I’m trying to change the channel. I swear it. But I physically cannot.

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I have a confession, which is neither deep nor scandalous in any way, but I believe it definitely says something about who I am: there are certain movies that, when they come on the television, I cannot NOT watch. Period. No matter what scene I'm joining in on, be it the first, the middle or the last. I simply cannot turn away. This happened to me last night, when I was flipping channels and happened upon one of my most favorite movies of all time: Aliens.

I said the following: "What? Is it my BIRTHDAY?" because I happened to turn it on right at the start of the movie. Score!

Here is my short list of movies that have the same effect. I'll start with the aforementioned gem:

1. Aliens—Three words: Marines in space. DUDES. Tell me you didn't think Vasquez was the number one bad ass of the entire universe. I love this movie. Love. Love. Sigourney Weaver kicked ass. No amount of acid for blood could deny her of that. I will admit the little shrieking girl was a bit of a distraction, and I will forgive James Cameron for that. But come on, who didn't want to put Bishop back together and take that android hero home? I mean, really. He did good.

2. Alien —No, not a broken record. This is the first Alien. A freaking masterpiece of claustrophobic freaky, drippy, dark, metallic space tension. The dinner scene where that adorable little alien pops out is probably one of the coolest gruesome movie scenes of all time. Side note: Coleman's middle name, Asher, was partially inspired by that horribly evil android, Ash. And of course, the Bible. Sigh. I hated that synthetic human, but loved the name.

3. The American President —for me, it is worth watching this movie for two reasons: 1. When he tells Michael J. Fox's character that people don't drink the sand because they're thirsty, but they drink it because they don't know the difference, and 2. When, at the very end, he says to Annette Bening, "It just so happens, I have a rose garden." Or something like that. The bottom line: a very clever movie with so much good quotable dialogue, how can you not like it?

4. Forrest Gump —This is actually one of my all-time favorite movies. I quote it all the time, but my favorite person to quote is Lt. Dan. My neighbor Jay and I do good impressions of Lt. Dan. "Ya sent me a letter, you idiot." Try it. It's way too much fun. More fun? When Forrest is doing the voice over on the bus while he's getting to know Bubba, and says, "Bubba knew everything there was to know about the shrimpin' business," then Bubba says, "I know everything there is to know about the shrimpin' business." I will go on record to say any movie that has a voice over that says the same thing as the character is about to say could also be on my favorite movie list.

5. Alien 3 —Oh, don't give me that look. It's a GOOD movie, too, and you know it. It was when they brought Winona into the franchise… that's when it all went to hell in a handbag. Heard THAT.

What can't you turn off? No really… your secret's safe with me…

Cathy ZielskeI’m trying to change the channel. I swear it. But I physically cannot.

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    ok I am a HUGE fan of the american president. one of my alltime favorites! (my dh just bought me the DVD for mothers day)

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    sue Treiber

    Dodgeball. I am insanely in love with this movie.
    And Deadliest Catch. NOt a movie, but it seems to be on all the time. I can’t turn it off. I love the Bering Sea fishermen, what can I say?

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    Jen S.

    I cannot NOT watch “The Shawshank Redemption” every time I am flipping channels and this amazing movie is showing. My husband and I have seen this movie 387 times and we never tire of it. In fact, it’s one of the few movies in the entire universe that we can agree on as one of the best ever!

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    Oh, I am so with you…there are some movies that just reach out of the TV and grab you around the neck and don’t let go. A few of mine are:

    The American President
    Hunt for Red October

    I also have these on DVD so I can watch anytime I want. When they come on TV it doesn’t matter, I watch ’em with commercials and all.

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    Overboard…..I think Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are so adorable in that movie…..and I also love When Harry Met Sally…..I am a sucker for love stories.

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    Shawshank Redemption and Pretty Woman and . I think there is a theme here…people who get out of bad situations by rediculous miracles and because they are “good people.” hmmmmm….

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    Okay….I agree with you on Forrest Gump. My quote is….”stupid is as stupid does” usually quoted after someone does something very stupid:-) The other two movies that I have to watch over and over are: Steel Magnolias and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Love those movies!!!! I mean hearing the phrases, “Princess Sophia” or “The Love Fern” send me into fits of laughter…..

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    I’ve never seen any of the Alien pics. My list of movies that keep my butt plastered to the couch for hours can’t be limited to just 5. I will likely have most pathetic list of all of your comments today.

    My husband and I both have a really dumb sense of humor. We like stupid movies that don’t make you think: Dumb & Dumber (our first date!) and anything with Chris Farley or Adam Sandler. Then I have a thing for inspirational sports movies even though the theme song toward the end will make me bawl. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Rudy, they start chanting his name and the water works start. Same goes for Hoosiers. On an unrelated note, I watched “Dazed & Confused” so many times in 1994, I can quote almost the whole movie…”allright, allright.”

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    Grease. The first one. I can’t NOT sing along, but I can’t sing in tune at all. So sad. And Innerspace, with Meg Ryan, Dennis Quaid, and Martin Short.

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    Pretty Woman… let’s just forget the whole prostitution thing for a minute. This is a great movie.. a 90’s classic. You laugh, you cry. I think it is every womans fantasy (again aside from the whole prostitution situation).

    When Harry Met Sally… again a situation that in real life never works out… but in movie world it makes perfect sense

    The Other Sister with Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi… Its like cotton candy… sooo sweet. And sooo quotable. Me and my sister know ALL of the dialogue in this movie.

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    Susan M

    All of those Jason Bourne movies–two words: Matt Damon. Need I say more?

    Also any of the Meg Ryan romantic comedies: French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle, etc.

    I have other movies that are my favorites, but these I mentioned are on TV a lot, and I just can’t turn away.

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    Forrest Gump – My husband and I love hearing “You got magic legs!” Also I love Secondhand Lions, The American President and The Rock.

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    Dirty Dancing – especially if I can come in on the last half hour. For me, that’s enough!

    Sound of Music
    Working Girl – again, last part over the first part

    I don’t watch a lot of TV, but if these are on, I get sucked in. And then we all sing! It’s pretty embarrassing. But fun.

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    I’m with you on American President. I also have to re-watch every Harry Potter movie anytime they are on, and – I’m ashamed to admit it – Clueless.

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    I know it’s cliche’d but for me and my husband, we must always watch Godfather 1 and 2. Usually, one of us walks into the room, sees the other glued to the tube, and roll our eyes. We always say to each other in Brooklyn gangster accent, “What?! Would it kill you to watch The Godfather for the 52nd time?!” Plus, Godfather 1 is the most quotable movie of all time.

