Dr. Pavlov, ring that bell

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Here's part of my dilemma:

1. I already HAVE a reliable, if slightly ancient and completely uncool cell phone.

2. Have you seen how expensive the AT&T Plans are? I'm presently on Verizon. Oh, Daddy's not going to like that one at all.

3. I will be in the office tomorrow morning, here in Utah. Nowhere near a store, which will be the only place you can buy them at first.

4. I don't even use the cell I have all that much.

5. Have you seen how expensive the AT&T Plans are?

I'm only thinking out loud here. That's how I reach all big decisions that I've already made.

The thing really is the financial aspect of the plan. Activation fees. Blah, blah, blah.

Part of me  (the part that Dan has carefully, and lovingly conditioned over the years) thinks, "An extra 100 bucks a month for a phone? or food?"

God, I hate being so friggin' practical.

Cathy ZielskeDr. Pavlov, ring that bell

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    I’m now going to have to check my AT&T cell rates, and I am totally with you in the “wantee” department. My mantra: It (a cell phone) is a tool, not a TOY!
    It has been working …… so far!
    Good luck to us both!

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    My daughter has an iPhone and it’s fabulous. She travels a lot and uses the iPhone for just about everything. Fuggadabout the high AT&T rates; this baby is worth it!!! (I myself don’t have one because my life is too boring.)

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    Just get an iTouch… When I asked for an iPod that’s what my hubby got me. You have the wireless internet, music, all the cool features without having to switch to AT&T and pay the ridiculous cell rates. Good luck with your delimma.

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    Get one already! You will never regret it, even when the bill comes, it’s the best piece of technology on the planet. And now it’s cheap!

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    I’m with you on that one Cathy. I so WANT an iPhone but really don’t need one. I have decided I’d just wait until they allow Verizon carry their service too. I’m not willing to use anyone else. So if that means I don’t get to have an iPhone, oh well.

    (My strong devotion to Verizon goes back to Katrina. My phone up and working much faster than people with other services and was 10x’s more reliable. This of course was vital during the time when it was the only communication we had.)

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    My husband surprised me with my iphone and I love it. I use it many times a day as a tool and a toy. I say go for it. Sometimes wanting something is enough…

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    I’m with you – I’m willing to pay extra money for great technology (hence, my 17 years as a Mac geek), but those AT&T data plan rates are ridiculous, and their monthly phone rates are crazy already.

    I’ve been eyeing up the Touch for when my iPod mini battery finally kicks the bucket. It will be a bit, though. I just bought a new Nikon DSLR last month!

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    I set up my cell phone bill to deduct automatically every month, so I never really have to look at how much it costs me that way!!! So I have an iPhone and absolutely love it! I don;t really use the phone feature all that much but am always using it to access the web. I was traveling with some computer techy freinds, and we were trying to figure out which way to go. I pulled out my phone, pulled up a map, and found exactly what we needed. Then I could enlarge it on the screen so all of us could actually see it!! I will NOT go back to a plain phone! Although a faster one is very tempting!

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    Have you thought about the Instinct phone from Sprint? It is much the same as the iPohone only the plans are MUCH cheaper than AT&T and the phone is just as good. While it’s not an Apple product, it’s still rec’d really good reviews. You should check it out before you take the plunge! Email me with any questions – I may be able to help:)

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    Hillary Chybinski

    Cathy – i hear ya. . .me and hubby both have the originals. . .he (Techie God that he is) can’t even justify the increase in service to get the new one. . .I have to say though – I LOVE mine.

    Good luck!

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    Jennifer Miles

    I would have an iPhone right now if it weren’t for AT&T. I live in MA and the reception with AT&T back here is horrendous. Calls get dropped all the time and you can’t get calls at all if you’re in a building. I’ll get the iPhone when I can get the service I want, which would be Verizon.

    Still…it’s such a cool phone, huh? I would love to have one.

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    I love the fact that you are channeling Dan in your head! I do that, too…15 years of marriage and DH’s voice plays away…but sometimes…I ignore it..my bad.

    On the other hand think of how many tanks of gas per month that would buy you??

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    Kim H.

