Now for some gratuitous T & A! (well, some “A” anyway)

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If I had a butt like that, I would never NOT wear those jeans. Sigh. Did I mention I used to fit into his pants?

Spent some time this weekend editing photos from the past three months for my periodic Shutterfly upload. I use iPhoto to view and chronologically organize my photos as they come out the camera. But I keep a separate folder on my hard drive for all the photos I work on, and subsequently print or upload to print. It’s certainly not as sexy as the photo above, but, it looks like this:


I usually get three months at a time, and then edit the photos, and upload. I’d like to get into the habit of doing it monthly, but i’d also like to be posting this blog post from a new shiny friggin’ iPhone with ZERO trace of stomach overhang. My point: don’t get too lofty in your plans.

(A little production note: I basically tweak every snapshot I take, even it it’s just a slight contrast adjustment. I’m a big fan of the actions. I use Kubota Image Tools, and Totally Rad Actions, and a cool free set from The Pioneer Woman.) 

Once I upload, I move those folders into the "To Archive and Burn" folder, where I, you guessed it, archive and burn CDs. Then I move the folders into "Archived Images", which I also periodically back up. I also back up my iPhoto original photos as well, just in case of a catastrophic meltdown. I also back up my car when exiting parking spaces, for example, at Target. But now I’m just getting stupid.

The bottom line? I back up regularly. Because I would hate to lose shots like this:


Or yummy ones like this:


Or buddy shots, like this:


(That’s one of my favorite neighbors, Jay. Remind me to post about the time he and I tried to record a song for National Scrapbooking Day.)

Here’s to developing your own, super rad, perfectly fail-proof photo work flow.

Cathy ZielskeNow for some gratuitous T & A! (well, some “A” anyway)

29 Comments on “Now for some gratuitous T & A! (well, some “A” anyway)”

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    Ok, while the “A” shot was great (forgive me for staring) the final photo is by far my favorite. The brown retro shirt is amazing, and all I could think was, “HOW did she manage to marry Ricky from I love Lucy? And where can I get the other dude’s hat?”

    I just want to spend one afternoon hanging out in your backyard and I think I may feel complete. Just sayin’… you all have fun. Way to live the life, woman.


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    Cathy, your husband is stinkin’ adorable from his backside to his front side wearing the super cute retro shirt, holding his gin and tonic (I assume).

    and may I just say I bet fitting in his jeans isn’t near as fun as GETTING in his jeans?
    I make myself blush!
    Happy day.

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    katie scott

    I basically do the same thing now except that I need to add the step of burning the cds. Thanks for reminding me about this. I’ve even got a brand new stack of 50 blank cds that are just sitting on the shelf still in the plastic wrap. This is definately a project for 2 weeks from now. Hope we don’t have a hurricane before then πŸ™‚

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    Laura Y

    Cathy – Being a faux painter (for a living) and a scrapbooker and photographer (for sanity) I was thrilled to learn about these action packs. I’ve (sort of) used PS for years now; never really to it’s full capabilities (or even 1/3) . I downloaded the free Pioneer Woman pack. And I checked out the other two site s you mentioned. Quite pricey! If you had to choose one set to start with which one would it be? Seems like with “actions” I won’t have to really learn PS to get my photos to look good. πŸ™‚

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    thanks… the links to actions came just at the right time… i’ve never used them but would like to, and didn’t know where to start. woo-hoo!

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    sue Treiber

    I need to get on the bandwagon with these too!I’m a sporadic backer-upper.
    Oh, and congrats on the fineness of the A πŸ™‚

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    Heather H.

    I have to agree with some of the previous comments, your husband is HOT!
    I don’t do as well organizing my photos in iPhoto but I do a good job of deleting, editing, and printing each month. When I’ve got enough to fill a disk I burn one.

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    For the record, I have NEVER fit in my husband’s jeans, and although I really wish I could, it will never happen.
    I HATE that it’s so easy to tell them apart in the laundry — I see a scrapbook page coming…

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    i’m an insanely organized person, but i’ve gotta say, your workflow of printing and backing up your photos laps me by a thousand miles. THANK YOU for the great advice!!!! i have been trying to find a way to (sanely) do this for a while now, and i’m definitely going to adapt to your system.

    now, the bad news… i need to start back around the beginning of time. UGH. baby steps, right?

    thanks again!

