No, I’m not on the pro bowlers tour

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I swear, i’m not trying to be the most melodramatic person alive, but my wrists are achin’ folks, and my doctor asked me to minimize extraneous computer usage. I’m not choosing my job over you, except that I actually am, for this week.

Don’t feel too sorry for me. I’m picking up a second brace today for mitt number two. I just need to take care of the money makers. If only I had chosen exotic dancing for a career. Oh sure,  I wouldn’t have made much in tips, but I would have found an audience eventually.

If you have to feel sorry for me, feel sorry for all the gray hair on my head. Now THAT is tragic.


Back very soon. Promise.


Cathy ZielskeNo, I’m not on the pro bowlers tour

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    Hey, miss! You’re right – stay away from the computer for now. Another thought – ask your doc for a script to see a PT (physical therapist) or OT (occupational therapist). Both can work with hands, some even specialize as Hand Therapists (that’s what I’d look around for). Some states have what we call “direct access” – means, you can go straight to a therapist of your choice, off the street, just call for an appt, without a dr’s script. AZ (where I live) has that – HOWEVER, insurance companys don’t necessarily agree with the law (go figger!), so they’ll say “Sure, you can go on your own without a script from the doc – but we also don’t have to pay for it! So there!” So – check on that before just walking into a clinic on your own. You can also beg and plead (however much may be needed) to get your doc to write you a script, see who your insurance will let you go to (again – see if any say Certified Hand Therapist), and you’re off with insurance footing at least some/most of the bill. Why PT or OT – they can offer pain reducing modalities (yippeee!!), they can stop by your place of work (that would just happen to be your home – whatever!) and perform an “ergonomic assessment” and offer you ideas of ways to protect those typin’ wrists of yours, exercises to strengthen some of the other muscles you’re not using as much, work efficiency ideas (focus your time on the computer and then get OFF the thing or do it ONLY in little chunks – those sorts of ideas). Short story – they can offer you lots RIGHT NOW!!! So, get on that phone and get an order for a PT or OT consult! If you’re seeing a hand or orthopedic doc (not just a general PCM – or even if you are), the doc may have some names of therapists he/she can recommend based on other work he’s seen from them.

    So – don’t type back – just read and get on the phone! I won’t be able to meet you in Phx when you’re here in all your brace glory (!), but you’d better be back online when class starts the end of October, missy! πŸ˜‰ I’m sure all the lessons are with Kayce and Paula now, you’re only planning on checking the message board 1x/wk on the w/e’s, you’ll be OK. Let the kids fill in with silliness as you feel the blog MUST be attended to! Aiden was fun – give her the typewriter and let her practice that writing she wants to do. Enough outta me. Feel better!

    Lezlee – PT, scrapper, and fan in Phx

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    You’re an amateur on the gray hair front. I’m your age and have WAY more than you. So there.

    Rest those hands and get back to blogging when it won’t hurt.

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    They sell stuff in boxes at the pharmacy to cure the grey hair, so no sympathy here. I’ve been using it since my early 20’s. But the wrists, let them rest, get better, we’ll still be here when they do.

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    Cathy – I hope you get that PT referral sooner than later my friend. I can’t have you MIA in October – so excited about your class! Rest those wrists! Tracy (Physical Therapist in MA)

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    rest yourself. in the background hear all of us chanting, “aidan, aidan, aidan”. i am sure she would have a very unique perspective on the grey hair. πŸ˜‰

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    I feel your same pain and it SUCKS!
    Do you sleep in your braces? I find it helps in the long run.

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    I live with constant pain day in and day out … and if you want to scream that it TOTALLY SUCKS I give you permission. Pain sucks. I’m sorry you’re in it. Make everyone pamper you a little and take good care of yourself. We’ll all be here when you get back. πŸ™‚


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    Those wrists are no joking matter, you need to take care of them and let them heal. As Kelli said, we’ll still be here when you get back (and I’ll be in Design your Life – good stuff!!) As for the grey hair, I’m keeping quiet. I think being blonde helps, it doesn’t show as much – hehe!! Take care of yourself.

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    Sara Carling

    It’s like looking into the future. I’m only 27 and I already have days when my wrists ache from being on the computer. I’m a graphic artist, and whenever my wrists hurt like that I worry that it means I’ll end up with carpal tunnel. I wonder what I can do to prevent it.

    I hope you feel better soon. Rest those wrists when possible. Go get a nice manicure. They give awesome massages of the hands and wrists. Maybe it’ll help a bit.


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    amy staats

    Hope your little wrists feel better soon! I need you to get better so that I can get my daily laugh and fix by reading your blog. You just crack me up!