    I live in Salt Lake and I’ll be going early Friday morning to the Apple Store (yes, we do have one! πŸ™‚ I could pick one up for you and meet you for lunch at Cafe Rio!!!! I’ll even treat!

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    As I slide into the big ?-& I can tell you that the screen enlargement feature on the I-Phone keeps me from having to put my readers on while driving…worth the price of admission any day. AND, I leave my computer at home now and do all my work and surfing on the i-phone when I travel….. at CHA last winter I amused myself by watching superbowl commercials on u-tube till I fell asleep…clutching my i-phone –

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    Seriously, if one could fall in deep, passionate love with a gadget- the iPhone is it. My brother in law bought one and every since that moment I first laid eyes on it, my stupid pink Motorola Razr has been a ball and chain to my geek heart. I already disliked that phone. Now i HATE it. But iPhone is too spendy, and on the wrong company plan. I cast him away, and am now flirting with the Palm Centro. I have a year to wait before I can upgrade. It is indeed, tragic.

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    I must be a sucker… I have always had an AT&T plan (7+years)! I guess I never really had the choice, because it is the only one that works back in my hometown area! Guess I should look into the cost πŸ™‚

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    DH is right on this one. It’s just a phone, albeit a very cool one, but it is just a phone! You have a phone, it works, no need for a new one. Now if it had a teleporting device on it…I’d be all in! πŸ™‚

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    DH is right on this one. It’s just a phone, albeit a very cool one, but it is just a phone! You have a phone, it works, no need for a new one. Now if it had a teleporting device on it…I’d be all in! πŸ™‚

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    DH is right on this one. It’s just a phone, albeit a very cool one, but it is just a phone! You have a phone, it works, no need for a new one. Now if it had a teleporting device on it…I’d be all in! πŸ™‚

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    DH is right on this one. It’s just a phone, albeit a very cool one, but it is just a phone! You have a phone, it works, no need for a new one. Now if it had a teleporting device on it…I’d be all in! πŸ™‚

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    So, I’m probably going to be the only logical (and boring) one here and encourage you not to get something you can’t easily afford.

    That being said, I never leave my house and I STILL want an iPhone and an iPod. Let me reiterate: I don’t leave the house. I have no need. But I want. I SO get your plight.

    And I think the alternative phones suggested are a great idea, but I remember when I wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll and my mom bought me a homemade one with the funny nose (obviously not store bought). Dude, it wasn’t the same. If you’re gonna go crazy, get the one you love.

    Those are my conflicting views for you today πŸ™‚

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    Laura Y

    I replaced an old cell about 3 months ago with the iPhone. And girl I haven’t looked back! It is a great piece of Apple Technology. Smooth, clean, intuitive. And cool things like easy to get maps, “visual” (that should catch your eye!) voicemail, Safari and easy to view webpages. I love it! You will too!

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    Jill S.

    I got out of my Verizon contract to get an iPhone a few months ago (my phone was a piece of poo). I honestly don’t know how I got along without it. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but seriously, $20 for UNLIMITED DATA. Yes, unlimited my friend. And really, you’re not THAT far from SLC, right? Gateway Mall…right off the freeway…Apple Store…know you want to…(Sometimes you’ve just got to be a devil’s advocate, right?)

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    i’m getting on in the morning. I have verizon right now and the plans are okay but my phone sucks. i figure I have wanted one for a year…

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    Get it!!!
    I am not a techy person and NOT a cell phone person at all. I had a very cheap plan thru Sprint, but never had a signal when I really needed one. Plus my old phone was on it’s last legs. Last November when I couldn’t get a signal in a Mall in the middle of Dallas, TX I walked into the ATT store and got the iPhone. OMG!!! I can’t believe how much I love it. I love having my phone, iPod and “Palm” all in one. It was worth the $399 to me! And although I didn’t think I needed the internet “on demand” it’s amazing how much I use it while sitting at soccer, lacrosse and baseball games. And the plan isn’t $100. My total bill is less than $70 and when I bundle it with some other services it will be cheaper than what I had before.
    Go for it. You have my permission. Tell Dan it will be okay.

