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    Aimee Confer

    Oh Cathy,

    You truly are an olympic star! Even with an injured wrist you are able to perform and make me laugh!


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    ha ha ha, before I read the headline i looked at the picture and thought to myself. . . “gee, that person sure looks a lot like Cathy!”

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    Altogether too funny. Thanks so much for my morning smile!
    (I’ve been looking for something to laugh at … our Canucks are not cutting it)
    As always, you’re the best, and I love the new biceps!

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    Geez and you were complaining about your body shape – on second thought it is a bit manly.

    LOL you are so funy!

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    You are too funny!
    I am loving watching Michael Phelps swim in these olymipcs. Glad to see you are right there with him πŸ™‚

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    ROFL!!! Hey! For THAT body you should have quit smoking a lonnnnng time ago! LOL!
    Too funny. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh.

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    Erin McMilon

    what’s all the complainin’ about chub – look at those pipes!
    this is hilarious! did you hear us screaming all the way from chaska? i know we heard you screamin’ from the other side of the river!

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    Melissa (MilliD)

    OMG – you crack me up!! I’m right there with ya. Last night, DH said, “You are just in your little Olympic zone, aren’tcha?” (A not-so-subtle reference to my 3-hour vigil on the couch…)

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    Wendy T

    You are certifiably CRAZY! But that’s what keeps me coming back! Can’t wait to see what is next! Love being along for the ride!

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    I’m certain that I will encounter nothing funnier today. I think I remember Donna wishing for “cut” arms on her blog – clearly, she needs to spend some more time with you and Michael.

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    Sarah Jane

    You are WAY too funny! Love your sense of humor that truly shines (like the gold medal that will soon be hanging from your neck, right?)

    Those are arms that will no longer have the wobble while brushing your teeth, for sure! (I’m jealous… wishing I were Photoshop “buff” too. Maybe there is hope for my thighs…)

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    okay. that’s creepy. and is it sad that it took me two looks to realize the pic had been altered? i have been up too late watching olympics.

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    My 7 year old daughter said, “Hey Mom, what a Babe!” Now the question is, was she speaking of you or him?

    Thanks, I needed that.

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    That picture is truly awesome! I would love to be anywhere near Phelps. The relay was so outstanding and unbelievable I’m still excited about it.

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    Those are quite the arms you’ve got there, missy. Do you use the Madonna workout plan? Which race will we see you in next?

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    I bought a card for a friends birthday today which showed a picture of a woman taken in the 1940’s, the caption said “Betty laughed so much that a bit of wee came out.”
    Holding it in here – but only just!

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    I read your blog quite frequently but don’t comment. After seeing this picture I decided to look at the comments to see if anyone else said “ewww” because…ewwww. Not one “ewww” and I had to scroll all the way down to the end to get a “creepy.” Definitely creepy but still amusing. The Olympics are killing me…been staying up way too late but they are so good.

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    Carrie K


    that is the BEST photoshopping you have EVER done!!!

    and wasnt that race completely thrilling? i think my heart stopped and i definitely cried…i heart the olympics…

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    Great photo! I had to pull this back up to show my sons when they got home from school yesterday. The older one got it, but the younger one wanted to know how you met him!

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    maple jenny

    Hysterical. And how jealous am I that you are up close and personal with those swimmer bods? : – )

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    That is hilarious. I wish I could hang with you for a day because I know I would never laugh harder!

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    Cathy, this is the point where I feel you truly have too much time on your hands. Would you like to come help me clean my house instead of photoshopping your head onto male bodies? πŸ˜‰

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    LOL!!! You know…you’d never know that you were hiding that totally ripped bod behind that orange sweatshirt!! You’re too funny!! Thanks for the laugh:)

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    Candace H

    OH, my side hurts from the burst of laughter! That’s GREAT! Thanks for the chuckle. Of course, you are “gold medal” worthy, but dare I say as a scrapper/designer, not a swimmer? Love the Olympics… lots of watching goin’ on here at our house! ;o)

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    Note to self: Do not drink coffee while reading Cathy’s blog. Random laughter occurs, and when combined with coffee, causes problems. You’d think I’d know this by now.

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    Note to self: Do not drink coffee while reading Cathy’s blog. Random laughter occurs, and when combined with coffee, causes problems. You’d think I’d know this by now.

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