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Don’t adjust your sets. It’s not what you think. Really.

Considering I finally made peace with my decision to not own an iPhone, I did the next best thing: got me an iPod Touch.

And really, I don’t know why I waited so long. It does everything I want it to do, except make phone calls. Right?


I can surf my blog, post Tweets, watch YouTube… oh, the list just goes on and on and on.

All the joy, none of the monthly costs. And besides, I can whip it out any time I like, and just pretend.


Cathy ZielskeClose enough

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    I have a close-enough itouch, too! I’m with you…keep the stinkin phone function, I have all the other goodies! Have you downloaded any free apps yet? I like the sudoku one and my kids love the marble maze. Enjoy!

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    Katherine McKamey

    Congrats! You will totally love it!!

    My DH got me an iTouch for Mother’s Day and I love it! I really didn’t want to deal with the whole phone charges issue with an iPhone. Especially since they weren’t doing corporate accounts at the time and our phone is through the farm account – gotta have a cell phone when you are stuck on a tractor in the middle of nowhere!!

    Now, I play all the time and don’t worry about being interrupted by someone calling! LOL! : )

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    Jennifer Miles

    I got an iTouch last year for Christmas and I love it. I love that you can go to iTunes and download music to it instantly. That alone makes it totally cool.

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    OH cathy you crack me up. I too will never own an iphone (sigh)! Now i just might have to go and buy and itouch. You rock.

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    I’m not getting an iPhone either (wrong service provider) but I have had my eye on the iTouch for awhile now. I think it’s going to be a Christmas/Birthday gift… if not from my family, then from myself πŸ™‚

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    lol near enough is good enough but i got an iphone for my birthday and they do so rock so sorry! in my defense i haven’t had a new phone for 6 years i have been carrying a brick around it’s so wonderful to be free! please don’t hate me! maybe apple will realise how wonderful you are & send you one! will keep my fingers crossed seeya hugya *G*

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    Kim Kesti

    Ha! Ha! You really did engrave it! Love it! Have fun walking around the airport talking into your “phone” – love ya!

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    You’re a nut! I had such a great time in your classes at CKC (yes, it’s me, the CKC stalker). Thanks for indulging my deep-seated need for attention.

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    Mary Jo

    Cathy – re: your big picture class – what size are the smaller photos on the layouts with the enlargements (11 x 7 1/2 and the two 5×7’s). I want to place an order and would like to get those at the same time.

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    Rachel Ellington

    Woohoo! My husband was feeling generous and bought me one on Saturday! I have loved my little ipod nano forever, but this ipod touch is Da’BOMB! Just screamed when I read the text in your picture! I can’t wait til hubby gets home and I can show him! He actually owns a shirt that says “Suck It Trebek!”
    (Oh, and don’t forget that you can lip-sync to yourself on the back mirrored side as you listen to your tune! BONUS!!!)

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    you are awesome!!!! I’ve been in the same boat, not willing to sign up for another cell phone plan, maybe the ipod touch is the way to go??

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    i LOVE the inscription! And celebrity jeopardy…

    I’ve been seriously debating getting one of these puppies. But then, what do I do with my old iPod? I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it, thinking maybe I’ll get a blackberry instead because my cell contract is up and I need a new phone and I might as well get a smart phone but I want an iPhone but they’re too expensive but then I watched the video about the new touch (with genius!!!)and became totally brainwashed but then snapped out of it and decided I didn’t need one … and then you post this and all I can think of now is how I have to have one. AAAGGH!!!!

    What to do?

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    I have a trip coming up and have been thinking about an iPod to have something to do on the long flights. Was considering this, so might have to get one now that I know I can pretend it’s an iPhone, too! hahaha Too good!

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    Ahhh- there it is! So fun to see you this past weekend in Phoenix by the way! Loved the class and after the month I’ve had, I really needed the humor. So, really, thanks for that.

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    Angie K

    LUV the inscription – my husband and I listen to the SNL download often for giggles. Way to go on sticking it to the man CZ!