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    If I could have Verizon service, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I despite AT&T.
    We have an Apple store here in Madison, and the iTouch and the iPhone were soooooooooo nice to pet πŸ˜€

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    Shannon in WA

    Cathy, just get the phone and be done with it. Besides, it’s very practical. You can sync your phone with all of your other devices…WIRELESSLY!

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    See that’s why you buy the iTouch….. you get all the coolness but not the monthly cost. i got one for Mother’s Day and then I got my dh one for Father’s day and we both love them. Since we have WIFI in our house it really comes in handy when your waiting on a e-mail but have other things to do instead on sitting in front on the computer all day.

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    You’re being influenced by Angie out there in Utah, eh? ;p I saw alot of the gals with these at CHA, and it’s very tempting when you see it in action. Luckily I know no-one here who has one!

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    Hey girl, check out ebay. They sell cracked i-phones. That means you can put you varizon card in it. And the prices are as much as a normal one for the i-phone store!
    Try it! Good luck!

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    amber belmonte

    i hear ya… superawesomephone/superawesomefood… but i LOVE mine! i had the same cell phone for 5 years & my husband finally convinced my to uprgrade, and i haven’t looked back since. [even with the high plan rates… it’s worth it!] i never imagined a ‘cell phone’ could be so practical/useful/efficient/fun!

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    i too understand the dilemma. I am already with the carrier of the iphone in the UK and they delight, im sure in sending frequent text messages about the new one out tomorrow. But the tariffs are a little too high really…but i just know that their website will crash with the orders…it just has that attraction thing going….

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    I can totally understand the financial aspect – but the iphone isn’t JUST a phone. It’s the most amazing electronic device ever. I hate talking on the phone, but cannot wait to upgrade to an iphone just for all it’s other uses. My husband has had one for a year and I’ve tried to plot ways to steal his. And AT&T has EXCELLENT customer service (in my experience). That’s hard to come by these days, especially with cell phone providers, so it’s worth the extra dough for the piece of mind! Take the leap!

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    My iPhone plan is only $50/month because I got grandfathered in with my old plan (which was $30/month). I really like my iPhone, but I’m still having issues with changing everything over from my Palm Pilot to the phone. I can’t give up the Palm desktop software. It’s perfect. πŸ™‚

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    what is it about new gadgets that make us all feel like we simply MUST have it, and immediately if not sooner???

    I have absolutely no need for one of these contraptions, and yet, every time i see one being used, i outright stare and point and start to drool. (oooh…shiny buttons…)

    but i HATE the way the commercials for these things (or others similar to it) play out. look… with THIS you can do practically ANYTHING! and it’s on SALE right now. (but… if you want to actually USE the features, you need to pay an arm and a leg to do so..)

    on my current phone, once i accidentally pressed the button that took me to the world wide web. big mistake. i desparately tried canceling it out as quickly as possible… but was STILL charged for whatever it was that I had downloaded/uploaded/accessed for the briefest of seconds. grrr…

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    Heidi P.

    Well, I am going with the “if you don’t really need it team”, here. Think Buddhist, zen and all that. Do we all really need more stuff? You have a phone…it mightn’t be fancy, but you don’t use it much, so…I kinda think wait til it dies and then go for the phone you want. I think you’ll feel better in the end πŸ™‚

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    Shelly in the NW

    my hubby got the i-phone when it first came out. he is addicted to any phone. he wishes he had his blackberry. the connection is no where near as fast as on TV and it often doesn’t update quickly. i can send him email or text and it takes a while to find its way there.

    oh yeah – and the bills are less than a pleasant surprise at the end of the month. πŸ™

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    well, I’m no help here b/c I resisted the urge to buy an iPhone last year b/c of slow web connection complaints..but I wanted one…and I’ve been using my Treo 650 for a few years now..and it is time to upgrade b/c it is showing signs of age and not being able to hold a charge…I’ve been waiting and drooling for this new iPhone version since I decided that was the direction I wanted to go around Mother’s Day..and this is my gift…albeit a couple of months late but def worth the wait I think! LOL!
    I’ll be @ my AT&T store bright and early tomorrow morning waiting in line..hopefully not for too long though! I’m a current AT&T customer..have been for years..and I can actually get a cheaper plan with my iPhone and still have the same benefits that I had with my Treo…so for me it was a no brainer….I know you wouldn’t be disappointed with it and you’d probably wonder how you lived without it for so long!!