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    Hey! Something I’m better at than you: growing grey hair πŸ˜€ And I’m younger than you. But not as self-confident: I use that cure Kelli mentioned. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. My doc has had great success with carpal tunnel. I had a different repetitive injury, but the man worked a miracle for me and kept me out of a wheelchair (when 4 other docs said I needed surgery. Whatever!). So ART has my vote.

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    Kara Schwartz

    Hope you are feeling better soon! I signed up for your class and am WAY excited about it, so get some rest!

    And I second the idea of having Aiden step in – she can be your transcriptionist!

    You need a spa day! Go get your hair done, massage, get your nails done, relax, etc!

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    take care of yourself. have others pamper you. fetch you grapes and the change the channel for you. if the computer is where you want to be get them to type for you while you enjoy reading. have the girl write your blog. she is SO cute and it would be a hoot to have her on here for awhile. gray hair? you earned every one of them! it is a part of who you are and who you are is beautiful. take care and when in doubt pop a pill. ciao!

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    carol :)

    I’ll second what others have said re: PT and OT. Also, don’t be afraid of cortisone shots (or even surgery). The shots were a HUGE help to me and my hubs had the surgery and his is still good 15+ years later. I’m sorry you’re in pain – I know how much it SUCKS!

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    We’d love another post from Aidan while you rest those wrists! I agree with post from ‘denall’ about ART (active release technique) and it’s amazing! Look into it to avoid surgery or even the cortisone shots. My chiropractor practices ART and has alleviated my migraine headaches as I was getting them almost daily and since this ART I’ve had only a handful of migraines in the past two years. It really is wonderful and keeps you away from the meds and surgery if you don’t want to go that route. Good luck and good health!

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    For a minute there, I thought your post title said “pro bawlers tour.” Now there’s something I could qualify for, I thought. Seriously, I hope your hands/wrists are soon feeling much better. I deal with less severe carpal tunnel myself from time to time and I know it ain’t fun. I love reading your blog posts, so come back soon! We miss you! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaah! (pro bawler):)

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    I’ve also been down that road, and totally empathize. You do whatever you have to in order to get your wrists back to normal. Wishing you the best.

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    Sarah (Hutchinson, MN)

    Yes, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! We need you in top form for October because you’ve got all of our hopes up for a FANTASTIC class!

    However, if you feel the need to entertain the world with your humor and wit, (BECAUSE YOU ROCK AT THAT), I’m thinking a videoblog would suffice… Or else, your daughter could fill in since she has proven herself worthy of the noble task.

    I think they recommend ICE for inflammation… I think that doesn’t necessarily mean ice in your refreshments, but at this point – what have you got to lose? It’s summer…. a tall, refreshing drink might relax you and allow you to take your mind off of the pain anyways. πŸ™‚

    GET WELL SOON! Cheers to you!

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    Feel better! Stop posting on here. We’ll miss you, but “if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

    Your gray hair is gorgeous. Really.

    I’m so psyched for your class!

    Be Well.

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    Susan W.

    Have you looked into having a chiropractor adjust your wrists? They have done wonders for me!

    I wouldn’t mind reading Aidan’s blogging while you are resting. πŸ˜‰

    Whatever treatment you go for, I hope it helps. I too am looking forward to your online class.

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    Karla in So Cal

    I’m up for Aidan blogging for a bit, or having her transcribe for you. I loved your video blogs a few weeks back too. Basically, anyway I can get my daily dose of CZ with my cup o’ joe in the morning is fine with me. Feel better.

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    Take it easy Cathy – mending takes time. I think the naturally highlighted hair looks great. It saves a ton at the salon!

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    Poor pet. Sorry you’re suffering! Btw, I met your friend Donna at CKC Charlotte and she is just the cutest little thing (beautiful family too!). Unfortunately I was a big dumb ass and forgot “the twins” (her books – you sent them to me) and missed my chance to have them autographed.

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    Don’t worry about us. Please, don’t turn to a life of stripping on our account. Only if it’s something that makes you happy. πŸ˜›

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    Those wrist braces are miracle workers. If you wear it diligently — and try to cut down on the keyboarding — I promise you will feel better soon! And the great part is (at least for me), once I can get the inflamation down, it doesn’t come back immediately. So good luck and good thoughts to you!

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    Cynthia B.

    So sorry you’re hurting! But don’t worry about us – your health is more important. We’ll miss you – take care of yourself!

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    Rest those hands up! We will be here when you return. My husband has the same problem (computer programmer.) He has found that going to the chiropractor helps his hands (something about pinched nerves restricting blood flow and causing pain.) He also has an essential oil concoction that he rubs on his hands/wrists as well. I will track down the recipe for you. It smells to high heaven but he swears it works.

