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Aidan’s fastpitch softball season is coming to an end. And I’m actually sad about this. Sad, because, I can be having the worst possible, hormonally-rage filled day ever, but once I’m settled into my brand new red Target chair with cupholder, watching the game unfold, somehow, all the crap just melts away.

It’s not that I’m that big a fan of baseball; I just like seeing my kid out doing sporty stuff with other kids who like doing sporty stuff.


Of course, this one could sit for hours watching.


But this one also gets tired of the magical black image gathering device that’s constantly trained on him.


Kid, get your hand OFF that lens if you want to see nine. I’m so not kidding.

But like I said, it’s relaxing just to be at the game. For everyone. Even those who have to sit in the old school, piece o’ shite chairs.


While I have no shots of my super comfy new Target chair (nor can I find a link to save my life) you’re going to have to use your imagination and trust me. I am WAY more comfortable.

One of the things that amazes me though, is sitting back with a zoom lens, and watching my kid just be. And I look at her sometimes, and think: whose womb did she come from? Because it sure doesn’t seem like mine at times. That skin. That face. I see no trace of my genetic material.


That just might be a lucky thing. Especially if she gets to dodge my particular brand of nutso.

So there you go. Snap shots of baseball, or variations there of. Let’s have a song, shall we?

Take Me Out To The Ballgame – Goo Goo Dolls

Thank you, Johnny Reznik.

p.s. My friend Margie thinks you’re smokin’ hot.

Cathy ZielskeTake me out

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    Ah, yes, baseball. My son plays on 2 summer teams which means baseball pretty much every night of the week. The end of July is always sad, knowing that I have to wait another 8 months for it to start again. Now, I give you a lot of credit because I can’t say that I have quite the same love for girls softball – my daughter is 10 and at that age, softball is a bit slow. Her game-ball-earning play this year was at 2nd base where she literally bent down to pick up the ball that was rolling to her on the ground and got the runner out. She calls it “her great play at 2nd”. 13 year old baseball is just a wee bit more exciting. I have also had a great time with my super zoom lens that I just got – for the first time I can get real shots of the kids in the field. I made 3 DVD’s for 3 different teams that he was on and they were great. Actually, the softball DVD came out pretty well too – looks much more exciting that way (set to Suddenly I See – great music for a softball video). Have a great day!

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    well I kept putting off commenting about how much she looked like you when you were little…you had her photo in a headline a few weeks ago, and your little grade school photo up for awhile…couldn’t help but notice the genetic strain that you share…

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    totally fun to get to see these shots of Aidan in action! She’s a gorgeous girl Cathy! I hear you on the chairs…I usually take the ground on a blanket! πŸ™‚

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    Bridget =)

    LMAO on the “old school” chair pic!!!!!!!

    I am sorry, but she looks just LIKE her momma! and i think that’s a very good thing! =)

    oh, and I also gasped out loud when I saw that hand reaching for the lens… he is lucky he didn’t lose that hand!!!! πŸ˜›

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    Chathy – thank you for the laugh this morning. LOved this: “Kid, get your hand OFF that lens if you want to see nine.” I know you were so NOT kidding! πŸ™‚ Aidan is beautiful – It’s funny you don’t see the resemblence between you two. Well,off to the yard to sit in my piece of shite chair. Have a great day! Tracy

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    I usually don’t comment on people’s blogs (aka a blog stalker), but I just had to comment this time. I feel like I’ve been watching Aidan grow up through your books and layouts, but that picture of her today took my breath away. She’s turning into a lady now and she’s just beautiful!

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    My little dude is playing baseball this summer too, and I love watching him get sporty with other sporty 7 year olds. Such fun. And then I have the older one, who just likes to sit too. ;p

    And you *are* nutso, b/c Aidan looks exactly like you!

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    Fastpitch softball ROCKS! I think you’re a rock-star, hormones and all attending her games. She’s going to remember that when she’s 31 — I can remember my mom sitting in the stands cheering me on at EVERY game!

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    Tanya Summers

    Aidan is beautiful – what nice shots you have of her! Thanks for the chuckles this morning πŸ™‚ ~Tanya

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    You’re comment telling your son to get his hands off your camera makes me laugh. Someone once asked one of my kids who I love more, them or my camera, both kids answered in unison “the camera”, at least they know where they stand!

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    sue Treiber

    yeah, there’s more than just a little family resemblance there!
    and why do those chairs suck so bad? I stood thru most of soccer season.

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    Ah – I love watching girls fastpitch softball – takes me back to my high school days. Is that #13 she is wearing? Awesome…that was my number too.

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    Aidan is gorgeous! Love that sport chick look, way better than those skinny kids in makeup with bling covered everything and the cardio capability of a gnat! You ROCK Aidan!

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    Cathy are you high? Every photo you post of Aiden looks EXACTLY like your genetic material (and that of your super-cutie-hot husband).

    She looks to this reader like the perfect blend of two good lookin’ people and the ultimate blend of being raised by fun, loving, stable people who put their family first.

    You go on silly in your Target chair. That kid is pure gorgeous – just like you!

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    katie scott

    I use the exact same tone when my kids think they can try to touch my Canon Digital Rebel. They can touch my point & shoot camera all they like – even use it to take some pictures – take it in the pool (its waterproof) – and drop it – I don’t mind – but HANDS OFF the Rebel! I’m SERIOUS!

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    Man these photos have reminded me of the years of fastpitch my daughter played. Playing 11 months a year, for many years which culminated in winning the Fast Pitch Little Leaque WORLD Championship in 1993. What fantastic life memories and years of sitting on the side lines. Just keep sitting there and watching with that camera…. you will love it that you did so later. PS after all those practises and games I was sighing in relief that my son did not want to play. He chose to shine through BAND. Thank you for sparking these memories…. Terri from Kirkland WA

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    Kim J

    Yes–our daughter is enjoying the summer softball season also. Throw in big brother’s two baseball teams and we watch a lot of ball during the week here, too. Love your posts and watching your family (kids) grow and change.

    Kim J.

    ps–I agree with your friend Margie!!

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    I love to see kids out there DOING something! Aidan looks so much like you and Cole looks so much like Dan that it’s scarey.

    You must be one proud mama.

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    Wow-what a great at bat stance. And the total concentration on what the coach is saying-she look’s like she’s serious about this game.

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    DH plays fastball and 2 of the umps that come to ur town make everyone sing Take Me Out To The Ballgame or they won’t continue the game. Our town does it and LOVES it but other places have asked them not to do it. BTW our town is only 600 people and our fans are only about 30. But we have the best diamond in the league.

    Has Donna issued a challenge to you? You to are just too funny.

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    Tonja Trump

    Johnny is smokin’ hot! I’d like to see that Target chair in the next post please..lol! Thanks for entertaining me on a daily basis! Have a great weekend..I’ll be in MN for the Neil Diamond show!

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    melissa adak

    Ok Cole looks like your hubby and I will have to say OMG Aiden is like a carbon of you!!! You really don’t see that???

    She has grown up so much — gotta love hormones.

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    Let’s skip the Aiden/you genetic link for a moment and look at the Cole/Dan one! I nearly fell off my chair (NOT a Target buy, which we don’t have over here)at the strength of the ressemblance. You don’t think you might need glasses, do you? πŸ™‚

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