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    I’m a little relieved I’m not the first to say Clueless! 🙂

    My others include:
    Empire Records
    Anything Wes Anderson: Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenninbaums, Life Aquatic, Darjling Limited
    Sound of Music

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    I also cannot turn away from Forrest. Oh – and have you ever eaten at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co at Navy Pier? Cool beans. For some sick reason, I have to watch Office Space. I cannot turn off any of the Star Wars movies…I mean I physically CANNOT because my 5 yr old would tackle me for the remote.

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    American President is on my list. . .as is One Fine Day (George is SO cute in that) and Unfaithful (unless the kids are around). . .Dirty Dancing and Grease are my 2 all time faves. . .hmmm. . .maybe I need to see more movies. . .


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    Sound of Music
    Gone With the Wind
    Forrest Gump

    And several more that for the life of me I can’t think of

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    AH! What a great post! You will die of shock, but I’ve never seen Aliens.

    I agree with American President and Shawshank…but add Fried Green Tomatoes, all three Back to the Future Movies, and any of those kiddie baseball movies like Angels in the Outfield, and Field of Dreams.

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    Sheri Gerrow

    I am so with you on the American President, I love that movie!!

    Some of the others on my list, Grease, Sixteen Candles, Mystery, Alaska (I’m a hockey gal) and Sweet Home Alabama (Josh Lucas, sigh :)).

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    I agree with Forest Gump. Here are my others.

    Shawshank – memorable quote applicable to work life, school, etc.: “Red: These walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.
    Heywood: Shit. I could never get like that.
    Prisoner: Oh yeah? Say that when you been here as long as Brooks has.
    Red: Goddamn right. They send you here for life, and that’s exactly what they take. The part that counts, anyway.”

    V for Vendetta
    The Matrix
    The Princess Bride
    The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
    Little Miss Sunshine – Alan Arkin and Superfreak make the movie
    Gone with the Wind

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    Lovebug Kat

    American President, yep love that one.

    Okay, hokey they are but I can’t turn away from the Young Guns movies, none of them..oh my Lou Diamond Phillips..hello???

    Footloose, it’s campy and ridiculous,but you just gotta watch and dance, don’t ya?

    And Grease, what about Grease…who can’t get into a movie with John Travolta in leather pants? Come on people, it’s a clASSic…..lol

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    Michelle Davies

    Grumpy Old Men 1 & 2
    Hocus Pocus (yes my children addicted me to their movie)
    Hope Floats
    Practical Magic (do you see a Sandra Bullock theme?)
    and most classic Disney films. Again, with the kids infecting my viewing choices!

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    grease, saturday night fever, innerspace, and hands down Nobody’s Fool with paul newman–I cannot get over how much I love that movie–the scene toward the end sitting on the step with his best friend is my favorite movie scene of all time.

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    This is embarrassing, but here goes:

    Steel Magnolias
    Pretty Woman
    As Good As It Gets
    Dances With Wolves

    There are plenty of others that I admit are favorites (Sleepless in Seattle, Bridges of Madison County, Urban Cowboy, Dirty Dancing, Officer and a Gentleman, etc.), but those 5 listed above are the ones that I CAN’T turn away from!

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    This is embarrassing, but here goes:

    Steel Magnolias
    Pretty Woman
    As Good As It Gets
    Dances With Wolves

    There are plenty of others that I admit are favorites (Sleepless in Seattle, Bridges of Madison County, Urban Cowboy, Dirty Dancing, Officer and a Gentleman, etc.), but those 5 listed above are the ones that I CAN’T turn away from!

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    The American President is so cheesy… yet… so quotable. So good. LOVE IT and I’m so happy to hear that someone with your particular brand of quirky/coolness (which just so happens to be my brand, as well) also loves it!

    The Princess Bride – now THERE is a classic. Too many quotes in there to quote. Or sometimes to even understand. *shrug*

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    I love the Aliens movies too.But just to set it straight. Aliens III (in a space prison) Aliens IV (Winona android).
    Luv ya!

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    Sorry about that double post y’all. Typepad burped.

    Maybe I should add “Groundhog Day” to my fav movie list. 😉

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    Please excuse any double posts from me I had technical difficulties when I hit the Post button before and it didn’t show up so I’m posting again.

    I’m stuck in the 80’s. I watch The Breakfast Club when ever it is on, I really should just buy the DVD. I also love to watch Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Princess Bride and who can turn away from Grease?

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    totally Shawshank!
    Sheri – thanks for the snippet – love that!

    Also love

    A League of Their Own (there is no crying in baseball)
    Sleeping with the Enemy

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    Movies that come on TV and I CAN’T switch the channel?:

    The Hunt for Red October
    Steel Magnolias
    The Goonies (yes, I’m 46)

    AND I actually OWN all of these movies so why I feel the need to sit down and watch them right then and there when they are on TV, I have no idea !

    My all time fav movie is Casablanca and I never see it on TV – I’ve gone through one VHS tape of it already and am on to the DVD.


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    Dumb and Dumber
    and…you’re gonna be jealous…my dear husband gave me the Alien collector edition complete set a few years back –

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    Starship Troopers
    The Day After Tomorrow
    Independence Day (which seems to be in continuous play on Fox Movie Channel)

    I think there’s a trend here of violence and mayhem!

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    Definitely Urban Cowboy for me (the really redneck movie with John Travolta?) Cathy, you would love this movie…if you haven’t seen it…

    oh and Sixteen Candles, for sure…oh and Zoolander…that’s it!

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    Forrest Gump is always first on my list of favs.
    I’m another Working Girl fan, Practical Magic, Ever After, The Princess Bride, Sommersby, The Rock, and I know I’ll be this way when Juno hits the waves. Talk about a highly quotable movie. Honest to blog.

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    I feel the same way about Jaws and You’ve Got Mail. How’s that for range??? Get this–the girl who played Newt lives and teaches in my area. She used to sub at my school, and would sit so quietly and eat lunch in the lounge…I just wanted to stand up and yell, “Why don’t you put HER in charge????”

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    Hey Cathy…

    What about Alien vs. Predator???? I LOVED that one too! You have to admit that the Predators rocked and kicked the Aliens ass!

    Gloria – Md.

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    Mine are shamefully girly- Under the Tuscan Sun (“if you don’t stop looking so sad, I will be forced to make love to you, and i have never been unfaithful to my wife.”) And She’s Having My Baby with Kevin Bacon. love Kevin Bacon..so add Footloose on there too….

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    The movies I get sucked into are Heathers, Clueless,Office Space and Happy Gilmore. I went on a cruise early June and Juno was on endless repeat one day and I swear I watched it 8 times. I was also recovering from a day at Margaritaville….

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    Bull Durham!! I LOVE.THAT.MOVIE. My all time favorite scene is when Nuke’s dad is in the stands watching the game so he kinda flakes out a little and Kevin Costner comes out to the mound to talk to him and then pretty soon the whole team is out there talking. The dialogue between them is hilarious!

