One is silver, and the other’s gold

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Or gold-EN. Literally.


Well, hello, Chipina Lucille! It’s been a while, my old friend.


Yes, Chip is back for a few weeks while her family is away. She’s a full year older than the last time we had her here. And another year when you’re already eleven (which is 12 for you math-challenged folks) is a lot. As soon as Kyla got picked up over the weekend, Chippie arrived. You remember Kyla, right?

(photo by Aidan Zielske. Nice job, kiddo.)

And speaking of Aidan, she was seriously stoked from all the comments you nice blog readers left on her post last week. The kid wants to be a writer. That’s all she’s talked about for YEARS. Ever since she was a kid. And I can so relate to that because that’s all I ever wanted to be when I was a kid. It was all I talked about for years. Even up into high school, when I had the sickest suede vest on the planet, and looked like this:


Then, I became a graphic designer.

Still. I think you see my point. (Clearly, that whole ensemble, right down to the snaggletooth necklace thingieโ€”what were those things called again? Italian horns or something? Come on, old people, help me out hereโ€”screams: Writer In Training.)

I mean, what else was I going to be doing besides scribbling in a notebook in some darkened room? Because it sure wasn’t fending off date offers from boys, I will tell you that.

Wrist still sucks. Wearing a brace. Going to try and be smarter with how I work. Plan to talk about the Olympics later this week, as soon as I get my voice back from the insane screaming after Team USA won the 4 x 100 Meter Freestyle final last night.

Yours, in suede, and drunk on the elixir of Olympic glory,

Cathy ZielskeOne is silver, and the other’s gold

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    Katie Scott

    Aiden should write an article for Simple about the teen perspective on scrapbooking: 1. How it feels to be the kid of a scrapbooker. 2. Crazy stuff your mom had made you do or pose for in the name of scrapbooking. 3. What pages mean the most to her. 4. Whether she plans to become or whether she already is a scrapbooker. and 5. Advice for Scrapbooker Moms and for Scrapbooking Teens. (That should keep her busy).

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    Sarah Jane

    Yes, that was TRULY AMAZING… my husband was sleeping so, I had to cheer quietly. To see so many of them ahead of the world record line while the race was going on… how truly impressive is that!?!

    I, too, wanted to be a writer since middle school, I’d say. (Nothing ever came of it though… still just a dream to someday have a book published. In fact, have not truly written – other than scrapbooking and emails for years now.) After high school, I, too, became a graphic designer, but have since retired from that profession and rely upon it solely as a hobby now. Another incomplete dream is to become a mother… working on that one, too. (TRYING…)

    Cathy, you’ve got a beautiful family and your daughter is a talented writer. Hope your wrist feels better soon… maybe playing fetch with that dog will take your mind off of the pain?

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    yay chip is back! will we have more chip tales? love those! your daughter was very entertaining and she should be your blog guest every once and a while. love the necklace. didn’t we all have one?

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    Tinka Rote

    USA! USA! USA! USA! Count me, along with my sisters and brother, amongst those sitting at home screaming at the top of their lungs…loud enough that the kids came running from upstairs to find out what was wrong and to caution that we were going to wake the baby, lol! Who cares…he can go back to sleep. WE TOOK THE GOLD!!!

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    sue Treiber

    I think it is the italian horn. Maybe you can find a bona fide Italian to verify!
    I wonder if my dog would ride the train to your house? Looks like a pretty sweet set up you have there for pups.

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    Denise in AK

    My Aidan (boy type though)was screaming “Do it for me!!!!” So I think they actually won that relay for him! He’s 7 so we’ll let him hold on to that for now!
    I do think the entire nation was screaming when they out-touched the French! Crow anyone?

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    Oh, my gravy…that relay team. And that dang Michael Phelps. Put a shirt on already…can’t look at him when my husbands in the room. woof..

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    Cathy we have a few things in common. I have twin daughters that graduated from 6th grade and we both are from MN. Im in Woodbury. Really looking for a good scrapbook store other that archivers. Saw your son on T.V. at the saints game. Also It looks like H.S. picture is around the same time as mine. 1983!!!??? Just had 25 year reunion!

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    Yes they were called Italian Horns…I think they were supposed to bring good luck. And I’m guessing that picture was taken about 1978 or 79 because it was right about then that I wore my super cool leather vest, plaid shirt & italian horn neclace too. I wanted that hairsyle too….but my hair was just too curly to pull it off.

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    AIDAN, AIDAN, AIDAN . . . we want Aidan!! Glad to hear from you Cathy but truly, a bit disappointed that it wasn’t Aidan today! She is a great writer – almost as good as her mom.
    Stay well and take care of the wrist!

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    Here’s the bonafide Italian weighing…it’s an Italian horn. I have to tell the truth, I’ve never seen a non-Italian wearing one! Where those really out there and worn by the masses?

