HOF Day 2

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As I was saying, there are certain pages, that when I go back and look at them, I think: I could just do this, over and over and over, and I’d be good. I’d have things covered.

I think this was in an article once, for Simple, a three or four years ago? Maybe? Now, keep in mind: i don’t prop my kids in front of black velvet anymore. Hard as it is for me to admit this now, it was overkill. I have to let them live in the real world. And in the real world, black velvet backgrounds don’t magically appear. Sigh. I know. SUCH a bummer.

But really, one photo, and a handful of specific, random personality ticks. What more do I need?


One of these for each year. Now that would make a fun theme album. I think I will try and make one of these for "8". Because you know what? With this boy, 8 is Great.

And just like that, a title is born.

[fairly certain the fonts are Bell Gothic and Carpenter, for those who like to know that sort of thing.]

Cathy ZielskeHOF Day 2

19 Comments on “HOF Day 2”

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    katie scott

    Thanks for more design inspiration πŸ™‚ AND I think the journaling is so important. I look back over some of my early pages and there just isn’t enough information there. I’m going to scraplife this page and do some random journaling about my kids right now. P.S. I’m still going to do the one from yesterday, I tried it last night but just didn’t get it right, but still came up with a pretty decent page.

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    I must have done that black velvet background thing far too often, because last week my eldest made the youngest sit in front of a blanket so she could take photos of her!

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    At least we could always try making clipping paths in photoshop and then just place them on top of a black background. πŸ™‚ But it is much easier to grab that black material quick instead πŸ™‚

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    Have to scraplift this one – my feisty little four year old sounds so much like this, right down to the dramatic statements…. Like yesterday when a passing thunderstorm postponed our planned mini golf session: “Rain?!!! Not again! Now I’ll never ever ever get to play mini golf.”

    The only thing is, he loves having his picture taken, right down to the goofy poses.


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    I just had the idea of the century.
    You know how American Idol has (on syndicated stations) American Idol Rewind, where we get to see past past seasons in all their pointy-posing, “Up with People” glory?
    I think you need a Cathryn Zielske Rewind where we get to see scrap pages of your past EVERY single solitary day!
    Then you can have 2 blogs to write everyday, c,mon…what else do you have to do? πŸ˜‰

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    Melissa LaFavers

    So…er, Cathryn ; )

    Do you ever have trouble thinking of page titles? That is one of my challenges.


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    Lisa Boland

    Hi Cathy,
    I love reading your blog and I hope you can help me. I am desperate for a new digital camera and am looking for a new Kodak, but all the reviews I read complain about picture quality, which is the most important thing. I think I remember you saying that you have a Kodak camera. Which one do you have, and do you like the pictures?
    Thank you,

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    Just doesn’t get any better than this, of course I’m partial to absolutely adorable little boys.

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    Glorious. Amazing. Love it. Wish I’d had a good camera when mine were little – all I have are faded snapshots of indifferent quality. Can you possibly do us a LO to show us how to make one/some of those look better? (not that you’ll have any like that, of course!).

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    I used to pose my twin babies all the time, if they managed not to spit up or get too gooey, we took pictures, if mommy had a chance to throw on some mascara, we took pictures. And these took place on my big bed with the dark leather headboard or with a sheet hanging up. In the morning had this terrific eastern light that I diffused with soft curtains. So for the 1st year lots of pictures were taken on that bed. Then they started moving, a lot. Now at two I just take pictures where ever I can clean clothes or not.

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