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    There are so many. When Harry met Sally, Ocean’s 11, Breakfast Club, Princess Bride, the Bourne movies… Every so often my husband will say, we have that on DVD, but where’s the surprise in that? Nothing like flipping through the channels and landing on one of your favorites.

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    Oh – I don’t blame you! I even love the Alien 4 movie – for the slam dunk and for the wicked coolness that is Michael Wincott… And Gary Dourdan and… so on. Love it. And Sigorney IS one of the coolest people ever. Period!

    (And hey – that scene when the alien push the red button?? Hilaaaarious!)

    Now my top 5 movies ever have to be these:
    1.Finding Nemo. Yes. Because it makes me HAPPY!
    2. Shrek. (Both the first & the second. Same reson as above.) *nods*
    3. Breakfast Club. I know it by heart – really. I can quote it ALL – with moves & everything – but I am ALWAYS up for seing it again!
    4. Once were warriors. Wow. I cry so hard and I hate it so mucvh – but I love it more!
    5. Equilibrium. For the pure beuty of a well choreographed Christian Bale in motion. (If the plot wasn’t good enough. Which it IS!)

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    Starwars: Revenge of the Sith…just…can’t…get…enough

    Alien vs. Predator


    Any Harry Potter movie

    Napoleon Dynamite

    Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy

    Any Pirates of the Carribean…Johnny Depp need I say more?!?

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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    The Princess Bride (we spent our children’s growing up years quoting this movie to each other)

    Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Bourne series kind of goes without saying.

    There’s something about Edward Norton. Love to watch him – and all his stuff is so different. Probably the greatest actor there is.

    But strangely I’m kind of drawn to Bruce Willis movies – nearly any of them. And really also Kevin Costner. I also love Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck. There – I feel like I’ve just confessed my most embarassing movie moments.

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    I cannot turn off Bridget Jones’ Diary, Legally Blonde, or Two Week’s Notice. I swear they’re like crack to my system (not that I’ve ever tried crack, I’m just sayin…)

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    I would say the one and only movie I watch repeatedly is You’ve Got Mail. Other than that, I hate watching movies more than once, same with reading books.

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    Let’s see… Mine would be:

    Pretty Woman
    Shawshank Redemption
    The Lion in Winter (w/Katherine Hepburn)
    Out of Africa
    American Graffiti
    Sound of Music (I love when she makes outfits out of the drapes!)
    You’ve Got Mail
    Bull Durham
    Sunday in New York (a classic from the early 1960’s)

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    Stacy Hamby

    Aliens is by far the most CANNOT LOOK AWAY movie ever. I think all my favorite quotes are from Hudson:

    “Why don’t you put HER in charge?”

    “We’re on an express elevator to hell; going down! ”

    “Yeah man, but it’s a dry heat! ”

    “We’re in some real pretty shit now man… ”

    “Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen!”

    There are just too many to keep going.

    Number two is probably Biloxi Blues. Christopher Walken is too freaking funny in that movie. The whole cast is astounding actually.

    “You would need three promotions to be an asshole.”

    There, just by reading this, I got you to curse three times today.

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    So many…

    When Harry Met Sally
    The Wedding Singer
    any Harry Potter movie
    The Sound of Music
    High School Musical (1 & 2)
    A League of Their Own

    Sadly, Alien is NOT on my list. My dad took me to a midnight showing of it when I was 9 and I never recovered! Forget the sequels – I’m a scaredy cat. I still have nightmares about the alien popping out of the chest.

  52. #60

    I would agree with The American President–but then I’m a huge Aaron Sorkin fan, and I have all the seasons of West Wing, right up until he stopped writing the show. His ability to write stunning and intricate dialog is absolutely brilliant.

    When my husband is out of town, and I am free to be as sappy as possible, I am compelled to stop when I see a Drew Barrymore romance movie–Never Been Kissed (with Mr. Handsome Pants English teacher), Wedding Singer (with that fab eighties soundtrack), Ever After (yummy romance), or 50 First Dates (more of the nice guy Adam Sandler.) Or While You Were Sleeping. Or The Lake House (but that’s just for background music–the score is gorgeous.) And then there’s the Jane Austen set–Emma, S&S, P&P–I’ve got a weakness for the romantic, both cheesy and well written.

    But the end all, anytime, anyplace, for me & the man, are the Stephen King classics–Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile. (Which is odd considering that I really don’t go for Stephen King normally. At all.) It never fails–if we see either of those movies are on, try as we might, my husband and I just get sucked in. It doesn’t matter where in the movie it is–though there is always a comment from one of us to the other about, “did we already miss this part?” or “that part is coming right up?” and the other always knows the answer. We know them backwards and forwards.

  53. #61

    I HEAR ya on Aliens! I though buying the DVD set would save me from ‘tunnel vision’ everytime it comes on the tv, but nope.

    Now I just watch it on tv AND dvd.

    SW totally kicks butt. And what mother *wouldn’t* fight the alien queen to protect a child she cared about?!

  54. #62

    For me it would be:

    1. Billy Madison
    2. Fools Rush In
    3. Big Daddy
    4. Love and Basketball
    5. Empire Records
    6. A Cool Dry Place (really old Vince Vaughn movie, but so good)

    The list could go on and one, but these are the first to come to mind. Just in the past week, I’ve come in 3/4 of way through Big Daddy, and half way through Love and Basketball.

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    Anne Thurlow

    I have to totally agree with the American President. Can’t pass by without watching the movie. I also own it, but somehow I always get hooked watching it on TV. As far as Forrest Gump goes, I am not addicted to the movie, but I am addicted to the quotes. A friend and I quote it at work all the time. I scored on her birthday card this year because it was a talking card with the quote about all the different kinds of shrimp. I do have to add one other movie that is missing from your list. The Princess Bride is by far an all time favorite. It has to be watched every time it plays and it has some great, highly quotable lines. It is definitely a classic.

  56. #64

    Almost Famous, Dirty Dancing, Forrest Gump, and last but not least… Blast from the Past! Love that one… Own that one, but I still have to sit and watch it if it comes on TV!

  57. #65

    I agree with any 80’s movie or any Stephen King movie. Just timeless classics – reminders of the growing up years (oh wait, I haven’t done that yet – haha).

    I also can’t turn off a few classics that I’ll once in a great while catch on AMC or the likes.

    My all time favorite movie and Cathy if you haven’t seen it….you MUST!

    Harold and Maude

    This movie is the best of the best. Great soundtrack, darker humor, a great parody of society and such deep, deep messages and meanings woven throughout. Truly the best of the best.

    Johnny Got His Gun

    Again, another dark, dark look at a difficult issue. This one is impossible to find at a video store and unless you have a copy, it’s rare to catch it on. The book is phenomenal.

