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I mean, seriously. Get OUT, cuteness.

For those who are wondering, Peanut is a Pekinese, and a very sweet mellow one at that.

My Auntie Lynn and Uncle Murray have just hit the road, headed deeper into the American heartland, on their way to Mount Rushmore. We had such a nice visit. I never see relatives from my side of the family and this was such a treat to have them here.

Especially for rounds of high-stakes yahtzee.


And I think anyone who knows anything knows this: Canadians don’t mess around when it comes to dice games.

But it wasn’t just us that had fun. Chester will miss his new little friend, too.


But we are definitely going to plan a trip to British Columbia in the next few years. We’re even talking about going up for the 2010 Olympic Games. I mean, we’ve got prime lodging just waiting for us, with my Aunt and Uncle in Pitt Meadows. I think it’s not just talk.

So thanks, Auntie Lynn and Uncle Murray, for coming to visit.


We miss you already.



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    Tracy Wallace

    You’re 10 minutes from our house if you stay in Pitt Meadows! Please, please factor in some workshop time somewhere for the Olympics trip!

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    A Canadian connection? Who’s have thought it? Come to visit eastern Canada too – Ottawa is an awesome place, and has a fantastic Bluesfest in July! If you need a place to stay just let me know …

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    I just love the photo of Chester looking out through the door. He’s so scrappable…is that a word??!!

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    Great to have a connection to the great white north eh? πŸ™‚ And you are so right about dice games… actually you might relate, I truly believe those of us who grew up ‘north’ played a lot of games during the ‘dark periods’ and as a result have a real competitive streak. Lovely that you had a great visit… wonderful for your kiddies to have the Canadian connection too!

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    Nothing like mentioning the word “Canadian ” to bring us all out of the woodwork he he! Why IS that??? Yahtzee is actually an Olympic Sport in Canada! And altho I like the photo of Peanut – I adore CHESTER – another one of that sweet face please!!!

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    Please do come to B.C. Teach a class at the store Cheryl O. works at or anywhere for that matter and I’ll be there.

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    Fab photos of the family and the dogs!!
    Speaking of books … I too am anxiously waiting for Book #3. I’ve probably bought 10 copies of #2 as gifts. SOOOOOO ….WHEN will we anxious fans see book #3?
    I think I have scraplifted almost every LO in book #2 and half of those in C&S. Hmmm … maybe your 3rd will be a collaboration … “Kropster copies Cathy Z” … it could be all about how crappy my copies of your pages look … but in spite of that I get it done and have fun.

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    I love Kropster’s comment about a concept for Book #3 – sounds like a winner (although I’m sure they’re not crappy at all). The photo of you and your Aunt is great.

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    Jacoba Leyenhorst

    Yes! Please come to BC – there’s a really nice store to teach at right near your aunt’s place! (It’s called Photo Express and Ali E. has taught there before) Plus, Vancouver is just a fun place to be, Olympics or not! πŸ™‚

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    Is book 3 on the horizon? Really? That would rock. Canada rocks too – all the cool people know this. I may have to buy another book 2 cause mine is literally falling a part due to over use.

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    Book 3! Book 3! Book 3! and just think, you can dedicate it to Chester, Chippie, and Peanut….sorry Murphy…too snarly for a dedication.


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    Another vote for Book 3. πŸ™‚
    And you know I’ve been harrassing you for years to come up to Canada, so what the heck are you waiting for? Feel the Canuck love Cathy! Just make sure to fly a bit farther east when you do come. πŸ™‚

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    Ahh yes…I forgot that you are practically Canadian.

    Hope to see you in Vancouver in 2010. I’ll be the one with the camera πŸ˜‰

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    Sharon F.

    PEANUT! too cute for words..
    Ah Yahtzee! I hear ya on the not messing around stuff. My in-laws are crazy for the game and it can get intense. Of course, with much laughing…

    Glad you had such a fantastic visit and we were able to meet the adorable Peanut!

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    Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

    Pitt Meadows??? Shut up! Your Auntie Lynn and I are practically neighboUrs (notice the Canadian spelling). If you’re planning any scrap-related activities, or need another Yahtzee player (or Cranium, or Headbanz, or UNO, or Scrabble), promise you’ll look me up!!

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    That pic of you and your Aunt…Did y’all dress in co-ordinating colors on purpose?
    About your part III. BrInG IT on!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Christine Campbell

    Awww, what a nice picture of you and your aunt. I don’t know where I’ve been but I had no idea you had relatives in BC. You should TOTALLY go up for the Olympics. I’d love to go out. Hmm, might just have to work on that….
    Poor Chester, he looks lonely now.
    Yes, we Canucks are mean board game players – we rock at RISK too. πŸ™‚


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    Candace H

    Love Yahtzee (of course, I’m sure it is more fun with family/friends… I usually play the handheld version in the loo). By chance are those scrapbooks/albums on the end of the table where they are playing? Just looked familiar…our dining/homework/crafting table always seems to have some of my scrapping things on one end, LOL! Your class sounds intriguing… I have both of your books πŸ™‚

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    Chester… he has my heart.
    I’m no dog lover either.
    Wow. That picture of him looking out is too lovely. I just want to pat him and tell him that all is okay.
    What a sweetie.

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    these pictures kick ass. especiall you and your aunt. And the two dogs one…that’s perfect for Cute Overload

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    OMG . . . that picture of chester looking out the door is too dang cute . . . totally tugged at my heartstrings!

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    Pitt Meadows….hmmm, 15 mins from home for me. I know a fabulous LSS that you could make home base for any “workshops”…I am so surea Cathy Olympic session would be easy to arrange.

    tee hee, I know someone

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    Kat (Lovebug Kat)

    Too funny Cathy.
    Yep, us Canadians take our Yahtzee seriously, funnily enough I am now running a Yahtzee style scrapbook game on the site I work for, serious business I tell ya.
    Oh, and even though I am Canadian, one of my biggest pet peeves is how other countries think we all say “eh”… (insert eye roll here), I don’t think I have ever said it nor do I intend to LOL

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    That photo of Chester looking out the door is just priceless. I can just hear his little heart crying, “Where’s my friend? Please bring back my flat-faced friend!” πŸ™‚

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