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    Take care of those wrists, working on the computer all day understand the pain..But just think if you were an exotic dancer, your hips might be in trouble πŸ˜› Now for the gray, I have had them since I was 18, now at 34 keep finding more, repeat after me, Hair Dye is our friend…Take care of you, Reading your blog is highlight of my day…so take care of you, and get the program that you dictate and it types for you…

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    Dawn H

    feel better. I will miss my earlier morning laughter from reading your blog!! Hope to hear from you soon. Dawn H

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    Take care – we’ll miss you. Have your daughter keep us up on things for you, lol! Hope to hear from you again soon – when they are feeling better! ~Tanya

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    I recently had to have 2 joint replacement surgeries and I’ve had to use a walker for several months. I developed severe carpal tunnel problems in both wrists because I was putting so much weight on my hands as I tried to walk. The wrists were quite painful and my hands went completely numb. I got 2 of the wrist splints, but couldn’t use them except when trying to sleep. I was unable to use them with the walker. So, I let my fingers do the walking through the Internet and discovered the site I found thermoskin arthritis gloves. They helped me so much more than the splints and I was still able to use my hands much more than when the splints were on! In just 3 days, the pain was much less and I began to get the feeling back in my hands. They are about $25 a pair and I’ve been thrilled with how they continue to work. Try them! You’ll be glad you did! Good luck!

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    I see this as a golden opportunity to bring back your video blogcasts back…cant think of the name right this second….but they were awesome and WE ALL loved them Cathy….so pleeeeeeeease????????????
    Hope your wrists get better soon…..

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    Grey hair is biblical. Shows wisdom! Actually you have natural highlights. Welcome to the club. Karen

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    Hey Cathy, just googled your name and found this blog… guess what? Once I broke both my wrists at the same time, doing what you ask? Competitive roller skating (it was literally during Regionals 1998)!! I just finished my newest Simple Scrapbooks mag and LOVED your mini book about being a roller skater… all of your witty journal was so true! =) I want to see more of it!! Please email me if you have the time and don’t mind.

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    Get rest for those wrists… I have had wrist surgery for a torn TFCC by great DR…. I had to have P.T. after and it was a wrist and hand man, great work… My splint he molded right to my hand, way cool…

    take care!


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    Jenny in Wellington, NZ

    Sensible plan taking the week out…. just give out more guest spots to your family members πŸ™‚ Start with Dan, then Cole, then back to Aidan. It’s all good.

    Love the salt and pepper look on you. Quite classy!

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    REST those hands. PT or OT is a good suggestion. We’ll be waiting for you when you feel up to typing again.

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    Been there, done that….been called Xena Warrior Princess because I had braces on both wrists!

    Rest, rest, stay away from the extraneous computer usage, or you’ll be restricted even more (I got to the point I could only use the computer 4 hours a day – and for someone whose job is being on the computer 8 hours a day, plus home usage…)

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    Carol Anne

    That’s not grey, that’s natural highlights. Or so my stylist tells me.

    Keep your shoulders straight and back. Sometimes wrist pain is caused by bad posture messing up your nerve karma. I’ve been brace-free for 7 years, since finding out the problem was my shoulders, thanks to an observant physical therapist.

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    Woman, I hear you on the CTS. I’ve had it for years; it got worse when I was pregnant. Nowadays, I get occasional flare-ups. Like now, wearing the splints to bed, sometimes I have to ice my wrists down.

    And I just got my highlights done myself-two preschoolers leads to NO time to get mah hair did.

    REST. We’ll still be here when you get back. Really. I’ve got nothing to do. It’s pathetic really.
    (Feel better!) πŸ™‚

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    You always make me giggle!!! I have had my wrists hurting before…I feel your pain. I even had a hard time sleeping because I like to curl one wrist under my chin and tuck the other under my head when I sleep…and I could not do it without whimpering…Yes, I was probably being a baby.

    But, just wanted to say I am sympathizing!!!! Take care of yourself…we will definately be here when you get back πŸ˜‰

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    Joanna B

    Lots of good advice here already Cathy… and I know you’ll probably hate me for my two cents worth of it… The only thing that seriously helped me over time was cutting refined sugar from my diet. Like magic. And I loved the comment that you are not grey, you are sparkly. I’m going for that definition!

    Take care!

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    So sorry you are hurting. I feel bad for you. You might want to look into voice recognition software. Just a thought.

    Get well soon!


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    Sue B>..

