Time does fly

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Just had to share a quick shot from the end of the first day of school, of Aidan and her best friend, Nicolette. For those of you who are keeping track, these girls have been thick as thieves since they were three years old. I just did a layout in Simple about these two. Man, time does fly.


Cathy ZielskeTime does fly

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    I LOVE the LO you did, and it’s great that these two have remained friends all this time. We moved to our current house, in a family-friendly neighbourhood, steps away from the primary, middle and high schools, when our eldest was 18 months just so he could end up with friends like these; friends he has known forEVER.

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    Isn’t that great! My son too has one special friend from when they were babies. Now they are 5. Although they don’t see each other that much (and are in different schools). My guess? It’s a friendship for life just like Aidan and Nicolette. What fun they will have when they’re old and grey … I know girls that’s is so far far far away in the future. And you are not yet looking back. But mark my words: there will be a day … In the meantime: enjoy!

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    What a great picture of the girls! And how cute to see their friendship grow over the years like that.

    You have a beautiful daughter!

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    aidan must be loving the time she is getting on the blog! but i love the picture of the two! i makes me miss those school days! i might just have to call my best buddy from kinder!

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    What a cool layout! I love the then and now photos (aren’t they so cute in 2000!!). My daughter also has a friend from the beginning of school but they’ve just started Senior school today and are no longer in the same class. I’m waiting for her to come home to find out how she got on!

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    Doesn’t it kill you how quickly they grow up? My daughter has a friend she’s known since they were both just about 2 years old. They just started seventh grade together and seeing the two of them looking so much older just kills me. Time surely does fly.

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    what an awesome lo about those girls. i can’t wait for dd to form a friendship like that, she is 8 and has friends galore..but not one yet that she can not be without…. she just told my sister the other day “i have friends all over the school” and i can say that is true.
    thnx for sharing…do they attend the same school?
    lynda in calif

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    how sweet! bff! my son graduated with six of his original friends from play school. they grow up way too fast! hope you are having an awesome Thursday! ciao!

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    I love this layout! It’s great to see girls stick out their friendships like this instead of switching bff’s every other week. Aidan and her daughter are lovely!

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    That is really cute layout. I hope you don’t mind me scraplifting it from you. And thank you for making me laugh each and every day–I feel like you and I are friends each time I read your blog. It’s truly a pleasure.

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    And when will you be purchasing chastity belts or a dungeon to lock these two beauties in until the hormones of their male classmates have been controlled? Oh, wait, that never happens, does it?

    Great pics to put in their Senior year i-Movie in the not too distant future!

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    Been away for awhile now…but my friend Jenny won Le Box de Mystere, and posted the link to your blog with the announcement. So I’m back to catch up on the news…and seriously thinking about taking your class (it’s a money thing-single mom deal). BUT what I’m really here posting to say, is to look into non-surgical options for your wrists!! Chiropractic, massage therapy (yes, I’m also a MT, but I’m too far away to treat you unless you want to come to FL, though with the hurricanes, you may want me to come up to MN!)…seriously though. I had all but given up on digital designing and everything but the essentials on the computer. A combination of chiropractic & massage did it for me…no surgery/no cutting, no recovery time, no physical therapy…just relief. And I can use the computer again. Lots. Slightest twinges at times but now I can work on them myself and I’m good as new. I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 1992. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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    Celeste E

    Wow! At first I wasn’t sure I was on YOUR blog! Had to do a double take when I looked at your LO. Not that I don’t like it, I do! But I just got done devouring your sequel book Clean & Simple and it’s so different. But I like, I like!

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    Survived the flippin hurricane. My yard is a mess. My house is a mess. But I WILL be in Phoenix next week for CKC. Unless of course another hurricane decides to destroy more of the LA coast. Perhaps I should move north??

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    Jody Ferlaak

    You tilted photos on a layout! I’m so excited to see that you did that. =) Enjoy your kiddos while they are still at home and under your ‘control’. And I totally agree…they grow up too fast!

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    Love the latest picture in the series of bff shots. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loved your LO in Simple… the whole asymmetric thing is way harder than it looks. I bat about .500 when it comes to achieving asymmetric balance, and it usually requires (a lot of) tweaking.

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    This makes my tummy flip-flop. I can’t believe how fast Aidan is growing! She’s beautiful — I can see your face in her face. Gosh, she’s just one year old than my daughter…how quickly the years pass us by…

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    I love those three shots! There is little difference between the first and the third, Nicolette, especially! They are gorgeous!

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