Schooooooolz-out for summer

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Today's the day. The last day of school for my year-round-school-goin' kidlets. Ahhhh. Feels so good, don't it?

I was recently asked what my last day of school traditions are by a nice blog reader, and I realized I basically have none. Not a big deal really, I mean, you knowโ€ฆ they are SUPPOSED to finish school each year. Kids get too much handed to them for doing nothing as it is. In my day (yes, I am speaking aloud, as I type, in a special "old codger" voice) we had to go to school, get good grades, not get caught smoking, AND LIKE IT!

Still, I would like to keep the myth alive a few years longer by rewarding them for doing what they are expected to do anyway. Why not?

So here's a new tradition for them to come home to. They will be giddy, of that I'm sure. The tradition will likely go away for next year, and be replaced with something different, like… NOTHING!

I look at it like this: they'll have years to realize that no one is going to hand them certificates for free stuff when they're older, no matter how good they are, and how clean they keep their houses and how many of the Lord's commandments they keep. Why kill the magic young? Eh?

Still, I'm really proud of my kids. They're amazing kids. They work hard in school, they keep their noses clean and they're really interesting people. And for me, that's better than ANY certificate for free stuff.

Except maybe one for an iPhone.

Happy summer vacation!


Cathy ZielskeSchooooooolz-out for summer

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    How odd to read your post today. Your girl just got out of school for the year. My girl starts first grade tomorrow!

    I’ll be registering for your class…my first at BPS!

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    what an excellent “parental unit” you are. i hope (and am sure) your kids have your same sense of humor…….enjoy.

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    Missus Wookie

    My two finished school yesterday/today too – so weird to hear about other kids about to start. DD spent several hours today watching Trapdoor cartoons whilst DS got home tonight and gave a huge sigh of relief. Not back until September 1st ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cool certificate but I’m not telling them about this post… they buy their own games!

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    Denise in AK

    Ya know I’m really with you on the whole “you’re supposed to finish school” thing. I have even been known to tell my kiddos that it is their job to go to and do their best at school. (Dad goes to work, mom watches Oprah and eats bonbons. We all have a job!)
    I do take my kiddos to the coffee stand each year on the first day of school. We get hot chocolate and lots of whipped cream.

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    Arrgh! Rushed home from work to register … only to find it’s been pushed back two weeks.:( Frantic scrubbing out in diary and re-entering VIP date.Gosh, only just finished school? When do they go back? Hope you all have great times together – given your (plural) flair and creativity, it’s a done deal. ๐Ÿ™‚ alexa

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    From one old codger (me) to another (your words, not mine!), AMEN! Especially, the AND LIKE IT! part. How did we change so much? Although, even though I’m an old codger, I find myself wanting to reward my great-nephews and niece in ways that my parents would have scoffed at in the olden days when I was growing up. Go figure.

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    Totally off subject, but I didn’t know how to email you to ask. What do you use for “backup”? I have an external HD that is full and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go next. Too many photos to lose…… and who better to ask than another photoholic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I agree also, with the ‘but it’s their job thing’. that said. On the first day of summer vacation I gave my 3 sons (don’t get to say that often enough) gift certificates to the book store, and the local-summer-only-ice-cream-stand. Told them to enjoy the lazy days of summer with a good read. I know I always did. They still enjoy reading (all grown up now).

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    Stephanie Carty

    What exactly is the kid’s schedule like when they go all year? I would love to have this option here in NH, especially with the winters we have, where we miss close to a month of snowdays. Our kids start Aug 27th, have a week off in December, February and April, and if they are really lucky, are done early June.

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    We take the kids out to Marble Slab for ice cream . . .usually the last day, but this year it was earlier in the week as we went straight from school to working on dance recitals this year. {sigh} That’s all we do for ending the school year. I don’t pay for grades either. . . at any point. We just lavish praise.

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    Ok, love how you do the reverse printing on the certificate. What printer do you have that it looks so great? I think I need one like yours!

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    Wow, can I complete something at your house soon? Don’t tell my kids because they thought that dessert first for dinner was enough of a celebration!

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    That is a really, really cute certificate!! Wow. Happy Summer Vac-a. My kids are in year round school and we just started back July 9th…so summer’s over for us. Go figure.

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    Lyn Meeker

    My “Baby” who turns 18 on Sunday .. starts his senior year 14 days from now .. we wish he’d have August off (we’d be at Newport Beach the entire month if he did!)

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    Wow–My kids start on Wednesday and the modified year round schools here have already started back. How long are the kids out??? Probably until labor day after the fair. Every year my husband really wants to pull the kids out of school and take them up to the MN state fair. Well enjoy the break.

    Robin in AZ

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    okay–#1: you’re my hero.
    #2: what is year round school? growing up in the northeast (nyc) i had june-aug off. as a teacher in the same region, i have the same off. so i don’t get the strange dates for everyone else. school in august? most nyc public schools have no AC. school in august would so not work here. and don’t your kids realize that school isn’t supposed to be year round and feel gypped? and bitter? i would if they said i had to work summers. and then i’d quit. cause i love the kids but just not year round.
    #3: you’re my hero.
    #4: now that i think about it, year round school is better. why get kids used to having summers off when that isn’t the way life is. less to miss once you graduate from college.

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    Tammy B

    I totally agree with you on the ‘having to go to school’ thing. And rewards for every little thing drives me insane! My youngest’s school has an end of the year ‘awards’ day. It used to be for academics but they felt bad for the kids who didn’t get the good grades. This year it was for being ‘the best nose picker ever’ (not really, but might as well have been) to being a good friend. EVERY KID in grades 4 to 6 got an award. Won’t they all be heartbroken when they grow up and realize that they are just like everyone else and people are not rewarded for mediocrity.

    Oh yeah…have a great summer!

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    Megan W.

    I love this idea! Super cute! Here is a silly question for you though. How do you print in white text on that cute green paper? Or is it not green paper, but a green text box instead and it just looks like cute green paper?? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Another inquiring minds want to know question… the font you used for “congratulations to”…What is that font? I’ve seen you use it before. I LOVE IT!!!

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    Grace from VA

    Gosh – isn’t there someone rich enough who reads this blog to buy you that iPhone?!* Too bad it ain’t me – wish it was! Congrats to Aidan and love the cute certificate — even if it “is” only for one year ๐Ÿ™‚ Yup, I want the name of that font too . . . I see it everywhere and it makes me crazy not knowing what it is!

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    As my two year old would say, “You crack me up.” I am so totally with you about not giving kids rewards for doing what they’re supposed to do anyway. Good for you for throwing caution (and sense) to the wind and rewarding them anyway. Of course, it’s a reward for you, too, because now they’ll be occupied and out of your hair with their new games! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rock on.

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