    Ah, The Great Gatsby (with Redford and Farrow)

    Another true clasic. I just can’t help loving this movie *sigh*


  58. #66

    so many movies…. so little time. we just watched the last 40 min of dirty dancing the other night. Love that movie. Also love Steel Magnolias, Pretty woman (saw that one same day too) it was like winning the lottery, Fried green tomatoes tops my list. I also love Forrest Gump… Run Forrest… Run.

  59. #70

    I have never seen any of the ALien movies… seen a lot of aliens though, but I digress…

    for me its:

    Night at the Roxbury- what is love?
    Dirty Dancing
    Breakfast club
    steel magnolias

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    Hello? Jaws?!?! I can NOT turn the channel from this movie.

    Also, Say Anything, Sixteen Candles, and American History X

  61. #73

    Cathy, you’re insane. Alien 3 was horrible. But Aliens is the ish! I can quote the entire movie. For some odd reason, I can’t turn away from ‘Notting Hill’, ‘Predator’, ‘Underworld’, or ‘Riddick’.. :] Have a great day.

  62. #74
    Terry A

    You’ve Got Mail-Hanks & Ryan
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Parent Trap-yes the Lohan version
    Christmas Vacation-really, any Christmas Movie
    Miracle on 34th Street- if the guys are not around
    Sound of Music
    Dirty Dancing
    Top Gun
    Second Hand Lions
    The Replacements
    National Treasure
    There are probably many more-this is the short list

  63. #76

    it’s just between you & i, right?
    pretty much any James Bond flick, and – horror of horrors…Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band. it’s just gawdawful, but it always makes me feel better about the messes in my life and gives me the best giggle…especially when the BeeGees are carrying a bloody coffin, singing ‘you’re gonna carry that weight…’

  64. #77
    Shannon in WA

    There are so many but just to name a few:

    Breakfast Club
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Sixteen Candles
    Steel Magnolias
    Pretty Woman

    And yes, my kids roll their eyes and retreat to their rooms.

  65. #78

    Okay here is my list – and it is soooo 80’s girlie

    1. Breakfast Club
    2. About Last Night
    3. The Way We Were
    4. Legends of the Fall
    5. The Sound of Music

  66. #79

    I am An American President fan as well – awesome movie. I also love 10 Things I Hat About You. Just love that one, when it’s on, I am glued. RIP Heath.

  67. #81

    My favorite Alien movie is ‘Aliens’. Love it when Sigourney gets into that fork lift “suit” and fights with the alien. Cool and quotable, “Get away from her, you BITCH!” Love it! That and Bill Paxton’s “Game over, man! Game over”. LOL Good times. There are many movies that I’ll watch over and over and OVER. Oh, let me just randomly pick a couple…’Stepmom’ and hmmm, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’. LOVE them. (Any Star Wars, LOTR or Oceans #__ will do nicely too). See, now I can’t stop myself from listing movies I cannot NOT watch,…but I will make myself stop. 😀

  68. #83

    Ahh, yes…The Princess Bride…”Anybody want a peanut?””My name is Inigo Montoia, you killed my father, prepare to die””Have fun storming the castle, boys!”

    OH and Forrest Gump. “Wherever I went, I was run-inge”

    And Tombstone. Lord have mercy…”I have two guns, one for each of ya…”

    But the number one, have to watch every single time is…The Wedding Singer. I can’t even think about it right now. Might have to blow the whole afternoon and go watch it…

  69. #84

    Hands down Silence of the Lambs, or anything involving Hannibal Lecter. Panic Room gets me hooked – is there a Jodie Foster theme here? The Craft. Grease 2 was wayyyy better than the first one! Also a really old film with Julia Roberts’ brother in – I think it was called “Sensation” or something – about a girl got psychic visions from touching things… although not seen this on TV for years!

  70. #85
    Michelle W

    Let’s see, Pretty in Pink, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Steel Magnolia’s, The Princess Bride, American Pie…well I’m sure there is more but that is enough… can you say “mid life crisis” oh and one more, Titanic!

  71. #86

    OMG, are you ready?

    HELLO DOLLY!!! I love that movie and will not change the channel at ALL until I see Satchmo singing! I love that part the very most!!!

    THE BLUES BROTHERS I and II!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole musical storyline and the life lessons!

    Then comes Forrest Gump!

    I guess the main theme is music for me!!!

  72. #87

    Shawshank Redemption – awesome
    Memento – very cleverly done and how can you not love Guy Pierce?
    Seven – a modern classic
    the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – I love Australian humour, plus it has Guy Pierce in it again
    Strictly Ballroom – another fine example of Australian humour
    Hairspray (the new one with John Travolta)- too cute
    Juno – loved it
    Bridget Jones – too funny
    Bend it like Beckham – great film
    Indiana Jones (all) – need I say more?
    Lethal Weapon (all) – love Mel Gibson in this
    and I’m into costume dramas too: my favorites are Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth) and Jane Eyre (with Toby Stephens)

  73. #88
    kimberly Ackerman

    Old School, Sixteen Candles, Cabin Fever (gross, I know, can’t help loving the campiness), T2 (first date with my now husband), Breakfast Club, Clueless, most old Disney cartoons, King Kong, all the Indiana Jones movies, a good chick flick, a bad chick flick, Tarrantino movies, and yes these all have to be on TV because I don’t get out to the movie theater much anymore – we have an 8 month old and a 6 year old (wow, my list makes me sound like I don’t get out much at all…)

    loved reading everyone’s lists!

  74. #89

    Shawshank redemption, pretty woman, forrest gump and dumb and dumber. It’s funny how so many people have the same obsessions.

  75. #90

    Shawshank redemption, pretty woman, forrest gump and dumb and dumber. It’s funny how so many people have the same obsessions.

  76. #91

    Shawshank redemption, pretty woman, forrest gump and dumb and dumber. It’s funny how so many people have the same obsessions.

  77. #92

    I agree with American President. Apollo 13 is one I cannot not watch. I asked my son who is 16, if he was stranded on a desert island which 5 movies would he take and I got mom, how are you going to watch it without electricity? I said DVD player, then we have no batteries — it was SO not worth the question. See what you have to look forward to?
    Pretty Woman, for me I loved Evita, that’s on my list, Schindler’s List, sad but thought provoking. That’s my list for now

  78. #93

    LOL, I love this and can totally relate.

    1. Edward Scissorhands
    2. E.T.
    3. any 80s ‘horror’ movie
    4. Tremors
    5. anything with the Brat Pack kids (16 candles, breakfast club, etc.)
    6. Adventures in Babysitting

  79. #94

    Good Will Hunting. The dialogue is genius. Loved it so much, I bought the screenplay. Robin Williams & Matt Damon are truly remarkable in this film.

