You know what they say…puppies and babies can sell just about anything

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Well look who’s decided to come for a two-week stay:


Hello to you, Chester. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?

And what’s this? Who else is visiting? Is that a tribble? No. It’s just Peanut. My Auntie Lynn’s sweet girl.


And she IS sweet. Not anything like my parents little 8-pound marauder, Murphy. (Sorry, Mom. You know I love you and Dad, but your dog could and possibly should be featured on the new season of It’s Me or the Dog.)



But here are my new temporary canine tenants together, and blurry:


Now, here’s my second book:


Do you have the sudden urge to buy?

Get it? You know. Puppies…sell things? Get it?

Of course, I am JOKING.

Except that I’m not.

Happy Monday, Dog Lovers of America (and Canada, the UK, NZ, AUS…oh what the heck—of the entire WORLD.)

Cathy ZielskeYou know what they say…puppies and babies can sell just about anything

49 Comments on “You know what they say…puppies and babies can sell just about anything”

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    Cathy, it almost worked, but the picture of Murphey scared me. It was hard to recover after that. You should have ended with the shot of Peanut. 🙂


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    Anna-Marie Still

    I think you need to take a picture of Peanut with his adorable little face on the book – same pose, just lift up his chin and slip an edge of your book under it. It maybe easier to photoshop it in there.

    Or you could use reverse psychology and have a shot of Murphy protecting the book (you know people want what they can’t have!)

    Dog or no dog, I’m feelin’ the urge!

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    You crack me up, cathy – the puppy sitter 🙂

    … and i so already have that book! i think you should really consider doing a “hat trick” with your book series!

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    Jennifer Miles

    Chester and Peanut…quite possibly two of the best names for dogs ever.

    Your parents’ dog looks like a hoot. The best part of that picture is your daughter in the background, slightly out of focus, smiling and laughing. That is perfect.

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    Deborah P

    I already have it, thank you. And I’ve bought it again, as a gift, and again, as a gift (for the same person, not remembering that I bought it the first time). So, when’s the 3rd book coming out?

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    Admittedly I have become more of a dog person since dating my boyfriend. You think dogs can sell anything, try hot men! – but, of course, you already know that. 🙂

    Doesn’t everyone who’s anyone already have your second book? The only thing that’s missing from my copy is your John Hancock, alas, you’re not often teaching in Seattle and I haven’t been to a CKU since 2003…those were the days.

    Have a happy day. -c

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    I need a dog sitter for July- care to come to Montreal and house sit? She’s a younger version of dear Chester. And there’s a great Jazz fest going on here then.. ;p

    ps- That pic of Murphy is downright frightful!

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    Corie in Indy

    I’d buy the book…if I hadn’t already. Your two books are two of my absolute favorite. And I have a TON of scrapbook-related books on my shelf. I love your style and your authenticity. Can’t wait for your third!

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    Hee…hee! I would have been all over this, Cathy, but I already have that one (AND WILL NEVER SELL IT!!). So, you got another one in the works??

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    I am not showing Peanut’s picture to my girls and I’m not going to look at it again myself, because it’s so cute that I feel myself hesitating and veering from my NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THIS HOUSE policy. I’ve gotten this far without scoopin’ any canine’s poop and I don’t intend to change now, so nope, I’m not looking at the photo again. Nope.

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    I already have your first book and the sequel and am waiting for the sequel to the sequel…patiently-well maybe not so patiently. but yes, those beautiful furry faces could sell anything…so when’s the sequel to the sequel coming out…hint hint

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    Where is the book available? Is it strictly paper, hybrid, or digital? 😉

    And Book #1….same questions. Thanks. -L

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    Kat (Lovebug Kat)

    Shame on you and your little dog too!
    I got all excited thinking there was a new book, and alas, you were just messing with my emotions, I already have that one..a lot dog-eared (fittingly enough LOL) but I have it nonetheless.
    Which brings me to my point…when is Part Trois coming out? Some of us are waiting, waiting, waiting……….

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    Just recently bought Book #2 and can’t put it down. LOVE your style, both design and verbal. I must pay you the highest compliment there is–you’re authentic.


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    Kelli Kemmerer

    When I pulled up your blog and saw the first picture, I thought it was Chip. You could run a canine resort for geriatric dogs. You got a soft heart for those dogs!!

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    Kim S.