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    Love your system (and the rear view!), and the synchronicity of your post. Last night, I re-read(for the umpteenth time) Clean and Simple The Sequel, when the Finding Neverland section jumped out at me and said “Boo!” As a late-comer to scrapping (children in their mid/late 20s) I know the ‘gotta-catch-up’ feeling very well: the digital photo files of the last five years stalk me (not to mention being haunted by the spectre of the piles of loose and faded shapshots of yesteryear). No more. Each load of ‘occasion/holiday’ photos is going into a folder of its own, with an accompanying Word doc. containing info/memories, names/dates. End of. No more trying to make photo albums. At all. Ever. From now on, I will scrap stories and moments (which is what I like best). Today’s post of yours is going to help even further with the organisation of it. Thank-you! (again … and again …)

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    Wendy from PA

    Ha, here’s to once fitting in our husbands jeans, AND the fact that he is just as crazy about me (and I’m sure Dan is too about you)as the day I met and took his jeans for mine!!! Oh, and btw…how discusting is is that my husband is STILL wearing the same size jeans he wore when we met in 1986???????

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    Great advice about the pics- I’m overwhelmed by mine, and I have absolutely NO system. Haven’t backed up in months either.( I’m embarrassed to admit it, but there- I did) Dumb question- do you get your pics printed at Shutterfly and sent out to you? I print everything at home, and I think that just adds to my chaos and disorganization! ;p

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    So after I finished swooning… I currently have 6000+ photos in iPhoto and stay in a constant state of panic about them. I have backed them up to CD (3 copies each), by year but don’t feel organized about them. I have not been able to bring myself to hit the delete button, except for obvious stinkers. (I lost numerous photos in a house fire awhile back and am a little skittish!)
    My husband and I are discussing an external drive – question though – do you delete from the “archived” folder when you’re done? I guess what I’m asking – do you have multiple copies of photos in various places?

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    Maybe I get a little obsessive/compulsive but I have my pics and digital supplies backed up on external hard drive. Then, my pics only on a small portable hard drive, and on cd also. I manage to organize them by month and year, but I sometimes lose track of what I backed up and when. Or I lose track of the CDs. Dspite having them all backed up everywhere, I am still hesitant about deleting them off my desktop, since that’s the one place I know where to find them for sure. Can’t believe I just admitted all this in public!!

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    Well, you might not be able to fit into his pants right now, but I’m sure you can still get into them. πŸ˜‰ Ooh…bad me. ; )
    Thanks for sharing your organization tips. Right now trying to figure out how to organize my pics is freezing me solid. At least I know I have online backup in case (God FORBID) something were to happen to them. But the whole “which folder, which tag?” thing…and the whole tweaking the picture thing…is paralyzing me.

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    I’m so horrible at burning my photos-I just want to edit all of them before I burn them, which seems to never happen. However, I do periodically get in the mood and go through them all. πŸ™‚

    And I used to fit into my husband’s pants as well, when we got married. And now, we’ll just say those days are far behind and may never come back, although God knows how I’ve tried (and failed) and tried (and failed). :-p

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    I am married…but Dan is one delicious dish! Now, I don’t know if I’d keep posting pictures like this because someone might try to steal your man. But we all appreciate them here in blogland!

    Cheers! To you and Dan!!!

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    Nice butt:) Do we get to see that on a layout some day too? haha! (And btw, I really don’t see why not?) I just love how your journaling and your blog make it seem as if you are right here with me, shooting the breeze.

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    Sorry, Cathy, but… Yummy. πŸ™‚

    What jeans are those? Brand? Style number? My hubby has a super-cute butt as well, and I’m always looking to show it off more! πŸ˜‰ *sigh* He’s away right now (military). Maybe I should have him photograph his butt in jeans, so I can post it on my blog too. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the great post!

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    Cute, cute, cute hubby…back or front, and tan to boot. I should take more of this type of my cute hubby’s backside. Thanks for the idea!

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