  80. #95

    This is a great post. The Thomas Crown Affair – the remake, not the original. with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. corny but true, I LOVE this movie. It’s the only one I own.

  81. #96

    My movies I can’t turn off:

    Princess Bride
    When Harry Met Sally
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Bridget Jones’ Diary
    Pride & Prejudice (any version will do)
    The Sound of Music
    Singin’ In The Rain
    The Secret of My Success
    Notting Hill
    any Lord of the Rings movie
    Dirty Dancing
    The Truth About Cats & Dogs
    The Music Man
    16 Candles

    I have all of these on DVD… why do I have to stop and watch them if I’m flipping channels? It just has to be done.

    (I can quote large chunks of some of these movies verbatim… yeah, I’m lots of fun to hang out with…)

  82. #97

    Okay, you’ve got me –

    1. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back – who can’t wait for the “Luke, I am your father?” line? Noooooooo…
    2. Romancing the Stone – it’s goofy and fun and romantic…”These were Italian.” “Now they’re practical.”
    3. Captain Ron – “You said GO-rillas, not GUE-rillas”
    4. Christmas Vacation
    5. Princess Bride

    Well this was fun on a “we’re so bored mom” summer day.

  83. #99

    Off the top of my head…..


    Grease is THE word!

    Others in no order…..
    Pirates of the Carribbean 1, 2 or 3

    There are so many more but lets leave it with these eclectic choices shall we?

  84. #100

    Alien – to the 4th power = all of ’em!
    Tombstone – “I’m your Huckleberry”
    Matrix – to the 3rd power!
    Bourne – to the 3rd power!
    Wow! 99% of All movies listed in All the posts!

  85. #101


  86. #102
    Dana J

    oK, silly as it sounds.. Willy Wonka and the choclate factory – the ORIGINAL (can’t stand the re-make!) Something about those oompa loompas….

  87. #103

    I have a confession. I’ve never seen any of the Alien movies. (and I don’t want to) But I love….
    All Star Wars movies (I remember seeing Return of the Jedi in the theater)
    All Indy movies (but I haven’t seen the 4th, so I’m assuming I will love it)
    The Chronciles of Narnia movies (what can I say? Prince Caspian and King Peter are cute!!)
    The Transformers movie (not the cartoon one)
    I guess I’m kinda an action flick girl, oh, forgot one!
    The Black Stallion & Return of the Black Stallion (cause I love horses)

  88. #104

    Birdcage….it has been on all weekend.
    Monsters Inc…..even without the granddaughter’s watching it with me.
    I love love love Tootsie!

    Do these movies share a common thread? No, I just really like watching them.

  89. #106

    All of the above are good, but my all time have to watch list:
    1. Trains, Planes and Automobiles (Steve Martin and John Candy)
    2. Steel Magnolia’s (obvious reasons)
    3. Pretty Woman
    4. Fried Green Tomatoes (To-Wanda!!)
    5. Nothing to Lose (When they walk in the gas station with the shoes smoking and the old man says “You must be real fast”…kills me every time!
    and last but no least,
    6. The Jerk (all I need in this world…)

  90. #109

    Die Hard and Quigley Down Under- love the bad guy in both- Alan Rickman- he is just so evil! (AND SEXY)

  91. #111
    Christina Lazar-Schuler

    1. Anything James Bond with Sean Connery
    2. 16 Candles
    3. The Fifth Element
    4. Clueless
    5. Miss Congeniality
    6. Shawshank Redemption
    7. Green Mile
    8. Ferris Bueller
    9. Batman – the original Tim Burton version with Michael Keaton – NOT the nippled George Clooney or Val Kilmer version!
    10. Beetlejuice

  92. #113

    Oh, I love reading everyone’s favorites! Here are mine, to be watched and quoted whenever possible:

    * Dodgeball (“L for love!”)
    * 50 First Dates (“There’s nothing like a first kiss”)
    * Any Harry Potter movie (“Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies?'”)
    * Any Star Wars movie from the original triology (and hello, Indiana Jones fans, did you notice Indy saying “I have a bad feeling about this” in the Crystal Skull flick this summer?)
    * Caddyshack (“You’ll get nothing and like it!”)

  93. #114

    Ok, here goes (in no particular order):
    1. Any of the Bourne movies,
    2. Joe verses the Volcano (love Tom Hanks – it’s cute…really!),
    3. Grand Canyon,
    4. Princess Bride, and finally,
    5. A League of Their Own (again with Tom Hanks…what can I say? I laugh so hard that I’m crying every time I watch, “Are you crying? There’s no crying in baseball…there’s no crying in baseball!).

    I’m not into science fiction, but these are my favorites. Thanks, Cathy!

  94. #115

    Love Alien 1 & 2 – what is not to like about Sigourney. Never saw the others – I was too slacked off they killed off Hicks. Others? mostly older movies – “Casablanca” “All About Eve” “Some Like it Hot”. And even though I have seen them a million times – the original Star Wars movies.

  95. #116

    Pretty Woman, Sixteen Candles, Dumb and Dumber.

    But the absolute best is There’s Something About Mary. Seriously. I never tire of the juvenile humor. LOVE that stuff. The other thing thats kinda weird is that I have a lot of movies on DVD that I could watch over and over. Never pull them out, but if its on TV i feel an irresistible urge to watch. Hmmm….Dana

  96. #117

    That happens to me EVERY WEEKEND!!!
    I watch at least one of the following movies EVERY WEEKEND:
    -Sixteen Candles
    -Dirty Dancing
    -Sweet Home Alabama
    -Forrest Gump
    -How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  97. #119

    American President – Absolutely! Love that movie and yes, it’s filled with LOTS of quotes – my favorite is at the Christmas cocktail party and something about it being Christmas, Michael J. Fox looks confused and the other guy says “What, you didn’t get the email?”. His speech at the end is all good (I’ve made my kids watch just the speech) but I love “I was so busy trying to keep my job that I forgot to do my job” – hello Corporate America!!
    Other irresistables:
    The Rookie
    You’ve Got Mail
    Anything with Dennis Quaid


  98. #120
    Amy A.

    Foul Play, from 1978, with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase. Especially love it when they play that Barry Manilow song…

  99. #121

    Independence Day. It’s on A LOT. DH and I watch it every time.

    Apollo 13. It was just on all weekend. Still held my breathe every single time, like they weren’t going to make it home!

  100. #122

    So many people put Overboard!! Me too!
    I also love Shawshank and American President.