    SOLD!!! I have been meaning to buy your book since I saw you in Buffalo (that was a great class!). I see your books are available through for us Canadians. And if I buy a couple, then I’ll get free shipping!
    By the way Cathy, since you a fan: BNL has a new CD out of children’s songs (not for little kids) with their signature sound and hysterical lyrics. It’s called Snacktime.

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    Oh my gosh, what kind of dog is Peanut, your aunt’s dog; that is possibly one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen – I have to know the breed! Thanks in advance! = )

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    Vicki Harvey

    I saw Kari and Jim yesterday and she told me you were watching Chester. He is a sweet doggie!
    Have fun with your canine companions you dog whisperer, you!

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    I have the book already – autographed! (Thanks to Cathy AND Michelle) For those of you who don’t own a copy I really encourage you to buy it. It’s AWESOME!

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    Sharon F.

    I already own it, but if peanut and chester (where’s chip?) were in it, I would buy it again…
    I am just sayin’

    Of course my 104 pounder Jake would love to hang out with Peanut and Chester…what a darling pair. What fabulous visitors to the Zielske canine b&b…Murphy aka Fang, is quite the doorman I am sure.

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    Murphy looks like the dog that attacked my 85 lb lab. LOL!! Love that book and go back to it again and again. Please write a third book (also as a dog lover use lots of dogs and puppies as subjects!)

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    Debbie W.

    So, if puppies sell things, have the sold you on the new iPhone yet? You may no longer be able to resist with 2x the speed at 1/2 the cost! Those puppies sold me!


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    No need to use the dogs on me. I have this book and love it!! But Peanut and Chester are the greatest. I have nightmares about dogs like Murphy!!!

    Hugs, Nanette

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    HM in MN

    Love both your books, with autographs too.
    Saw your family at the St. Paul Saints game Sunday, your Mini Super Fan was just delightful and very entertaining. He sure can rock that paper guitar, wonder who he learned that from, hummm. Must have been all those music DVDs.

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    First — I LOVE “It’s Me or the Dog”. I learn a ton every time I watch that show, much to my dog’s chagrin.

    Second — if people do not own your second book, they should run not walk to their nearest LSS and buy it right this minute. It’s a really really good one (and I’m not just saying that to be a brown-nosing suck up).

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    Sorry, it didn’t get all the address in my post above. It’s Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Life section, then “the flip side”, then “pot pourri”. :)Enjoy! :))

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    Sorry, it didn’t get all the address in my post above. It’s Columbus Dispatch newspaper, Life section, then “the flip side”, then “pot pourri”. :)Enjoy! :))

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    It would have worked for me if I didn’t already own the book. I had to have it as soon as it was released, now about a third…

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    have the book. love it.

    had pekinese dogs as a young’in. love the name peanut (the dogs cute too) and soooo good to see chester again!

    you are a crack up.

    good try with the sales pitch too.

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    So Cathy, I think we are all in agreement that a 3rd book needs to happen…we love your stuff! so??????

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    You nearly got me there but ….. I already have it (and the first one!). Not sure that Murphy is helping your selling pitch though (lol!).

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    OMGoodness… that little peanut is precious. I did not know that a dog’s face could go so horizontal 🙂 and a tribble… woman you reveal much in that statement 😉

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    I have your books too. And, the Slice of Life one too! Love them all! When is the next one? We are all waiting for more of your inspration, wisdom and creative sarcasm! LOL!

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    Got it, love it. Got your first, love it. Got a cute dog too. Love it. Thanks for constant inspiration and many laughs to boot. Australia needs more of you.

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    it’s weird, but I DO have a sudden urge to buy it! And I already have two copies. (and a whole warehouse of them at my fingertips… 🙂

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    Though cute as they maybe be, I already own your second book. 😀 And to brighten your day a bit… when I had to pack for my two-month stay in Austin (well, technically, I moved here, but the rest of my stuff will not join me until August), I could only bring the necessities. Computer? Check! Clothes? Check! Friend DVDs? Check! Kitchen Aid mixer? The bare minimum of scrapping supplies (read: white cardstock, some patterned paper and the basic tools)? Check! Cathy’s book? Check! See. It’s all in there. 🙂

    Love that book! Now… you are making me want to go out and buy your *first* book. Ironically, I don’t own that. But since I’m SUCH a huge fan of part deux, the first will inevitably follow. 🙂 Again, ironically…

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    I just watched your “who’s a good dog now” on UTube and cried my eyes out. Wow! I live in Poulsbo, WA and have many dogs(4), love ’em, love ’em, love ’em!

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