    Hi Lots of advice but I figure I will put my two cents in. I agree w/ ice and also moist heating pad. Very different, look into it. I agree w/ massage to relieve/release swelling. Pump fluids. Where and why did I get all this advice? When my internist doctor thought I needed CT surgery and went to a CHRIOPRATOR! Is that spelled right? BEST thing I did. No surgery and healed. Sometimes go for adjustments but nothing big. Everyone seems to use hands, but my scrappin, preschool teaching, mommy hands were bad. What do you have to lose? Keep it in mind. outside Chicago

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    Dude, after a while those braces just stink. They stink bad. They make you want to puke until you realize the offensive odor is coming from those nasty wrist braces. Anyhoo, on a lighter note, my mom just had surgery on both hands and she is thrilled. No more numbness, no more pain, etc. I would also give some serious thought to acupunture. It is truly a miraculous form of healing. Just make sure you don’t get a quack. I do hope you feel better soon. Will miss your posts but will be glad when you are better. Have a great week and smell ya later.


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    Angji P

    Girl, I know your pain. I too had Carpal Tunnel surgery on both of my hands. I’m just lucky I am ambidextrious! At least you didn’t have to have surgeries on your elbows too like I did. Take it easy and just relax your moneymakers. We are a patient group and know that your health comes first.

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    joanne (spagirl)

    hey cathy…
    hope you feel better soon… i know how it is when your hands hurt… i do facials and i had ultrasound therapy done on my wrists… though mine was not carpal tunnel… and it helped. hope you feel better soon… rest from the computer!

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    Rachel Ellington

    So a “get well soon” is much better than a “buck up buckaroo!”…….hope you are back in the game soon…..I miss me mornin’ snort-spew-coffee-out-my-nose-laugh you give me! Not to mention the fact that I’m in the home stretch of my graphic design degree and I’m getting worried that I, too, may someday be sporting those fabulous wrist garments. Totally looks like something outta “KingPin”….LOL!!!

  49. #59

    Hope you’re feeling ok. You are missed. And you’ll be missed at CKC Hartford. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, take care of yourself.

  50. #60

    Honestly, Cath, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand after YEARS of that crap – constantly shaking my hand, the aching and burning…no feeling….and it was truly the BEST thing I ever did. It was easy healing. It didn’t hurt. I have NO MORE NUMBNESS OR PAIN. It was so worth it. Just one girl’s experience.

  51. #61

    Look after yourself – those injuries are nothing to take lightly. As for the hair, I got my first grey at 15 and I suspect I am well white by now (thank goodness for Nice and Easy). Sigh. Rest up and get well.

  52. #63

    Take care of yourself, girl. As Christine said, we’ll be here when you get back! (Although, Aidan may want to fill in a time or two – I really enjoyed her post!)

    I signed up for Design Your Life today. I’m SO excited about the pre-work that I can’t even tell you!!

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    melanie louette

    Hope those wrists heal up soon Cathy. My hubby was operated on for both of his (he’s a chef)and it made a huge world of difference. No more sleepless & painful nights.
    Now I just have to contend with his snoring. ;p

  54. #65

    Oh, so sorry about the wrists. Thought it was one, singular, and doubly sad that it’s apparently plural. Rest up – we will mis you but will manage and we all have your very best interests at heart. You know, the grey is hardly vsible! Truly. (Just got back from being away, and been able to sign up for your class – very excited!) alexa

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    katie scott

    ok the link didn’t work but you can see the SAWYER commercial on youtube – just do a search for davidoff waters & sawyer & it will come up – enjoy πŸ™‚

  56. #68

    I’ve had wrist / hand problems most of my life. Over the last 1.5 years i’ve been going to a D.O. and he stretches my neck and shoulders out and it relieves all the pain. I thought I had carpel tunnel for the longest time, but it was just tight neck muscles.

    Just a thought.

    Feel better soon.

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    Personally, I like your hair, some people pay lots of money for that look!!
    Have you tried a chiropractor? I thought that they were a bunch of phonies until I gave in and tried one (CTS, lupus and fibromyalgia) Has been a lifesaver!! Love it and go at least twice a month now. Also, massages help.

  58. #70

    I have been where you are at with those nasty braces on your wrist. my doc recommended a cortazone shot last year. I know–no freakin’ way am I gonna let him try that but after 2 years of constant pain I did and it was the best decision I ever made. the pain i was in was much worse than the needle. in 3 days ALL pain was gone and it lasted 9 months—really!!!!! at least talk about it as an option–I had even considered surgery—think on it and ask lots of questions—good luck and feel better soon—Sheryl

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    Hey girrrrl . . .

    I know you heart you-tube & the olympics – go check out Paul Hunt – it will crack you up. With thanks to The Country Doctor’s Wife.