    My guilty pleasures:

    Legally Blonde
    Fools Rush In

    I also get in the mood for the Jane Austen stuff. Emma. Sense and Sensiblity. Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy..yum)

  101. #123

    Umm, I’m guilty of watching the Harry Potter movies…and the sad thing is that I OWN all 5 that are out already? Why I do that??? We may never know. There are others like Bruce Almighty, 40 year old virgin, Bram Strokers Dracula…and many more.

    I think the only movie on your list I have even seen is Forrest Gump…I know it’s sad.

  102. #124

    Pretty Woman….not sure why but it is! No matter what point I find it, I end up watchng all the ay to the perfect end with her prince charming clinmbing the railing to fetch her from her tower!!

  103. #125

    Have to agree with American President. Also think that Alien vs Predator needs to be on the list-one of the best! I also can’t turn away from Save the Last Dance and Dirty Dancing. There are many others that I love watching over and over! We have a serious problem with that in this household! LOL!

  104. #126

    Um, never seen any of the Alien movies and dare I say it, none of the Star Wars movies. :O

    I am sucked in by:
    Wayne’s World 1 and 2
    All the Austin Powers movies
    Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch, Dodgeball
    any Jimmy Stewart movie
    the Christopher Guest mockumentories
    most any musical from the 1940s-1960s
    and, of course, Tommy Boy

    Go figure.

  105. #127
    Becky R.

    Apparently I must run out and rent American President. I have never seen it. I couldn’t tell you what it’s about or who is in it. I’m guessing it’s about an American President? All of a sudden I feel like I have been living under a rock.

    Here’s my list of movies that I have to watch if I come across them while channel surfing…
    The Replacements
    A Knights Tale
    The Princess Bride
    The Notebook

    The only thing they have in common is hot guys looking slightly scummy.

  106. #128
    Beth D

    I love Alien and American President as well. Another one for me is A Few Good Men. “You can’t handle the truth!”

  107. #129
    Beth D

    Oh oh how could I forget “The Princess Bride”! “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

  108. #130

    Oh so many……

    The Princess Bride “have fun stormin’ the castle”

    Pretty Woman

    You’ve Got Mail

    The American President 🙂

    There are many more, but of course my brain is on “empty” since I want to remember them! Thank the heavens above for cable tv!!!

  109. #131

    Oh,oh,oh! How could I forget?! WEDDING CRASHERS! Vince Vaughn is just too freakin’ funny. “Other than the nude gay art show and midnight rape, I slept fine.” (Or something to that effect). Hilarious.


  110. #132

    Okay, here’s my list, and I’m not ashamed to admit it!
    Sixteen candles-Love the end where they kiss over the cake, and it looks like they don’t even get frosting on them!
    Spaceballs-gotta love the line: It’s mega maid sir, she’s gone from suck to blow!
    Tombstone-love Kurt Russell in this and his line “jerk that pistol boy and get to work!”and, Val Kilmer is awesome and has a good line, “looks like I win!” (spoken in a sourthern drawl or however you say it!)We say that a lot, and I’ve noticed my kids saying it because they’ve heard us! lol!
    Princess Bride-R.O.U.S.’s need I say more?
    Sense and Sensibility- The one with Kate Winslett and Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant! I love the end especially, I always tear up!

  111. #133

    I love knowing that I’m not the only one that will watch Pretty Woman over and over. Others that render me paralized and force me to watch them over and over are:
    Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, You’ve Got Mail, French Kiss, American President, Pride and Prejudice and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.

  112. #134
    ana roat

    I just have to jump in and say that my all time favorite is “Anna and the King”. The remake with Jodi Foster is fantastic and I too fell in love with the king. I’m also a sucker for almost any musical beginning with “Oklahoma” and “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”…I use to also dig Stephen King but got freaked out with “Pet Cemetery” –had nightmares for weeks so my hubby banned all SK from the house…LOL!!!

  113. #136
    Kris with a K

    Oh, golly, I have an ecclectic list!

    Godfather 1 and 2 (NOT 3)
    Usual Suspects
    Glengarry Glen Ross
    Somewhere in Time (pass the Kleenex, ugly cry is coming!)
    Young Frankenstein (brilliant, and even more so after you see the original F, Bride of F, Gods and Monsters, and historians’ accounts on the movies!)
    Blazing Saddles
    Animal House
    Best in Show/Waiting for Guffman/A Mighty Wind
    Philadelphia Story

    Basically, if I have bought the DVD, I watch it when it comes on TV. Dh doesn’t understand that. Well, that is until Apollo 13 comes on TV and he wants to watch it!

  114. #137
    Kris with a K

    Ok, after reading the other comments, I will add:

    Willy Wonka (such a crush I had/have on Gene Wilder!)
    Foul Play
    Sean Connery’s Bond movies
    The ONLY Batman for me….Adam West and Burt Ward

  115. #138

    1. Christmas Vacation: It’s just too painful to watch Eddie come to stay with him over and over and over again. This is our Thanksgiving night after dinner staple.
    2. Steel Magnolias: Sally Field didn’t win an Oscar for this? Seriously?!?
    3. Happy Gilmore: Hockey-golf. Golfkey? Hockolf? Whatever. It’s just too funny.
    4. Weird Science: Watched it so much as a teenager that my sister and I could both quote it word for word. “This is so beautiful, Wyatt..”
    5. Training Day: Icky movie. But riveting. Like watching a train wreck. “That is the SECOND time you’ve held a gun to my head today. There will NOT be a THIRD!”

  116. #139

    OK – I am embarrassed to list this but . . . TAPS. You know, the one with Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn, Tom Cruise and the bald guy that Charlotte marries in Sex & the City. Love that movie!!! Ok, I know I am a dork.

    Also on the list:
    -The Bourne movies
    -Steel Magnolias
    -Working Girl
    -Pretty Woman (just watched it the other night)
    -Shining Through
    -A League of their Own

    I could go on and on . . . but I won’t 🙂

  117. #140

    Ok I’m just a nutbar… but I cannot NOT watch
    Young Frankenstein (too too many laughs – Madeline Kahn.. Marty Feldman..)
    Mulan (hey.. I have kids)
    The Princess Bride – ‘you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means’.

  118. #141

    Seriously winnona and hangbag thats funny~ didn’t she get picked up for shop lifting a hangbag?

    Kacey from Canada AGAIN!

  119. #143

    Baby Boom with Diane Keaton- can’t get enough.

    Goonies- something about that movie- LOVE IT!!

    13 going on 30- so sappy, so DELISH

    Working Girl- oh, me, oh my- the soundtrack at the end- so corny yet sucks me in to total empowerment everytime

  120. #144
    Mary Elizabeth

    Aliens ~ A woman after my own heart!

    The Breakfast Club ~ (My deep dark secret) Talk about quotable dialog!

    Love Actually

    While You Were Sleeping

    Pride & Prejudice (the A&E version, only!)

