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So last night, I capped off a perfect 4th of July holiday weekend by making my annual visit to the ball park to catch a Saints game.

Usually, I drop the family off and then have three nice peaceful hours of quiet all to my self. Sigh. That’s the real reason I’m such a huge fan of the game. But… last night I needed to see my Mini Fan in action.

As some of you may have read before, Cole took to following around the St. Paul Saints Super Fan around last year, copying his outfit and basically imitating everything he did. Turned out, Super Fan loves having a Mini Fan around, and so, the duo was born.


Last night was Super Fan night at the Saints, and Super Fan presented Cole with a brand spanking new Mini Fan matching shirt. In the past, Cole just wrote the words "Mini Fan" on a white tee with a Sharpie. But no more. He has never looked more official.

One of the great things about Saints’ games is that the ball park is a "No Wave Zone". You are not allowed to do the Wave at a Saints game. Instead, you do the Roller Coaster with Super Fan. He comes around (with Mini in tow) and tells the crowd exactly how it’s going to go down. Everyone lifts their hands in the air, then brings them down to their laps, and says, "CLICK!" Then, everyone follows Super Fan’s lead as he says, "Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick." as if the roller coaster is making it’s way up a really big assed hill. Then, at the top, Super and Mini Fans throw their hands up in the air to simulate the coaster on its way down, and the crowd follows.

But before the crowd is allowed to start, Super Fan asks Mini to measure the crowd to see if they’re tall enough for the ride:


(Notice the tiny little yardstick Mini is holding? Nice.)

Then it looks a bit like this:



If Super and Mini lean to one side, so does the crowd.

They usually just do section by section, but last night, being Super Fan night, was special. Super and Mini went out to the field to lead the entire stadium in one ginormous roller coaster ride.



Followed by what is possibly my favorite part of Super and Mini’s whole shtick: Mini Fan throws up after each ride.


I just couldn’t be any prouder of the fact that I gave birth to the Mini Fan. Seriously.


Cathy ZielskeKings of the World

95 Comments on “Kings of the World”

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    this is the best thing ever!!! How cool is your kiddo…I esp love it when he pukes after the roller coaster! You should be such a proud mother!!!
    Have a great week!

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    Mary Lib

    that is too cool – and takes such courage to be in front of all those people. You should be proud ! and so should he!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. #6

    Too fun! I can’t believe you would want to miss that each and every game! (ha!) That is too cool–the photos rocked too! I see a page coming…

    :)Enjoy your day!

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    I just love that kid of yours. What a great story and how fun was Super Fan night!!! Great pics, too! I bet Cole was absolutely thrilled to get his own Mini Fan shirt. How cool is Cole!


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    I was just wondering the other day if Cole was still aka Mini Fan. You have one extraordinary little guy and I can only imagine where he will take his future.

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    Brenda B

    What an absolutely fabulous boy you have there. A born entertainer. Those pictures will be favorites for years to come!

    BTW, bite your tongue, George Michael is not gay, he just hasn’t met you or me yet πŸ˜‰ I can’t believe he came anywhere close and you didn’t get a ticket!

  7. #16
    tammy b

    oh. my freakin. god.
    that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time.
    thanks for a great start to my day.

  8. #23

    Ok Cathy I think you’re a riot and it’s now obvious that it is hereditery and you’ve passed it onto your son. What a cool experience for him.

  9. #24

    Okay, how totally cool is it that your son has the confidence and humor to do this so well. What a kid, seriously awesome. πŸ™‚

  10. #27
    katie scott

    That is awesome! Such POWER! Totally cool. I think I’ll have to take my little Mackey boy to a Rays game sometime soon – last year we went & they had him do the Jimmy Buffet Fins to the Right Fins to the Left dance, a brief but super fun moment of glory. The mini fan thing is totally great; Cole might turn out to be a rockstar after all since he’s already comfortable in front of big crowds!

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    In my old age I’ve gotten positively maudlin over having no girls in my life-and than I see something like this and I remember why I am totally and hopelessly in love with little boys.

  12. #33
    sara (soupdog)

    I have lived in MN all of my 35 years, and am finally making it to my first Saints game later this month. I am waiting in anticipation of roller coaster waves with the mini-fan!! How very cool it is to have mini-fan as your son…roller-rocking cool that is!

  13. #37

    Cathy, Cathyyyyyyyy

    come back to earth !!!!!
    really, really, really enjoyed your blog today.
    Next year the same routine ???? and then the same shorts?????

  14. #38
    Stephanie T.

    OMG! Barfing at the end was too damn funny!

    Hubs lead a cheering section in high school:
    Nut and bolts!
    Nuts and bolts!

    (not too long after that they told him and his buddies to please shut up)

  15. #42

    After going to my first ever “big guys” game yesterday and being totally excited by the games, Watching Chinese Taipei beat the Dutch team and USA beating Cuba over here at the Dutch Harlem Baseball Week, and being a mom of 2 little boys (peanutball players) I totally get this ! He looks so cute ! Can’t wait to see this scrapped !

