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(Dear blog readers, Cathy here, in a new high tech wrist brace thanks to my awesome carpal tunnel repetitive stress injury! Trying to trim the typing down for a few days in a row. Ergo, please welcome today’s guest blogger, my kid, Aidan Zielske. Aidan Z, take it away, you little writer you. And yes, she really did write this, including her application of ALL caps for dramatic effect. You know what they say about the apple and the tree, right?)


Aidan Zielske here, first born child of Cathy and Dan.

You may not remember me seeing as it has been ALL about Cole lately. Because Cole got his room redone and he can hug a dog and he knows Bill Murray and blah, blah, blah!   

So my dear mother (who never talks about me on her blog) has a sore wrist and she has gathered all the writers she can (meaning me) to post on her blog for her. She has to be in a brace for the next random number of weeks and cannot use her right hand very often. She “can’t” vacuum or do dishes or any of that fun stuff. So that’s then where I come in, yay!

My room is looking pretty cool too. I just got a new bulletin board which I can’t stop referring to as my "billboard," and my mom and I went to Ikea and bought 2 new awesome lamps with paint splattered shades and we bought some lucky bamboo. And a frame for my Beatles poster.


Oh, and I recently graduated from 6th grade. She showed that one picture  that said my name on it and talked about some traditions and stuff. Ya, it was pretty cool. We got pictures of me and like 20 of my friends all at the same time. But did you see any of those pictures? That’s what I thought.


Okay so you obviously know how my mom does that thing on the side of this blog all about her, right, and I am going to do that:



Don’t actually take
My class because I
Don’t really have one!

In my room. Aug. 8 – forever!


Chad Vader  – Episode 1
I love this video so much
And Chad Vader rocks!

Keri – Love is dead

Carrie Underwood – Carnival ride

Miley Cyrus – Breakout

My moms!

Neopets and DOMO

[Editor’s note: Okay, so i helped with the links. But we may not need me back here at all. Love this kid! Back next week, with a rested wrist!)

Cathy ZielskeBlog Hijack a.k.a. heeeeeeeeere’s Aidan!

108 Comments on “Blog Hijack a.k.a. heeeeeeeeere’s Aidan!”

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    You are right, you know Aidan, we haven’t seen enough photos of you lately! You did a great job today, congrats on your graduation, and it is fun to learn all these things about you! ~TanyaS

  2. #4

    Great job Aidan!!
    I think your Mom needs to work you in as a regular part of her blog.
    You added a new fresh perspective.
    The apple indeed does not far fall. 😉
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. #6

    You rocked it, Aidan! Great job. I think you need to have your own blog too, where you can totally show your Mom how to really blog. 😉 I bet you’d get tons of readers too! Great job on the guest blogging, and your Mom totally needs to show more photos of you, you’re a doll!

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    Lorrie Spotts

    Hey Aidan! Nice work on the blog. You did a fine job. Do you type with all your fingers properly aligned, or do you peek and search? Just curious. I am also wondering if you have read the Twilight series yet? I want to give these to my niece who is your age but am not sure if it is too “old” for her. What do you think?

  5. #8

    I’m with em, I’d totally read your blog too! The apple definitely does not fall far from the tree:) You are awesome Aidan!

  6. #9

    Funny – I was thinking of sending you an email today to see if you were all right (yes, being a mother means that you get to worry about everyone). Seriously, I am so spoiled by your daily blogging that I check every day in late morning (on East Coast time) to see if there’s an update. So, when there was nothing for 2 WHOLE DAYS, I was concerned that something had happened! It seems that it did – I hope that you’re feeling better soon. Now is a good time to sort pictures!
    Aidan – you are incredible. Your mom’s right – you can take over the helm of this ship, no problem. Your post is terrific (and so is the color of your room). I’m rather amazed at how tidy your dresser is – is it always like that?
    So, I have a very cute, awesome baseball player, 13 year old son – you may want to consider this! He’s also pretty smart.
    Anyway, thanks for the post and I’ll be waiting for more – great job!

  7. #10
    Heidi P.

    Aidan–you are the bomb! Totally enjoyed it. You can keep us entertained while your mom gets better.

  8. #11

    Welcome, Aidan! You have obviously inherited your mom’s razor sharp wit! LOOOOOOVE your blog entry. Come back any time. And tsk tsk to Mom for not including you in more of her posts lately. You’re a beautiful and obviously intelligent young woman! 🙂

  9. #12
    Beth D

    Good job Aidan! So nice to meet you!
    I have a daughter Sam (Samantha) who will be starting 7th grade too. Thanks for filling in for your Mom.