  121. #145

    Several already mentioned. But one not named is Top Gun. Just have to watch with surround sound, as the jets fly over. Love Meg Ryan in it and the bar scene.

  122. #146
    Amy Q

    I LOVE American President. My favorite line is from his best friend who asks if he should pass her a note in study hall. Love that movie.

    I can not turn the channel if Two Weeks Notice is on, pretty much any Harrison Ford movie(have you seen Sabrina – so good in that movie), Sixteen Candles, and this may seem like a strange one but Blue Crush – I had ordered it on PPV while pregnant and sat through the whole thing, stood up and my water broke. To this day I have to watch it if it’s on.

  123. #147
    michelle gustin

    is it sad to say “failure to launch”…because matthew macaughnaHAAAAAAAAAAY is so flippin fly in that movie…”legends of the fall” because it is what it is and that’s just a really great story/movie…”curse of the golden flower” because chow yun fat freaking rules as the evil emperor…and of course…”independence day” because will smith drags a stinky alien through the dessert and there is running dialogue with said alien who is stinky…WORD!

  124. #148

    #1 for sure hands down is The Princess Bride!
    I love my horror movies as much as the next person but there is something so fun and sweet about this one….and Wesley rolling down the hill saying “AS YOU WISH” just rocks my world!

    #2 The Highlander. A rockin movie with a killer soundtrack. How can you not love a movie with Queen as it’s musical base. AND the bad guy makes me giggle when he does his “Happy Halloween Ladies” in the church with the nuns…….

    #3 I’m so with you on the Alien franchise. It’s been forever since I’ve seen the first one, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve uttered “that’s it, game over man, game OVER!”

    Great movies just stand the test of time.

  125. #149

    1.The Breakfast Club… couldn’t we all relate to someone in this little group? And the soundtrack… well fab.

    2. Dirty Dancing— well for many reasons besides wishing I was Baby. 🙂 How great to find this deliciousness on TV.

    3. Finding Nemo– it was the first kid’s flick that I laughed harder than my son– did Ellen Degeneres not ROCK?

    4. Alien– I’m so with you on this one Cathy. It was the most frightening movie, from the chest explosion to the chasing in the darkness… so scary yet you couldn’t close your eyes, just in case!

    5. oh… and just anything with Matt Damon.

  126. #150

    I totally agree with the American President and Forrest Gump. I own both of those movies and love watching them. They are on my all-time favorite movie list.

    I would add the Fifth Element to that list. I love that movie. I’ve got one phrase for you. “multi pass”

    Bull Durham. I can’t resist that movie. I can’t quote the whole line but in the beg. Kevin Costner says what he believes in. “outlawing the designated hitter. yada yada yada.” I can’t utter the rest ’cause it’s not appropriate. Oh and when he keeps calling the pitcher “Meat.”

    You’ve Got Mail. – the best romantic comedy ever. well, maybe not ever but there are so many one-liners in there.

    Steel Magnolias – so much awesome dialogue. and Dolly Parton steals the show. It’s hilarious.

    Okay, I’m done or I could go all day.

  127. #151

    You’ve Got Mail. Love that movie and all it’s quirkiness. I know I’ll cry when she talks about her mother at Christmas and when she says “I wanted to to be you, so bad” at the end. I love their emailing back and forth, sharing their day to day lives. Tom and Meg are a classic duo.

  128. #154

    Shawshank Redemption. I have seen it a million times but I always watch it again and again. At least it is not on as much as it used to be.

  129. #155

    I’ve glanced at all the comments and I have no class. I love the first 2 Tremors-go Bert! Always-cry every time. Star Trek 2-again cry every time at the scene where Spock dies. Shaun of the Dead and #1-Big Trouble in Little China.

  130. #156
    Kari D.

    For me it is the Sister Act movies- both of them! I just can’t get enough of Whoopi in a nun’s habit! I love it all – the singing, the running from the Las Vegas bad guys who can’t shoot worth a damn, the 80’s clothes on the inner city san Francisco teenagers! kathy Najimi was Funnier than shit! Come on! It doesn’t get better than that!!

    Well, then again, there is My Cousin Vinnie when Marisa Tomei says “ya blend Vinnie, ya blend!” when they get out of the car in the small town and they are all dressed in black leather. And when she spouts of everything there is to know about cars on the witness stand – brilliant!!

  131. #157

    Weekend at Bernie’s
    Mannequin (even thought I saw it 87 bazillion times on HBO as a kid)


    The Cutting Edge

    yeah, I’m a total sap, but DB Sweeney was hot and hockey and figure skating are so cool. I have to block out his CSI stint as a pedophile now though 🙁

  132. #158

    Aliens is great!
    I have a hard time turning off LOTR or Xmen movies. I don’t care how many times I see Frodo, I just have to watch it again.

  133. #159

    The American President can hook me, too, as can Dave and 50 First Dates. I’m also sucked into a coma by almost any period romance, especially any Jane Austen adaptations. Old musicals like Meet Me in St. Louis or 7 Brides for 7 Brothers are also a guilty secret. Okay, never mind all that – if it’s a movie and has any redeeming quality (like it’s in English, these days) I’m gonna watch it. My secret’s out. Thanks, Cathy.

  134. #160

    Boy, what a relief it is to know that there are others out there who are physically unable to turn off certain movies! 😀 I noticed this of myself with Under the Tuscan Sun not long ago. The weirdest thing is that I didn’t love the movie when I saw in the theater, so I cannot fathom why I can’t turn away from it when I find it on TV. WEIRD. But, dang, I get suckered in EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    It may even be on my Top 10 list now.

    So strange how that evolved! 🙂

  135. #161

    I loooooooove the Aliens movies and Forest Gump. I also *LOVE* Back to the Future and Romancing the Stone. And any Indiana Jones movie.

  136. #162

    The American President is the best movie of all time!! My favorite part is when he calls her and she doesn’t believe it’s him. She tells him she likes “the president’s” ass!! Love it!!!

  137. #164
    maple jenny

    I’m with you on American President. And have you been to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the Mall of American? Fun and yummy.

    For me, it’s Miss Congeniality–not my favorite movie, but I get sucked in. And I secretly want that pampered makeover she got.

    And I love it when I find Keira in Pride and Prejudice on.

  138. #165

    The American President is one of my Hubby’s favorites…we always have to watch it when we find on TV. Also, You’ve Got Mail and Groundhog Day…don’t know why we have to do it, we just do. The strange thing is we have all of them on DVD and could watch them anytime without commercial interruptions but do we? Nope. We just wait ’til we find them again, by chance, on TV.