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    Not techie but music related. You mentioned that your all-time favorite musician (even above CH & Neil Finn — horrors!) is Peter Gabriel. I remember you pining on your blog for some new PG music. Well, have you seen the movie Wall-E yet? The song played during the end credits was written by both Randy Newman and Peter Gabriel and performed by PG.

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    I soo feel your pain. My hubby has the earlier version, I have a perfectly usable verizion phone and plan. I am trying to avoid this temptation, I don’t need another phone, and the cost of the plans. And Yet my husband insists on showing me yet another freaking cool thing about the iphone. can’t stand it, I may get one later.

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    Tina Cockburn

    If I hadn’t bought my (now obsolete) iphone in January, I’d be all over this new one. The one I have was a toughie to convince my DH that I needed it, so buying a new one would put him over the edge.

    Just get it already. You’ll love it.

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    Laura Y

    You’re current iPhone isn’t “obsolete”. It just runs on a slower network. And honestly if you ever did any web surfing, maps or song downloading on your old phone you’d realize that the “old” network is just fine on the iPhone. My downloads are quick, smooth and I never get a “can’t find file” or “connection stopped” type error on my iPhone which I got all the time on EVERY other phone I had. Love your iPhone (regardless of it’s generation!)

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    i will just tell you that I think like you do but this baby is totally worth it!
    There is nothing greater than waking up in the morning and while still laying in bed checking the blog and the e-mail – Yep that’s right, right there it is PRICELESS!
    But all the other features are incredible. When you text you can see the whole conversation. I have a whole photo album on mine. It has a freakin’ U-Tube button for heaven’s sake! Another great feature built in GPS and maps.
    There is a reason this baby is pricey but oh sooooo worth it. You thought you loved your computer…..

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    Oh i forgot the “coolness” factor. You pull out your IPhone and traffic practically stops. People say “Wow is that an….I Phone?” It’s great! And talk about being the coolest mom ever!

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    I don’t mean to be an enabler, but…..you SO need one. I thought I didn’t really NEED one at first. But, when my PDA went kaput last fall, I justified the iPhone by using it to replace my PDA. I never really even cared what kind of phone I had because I don’t use it a tremendous amount. Just let me say that I LOVE my iPhone. And not just a little bit. Go ahead. Its worth it. You will absolutely not regret it.


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    I didn’t use my cell much either. Then I got an iPhone. It is like it is permanently attached to my hand now. I am not going to upgrade to 3G just yet, but I would definately say go for it. This is one of those semi-impulse buys that I have not regretted for a minute.

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    denise bryant (imchatty)

    Oh I have been fighting the temptaions too. But if you are looking for some logic here that phone could really help with the new diet. Less money to spend on food means new phone for you and a slimmer hot bod too. LOL…I can rationalize just about anything….and enable you too.

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    tammy b

    i heard that bell ring too.
    we actually sat down last night and weighed it all out. we both want one. the biggest drawback? at&t. no one i know has it – probably because my friends are smart and everything i hear about at&t is awful. dropped calls, poor customer service, poor coverage, blah, blah, blah. oh how i wish it weren’t true. i was horrified when i read that verizon PASSED on the opportunity to own the iphone monopoly. sigh. but never say never……..

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    I too want the iphone so bad it hurts… but I can’t make the switch to at& t for many reasons. I am trying to convince myself an ipod touch will tide me over til verizon has the iphone… i am just fooling myself.tena

  50. #52

    Want to hear *true* whining???

    We don’t even get AT&T service here in Montana. No iPhone for any of us!!!!


    There, feel better now? πŸ™‚

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    joanne (spagirl)

    ugh! i hear ya!
    i’d wait though… i’m sure they’ll be with verizon soon enough!! i don’t use my cell phone that often… maybe if i had the iphone i would! ha! wait… scratch that! i’m trying NOT to enable!!

