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No, I'm not referring to this (in all of my 2002, soft-focus glory, when I thought I should go by "Cathryn" in magazine print, because it made me seem smarter somehow, until I realized that when I actually met people in real life, they could call me all the live long day by that name and I'd be like, "Do you mean me?"), but rather, my own personal Hall of Fame. I'm talking about layouts that over time, hold up. Layouts that when I see them, I think: I could do this page, and this design, over and over and over. They're that good.

Do you have those pages? The ones where you say, "I really AM good at this scrapbooking thing."

As I've been immersed in developing my class for Big Picture Scrapbooking (and in a few weeks, I'll have the specific details, cost, etc. ready to roll out, so check back for that), I've been spending much more time with all of these pages that are filling the binders of my life. And because it was so fun to share one yesterday, I'm doing it again today, even if it doesn't have the new layout smell.

Why? Because I like it.

(And for those of you who read my blog and think, "Get a dog already!" I appreciate that sort of enthusiasm, but really, I'm not physically or emotionally ready for that type of commitment. I'm so not kidding.)

But back to the page…I love this design, and the journaling approach. Anyone can do a page like this. You can dress it up more, but the basic design foundation is solid. I also love pulling photos from different points in time, as well. And let's face it: I was adorable, KISS t-shirt and all.


More Personal Hall of Fame entries later, gators.

Cathy ZielskeHall of Fame

18 Comments on “Hall of Fame”

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    My sis in law gave me a lot of crap when I was 15 because I didn’t know who KISS was. That was in 1994. Now that I’m nearly 30, I know all about them. I still don’t listen to them, but, oh well.

    Oh, and get a dog already!!!

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    Yep, I love this page too. One of my faves from your book.(Mind you, they all fall into that category!) Love the new header…

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    Sue Carter

    Great page Cathy. I really think you need a dog.
    I said I would NEVER get another dog after the one died 8 years ago.
    Guess what. I have TWO!

    I can hardly wait to take your BPS class. It’s gonna be FUN.


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    Can I Just say….I look forward to reading your blog daily…I think we may have been separated at birth and I am the twin that is short, chunky and has some ADHD, but that being said, I am in Eau Claire Wisconsin and Cathy, I want to meet up and have margaritas with you. I am truly not a stalker, just really think you are my long lost sister…Have a great fourth!!

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    Hayyyy hooo! Happy Canada Day! Just got back from watching fireworks at our park. Just like your July 4th celebration ‘cept Canada is 141 years old today. Any other Canucks in the hizzouse? By the way, love the layout and the new header. Most cool.

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    You’re soooo funny… 🙂 you’ve got kiddies but you’re not ready for a doggie – I’m so the other way round, I’m totally scared to have kids but I’d go get a dog tomorrow! lol.

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    Great page! However, you do seem slightly, how shall we say, OBSESSED with dogs. Maybe you do need a dog, not a live one mind you, maybe a dog game for the Wii?

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    They fed your dog obsession early on. Love the simple design of this layout and that you used OLD photos. I have a ton of them and seem to have trouble using them. I just may have to take your class even tho it’s at the craziest time of year for me – birthdays, holidays, and a 3 wk trip that’s been planned for months.

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    I love this concept. You are really good at this scrapbook thing. Seriously, I think you could make a career out of it.

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    Oh that picture of you wearing the KISS tshirt! That photo could have been ME! Hair, KISS Tshirt, playing guitar, my dog next to me, even the headboard on the bed was similar to mine! Thanks for triggering some good memories for me. 🙂

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