And that’s a wrap

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Thank God that is over. Sheesh!

Not that it wasn’t fun. Chester clearly had a good time:


And just what was that? That was a little DVD about me, part of a series of DVDs CK Media is doing about some of the people who work there. One of them would be me. It’s part of a whole thing that goes out to our subscribers, I think. But if I find out any more info, and you want to see me talk like an idiot for an hour, then I will post info here in the future. I make no money off of this, if you’re wondering. (And truthfully, I should have paid THEM for lighting me so well.)

I do believe my high point was when I, while showing how I use an X-acto knife and metal ruler to crop a picture of Dan in a pool, said something to the effect of: "No one should ever see this much chest hair on a scrapbook page." We’ll see if it makes the final reel.

I’m just not a natural in front of a camera. I feel weird. Like I’m talking with Lego bricks under my tongue or like I just learned how to conjugate English THAT day. It’s a WHOLE different thing that v-blogging. I tried to imagine that I was just doing another video blog. Hopefully, it comes across that way, and not like the dreaded Scrapbook Cathy persona. No person should EVER be subjected to that.

But I loved the fact that Chester layed at my feet during the filming. So if you ever see the DVD in the future, remember there was a lumbering, adorable boy at my feet and I was running my toes through his soft, luxurious Retriever hair.

Sigh. Chester goes home tomorrow. I’m feeling a tribute film coming on. Do you think Chippie would find that to be a bit glib of me?

I may just have to see.

Cathy ZielskeAnd that’s a wrap

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    Hi! I’m sure you did great! I’d love to see the DVD when its done. (Maybe you could do a give a way of your DVD?) πŸ™‚

    I finally got to see your Kitchen Renovation on DIY this week. I absolutely love your new kitchen! I have the same issues with ant as you do, well, any bugs for that matter. And Coley was so cute popping the bubble wrap! Good luck on the bathroom! πŸ™‚

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    hey- we’ve never gotten to see your album library before! Maybe one day you could post how yours are organized- which colors you chose for which topics, etc. After two years with Stacy J’s Library of Memories, I am always curious how others have worked it out.

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    Beth R.

    I think I see legs under that table? That must mean that you decided against the possibility of teasing the viewing audience with your “plumbers crack”.
    Does that explain why you look as if you are deep in thought, perhaps pondering your decision?
    I now have something to look forward to, that and finding out how I can see your DIY kitchen episode when I have every channel EXCEPT that one. I think you should get your own Chester/Chippie you would be a good dog mom, something to ponder. You’ve already proved that you are a good decision maker !
    And no I am not a stalker, you make me laugh and I’ve been told I’m a cheap date. I prefer low-maintenence.

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    katie scott

    Thats Awesome! I did some scrapbooking videos and they are so totally dorky and I have my full on scrapbooking persona in effect. I can barely watch them. Cringe. Plus I did the big hair in some of them – the big hair is something I do when I get nervous. Can’t wait to see your videos!

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    So I watched the tribute video. I started with a giggle and ended with tears. Don’t know if it was the love you have for Chester shining through or just Paul Anka.

    Let’s hope that doesn’t happen when I watch your DVD…..

    Olympia WA

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    can’t wait to see it. i hope you realize just how many of us really are cz stalkers. and i don’t mean in the filing-a-restraining-order sense, but just that we loves us some cathy blogs, vblogs, pages and now dvds!

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    i just love that you love dogs!! would love to see a chester dvd and a cz dvd… cz makes my day every day. dog dvd… that’s just a bonus.

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    Deborah P

    That’s so funny because I went back to the previous post (which I read yesterday) and I SWEAR I saw “ready” rather than “reading” – just goes to show that we see what we are expecting rather than what’s actually there.

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    Sorry you have to say good-bye to Chester…share that DVD with us in the future please. Have a nice weekend Cathy!

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    I though you were “reading for your close up” as you had on your reading glasses. I took it as your take on that quote. I guess I was hoping that was it! LOL! You are always pretty witty and so I went with it. Love that Chester wanted to hang with you! Sherry

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    Jeanne Ann

    I will be looking forward to getting it. I am a subscriber to the CK dvd series. They are fun! and I don’t have to share with anyone!

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    I see legs under that table. Decide to ditch the jeans??? Yeah, I fell for the same pair at the GAP. Did the clerk give you the same line… “Really??? You just had a baby??? I can’t tell at all. Those are great jeans on you!” as she proceded to call other customers over and tell them to look at my butt. (I didn’t tell her that my baby is 3 years old. I just figured it was a good excuse for the overflowing muffin top.)

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    How cool is that? Hope we someday get a chance to see some of the film footage.

    P.S. Think you do great on your blog… I’m sure you were a natural!

    Sarah in Wisconsin

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    Wendy Holifield

    How funny of Chester to want to get in on the action. That picture cracked me up!! You got all excited that I might be able to own this DVD of all.

    BTW: Chester won’t think you are glib – Tom Cruise might. πŸ˜‰

    What do you think Chester is thinking when he has to go back home?.

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    I can’t wait for your DVD to come out!! I just love the DVDs I receive every month or so from CK Media. πŸ™‚ I have been a member since it started a few years ago and my favorite ones are the ones of the ‘Scrapbooking Celebrities’ and you, are by far, my favorite!! πŸ˜€ I’ll be looking forward to when your DVD comes out!!

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    Hi! I looked for a place to email you on your main page, but didn’t see one. So Ima ask my question here: Do you use iphoto to manage your photos? I think you might have posted about this before, but I can’t remember when. I just recently got a mac computer, and I’m trying to figure out how to do this “photo” thing on here since I used photoshop on my pc before. I’m not sure I am going to upgrade to the one for macs, considering iphoto seems to have some nice features and I am not doing so much editing to photos these days (not taking many in raw mode anymore). If you could email me or make another post or link me to a post about iphoto or how you manage your photos on your mac, I’d really really appreciate it! Thanks! Love your blog!

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