  60. #72

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. If you’re going “stir crazy” from not being able to blog, you might want to look into software that will do the typing for you. I have Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is not perfect but I am pleasantly surprised at how well it does work. Also, I didn’t like the headset that came with it (didn’t fit my big head, I guess). Picked up a better one at Tar-zhay. Hope this helps. Take care.

  61. #73

    Oh dear πŸ™ You SO have to invest in some software where you can dictate your witty musings into the mic and the pooter types them up….

  62. #74

    take it easy with the wrist, because even if you do switch to pole dancing I think you need your hands to hang on to the pole. As for the hair, don’t care about the color, you always have a great style! And after certain teen movies MLF’s are hot! (I had to look this one up)

  63. #75

    Just because you’ll be awol for a few days don’t think us girls will abandon you Cathy πŸ™‚ Do what you have to do to get better, we’ll be back when you are! Good luck πŸ™‚

  64. #76

    You don’t know me but I’m a avid blog reader and I thought I would share a funny story with you since I thought you might appreciate.

    Anyways, I must have been reading your blog last night before going to bed and ended up having a dream about you. Seems in my dream I won a day with you – to see how you work. I was so excited to spend the day with you but you ended up taking me to Wendy’s where you worked as a cashier. You let me have some fries but told me not to eat too many because the management would get mad since you were abusing your power. It was so weird that I thought it was funny. That’s it =P

    Hope the arm is doing better.

    A fan in NYC,
    Tara Sroka

  65. #78

    Hey! Great photos! They should be scrapped.

    I can identify with you and your pain. I hope you get better quicker.

    I can also identify with that grey…could be mine, except mixed with brown instead of black.

    Hang in there!

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    Steph R

    Hope you’re having a relaxing week away from chores & the computer… seriously, what are you doing with yourself?! πŸ™‚ Fill us in when you’re back.

    I watched the movie “Penelope” last night & at one point Reece Witherspoon is dressed in a Bee costume not unlike the one I’ve seen you wearing in a number of Halloween pictures. Just wanted you to know that I thought of you & it made me smile to think that you have Reece Witherspoon copying your fashion sense. πŸ˜‰

    May your wrists be better soon. Blessings!

  67. #80

    I selfishly check everyday to see if you are back to blogging, but I’m glad you are taking the necessary break. I hope the physio works for you! Until then…could we get another guest appearance by a family member? Take care!

  68. #81
    K. Methot

    I’m really sorry for your pain. I’ve had some trouble with carpal tunnel in my right wrist and have had to use a brace in the past. I’ve made two changes to my computer routine that have really helped me. One, I force myself to take a lot of breaks when I type. Two, I never use the scrolling wheel on my mouse anymore. It took some getting used to, but I’m back to the left click and cursor/arrow routine. It made a huge difference in the way my wrist feels on a daily basis.

    I hope you are feeling better very soon, and I’m looking forward to taking your class in October.

  69. #82
    Ann Grounds

    Cathy take the advice of the other OT’s and PT’s that have been encouraging to go for therapy from a Certified Hand Therapist. I was amazed to see so many PT and OT’s jump out as scrappers….maybe I shouldn’t be so surprized–we do tend to have quite a bit of creativity to make our therapy fun, so people want to do it.

    Ann, an OT in Evt WA

  70. #83
    Ami Pilon

    Cathy, I use a product called “Comfort Cool” thumb supports for both of my wrists. They are made of neoprene and don’t limit my action so much. The wrap around the base of the thumb gives me just the support needed. I’ve also switched my mouse to the left side of the computer and my tablet is on the right. I don’t switch the mouse buttons and so my brain doesn’t get too confused. This is the best thing that my physical therapist did for me as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to scrap or create again I had so much pain. I hope this helps you. Sincerely, Ami Pilon

  71. #84
    Ami Pilon

    PS. I have a native American friend who said that each grey hair is the sign of a lesson learned that need never be repeated. So go for it Oh wise woman….

  72. #85
    Nancy Eddy

    GO SEE AN ACUPUNCTURIST !! I am a nail tech and have had this pain three different times, each treated by my acupuncturist. WALLA !! The pain was gone for over a year,but since I continued to do the same motions it came back. Three times treated, each more than a year apart I finally retired and have no problems. Before you go to surgery, go to see an Acupuncturist!

  73. #86
    Mamie Coffey

    I have CT, and I am trying to avoid surgery like the plague. the “mitts” and downtime for the wrists is the Rx from my Doc. it has helped me. but, it is a little frustrating, too- as everything I do involves a great deal of “wrist action”; sewing, scrapping, computer-ing, painting, cooking…. ah, these mortal vessels!

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