  16. #43
    Heather H.

    LOVE THIS! We were at a game a few weeks ago and I was hoping to see Super and Mini Fan but it wasn’t the right day πŸ™ And we only stayed till the 3rd inning anyway since my son (2 yrs old) started telling us it was bedtime!

  17. #46

    That is so great! Now, that is a memory! I love the schtick, throwing up at the end…pure genius…LOL

  18. #48

    How very cool – to fulfull your aspirations at such a young age. Every game must have him beside himself with excitement. I am envious of his passion……..


  19. #50
    lynn whelan

    That is SO cool. As if you weren’t already famous enough. It’s as though fame (and fortune) follows every aspect of your life. You best be tellin’ Dan and Aiden to step up to the plate (and that wasn’t even supposed to be a play on words!).

  20. #52

    This is SO cool. Not a long time reader — about a month or so and first time commenter. But I just had to say I love your family. Your son has a lot of personality. This just made my day.

    Mini Fan is so cool! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. #56
    Erin H.

    ROTFLMAO…….OMG that is tooooo funny!!! I’m dying here…….YOU MUST be a proud mom!!! lol

  22. #57

    I haven’t been to a Saints game in years but I just might have to take my kids and go see this. Too funny.

  23. #58

    Cole – you are just the coolest kid EVER! I am 31 years old and still haven’t truly learned to just do what makes me happy — what *I* think is cool or fun, instead of what everyone else is doing. GOOD FOR YOU – you have learned to BE YOURSELF at such a young age. You must have the coolest parents ever, because that is a really hard thing to learn in life. Be cool, kid… oh wait, you already are!

  24. #60

    I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard at a blog post. Cole is priceless!! You are one lucky mommy!

  25. #65
    Shirley Guzzi

    You crack me up! What FUN it is reading your blog!! And your son sure has grown up since I met him at CKU Minneapolis. What a great family of extroverts you guys are — keep having FUN!

  26. #66
    Sharon F.

    wow, what a great memory for Cole. And the wonderful photos to show his own kids some day. Priceless.

  27. #67

    OMG Cathy… this is so funny. As an aussie sports fan I love this story. I have 3 and 4 year old daughters that love to cheer the local rugby league team. Love it when kids get into supporting a local sports team!

  28. #69

    How super-cute is Cole? This is fantastic…that last photo looks very “I’m the king of the world!!”

  29. #71
    Teresa G.

    These are the mommy moments that we all wait for. My mom said to me one day, that being a mom is a lot of work and that every once in a while you get a pay day like graduation from high school, when they get married. Those are your pay days. Well, I think you just got a HUGE PAY DAY!!!
    You should be so proud!

  30. #77

    OMG… if I ever thought I was missing out on not being a mother I THINK you just confirmed my worse fears πŸ˜‰ I just about peed my pants looking at those absolutely adorable life affirming photos! Thank you for sharing!

  31. #78

    Okay… seriously, this is hilarious! I love the throwing up part πŸ™‚

    I wish you would have had video of the rollercoaster part, lol.

  32. #79

    OK, so I already thought that YOU ROCK, but now I think your kid rocks, too! Thanks for sharing… you tell a great story! What an amazingly interesting life you live!

  33. #80
    Jen G

    freakin’ hysterical. holy crap – even I would attend a game to see that… though I don’t guess MSF will be coming to see the Giants anytime soon…



  34. #83

    that throwing up photo made me laugh out loud literally. that’s a classic – blow it up big for his 21st birthday.

    you’re friggen hilarious.

  35. #85

    I think you have an actor on your hands! Get that boy into drama! Dan must be so proud! He is cute, you are lucky he is such a ham. And I’ll bet that that has been on the news…maybe in your area?!

  36. #86
    Alison Beachem

    You should be totally proud. That is amazing that he is mini super fan and so hilarious about the throwing up part. OMG, I would go to a saint game just to see that! That is rad.

  37. #90
    stacey r

    It is so damn hilarious that Cole does that. He rocks. I’d be a proud mama too. And I think the fake puking would be my favorite part too. What a cool kid you have there.

  38. #91

    I went with friends and my 2.5 year old daughter to a game about 3 weeks ago and it occurred to me that we might see mini super fan. Unfortunately we didn’t, our area was treated to the scary “Timber” a lumberjack dressed guy with a red pleather ski mask (which looks like it was bought at a sex shop) who by virtue of only just standing in front of you in a position much like Dudley Do-Right was scaring three 2 year old toddler girls and thirty something and up drunk and sober adults alike.

    I say, down with Timber and hooray for mini super fan. Hope we can catch him at a future Saints game.

  39. #93
    Jessica Nelson

    I love this! Being a MN native, I love Saints games and I feel so priviledged to now know where ‘mini fan’ comes from πŸ™‚

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