9 years ago today

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This dude came onto the scene (the one in the front of the shot, not sure about his teammate in the background.)

I, for one, yet representing many, am so, so very insanely blessed that he did.


Happy birthday, Coley-mon.

We love you like gangbusters.

And now you are not the "only kid in America" without a Nintendo DS.

Love, Mom

Cathy Zielske9 years ago today

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    Be still my heart…He’s a CATCHER?? His cool factor just shot through the roof in my book. Happy birthday, to mamam too. You’re having more fun today than you were 9 years ago, this I know.

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    So I know he is your child, but could he look any more like Dan???? Yikes!

    Good thing Dan is cute. πŸ™‚

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    Mrs. Coleman (Really!!)

    Too funny that today’s your son’s birthday. It’s my anniversary, and I really am Mrs. Coleman. Happy Birthday Coleman, enjoy the DS!!!

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    Lori C

    Happy Birthday Cole! My son’s birthday is today too—he is 8 though! He still doesn’t have a DS—LOL! He’s getting a bike, lacrosse stick and a Sabres (hockey) poster!


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    Susan W.

    Happy Birthday little dude! I was just looking at a Layout in your Clean & Simple book from 2005. My how he’s grown!!!

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    Denise in AK

    Hippo Birdie Two-Ewes
    Hippo Birdie Two-Ewes
    Hippo Birdie Dear Cole!
    Hippo Birdie Two-Ewes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS~My kiddos (7&9) mearly have GBAdvanced. No DS! Do you think they should get one for Christmas?

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    Had to laugh! I have a very similar photo of my DD on her b-day last month when she got her Nintendo DS. She must have been next to last! πŸ˜‰

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    Don’t worry Cole–my Kate has been begging for a DS for 2 years…maybe this September on her 8th…:)

    Have a great day Cathy! Enjoy your boy!

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    Happy Birthday Cole! My son got the PS2 version of that game for his 10th birthday last month and he LOVES it. Sure you will too!

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    Great! Now my boy is the “only kid in America” without a Nintendo DS. But he doesn’t read your blog and I’m not letting the cat out of the bag!


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    LOL…I keep hearing the “everyone has a DS but me” from my youngest. Now maybe he’s right!

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    Happy Birthday Cole! Enjoy your big day!

    He’s going to LOOOVE that DS. We have Lego Indiana here too, and it’s cool. πŸ™‚ My dudes were saying the same thing before Xmas, and now that they each have one, they’re moaning about being the only kids in Canada without a WI. Argh!

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    Christie E. (cme37)

    My oldest turned 8 last week and sadly he still is the only kid in America without a DS. I’m making him work for it! He has to save those pennies up because I refuse to buy yet another game system! (We already have 3 others.)

    Happy bday to your guy! He is a cutie!!!

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    Happy Birthday Cole! My 10year old son only has a Game Boy Advance. I think he’ll be getting a DS for Christmas though, or maybe his birthday [which is 3 weeks AFTER Christmas].

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    Missus Wookie

    Happy Birthday Cole!

    My two teenagers love their Indiana Jones Lego Adventures and play it on their DSes…. and they had to wait until they were MUCH older than 9!

    They say you should try the Star Wars one too, it is also cool.

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    My DS got a Nintendo for his bday in April…yes, he felt like the only newly turned 9 yo that didn’t have one until he opened the package…he loves that Indy game as well as the Lego Star Wars one…sigh…love that he loves those movies…

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    Happy Birthday Cole!!

    Have fun with the DS! BTW–my 2 girls still don’t have a DS…they might be the only kids left in American without one!

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    Ria Ria Bo Bia!!!

    OK Give me a break!!! You are kidding me that he did not have a DS!!! What kind of mother are you??? Just kidding…. They are really fun, he will love it!

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    Okay, how cool do *I* feel sharing a birthday with YOUR son?!?! THE.COOLEST. Let me tell you! πŸ™‚ My mouth dropped to the floor, I was so excited!

    AND tomorrow is registration for your class?! It’s like my birthday is coming twice this year!!

    Though… I’m 27 today. Hmmm… he’s nine?! What did I do for my ninth birthday?! OH! I was at summer camp! And my camp counselor/church director snuck in a Little Mermaid Flounder pinata, and we had ourselves a party! LOL. Hadn’t thought about that in a while. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    And Happy Birthday to Cole! It would have been cool to get a Nintendo DS. I did get a membership to a rock climbing gym from hubby though. Just as cool, yes?! πŸ˜‰

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    Evidently, my son is now the only kid without a Nintendo DS. I tried to tell him that playing games with me is more fun, but I don’t think he’s buying it.