  10. #14
    Martha M

    Aidan-Great job!
    Cathy-You have inspired me. I’ve been really bad at blogging lately, and my son (same age as Aidan) is a fantastic writer. So, I’m going to ask him to guest blog for me!

    Hope we get to hear more from Aidan!

  11. #15

    Aidan – you are awesome, girl! I think you should make a regular appearance on your mom’s blog – carpel tunnel or not!!

  12. #18
    Karen B

    You go girl!!! I think you need to start your own blog! I love Carrie Underwood’s song too. I really love your purple walls in your room, they are beautiful!

  13. #19

    At a Girl Aiden! – we need to hear more about you and now you have given your Mom license….. could backfire, you know?

  14. #20

    Delighted to see you, Aidan! Love your great writing style and sense of humour. You are very lovely in your photos – quite right to make sure we get to see you as well as the little brother (oh, and the dog – what’s with your Mum and dogs?). Now you;ve got the hang of it, what next? Any chance of a ‘spot’ where we email you questions (along the lines of “Everything You Wanted To Know About The Lovely Zielske Family And Didn’t Dare Ask”) and you could give us YOUR perspective? Just joking! From across the pond, welcome to blogging, and here’s to a great future for you … 🙂 alexa

  15. #21

    Ummm… no offense to your mom or anything, but I’d totally read your blog if you had one. And graduating sixth grade is way bigger than Bill Murray.

    I promise if your mom ever favors Cole again, I’ll make a comment about it for you. 🙂



  16. #22

    Way to go Aidan! You need your own blog! I’d happily read more posts by you. Congrats on graduating 6th grade. 🙂 Oh, and I love the color of the walls in your room. My daughter used to have the same color.

  17. #24
    Lovebug Kat

    way to go Aidan, I’m sure your Mom appreciates you helping out for sure.
    You have your Mom’s sense of humor and talent for writing I see.
    Looking forward to further installments from you…and maybe you should start a class, that might be interesting LOL

  18. #25

    WOO HOO! You got awesome Skills! Love the way you razz your mom. A true Zielske! Keep up the writing. I see amazing things in your future. Sherry

  19. #26

    Good girl! Loved reading your post. Your mum is lucky to have you take care of her. And, we’re lucky to be treated to your writing and your humour! I hope to read more of it, soon!

  20. #27

    Aidan, you rule! What a great blog post. It’s pretty obvious where you get your sense of humor! Hope we get to hear more from you again in the future.

  21. #28
    Karen Kelly

    When I first started following your Mom’s work, I felt like I was getting to know you through all of her layouts about you. I agree with the others who are piping in and encouraging you to start your own blog–I think it’d be fun to read 🙂 Now, what do you think about the fact that all of these scrapbooking nuts seem to ‘know’ you…and that brother of yours…and the dog…and your Dad…!?

  22. #30

    Aidan, you’ve inherited your mama’s wit and knack for writing! I really enjoyed you as the ‘guest blogger’ Can’t wait to see your next installment! 😉 Have a good weekend!

  23. #34
    Grandma Las Vegas

    Hi Sweetheart: What fabulous pictures (which I just now printed) and have moved to your album. Also wonderful blog. Keep up the good work. Brittany out of school today a week behind you. She will love to see the pictures too. Love Grandma & Grandpa “Mac”

  24. #35
    shelley e

    You are very funny! Loved reading your “blog”…you should write for your mom more often! 😉

  25. #36

    Aidan – congrats on your graduation! You’ll rock the 7th grade!
    And I totally know how you feel, I too, have a younger brother always trying to steal your thunder. You do know, it ain’t gonna change, but you’ll get to bring up all the stupid things Cole has done in his childhood at the best times. Like when he’s trying to impress that new girlfriend – just bring out mom’s baby album of him, embarrassment is the best revenge.
    Thanks for blogging today!

  26. #37

    Thank goodness we have some new material on here now. It’s been all “I love dogs” and “Look how awesome Cole is” – glad to see a fresh perspective. Awesome job Aidan.

  27. #39

    Aidan, you’re adorable! You need to be a guest every week! You are gonna rock out when you grow up just like your Mom. Love and hugs to you!