  52. #56

    Go to PhoneDog.com and watch all of the videos… Noah (KravvyKrav on YouTube) is going to have the OOB (Out of Box) unveiling of his iPhone. Problem is that he’s in CALIFORNIA!!! So for the rest of us he’ll post that in the afternoon. *sigh* I honestly don’t know how I made it w/o running to my local AT&T store at 5am today because it’s 2 miles from me.
    Oh – and if you want one of those minor features like CALENDAR & CONTACT SYNCING… you don’t want the Instinct. That is one serious downside that has kept me (a Sprint customer!) away from it.
    drool away… and I will let you borrow mine if you need a ‘fix’. “ARF!!” <–that's me, Pavlov's dog.

  53. #57

    ^^ There’s a Kiwi unboxing (they first sold in New Zealand)… there are others if you enter “iPhone 3G unboxing” in YouTube.

    Living vicariously, KWIM?

  54. #60

    but there IS an apple store, only 30 minutes from your office in Utah- at the gateway!! and there is Ben & Jerry’s there too!! go- buy a cool phone, & have an ice cream you deserve it! πŸ˜‰

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    Deborah Hensley

    My hubby bought me one after our 4th baby was born as sort of a you did good having our 4th baby! lol! I also had been coveting them, and trying to save up for it(we already had an ATT&T plan from when they were cingular so we have a good plan I think). I have to say I love this phone and use it a lot! So you won’t regret it if you do get one… but you could get the i-touch as someone else mentioned since they do similar things. But I will say that I LOVE having it. =)
    Have fun in UT!

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    I heard that folks are having problems completing the activation in store. I have a BBerry curve and love it. I just won’t buy into Apple’s evil empire, not gonna do it. Maybe if I borrow your iPhone for a week, I’ll change my tune. πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  57. #63

    In two very short years At&T will no longer have the exclusive rights to the iPhone. I love my Verizon service too much to give it up. As much as I really, really, really want that iPhone! As a bonus they’ll be a lot cheaper in two more very short years!

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    Diane Roberts

    Hehehehe – I got an iPhone. Yes we have them here in the UK, indeed we do. We are not always techiechallenged. I have the first one – no WAY can I justify and extra Β£100 (at the mo that’s $197! Ulp!) to “upgrade”. Upgrade to what? I haven’t filled mine with junk yet…..
    But I love it, wanted it, needed it – GOT IT. And it’s fab. It’s MiPhone…..LOL

  59. #65

    Ditto! I want the new iphone but I like my plan and don’t want to swtich. I’m holding out that eventually all the providers will have the iphone. A girl can dream.

  60. #66
    laura vanderbeek

    that is why I am getting my husband’s ‘old’ iPhone and he is getting the new one. I don’t use my phone that much and I try not to use it in public because it is so old and ugly. that will change once I get my iPhone. And I don’t really need the slow old data plan all that much and he needs the new G3 speed. I just really want my kids to be entertained in the grocery store watching a movie while we shop. And at the post office when things are extra slow. And whenever I need a moment’s peace in public. And I want to watch whatever movie I want to watch on the plane ride this August while he watches his guy movies.

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    The Queen

    The iphone truly is an awesome little gadget. So much fun!

    The one thing no one has mentioned here and was a big draw for us because my husband travels is that AT&T, while it does not have the best service – but not that bad – DOES get service all over the world. So when my hubby travels to Europe on business I can reach him by cell phone and that is GREAT! No other phone service does that yet.

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    Lesleigh Watson

    Hi girls wow the plans must be really expensive over in the US the Iphone has just been released here in Australia although I’m on a waiting list bummer – anyway at Optus the plans start at $19/month with $19 handset rental for a 8gb or if you buy it outright it’s only $759 which for Australia is a really good price normally we have to pay big bucks for a phone and for once we have a couple of phone carriers to go with but the other 2 are way too expensive. But I say you only have one life and just get what you want and enjoy…

    Good luck everybody.

  63. #69

    Greetings from NZ – first country in the world to get the i-phone. My husband queued on Thursday night to get one when the doors opened at 12.01. It’s winter down here but he had a ball. I only wish I’d asked him to get me one too – it’s fantastic. Like you I’d baulked at the cost of the plans, but what a machine. I can just gaze longingly at his now.