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    Wendy from PA

    As I read your blogg my soon to be 9 year old looked over my shoulder and said “Cool he got the Indiana Jones for DS…where does he live, can I play with him?” Boys are sooo cool, one thing on the mind, finding someone to play with! Happy Birthday Cole, if you’er ever in PA, my son would love to hook up with you.

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    You mean he just got his first DS? Oh, you should be reported to child welfare – what mean parents.
    Gotta laugh at the guilt trips they put us on.

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    My lil dude that aint so lil no more turns 11 tomorrow! And he is the only kid in america without a wii fit (wink wink)! They grow so fast don’t they? I find myself very nostalgic around his birthday. Thinking about the day I delivered trying to remember all the little details I don’t want to forget. And to think these lil dudes that we know and love right this minute will dissappear and become other cool bigger dudes and all we will have left of these lil dudes are the memories.

    ps he is the spitting image of your husband!

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    Penelope Pitstop

    Hey, he isn’t the only kid w/o a Nintendo DS, my poor children are so deprived that my 8 & 5 year old have to share (gasp) a Leapster and they don’t have a Wii either. I’m the meanest mommy in the world. I hope they remember that when they are teenagers and tick me off just before wanting to borrow my car

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    Michelle Davies

    Yes, my poor children are DS-less. I shall not show them your post…or I will surely prolong their agony. Haha! This mom is not feeling sorry at all πŸ˜€ Happy birthday to your little dude!

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    LOL – as it happens my son has just today got that same game (PC version). He saved up to get it. Must be something programmed into boys that age (although I have to confess I think it is cute too). Happy birthday to Cole πŸ™‚

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    Our son thought he was the last in the world too – he just got his in June for his birthday.
    It really is true that whole, they grow up so fast, thing:)
    Happy birthday to Cole!
    Have a great day!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

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    i think my emails go to your spam… and i just had to tell you this… last night on my commute home, at one of the stops, this gal gets on the train… she looks exactly like you!! she’s got the short black hair, the cool framed classes, your height… well, maybe shorter than you, cuz she had on platforms like the band Kiss wears….

    anyway, the only difference was… she had numerous facial piercings, tattoo’s on her upper arms (beautiful tho, full of color), a red scarf tied around her head, with the knot on the top (sorta looked like something Lucy Ricardo would wear), what else, oh yea, the shoes and they had a star carved out of the platform. she had on houndstooth capri’s and a skull on her t-shirt… oh yea, and she was pushing a baby stroller!! her mate/hubby looked NOTHING like Dan tho. and i know you don’t have a baby… but i tell ya!! she was the spitting image of YOU!!

    i wanted to ask her if i could take her picture with my phone…. cuz i live in San Francisco, and people do strange things here… but i just couldn’t stop giggling long enough to ask her, of course didn’t want to embarass her or anything, and my stop was next. but i swear she looked JUST LIKE YOU!!!

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    My son has the Gameboy Advance, so Coley would have been the 2nd to last kid to get a DS. Hope he had a great birthday!

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    heather mc

    Ok…I totally realize this is sooo not relevant to Cole’s big day (happy 9th, though) BUT I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT YOUR CLASS THAT IS BASIC AND (gasp) possibly dumb. (but i failed one of your requirements….so I ask) CAN YOU FORGO SAID SCANNING OF YOUR LAYOUTS AND JUST TAKE A PICTURE OF THEM TO POST ON REQUIRED GALLERY????

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    Happy birthday,Cole and Cathy πŸ™‚
    You weren’t even close to being the only kid without a nintendo ds…none of my four boys have one. And they ask daily when they will get it.

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    Two things: What font did you use on that holiday album? The red script one. Two our end of school tradition was to take the kids’ teacher out for frozen custard right after school let out and thank them for the last year. Both of our twentysomethings have fond memories of that tradition.

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    Oh my geez. My son is Nolan, and we have always called him Nolie-mon. He just turned 15 on July 24. Where does this craziness come from???
    His little sisters each have a DS, and here’s a tip for ya: stay away from any game that requires you to rear puppies or babies. They are SOOOOOO annoying.

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    Oh my geez. My son is Nolan, and we have always called him Nolie-mon. He just turned 15 on July 24. Where does this craziness come from???
    His little sisters each have a DS, and here’s a tip for ya: stay away from any game that requires you to rear puppies or babies. They are SOOOOOO annoying.

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    Oh thank goodness Cathy.

    Because, y’know, we love you and all but word had gotten out about the Nintendo situation at your house and we did have Child Protective Authorities on speed-dial πŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Coleman! My DD just turned nine a few months ago and we all know nine years ago was day before yesterday. Sigh …

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