  28. #40

    Cathy… You didn’t give her your password, did you? Because I can see Aiden giving your blog a serious makeover…. Which might be fun for us…but not so fun for you.

  29. #42

    Aidan, awesome job. I, too, would like to be in my room from August 8 – forever.

    LOVE the Beatles poster! You have excellent taste!

  30. #47
    stacey r

    You did do a great job, Aidan. I’d love for you to take over for your mom every once in a while. You’re hilarious.

    Congrats on your graduation!

  31. #50

    “and he can hug a dog and he knows Bill Murray and blah, blah, blah!”

    Oh dear goodness—she’s even got your sarcasm nailed! 🙂

  32. #51

    Aidan, it was great reading about you – I thought maybe you went on vacation without your parents or something, so your mom didn’t have anything to write on her blog about YOU!! (lol)
    (not only do you look like your mother, you also have her writing skills 🙂 I hope to read another post from you soon!!!

  33. #54
    Sue Carter

    Great job Aidan!
    You have your mom’s sense of humor. Too funny. Your room looks cool and you are adorable.
    Enjoy your summer.

  34. #55
    laura vanderbeek

    great to hear more about your life Aidan! oh and Cathy, I really do hope that you have a wacom tablet or something like that. (Of course you do many more hours of design work than I do) but that tablet saved my life – at least the life of my wrist!

  35. #56

    Great job Aidan. You’ve got your Mom’s great sense of humor I see. Do you share her creative side & her love of photography too? Its been so nice seeing you grow up over the past years through your mom’s scrap pages. Congrats on your graduation & good luck in Jr High. Feel better soon Cathy !!!

  36. #57

    Hiya Aidan
    Great blogging. I love your stuff, you have your mum’s great sense of humour. Have you though of having your own blog?

  37. #58

    Great, Aidan. You are definitely your mom’s daughter! Great sense of humor. I agree with a previous poster – you should have your own blog. I believe it would be a great success. And, speaking of success – congrats on the 6th grade graduation and moving into the 7th grade. It just gets better and better.

    I enjoyed reading “your” blog today!


  38. #59
    Sharon F.

    You Rock Aiden! Congrats on your graduation and acclimation into the blogging world. Keep up the great writing and we will look forward to hearing more from you!

  39. #61

    Cathy – hope the wrist heals well. . .and Aidan – great job on the blog writing. 7th grade huh? the whole world is stretched out in front of you – enjoy it. 🙂


  40. #62

    THIS is the post I have been waiting for, the Aidan post…

    you may not remember me, but we were at a convention your mom was teaching at, we (you and I, you dad and brother) were visiting outside your mom’s classroom, who I didn’t know (as in know who she was and yes, I am a scrapper). You were all about this Japanese candy that Ali had given you and then it was my cell phone you were after. You pretended to be me and it was very funny. Let’s see, you talked me into going into your mom’s class because I didn’t know who she was, not sure what else, it was a funny weekend. You could say I was your fan first… feel any better now?

  41. #63

    too funny, Aidan! You sound just like my 12 year old. She is so “OVER” me always talking about her little brother and sister.


  42. #65

    Welcome Aidan! I’m reading this blog here in Australia, and I’m so impressed…such wit and humour. Please keep posting for us; I’d love to hear more about you 🙂

  43. #67

    PS (already commented above) Aidan, this one’s for your Mum: Cathy, really sorry to hear about the wrist. Sounds miserable. Hope you’ll be out of pain and it will improve very soon. alexa

  44. #68

    Hi Aidan, I think neopets are cool too.. and I am your mums age! I had 2 but some nasty person hacked my account and stole them..

  45. #71

    Great job, Aidan!
    Hope to see loads more of you on this blog!

    Cathy, take care!
    Make sure you rest your wrist enough. (You know housework is evil!)

  46. #72

    Hope your hand gets better because I love reading your blog! Your daughter did such a great job though! Just wanted to throw it out there that a lot of people get relief & treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome through Chiropractic care. Wasn’t sure if you had pursued that avenue!

  47. #73
    Kim Stewart

    What a writer! And your room looks the color! You’re right, your mom needs to highlight you more! Great job, Aidan!

  48. #74

    That was one of the best blog entries I’ve read in a long time (no offense, Cathy!)! Aidan–you really are your mother’s daughter. LOVE your sense of humor!

  49. #75

    I love reading your blog but I gotta tell you, that girl of yours has talent! Her post was great! Hope you feel up to your ol self again soon!