  64. #70
    Barbara Zea

    Cathy, it is time to get one! It was a nightmare today to upgrade to the new software, but lots of cool stuff. It should be your gift to yourself for not smoking anymore…besides how much money were you wasting on cigarettes?

  65. #71
    Sharon F.

    Everyone I know who has one loves it. I am resisting any new technology myself as I worked in this industry for over 10 years and interestingly enough worked on 3G projects way back in the day. Fun to see them come to life.

    The bottomline is that AT&T is AT&T and at the rate things are going, its will be the only game in town one day just like it was originally. Ask for the best possible deal -usually over the phone you can get a better deal than in the stores or online. I just got my dsl connection for $5 less a month than I was paying and with a faster speed, just because I called and asked for an audit – do I have the best services for what I am using them for. Who knew? Having worked for AT&T’s siblings which are now folded in to that company I feel your pain believe me …but for gosh sakes, don’t let that keep you from enjoying “the next big thing” to hit us since the internet!

    go for it…and the rest of us can live vicariously …isn’t that a write off for your job or something? πŸ™‚

    spinning wheels…

  66. #72

    If you get it, though, just think of all the people you can talk to that are on the same network – LIKE ME!!! hahahahaha :o)

  67. #74
    Lorrie Spotts

    I am in my contract with Verizon, so no new iPhone for me, but I do love the concept. One problem for me though, and it seems no one else cares about this. I heard that the iPhone does not work in the stereo docks for the iPod. This is a problem for me, I have stereos at work, two at home, one that was pretty expensive, and one little one I keep in my car for the beach or wherever else. Anyone know if this is true????

  68. #76

    I don’t know if it’s different here in CA, but if I had wanted all of the wonderful features I have on my iPhone on a phone from Verizon, it would cost me a whole lot more… the iPhone is fabulous! and I get great reception ( better than I EVER did with verizon ) and the tech suport is better and, and, and… just get the damn phone! You won’t regret it!

  69. #77

    I want one too, but the AT&T network is terrible. Big mistake to leave Verizon for AT&T. I did the reverse and have never dropped a call nor been without coverage since last August. I am getting an Itouch just cuz it’s cool and mine will be free when I buy my daughter a new Macbook for College. Counting the days.

  70. #78

    Cathy – Head on over to Jennifer McGuire’s blog. She just got the new iPhone, and lists not only all the reasons you NEED the new one, but creative ways of financing it. See, you can have the groceries AND an iPhone!

    P.S. I understand needing the rationale for both you and Dan. My DH initially didn’t understand my Zune love — until he realized all of the cool podcasts we can download for FREE that he can listen to on his morning treadmill workout. He’s beginning to see the light… πŸ™‚

  71. #79





  72. #80

    So funny… I thought I pressed the wrong message when the image of the iPhone appeared on my screen… then I read a little further and realised your dilemma. Best of luck with the final decision… as one equally encumbered by a conscience I look forward to seeing the outcome of your deliberations!

  73. #81

    Ok, you don’t know me, but I LOVE your books! Love your graphic style and your journaling/comments. Stumbled on you on Twitter and then followed the links here….

    I had no really good reason to get an iPhone… like you… didn’t really use my old phone all that much… but I’m a real Mac nut and well they looked so fun, and with the price drop I could almost entertain the idea… I was in line at 4 a.m. on that auspicious Friday morning (though the cops shooed us off and wouldn’t let us line up til 6 a.m.)… and had my phone by 9 a.m.! SOOOOO worth it… if you are even thinking about it GO FOR IT! I am using it every day (that may wear off somewhat in a few weeks) and I’m taking it up to bed with me so I can get on it first thing in the morning… ok, I’m cred obsessed. There are so many cool apps for it… you can be in a store and hear a song playing and wonder, what song is that, or who does that song? You can pull up this app and it will actually listen to the song and tell you what it is and who does it… and of course sends you to iTunes so you can buy it (I often skip that part). How can a phone do that? So I say go stand in a line if there still are lines, but go and get one! (ok, I already had ATT, so that it made it a bit easier for me, I admit). Anyway I don’t think you will regret it for a minute! It’s like so many other Apple things… really cool and really fun. (sure, I’ll be really annoyed when they drop the price again, but what the hey?).

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