Feeling dated

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So yesterday, I decided to check out my sweet friend and Garden Girl Margie’s scrap space, which she posted over at Two Peas. I decided to add a little comment and then wondered how long it had been since I updated my bio profile over there. My answer was found in the following:

35, SAHM, freelance graphic designer who has just recently gotten into scrapbooking.

Seven years ago. The beginning of all of this. Who would have thought, really?

I feel dated. And I especially miss the SAHM part of it. I mean, yes, I work from home, and aside from occasional travel, I really do get to stay at home to do my job, but I miss the carefree feeling that my former one line bio suggests.

I need to work on updating that bio. Maybe something like this would be more presently appropriate:

42, greying, FTWGD (full time working graphic designer) who has been up to my armpits not only in the hobby of scrapbooking for seven years, but the business of it as it applies to both design and publishing and book authoring, who tends to whine a lot about the stuff she wishes she had or could do if she had both the time and the money, and who is chubbier now but much healthier without all that smoking going on, and who doesn’t and will not own an iPhone, and has tingling extremeties, who suffers from some garden variety obsessive compulsive behaviors as they relate to Neil Finn, and who sent her kid across the country and is going to pay for it years later in the form of therapy bills.

I know it’s not the most catchy of bios, but given my penchant for run on sentences, you have to admit, it’s not half bad.

Cathy ZielskeFeeling dated

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    I got curious and went over to your page on Two Peas and looked at your pages there. I actually think I see a difference in how you scrapbooked then as to how you do now! Can it be? That even CZ’s style changes over time! Don’t get me wrong I wish my BEST pages worked like yours do…old or new!
    Taking your class by the way…so excited!

    Love the bio by the way πŸ˜‰

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    wende moore

    this bio is perfect, absolutely perfect. and aiden is going to be fine by the way. i had a really hard time my first year at camp but it ended up being great. but..when i sent my sons to scout camp, i found out i’m weak. it’s hard having them gone!

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    katie scott

    so funny. I love seeing my own old diaries and stuff I put on the internet from years ago. seems like you should do a then & now page. Also, can you post a picture of what you’re going to do with the first assignment for the class? maybe in the bps gallery?

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    You are hysterical!! My own sarcasm is held at bay only by accumulated decades of experience and the thought of large, lump sum payment which will be owed to the therapist of my three children.

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    I like it…you’re a shoot-from-the-hip type gal, which I personally appreciate. It’s what keeps me coming back to your blog.

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    Fonda Darter

    Love your humor! To fill your iPhone desire, you should just go for the Ipod Touch, it’s exactly like the phone, but without the phone! It’s the most amazing, dreamy piece of computing equipment I’ve ever held! I only got one b/c I jumped off the sinking Microsoft ship and bought an iMac and got the educational student/staff bonus freebies. Can you believe it, it was FREE, after mail in rebate of course! And, Oh, the iMac, be still my heart!!!

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    Wow, loved seeing your LO’s at Two Peas. I’m always amazed at how people who are really good at this scrapbooking thing just come up with the most beautiful designs. I’m taking your class, so I can learn how to do THAT. Can’t wait! I worked and worked on the pre-assignment – ready to post by the weekend. Any suggestions for the photo enlargements? b/w vs. color? how little should the little pix be? Any help for those of us obsessive/compulsive types is much appreciated! πŸ™‚

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    I think you’re halarious for one thing and I absolutely LOVE your style of scrapbooking. As I’m nearing 40, I’m finally figuring out my style, not only in scrapbooking but in fashion! I’m so simple, it’s nearly boring. But, I love it! I love clean lines, simplicity and classic designs. You’re a wonderful inspiration and designer. I believe it’s natural for all of us at times to want more or what we don’t have.
    Don’t stop what you’re doing. We love it and we love you!

