doesn’t sell more classes I don’t know what will!
    Thats great, gives a fairly clear view of what to expect!
    from canada

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    Kim Pitcher

    YES! So happy to hear how pumped you are.

    I have a page on my desk waiting to be done and it’s just sitting there, night after night, because I want it to be special. It is about my good kitty kat who died a month ago. I’ve bben looking through mags for inspiration but nothing is coming through.

    I’m thinking if I take your class, I’ll have fewer to none of these moments.

    BTW, normally I wouldn’t be so crazy about it turning out great but this one is special.

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    I am so looking forward to your class. I have NO design talent, so you have your work cut out for you.

    Love the photo of you doing your DVD with Chester at your feet.

    Your blog is looking pretty darn good, with the new color.

    Keep up the fun posts, you make my day.

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    You’re jazzed? I’m jazzed! ‘Cause this fall will rock! I won’t necessarily rock, but this fall…LOL! Can’t wait for the class.

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    Sweet! I’m saving up my money to take your class! Can’t wait. Give me everything you got because I want to know! Amy in Wisconsin

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    Amy Eaton

    Hi Cathy,

    I’ll be working out my time zones here in Oz to ensure a position; and speaking of Oz could you please come and visit us again soon?
    I’m looking forward to learning how to get my pages into that finished space; that is, looking polished if you know what I mean. I always seem to have way too much to say and these enormous journaling blocks take over the entire page.
    Oh… a few yummy cooking recipes wouldn’t go astray either! We love the ‘chililicious’ here and yesterdays looks as though it would hit the spot as well.


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    Have been SO looking forward to this class for SO long, and am now terrified by the remark about there being a ‘cap’ on the number of places… My anxiety levels are now sky-high in case there aren’t enough spaces for all of us who want to learn with and from you … πŸ™ x alexa

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    Anne (Sydney)

    Hello Cathy,

    Have never taken an online class before but am very interested in what you have planned. How does an online class work? Do I have to be at my computer at a certain time? Roughly what time of the day would it happen? Would love to know so I can possibly join in too πŸ™‚

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    i’ll be taking the class. making a note on my calendar right now to sign up. a little early christmas gift to myself. πŸ™‚

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    New here! Will this be digiscrapping course or hybrid. I don’t do hybrid! πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to more info Sounds like fun.

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    Beth D

    I am super excited about your class…..super excited! And yes, I didn’t realize it until now, but confidence is JUST what I need!!

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    cori peck

    Can we have lots of practice with lots of l/o examples to copy – I mean, work on while lovingly looking at the example you’ve provided for us? Thanks. I’ve been planning on taking this class since it was first announced in January. Can’t wait. And thanks for the heads-up on needing white cardstock – believe it or not, this is NOT something I keep around. There’s just something about a lot of white that just creeps me out. Dont’ know why. Maybe I should go into therapy for this? hmmm. Something to ponder…

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    Sharon F.

    I am so excited Cathy. I will be along for the ride whatever you decide the class will be! Thanks in advance for the work and love you will be putting into creating this course!

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    Jean Woodcock

    And you said to hold you breath for another book……… something tells me you’ll be publishing the quintessential design book for scrapbookers after this class.

    Thanks for the fabulous inspiration.

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    I am so super-psyched to do this class!! Have fun in your continued preparations. Thanks! Melissa

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    I have never taken an online class before but yours is one that I have marked down to register on 8/1. I am so freaking jazzed about the whole idea I can barely stand it!

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    Hi – this is unrelated to your post but….
    I also live in MN and wonder were you buy your scrapbooks supplies. I only know of archivers. It seems all other places have closed. thanks, Sue

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    I’ve never done an on-line scrap class…. never been all that tempted, either. But I am totally pumped for yours and can’t wait to fight for my spot on August 1.

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    After reading your latest entry on your blog and all of these excited comments I can’t wait. I love the classes I’ve taken through BPS and I think your design class is just what I need (especially my confidence). Just marked August 1st on my calendar. Thanks Cathy. Kelly in SW Florida

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    Cathy, I am a digital scrapbooker–you mentioned a list of supplies so now I am wondering if your class would still be appropriate for the digital scrapbookers out there. Thanks for the info!

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    I will be registering as soon as possible. I’m registered for Stacy’s class now, and am so excited. You (and all the other posters) are so right on… I want to know what makes sense, what’s right, and go for it, without sitting there looking at my stuff and wasting time wondering what I’m going to do with it. Again, SO EXCITED!

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    Lee Currie

    I cannot believe how excited I am to participate in this class! Your enthusiasm and confidence is contageous. Not that I want to wish time away, but October cannot come soon enough!


    (PS I’m the silly Canadian from the lobby at the Buffalo CKC thrilled to meet you and 100% behind you “owning it” and “raunching it up a notch”.

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    Yeah, so how does that work…. I see I am not the only one inquiring… does the “CLASS” meet at the same time or do we just participate according to a syllabus?

    Please, do tell more info… from the sounds of it – you’ve got most of us intrigued.

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    Wendy Tienken

    This class sounds awesome. I just went over to BPS to listen to your audio intro, and it sounds fantastique! One other request, because I, too, forgot to comment when you asked for questions from us, is that you show BAD design, too. So if you’re talking about balance, show us a layout that does NOT have balance and tell us why. I’m taking Karen Russell’s photo class right now and she does this during her lessons. It helps me so much!!

    PS. you rock! I love that you say dick weed…hee!

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    Jo E

    I took your first BPS class (Did you know) and wild horses can’t stop me from signing up for a whole 12 weeks of your totally rocking design lessons! Keeping everything crossed that I get a place!!!

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