  50. #78
    Cynthia B.

    Aidan, love your writing style! I just recently started following your mom’s blog, but I agree w/ others – you’re totally ready for your own blog too! (How can 70+ comments be WRONG?!) Thanks for letting us know more about YOU.
    And Cathy – hope your wrist feels better soon! Love to read you new posts too!

  51. #79

    OMG Aiden!! You’re JUST like your MOTHER! SO FUNNY! That was great! I love the attitude! You need to be a guest blogger like once a week! Awesome! 🙂

  52. #81

    was going through cathy withdrawal but not any more! aidan you rock! if you ever want to come to nyc you got a place to stay! ok, you too cathy…
    keep bloggin’ mini grown-up cause you rock. alright cathy, you do too… ;P
    love you both!

  53. #82
    Lynn Gleason

    Hey Aidan – Great posting! I love that you have such a great voice in your writing. Reading between the lines I’d say you really admire your mom and her blog because you decided to adopt her format; great fun to read. Thanks for helping your mom out and hopefully she’ll post more about you in the future! xo Lynn

  54. #84
    Sara M

    Um, the apple and the tree? I would have to say yes to that. What a great writer you are, Aidan. I bet your mom is so proud of you.

  55. #86
    Sara-Jane (New Zealand)

    Hi Aidan,
    Great update, many thanks.
    Can we have more posts from you please ? 🙂

  56. #87
    Sherry Eckblad

    Aidan great job. Do you ever wonder what being the only child is all about. We would love to see you here more often.

  57. #88

    Very nice- I think you can probably take over the blog world or at least your Mom’s blog.
    My boys complain if they are on my blog and then they complain if one of their brothers is on more than them. Help? What makes you kids happy with the mama’s blog?
    I sensed some sibling blog issues at your place…am I right?

  58. #90

    Cathy – Great choice on your guest blogger! She’s adorable and sounds just like you. lol… Hope you can bring her back for more guest blogger stints even after you recover. I can’t wait to read Dan’s and Cole’s entries.

    Aidan – Congrats on your graduation and first guest blogging stint! Your entry really rocked. Cathy has been really neglecting you on the blog because you look so grown up in your graduation pics. lol… Hope you can guest blog again!

  59. #91
    Sarah Jane

    Aidan – you were a great guest host, well-deserving of another go at it while mom is recovering.

    Cathy – hope you get well soon. We need you well-rested for our class that so many of us plan to enroll in. I am SO looking forward to it and have bought all my supplies already. Bring it on…

  60. #95
    Sesil in Chicago

    Aidan- You totally rock. Keep up the great writing skills. You are a true rockstar! Hope to hear from you soon on your mom’s blog. Again…great job.

  61. #97

    Hi, Aidan Z! What a treat to find you here today filling in for your mom! Congrats on your graduation – I hope the new school year is a good one for you.

  62. #98
    Laura McG

    Nice work Aidan! Hope you do more guest appearances again soon.
    Cathy – you must be soooo proud.

  63. #99

    Aidan you’re turning into a beautiful young lady and what a great job filling in for mom! I’ll be looking for more!

  64. #100

    Lets make that an even 100, shall we. Welcome to the blog world Aidan. Funny post, loved it. Are you planning to take over you mom’s blog or are you just visiting?

  65. #101
    Nancy Lee

    Aidan, you have your mom’s talent and her humor. Loved your post and would not mind hearing from you again in the future (in between all the house work you may be doing cuz mom’s wrist is on the mend).

  66. #102

    You are an amazing writer (chalk one up for your year-round school system!) and I love your tone (that kind of coolness can’t be taught).

  67. #104


    Girl You Have Skills And I Really Hope To Read Your Books One Day. Those Would Be MY Collector Items!! You Should Start Blogging, Now THAT Is Something I Would Read Every Day, As Probly Goes For Nicolette And Like, Karah And People. Lylas:]


  68. #105

    Dear Aidan,

    I was reading the comments and I have realized that I wouldn’t be the first one to write this down, BUT:

    You should totally start your own blog. It really doesn’t take that much time, only 15-30 minutes a day every 4 or 5 days, depends. Thing is, I would totally read your blog, because you have my same age and decent taste in music (which is ALLWAYS a plus considering those weirdos out there) and your mom there, really HAS talked so much about you that I would really like to know you better.

    And even if you don’t… you should be this blog’s guest more often!

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