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    My husband had one and loves it for all the very same reasons in addition to the app he downloaded to make the touch behave as a remote control for our desktop. Effort-free music changing, ahhh.

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    you are such a poser, cathyz. but you have given me a great idea… no one will know that we aren’t actually talking to someone… if someone walks up, they will hear me say, “oh, yes cathy. i do love my new gadget. i am so glad we got these so we could talk to each other.” and then my real cell phone would probably ring and i would be busted.

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    My darling husband bought us each one of these for Christmas last year… best darn thing I’ve ever gotten. Heck, I barely need to leave the chair…surf, e-mail, read blogs… lol… you’ll love it!

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    Queen Bee

    I have had the ITouch for a year and just got an IPhone (the kid will get the pod πŸ™‚

    Here is the only thing wrong with the I Touch – It is true you don’t have a monthly fee but then you can only use all the “goodies” – internet, utube, etc… when you are in your house off your connections in your home. You have to pay extra for it to be able to get Wi-Fi connection elsewhere.

    Also the charge does not hold out that long. That drove me crazy.

    I am sure you will enjoy it because it is a fun little toy and I went through the whole “I don’t need the phone part either” but someday you will be like me at the movies or waiting in the car for you kid and just wishing you could check your e-mail or read some blogs – I can now on the phone and I couldn’t on the pod.

    I give you a year:)))

    So just FYI for those who are thinking of getting one.

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    Heather Awsumb

    I got the iPod touch free when I bought my new macbook for school. LOVE IT. As a poor grad student it fits my needs, but I have to say when I get a “real job” I may be tempted to go for the iPhone.

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    OH. MY. I love the “Suck it Trebek” reference. I watch those Jepordy SNL’s whenever I need a good laugh. Those and the SNL one where Kevin Spacey plays Christopher Watkin auditioning for the role of Han Solo. Enjoy your new toy.

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    I’ve been begging my DH for and iPhone for like forever – well, since we got our new iMac and I started worshipping Apple. Now that they have the “buy a MacBook, get an iPod free” gig I thought he’d give in. I just sent him the link to this blog post. Here was his reply, “You are not allowed to access the internet any longer.” *insert evil laugh* if he only knew . . .

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    Hi Cathy, I just inherited an original iphone when mum got a 3g upgrade. They gave her a pay as you go sim card so I was cock a hoop until I found out the internet “add on” was Β£10per month and the minimum top up is Β£10 each month. Not what I call pay as you go and x4 what I currently spend, so now I just look at my iphone in the box and think about the if onlys…..

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    I’m so jealous!! I want one, but no $ for that unless we don’t get heating oil..ummmmm, not!

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    Ohh, I am so jealous. I thought you needed a monthly service for this one too so I have been ignoring its coolness… now I need to check it out too. Thanks for the nudge!

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    Karen Ellsworth

    I have that SNL on my iPod. I just have to make sure my kids don’t hear it. I’m so proud that you found away around Dan’s frugality and your real needs.
    Karen (the girl who met you in July at work, with my baby)

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    Oh Cathy, you are going to LOVE your iPod Touch!! I got mine about a month ago & I never leave home without it. Did you get the newer version? The one with the external speaker & volume control & longer battery life? Oh I so wish I had that one!

    Now you need a really cool photo skin for it! I found them on Snapfish, they made by “skinit”.

    Have fun with your new toy!

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    thanks for sharing the video. maybe it’s that i’m so tired from work or whatever but it brought me to tears. so inspiring. i’m thinking my family needs to participate too!

  29. #53

    dang, that phone looks good on you! I just registered for your BPS class yesterday and am looking forward to everything you are going to teach me.

  30. #54

    ok I was on the fence regarding this… my wallet started wiggling when they went down to $229 last week… you have successfully enabled me! I didn’t really want the iphone for the calling anyways…. it was all the other stuff. tena

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    Yay for you! I love your photos! I feel your no-iphone pain too. My husband works for another cell phone carrier so no AT&T phones in our house πŸ™ We each got an Ipod Touch last year and we love them. Have fun with yours!

