Does this mean it’s one degree? or two?

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Mini Super Fan meets Bill Murray at last night’s All Star Game. Bill Murray is one of the owner’s of the Saints, ergo, Bill Murray at a Saints game makes sense.

Or should I say, Bill Murray got to meet Mini?

Cathy ZielskeDoes this mean it’s one degree? or two?

55 Comments on “Does this mean it’s one degree? or two?”

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    ~ alli ~

    That’s awesome! And I didn’t even know Bill Murray owns the Saints. Something new every day!



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    I like to look at it as Bill Murray got to meet Mini Super Fan. That’s pretty cool! Loved the bit of conversation between Dan and Mr. Murray on your Twitter page. LOL

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    Wendy H.

    It seems to me Mini Super Fan is a bit of a celebrity himself! Since I met you at CKU San Jose (& got a picture with you), I think I’m 2 degrees of Mini Super Fan! How cool is that!?!

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    Cool! I guess in your post about movies you can watch over and over I forgot to mention Caddyshack, What About Bob and Groundhog Day! I hope he knows how lucky he was to meet Mini Fan. Did Cole give him an autograph? πŸ™‚

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    Gee, CADDYSHACK is one of my all-time favorites (add to previous thread!!) but some of the things that Bill’s STBX has accused him of – and I do realize that it could all be lies – but it just creeps me out about him now.

    Still, I am compelled to say “Cool!” because he is an icon. I really hope that the accusations aren’t true. And I’m sure that his icon-ness (at a loss for the right word) is not lost on Cole because you have reared him with the appropriate respect for all things that are pop culture. πŸ™‚

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    NO WAY!!! Ok, just one more reason I think I should be adopted into your family. Cool stuff just follows you around waiting for you to stumble on it.

    Way to go, Mini!!!

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    Very cool. . . not sure I would have recognized him. He’s more geriatric than I remember. Then again, I’m sure most of my high school class mates would say the same about me (turning 40 on Friday :O).

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    I bet Bill went home and talked about your kid! Probably something like “I met this totally cool kid today at the game!”

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    I would be asking Mr. Murray when Mini’s checks are going to start arriving! LOL! Love those Murray brothers…Bill is starting to look like his brother Brian. Love his brother Joel in Mad Men…have you seen that? It’s awesome (on AMC). Okay, kudos to Mini!

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    Definitely the latter: Mr M gets to meet The Minifan … Let’s face it, who’s the more photogenic? πŸ™‚ alexa

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    Molly S

    So I’m watching TV last night, and happened to tune in to the Saints game on channel 45… and see none other than Super Fan and Mini Super Fan! He’s on National TV! WTG!

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    That is so freaking cool! I’m a big Bill Murray fan. Looks like he’s a big Mini fan πŸ˜‰

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    OMGosh! How cool is that! Did he get an autograph from him? Hope so. Bill looks a bit different these days; almost didn’t recognize him until I say that smile and those eyes. Does your son even KNOW who this man is? πŸ˜€

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    I NEVER woiuld have pegged that guy for Bill Murray.

    Okay maybe I just need to move on from Ghostbuster days, but seriously?

    I am starting to believe in the magic of Hollywood and visual effects just a leeetle bit more!

    Min super fan is way cute though!

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    umm … my GOSH. i ADORE this man. and have stalked saints games in hopes of seeing him. does coleman have ANY idea of the greatness beside him? (wife-beating rumors, notwithstanding …) lucky, lucky, little mini.

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    Does little Mini aspire to grow up to be a BIG FAN too? Or does he have other aspirations? At his age, I probably would have wanted to be a Ghostbuster….

    If little Cole has ever seen that movie, he would better appreciate that he was posing in a photo WITH a legend!

    What a lucky ‘lil mini you have! THAT makes for a great scrapbook page in the life of little Coleman.

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    Does Bill know how many books and magazines Mini Super Fan has been published in? He should certainly be honored to be photographed with MSF!


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    lol bill looks like a cardboard cut out of bill doesn’t he? with cole so animated and bill so deadpan – too funny!

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    OMG!!! I met and had a ‘date’ with Bill Murray in 1996 (wow… how the years have flown) so amazing to see your boy! I have a question about accomodations in California for next winter CHA. If you have ideas for a Canadian-Dutch adoptee looking to do it on the less expensive side of cheap please email me at… if only Cole could have asked Bill about the jmoraggggg what the hell… he met in Winnipeg Manitoba at a baseball game way back when…

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    sara (soupdog)

    Went to my first Saints game last night. They won and we had a blast, but no mini-fan in sight…

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    Very cool for mini fan, he’s getting quite a cool selection of pic’s for his new room, I LOVE Bill Murray and can watch Stripes (my personal fave) every day LOL !

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    Bonnie Erickson

    I’m a newbie to your blog, but was thrilled when Carmen visited my blog and told me who Mini Super Fan is. All along I had thought Mini Super Fan was probably Super Fan’s son. What an awesome opportunity. Congrats and what great fun for your son.

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