It’s a salad! It’s a meal! It’s for vegetarians! It’s for everyone!

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I may have posted this before, but I can’t seem to find where, so here it is again. It’s my most favorite summer salad ever that I got from my cute neighbor, Sarah. Very simple. I usually make it with whole wheat pasta and my most favorite brand of baked tofu, Soy Deli Honey Sesame. (This really is the BEST baked tofu. Check your local specialty market or co-op. The Honey Sesame is KEY to this dish.)

However, you can always substitute chicken, I SUPPOSE.

This is one of my very happy vegetarian dishes. I make it and we eat it for three nights in a row, and no one complains. Well, by "we," I mean me and dan. The kids? They stage a full on revolt, actually. Still….

Last night, as an accompaniment, we also grilled some super spicy vegan sausages. Mmmmmm. Humane sausages.

Here is the recipe for your downloading pleasure. Bon Apetite!

Download SesameNoodleSalad.pdf

Cathy ZielskeIt’s a salad! It’s a meal! It’s for vegetarians! It’s for everyone!

37 Comments on “It’s a salad! It’s a meal! It’s for vegetarians! It’s for everyone!”

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    Okay, not so sure about the salad. Tofu is not my thing, but the photo is rockin’. Love the tablecloth.

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    Lori C

    It LOOKs and sounds delicious! You always take such nice photos of food! Why is that? LOL! Thanks!
    Lori C
    New yOrk

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    Love tofu, love sesame, love pasta so I know I will love this recipe however when I click on download, all I see is a green box and a few gray lines. Obviously you made this a fancy graphic recipe that I’ll also love however no words appear. Help! I have a Mac if that helps (or hurts).

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    Hi –
    Thanks for the link and the easy to download PDF for the recipe!
    I usually start with plain old tofu, drain, press, marinate, etc. So I will definitely look for this Soy Deli Honey Sesame. Sounds dead easy!
    – Lee
    P.S. I echo Katie Scott (above) and her recommendation about quinoa. I like it best combined with other grains.

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    You have wonderful timing. My 8 year old has been asking for a couple of weeks if he could try tofu. I do not use tofu….so I was wondering how to go about it. Thank you—we will see how this turns out.

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    That looks so yummy but can you please tell me what the weight is of the package of tofu. I am sure we don’t have that here and I would love to substitute something else.

    Thanks. Love your blog!

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    Ashley Schultz

    Um, yum! I am one who really appreciates vegetarian dishes (even though I am not a strict vegetarian). This looks so good. I also love the picture at the top – all of the green and that table cloth brought a smile to my face.

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    Hey Cathy!
    You’re vegetarian!???
    My husband is vegetarian. I just don’t eat meat (but still do eat seafood).
    I’ve been making a recipe book for my husband. It’s all digital and I totally will send them to you if you’d like. Just e-mail me.

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    The only tofu my guys will eat is the burger patties, and then only if I remember to call them Krabby patties.

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    hey wait… a receipe?? am i at PW’s web site? i could have sworn i went to CZ’s web page… where am i…. CZ cooks too!?!?

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    Are you guys vegetarians? Just curious….tofu is the bomb! Another great find, similar to tofu, made from root veggies or soy, is what we called ‘konnyaku’ when we lived in Japan…It’s a gelatinous noodle (or cake form) that you can cook with any broth or sauce. It absorbs the juices and flavors like tofu does, and it’s very good for you. Low cal to boot! If you’re so inclined, give it a look!

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    Amy Patrick

    Yum! I was so inspired that I made the salad right away. I replaced the tofu with chicken, mainly because that is what I had on hand. I boiled 3 chicken breasts in water for 12 minutes, diced and threw them in. I am at my desk eating it right now and am the envy of my office. Keep those recipes coming!

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    Oh yeah I am so with you on the tofu – I may even have to step into the kitchent o actually try this recipe – altho I am generally opposed to anything remotely resembling cooking! TFS!!!


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    i have been looking for something like this all my life! thanks, i love those flavors. i could have found this elsewhere, but this is where i go, so its right on time!

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    Thanks for the recipe — I made it for supper last night and the husband and I both loved it! I had to use a different flavor of baked tofu because my store doesn’t carry the brand you suggested, but it was still awesome!

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    Duuude that recipe was awesome! Just finished having it for dinner and it is definetly a keeper. I do like tofu, but I substituted chicken this time. Of course it was so tasty, that I’m not sure I’ll try tofu next time either!
    Thanks for dinner:)

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    nicole :)

    Hi Cathy! I made this for a gathering we had last night and it was a major hit! I had to use chicken, though, because my husband is well, definitely a “real” meat and potatoes kinda guy. I think he might be allergic to anything that claims to be “fat free” or on the healthier side of food. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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    Amy in PDX

    Hey Cathy–Thanks a bunch for a vegetarian recipe that my whole family truly LOVED! (including my 8 year old daughter–take that, Cole Z.;) I do have a couple of questions though: 1) What to do with the garlic? I kinda smooshed it and through it into the marinade, and of course forgot to remove it before adding to the pasta & asparagus. And 2) Do you chop the cilantro? I ended up chopping it a bit, but wasn’t sure. (I’m certainly no whiz in the kitchen and like to follow recipes exactly!) At any rate, it was yummy so THANKS!

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    Hi –
    Me again. I finally made this and it was Fabulous!
    I changed the recipe up a bit and posted those changes over on my blog, with links back to here. Here in Massachusetts we can’t get the tofu you recommended, but Trader Joe’s Organic Baked Tofu in the Teriyaki flavor was very good.
    Thanks again – and thanks to Sarah!
    – Lee

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    Sounds like a winner Cathy tho I can’t bring myself to eat anything 3 nights in a row. Ok, maybe I could do it with pizza? Prob not.

    Have you ever marinated your own tofu? I used to, and I should do it again.

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