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    Oh man! I’ve been drooling over one. Every time I go to Best Buy or the Apple store, I get one step closer. (Who really needs the phone part anyway when you can send email/messages?!)

  33. #59

    Yeah, I recently finished the entire Twilight series and I was obsessed with the entire vampire thing. I told my husband I’m leaving him for Edward. Hubby: “Who’s Edward?” Me:”a vampire” Hubby: “That’s nice dear…” He must think I’m kidding…….

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    Liza Garibaldi

    You crack me up! Trust me. You made a good choice. I have the iPhone and it is a horrible phone. Anytime I smile while on the phone, I either put someone on hold or mute. Sometimes the screen freezes and you can’t answer your phone or worse, you can’t hang up on someone when you really want to!! So you made a very good choice!!

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    Too funny Cathy… even my teenage daughter is laughing! She is desperate for an iPhone but is wisely saving her pennies for a car!

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    Congrats on the new toy. I love your work but I have a question from the ‘mini albums in an evening’ How the heck do you make the arms and head on that pasta angel?

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    Nancy C.

    Love mine, too! In fact, I’m sending this from it. It does need charging fairly often. If you need a charger, check out the Dynex one from Best Buy. Inexpensive and has lights on it to indicate charging status. I just plug it in and keep on using the Touch.

  38. #66
    Nancy C.

    Sorry… forgot to add. I’ve been able to tap into lots of unlocked wireless networks as I’ve moved around or been sitting in a waiting room somewhere. No charges, no problems. Enjoy!

  39. #68

    FYI… I think you made the best choice. We have TWO I-Phones and worst cell service I have ever had…. dropped calls are the norm and I live in the Metro Chgo area!!!
    What I wouldn’t do to have my Motorola Razor back and good ole T-mobile… here’s hoping Apple figures out a way to release to other carriers and SOON!

  40. #70
    Sara S

    im with ya sista! i love mine and am addicted to surfing music and new apps before going to bed… i stay up to midnight+… must stop surfing sooo late. do enjoy!! and pretend too!

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    Tina Kenney

    I laughed out loud when I saw your “suck it trebeck” on your picture. That is a FAVORITE skit of mine on SNL. Hilarious stuff right there.
    You crack me up!!
    -Tina in Mason, Ohio

  42. #74

    I have one, too. I think it’s pretty cool. The best part is you can always keep doing the upgrades so you don’t have to buy a new one. Just wish it had a camera in it.

  43. #75

    I got one free with my new mac (yes I am a happy camper about both) my dh wants to hack my ipod touch and make it a free wi-fi phone (basically a phone that works in wi-fi hot zones without the expensive AT&T plan)… if it works I will let you know! πŸ™‚

  44. #77

    I was wondering if you would go in this direction. Let me recommend the “Sextuple” word game application. It is wickedly addictive!

  45. #79

    So jealous. My iPod mini is still kicking the Tunes just fine, and my Treo handles the other stuff, and I bought a Nikon DSLR in June, so no Touch for me (yet).

  46. #82

    Oh, Cath…(can I call you Cath?) Yes, the Touch is incredible. But, what really made my day? Suck it, Trebek. Priceless.

  47. #83

    I’ve got to talk my husband into getting this instead of iphone (service is too much). Can’t wait to get more of you in your class-you’re the best!

  48. #84
    Kim C

    I love my itouch. It is great. I wanted a iphone but not the monthly charge. This is a great solution. I am amazed at how easy it is to use.


  49. #85

    boy it’s a good thing I don’t have wireless in my house otherwise I would have bought one of those myself.

    Instead i’m getting the new ipod nano in purple!

  50. #87
    Zanne Koller

    That engraving is f’n hilarious! I think I will get my favorite SNL saying “Pibb and Red Vines = Crazy Delicious” on my next iPod…or perhaps “More Cow Bell”….

  51. #88

    So. . .my friend just got one and he was going off on how he CAN make calls- to people who have skype or other online phone services like that. Yeah yeah. . it’s not like having the convenience of a real cell phone- but hey? It does make phone calls- as long as you have internet connection.

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