Just another day in the life

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Greetings Monday, and fellow earthlings.

All this working on stuff for my upcoming class has gotten me into ye olde scrapbooking mode. And I'm digging that. Totally.

I could ramble on and on about the following story, but what the hey, I talk too much as it is.

I will say this: you mostly can't make this stuff up.



Cathy ZielskeJust another day in the life

71 Comments on “Just another day in the life”

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    Heidi P.

    What a cool kid. I have 3 teenage boys–and one who will wear anything to fit the occasion OR be totally random..like wearing an adult Spiderman costume to school in April for no reason. Love it!!!

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    you have the coolest kids ever! I love, love, love that layout Cathy…glad you are back in the swing of scrappin….now maybe you’ll start giving some consideration to Book 3…after all you have already have a new layout!

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    Kristi Kortman

    Beautiful use of type. Love the album cover, too. Overall a nice visual story. Great job! And I’m glad you’re scrapbooking again.

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    Jennifer Miles

    This might be one of the greatest layouts I’ve ever seen. The fact that you took the picture, ran that action on it then gave it a title like a CD is nothing short of awesome. πŸ™‚

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    Gorgeous photo Cathy! Love the antique action. How did you make Cole’s eyes stand out so much? Great journaling, too! Tracy

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    kari daverso

    I also have a son that dresses in theme for any occasion and it is one of the things I love most about him. The good news is, he is 12.5 and still doing it! He doesn’t care what anyone thinks! Gotta love that! Self-awareness and confidence at 12. Wish I’d had some!

    Hope you had a great Pride day! Biggest turn out in years in San Francisco. There was lots to celebrate this year! I’d have loved a GBLT sammy after seeing the dykes on bikes in bridal gowns! It would have made my day!

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    Awesome! I have a daughter about coles age with the same beautiful brown eyes, and she makes me laugh daily with her quirkyness

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    OMG – that kid is friggin’ hilarious! Sounds like one way or another, when he grows up he’ll be able to support you in the manner to which you’d like to become accustomed!!

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    How fun! I’ve got Stevie Ray cranked up right now! If he likes SRV, has he checked out Doyle Bramhall II? Doyle’s dad wrote several of Stevie’s biggest hits, and the two families are friends. Jellycream is my favorite album of his.

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    THAT IS AMAZING! I wish I had 1 ounce of your creativity and could make up pages like this!
    I am going to try to get in on your class this fall…hope it doesn’t fill up before I can!

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    I think this is my new favorite layout.. EVER!

    So cool!

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    Sue Harig

    Leave it to CZ to be able to look at life in such a positive way. Amazing layout. I can’t wait for your class.

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    Cathy, this layout is fantastic and so is your son, what a gentle heart he has.
    I was wondering how your class will run as I am in Oz, is it a live class or downloads?

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    Debbie P

    Great layout Cathy. Your kids are soooo cute! Can’t wait for your class on BPS! Also a friend and I have signed up for your class at CKU in sunny Phoenix in Sept. The weather will still be hotter than Hades. Please don’t hold that against us!
    Have a great week!
    Debbie P

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    You totally missed your calling! Have you let Neil know what a bang-up job you could do for him on his next CD cover?! Cole has the most creative and sweet personality! Love it!!

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    Just fantastic…great layout, super cool story, awesome kiddo…and look at his perfect skin…yeah, don’t read that last part to him πŸ˜‰

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    Rhonda Price

    Absolutely love this layout and my, what a kid. The story is priceless. Thanks for the share!

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    Great layout…very cool kid (and Mom)!

    I have to share my first thought though….you will laugh! In my defense before I share I am EXTREMELY sleep deprived! I first thought..oh she may offend the Amish by posting that! Then the realization that no they wouldn’t be checking blogs now would they?!?

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    that is absolutely fabulous~ Too funny, what a great thing to be able to look back at…you are a great mama!

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    Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree? He has a sense of humor, a sense of respect, and a sense of life’s design order. Very much like mom, I think.

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    I’ve missed your layouts. This is so tongue in cheek, I’m laughing. You really should have issued a spew alert on this one.

    What a great kid!

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    I agree–you have the coolest family. I really hope my sons are this awesome when they get older! This layout seriously rocks. I can’t wait to take your design class.

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    Outstanding! I love that page and that son of yours seems to have picked up his mother’s wit. I’d love to know how you create your text treatments – the CD, journaling block, even the logo for your new class – do you mind sharing your software program tips?

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    this is too much. you’re both adorable – can i say that? after reading your blog entries, i realize you might be cringing at the use of that word to describe you!?) either way, you rock (in all your KISS glory!) cheers –

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    I do love your spare elegant pages. I wish I had the patience to figure out how to do the type on pictures like this. Plus, I’d need a decent printer. What kind do you use?

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    Great layout Cathy, Cole was a mourners dream. He walked in and his handmade cell phone rang and he said “Please turn off all cell phones during the service.” He had with the (backgammen) briefcase and within was a pocket watch. How can a kids age 8 understand the sentimentality of the passing of time and life and death. Cole ran in the yard and asked where he was buried and Signe went over to the pet tree and pulled his little box out of the ground and as Drew was filming he’s if mumbling about grave robbers. It was a blessed day and we are thankful for our friends both dead and alive.

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    Cole was a mourners dream. Great layout Cathy. Cole came in the house and immedeately his handmade cell phone rang and when he answered it he said “Please turn off your cell phones during the service.” He had his mini briefcase (backgammen game) and inside was a pocket watch. What kids understands at age 8 the poetic meaning of the passing of time and life and death? Cole ran out in the yard and asked where the Mr. T was buried and as Signe is pulling the box out of the ground nad opening it to show the turtle Drew is filming and mumbling about grave robbers. It was a blessed day and we are thankful for friends both dead and alive.

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    1. He does look like a little Amish boy.
    2. My son is also wayyy into SRV. Love it.
    3. When we buried “Meghan, our Wayward Frog” a few years back, my then 4 and 6 yr. old kids wore their best underwear ensembles to the backyard funeral. As they bowed their heads for Dad’s sermon (think Steve Martin in “Cheaper by the Dozen”) I laughed so hard, I snorted. Loud.

    I’m not so good at funerals. =( Heh.Heh.

    Then I did a scrapbook layout of the services. Yeah!

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    Cathy, you just blow me away! The photo is gorgeous and the LO just awesome in its simple beauty. And Cole, well just when you think he can’t be any cuter, he goes and tops it in his own inimitable way. Pure class!

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