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    So I was in Archivers in Roseville the other day wondering if you have to wear sunglasses and a big hat when you go in so nobody recognizes you. So I ask the lady when I’m paying if Cathy ever comes in and she’s all “Cathy who?” and I’m all, “Uh, Cathy Zielske, duh!” She’s all, “I don’t know who that is. I’m all “WTF! She’s kind of a big deal.” I didn’t really say that, but seriously, should she be working there? Also, where do you find these dogs? I think you would like our dog Hannah, she’s sweet and very photogenic if you ever run out of dogs to watch, let me know!

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    With you sister. I think that relay will end up being the USA poster highlight. Only thing that will top it is if Michael gets all 8 golds! RIDEN THE HIGH WITH CATHY – tj

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    PS – and why don’t you give that wrist a break and let Aiden write once/week. Give your wrist a break & give Aiden more experience. Keeping it all in the family and also helping build Aidens resume!

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    That race was so AWESOME! Me and my hubby stayed up to watch it… we were cheering! lucky for us, we didnt wake up the daughter sleeping up stairs from us ๐Ÿ™‚

    And tell Aiden… great post! She will be a great writer ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Jennifer W

    oh yeah – I was screaming right there with you. It was awesome! You can’t help but cheer when it was so close and after the French made the comment they were going to beat them!

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    Amy M.

    Did you buy that vest at The Gap? Because that is where I bought my super-cool leather vest in 1981 and yours looks to be identical. I also wore it with a plaid shirt, but I had a floating heart charm on my gold herringbone chain instead of the cool Italian horn. I upgraded to a Puffy Heart charm the next year … I can almost smell the Love’s Baby Soft now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    lynn whelan

    Oh, I thought it was going to be David Cassidy for a minute there. I like it! But then again, I lived it.

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    Nice to see you back – brace, necklace, suede and all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and plus Chip, of course. Hope we’ve encouraged Aidan to keep dreaming – no, stroke that out – PLANNING to write. No, strike that out too – she already IS a writer … alexa

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    SO – I am getting no sleep because of the Olympics. I keep staying up for “just one more event”. The Italian horn and suede vest brought back some serious memories. I am just sad that I knew about these items in your request for “old people” to help you out! Love your blog, and especially the attitude!


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    I have a near-identical pic of me in high school, wearing a vest and feathers (hair, I mean). I think it was circa 1980ish? I’m dying to dig out my picture to see if I was wearing MY Italian horn charm. I have not one iota of an Italian cell in my body, but I had the horn. So cool. So cool.

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    Cheryl R

    Welcome back Chippie! ๐Ÿ™‚
    What would I do without your witty blog? I really enjoy everything you’ve got going on here. Keep it up!


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    Sharon F.

    So happy to see Chip back! Love her.
    And that vest well vintage is the only word I can use.
    I hope Aiden will continue to practice her writing wit on us here at your blog!

    Hi Chip!

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    Moira Coates

    Hi Cathy, just though you might like to let Aidan know about a kids author from the eighties called Gordon Korman. I loved his stuff when I was about Aidan’s age. He wrote his first book when he was in seventh grade, and had 3 or 4 books published by the time he finished high school – always a good inspiration for an aspiring young writer!

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    Oh, I forgot that I had one of those necklaces too. I thought it was a carrot. I wonder what it really was?!!

  26. #33

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, Cathy, but I really came back to see if Aidan had made a new post. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is so getting her own blog, isn’t she?

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    ah., love that pic. i had that same necklace.. the italian horn.. given to me by my first real boyfriend…. keith brewster… and i took it off for PE and someone took it… hmm what high school did you go to? hahahahahahah
    now SPHS i am sure

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    You look just like Lisa Damrosch did in high school. Seriously. Same hair and everything. I don’t remember if she had the snaggle tooth necklace, but maybe.

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    Totally down with Olympic Fever over here…Aidan did a remarkable job…hope to read one of her novels one day…yes, I was the same way all through high school and even into college…would love to write one of these days…but that career in Project Management was just too tempting (ha!) and now, the SAHM thing is just too alluring to give up.

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    Some advise re: your carpal tunnel. I had a problem for over a year. I wanted to cry from the pain just when I was cutting a PB&J! Long story short…it wasn’t carpal tunnel,just a pinched nerve. It took a massage therapist to figure it out, Doctors just wanted to do surgery. I have been pain-free for years now. Good luck and hang in there!

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    Amy Sonnemann

    I didn’t realize Aidan was a Carrie Underwood fan, how does she survive in a house full of rockers? We have tickets in early November to see Carrie and our seats are right next to the catwalk. If we get some good pictures I’ll share them with her. Just let me know where to send them. I’m the queen of concert photo’s. Does she like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, or Keith Urban? I have some cool pictures of each one. I feel for that country music loving daughter of yours. While you aren’t paying attention, you too will be hooked so watch out Cathy…country music is addictive. Happy Monday, I hope your hand continues to improve.

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    hahaha your photos made me laugh.

    and i was looking at your state fair photos and happened upon a pronto pup display.

    my friend’s grandpa was actually the inventor of the pup itself.

    Their last name is Karnis. LOOK IT UP ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. #42

    ha well my friends a liar.
    but next time you go to the state fair her grandfather is in charge of all the stands.

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