  139. #166

    Steel Magnolias
    “Ouiser, you know I love you more’n my luggage.”
    “Ouiser, you’re too twisted for color TV.”
    “Poor Sammy’s so confused he doesn’t know whether to wind his butt or scratch his watch.”
    “I’m not crazy, M’Lynn, I’ve just been in a very bad mood for 40 years.”
    I can do more . . . 🙂

    And Pretty Woman,
    “You work on commission right? Big mistake! Huge! I’ve got to go shopping now.”
    “You’re late!”
    “You’re stunning!”
    “You’re forgiven.”
    “I’m a safety girl.”
    “$50 bucks grampa and for $75 the old lady can watch.”
    I can do more . . .

    Wizard of Oz
    “What would you do with a brain if you had one?”

    Gone with the Wind
    “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”

  140. #167
    Charisma Horton

    I can’t ever get enough of a few movies!

    -Sweet Home Alabama
    -Pride and Prejudice
    -I love Forrest Gump…coconut shrimp…shrimp creole..lemon shrimp..hehe.
    – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
    —I have a few more…but I am also one of those people who can watch a movie I like 1000 times and never get sick of it….

  141. #169
    Susannah Stapp

    The American President is Classic, but along those lines I like another Presidential movie “Dave” with Siguorney Weaver. I was not a fan of hers until this movie!

  142. #170
    Susannah Stapp

    The American President is Classic, but along those lines I like another Presidential movie “Dave” with Siguorney Weaver. I was not a fan of hers until this movie!

  143. #171

    Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club and Office Space. I can watch these movies over and over and over and over and over and well, you get the idea! Love your blog!

  144. #172

    Ooh, I’m a couple of days late. And even though I love many of the above movies (and lots of others, too) I CANNOT change the channel if Patriot Games (Harrison Ford) or A Time to Kill (Matthew McConaghy/Ashley Judd) comes on. CANNOT.

  145. #173

    My two “can’t turn the channel” movies are “The Usual Suspects”…brilliant, brillant movie and “Finding Nemo” just because I love it.

  146. #174

    Same Time Next Year
    Now and Then
    League of Their Own
    the original Parent Trap with Haley Mills
    Funny Girl

  147. #175

    Score on “Aliens”! Total kick-ass movie with the very hot Michael Biehn. “Somebody wake up Hicks.” And how about that love scene in which Hicks shows Ripley how to use the grenade launcher?

    But I gotta get off the “Alien 3” hot tamale train because, dude, they killed Hicks. WTH? So all the work we did in “Aliens” was for naught.

    Terminator 1, Terminator II: Michael Biehn again. And Sarah Connor. Amazing movies by our man James Cameron.

    The X-Files: Mulder and Scully and the whole big mytharc. “I had you. I had you big time.”

    The Bourne movies: They come on and I sit and watch. Can’t help it. Gotta do it.

    And I will add this in as quietly as possible: “Staying Alive.” Tony Manero strutting on Broadway with Jackie.

  148. #176

    All the ones you mentioned, you brillant woman you. 🙂
    I loved that Sig’s character kicked some booty and was a WOMAN. Hello.
    Also, Princess Bride… quote it to death.
    Some that I used to watch (Hunt for Red October) have been repeated to death.

  149. #177

    All the ones you mentioned, you brillant woman you. 🙂
    I loved that Sig’s character kicked some booty and was a WOMAN. Hello.
    Also, Princess Bride… quote it to death.
    Some that I used to watch (Hunt for Red October) have been repeated to death.

  150. #178

    The Great Escape
    Some Kind of Wonderful
    Sixteen Candles

    And yes, I own all of these on DVD, but still can’t turn away from them on TV. If only because I want to see what they “cut” to show it on television!

  151. #179

    I feel the same way about The American President. It’s things like “My ride is here,” as the helicopter flies into the background that get me about that movie.

    Also, The Departed is one I can’t tear myself away from. Too much hot Matt & Leo and hilarious Jack to say no.

  152. #180
    Deborah Helms

    My short list starts with

    1. Remember the Titans

    My all time favorite move. Denzel Washington is so fabulous in this movie. One of my favorite lines is “You’re cooking my grits coach”. and of course my other favorite (I’ll break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts).I love it when the football players dance onto the field. Although, I have to turn the channel every time when the scene where Bertier has the car accident is coming up. I just can’t watch it. This movie has one of the most profound and fundamental messages about life and what is important that I have ever seen.

    2. Forrest Gump

    Favorite lines from this movie. “Those look like comfortable shoes” while of course pointing to said pair of shoes exactly like Forrest did in the movie. My other favorite lines are also Lt Dan inspired lines. “Lt. Dan you have new legs” and “That’s my boat” as Forrest’s shrimping boat is crashing into the pier.

    3. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

    It is not officially Christmas at our house until we sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch this movie. Every line in this movie is priceless. Anyone who has not seen this movie, you must watch it. It will become a Christmas tradition.

    4. Stripes

    This movie was my first date with my husband of 26 years which makes it memorable for that reason alone as well as the fact that I spilled an entire large coke in his lap as we sat down in our seats. What a great first impression. My favorite line in this movie is “Don’t leave, all the plants will die”. My favorite part of the movie is the Razzle Dazzle routine at the graduation.

    5. Caddy Shack

    We probably use more quotes from this movie than any other and of course there is the dialogue about the “former greens keeper, cinderella boy” that Bill Murray does so fabulously. Every time we have a downpour or a hurricane is coming (we live on the North Carolina Coast) the quote. “I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite some time)is an absolute must.

  153. #181
    Lyn Meeker

    The American President is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE .. and the “It so happens that I have a rose garden” .. is my favorite line…

    Rounding out my top 5:

    Who’s killing the great chef’s of Europe?



    and any Hailey Mills movie…

  154. #182

    Ahhh, the Aliens franchise. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is compelled to watch it whenever it is on the tube…I love it so much that my dh even bought the box set of the first three (w/o the horrible 4th one) for me one Valentine’s Day…I *heart* him 😉 What’s not to love about Sigourney Weaver saving the human race single-handedly?

  155. #183
    Laura Lee

    Ah Geez, looks like I’m the only one to say “The Waterboy” It is quotable, funny, and come on…it has the Fonz in it! LOL
    “Momma, she’s not the devil.”
    “She showed me her boobies and I liked them too!”

    Steel Magnolias
    Forrest Gump
    Lethal Weapon 1, 2, and 3! 🙂
    There are others, but those are the ones I can’t not watch!
    Oh yea
    John Travolta’s Phenomenon. Awesome stuff! 🙂

  156. #187

    You’ve Got Mail
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Must Love Dogs
    The American President
    Under the Tuscan Sun

    And surprisingly, as it is totally a deviation from my usual taste in movies:


    Weird, huh?

  157. #188

    Love all your picks except Alien 3.

    I would add the following classics:

    Being There
    Manchurian Candidate (the original)

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