    All the best,
    Traci from Alaska

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    don’t forget “caretaker for an occasional cute canine”! …Getting super excited for class! I am already hoping you will have a ‘designing part deux’

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    Sandra @ The Memory Workshop

    I held an iphone in one of my tingling extremities for the first time today. I’m not sure, I can’t tell if it has changed me profoundly or not. If someonoe says “you look different” today, then I’ll know why.

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    Great, great post! Falling around with laughter here – love your humour. Perhaps you ought to get all those of us taking your class to do a bio like this with a photo of ourselves as an initial LO? Oh, I’m sure Aidan will be fine… I’ve told mine that what they need to remember is that I did my best at the time and I’ll pay for their therapy if they need it. πŸ™‚ alexa

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    Paula in Phx

    Love the revised bio. I’ve been a SAHM for the past 6 years and am dreaming of HAVING a bio once again. Any bio. I’m looking forward to your little class at CKC in Phoenix on Friday. Would this be suitable for one’s bio? ;o) Hope you enjoy your trip to the southwest… ya might want to trade out your Uggs for flip-flops. And your new PJs for… (I’m SO not going there!).

    Paula H

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    Oh the bio rocks..if anyone has been reading your blog for a bit..would catch the humor! i love it! I recently have gone back to SAHM from Manager of Scrapbook store..WOW what a crazy few years! I am happy it is over and now I have returned to the carefree bliss of errand running..taxi driving…homework policing..lunchmaking mom duties..I will never ask to work again!

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    Just a quick question from yesterday’s post…where do you purchase your spices from?


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    This is TOTALLY unrelated — or maybe it is realted who knows– but I did want to share What Happened To Me, when I tried to register for your course this fall.

    This was a few weeks ago ( I struggled over whether or not to say anything) but I took the quick “Are you ready” questionannaire to see if I could actually do it. And I took this questionnaire as soon as it was available (ie, several weeks ago) so I don’t remember what the questions were specifically, although I DO clearly remember a question asking if I could print such-and-such photo at home. Umm, if it isn’t 4×6, the answer is no. It also asked me some kind of computer related question that I didn;t even understandm among other questions to which my answer was “no.”

    Because of this pre-interview, I opted not to take your class. Don’t misunderstand me, I totally agree that potential students need to know what is expected of them, need to know that they can keep up with the class.

    But I was also very discouraged as a woman who has been scrapbooking for tweleve years….I may not be totally techno savvy, and while I do have a basic photo printer, I don’t have an actual “printer printer” in the house. And so I don’t get to play.

    I don’t blame anyone for this (all courses have prerequisites, right?) bu I was very disppointed to find out I am actually not a good candidate for your class. I just wanted to listen to you talk about design. Sigh.

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    You truly have a great sense of humor, which I appreciate. Visiting your blog is part of my daily “therapy”. Thanks for the laughs.
    I agree that the doggy B&B needs to be added to the bio.

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    So I moseyed over to 2Peas to look at that scrap room and then clicked on your bio. Can I just say that I was shocked (SHOCKED, I say) to see that you had participated in a “Twistel Challenge”?! That just struck me as so funny somehow ; )…..My, my how far we have come.


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    Got the email about the photo enlargements (thanks for the heads-up on that by the way).

    Am curious what THEME the album should be so that the photos can be chosen appropriately. Since it is Design YOUR Life – should the photos all be just about ME and my life? Can we have a little more insight on the subject?

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    On a totally random note I’ve just spent a happy hour watching Level 42 videos on Youtube.They were my favorite band (pre-Neil!) and I just loved Mark King.They were quite sucsesful in the UK for a time.

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    Email about photo enlargment? Did I miss something? I am signed up for the class…I have a printer that can handle this but was I supposed to get an email?

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    I tell my children all the time, especially when they are whining about something I won’t let them do, how unfair I am, etc, “that is why mommy still works full time. so I can pay for your therapy.”

    great bio btw!

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    elsa v.

    Kathy – Wicked great bio! I, too, had tingly extremities, and was told to take a few sips of tonic water and the tingles would dissipate – it worked. Cheers to you and to -at least – another seven great years of scrapbooking!

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