Was it worth five bucks? You tell me.

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I paid Cole five bucks to let me post this on his blog. He’s no dummy. He knows that sometimes, the price of public humiliation is worth it.

Though I will say this: my favorite part comes at 1:12, during the line: "They see me roll on, my Seguay…."

Watching this erases most of my bad mood, at any given moment.

One more thing: Cole says, "I wonder if this post would get as many comments as Aidan’s did."

I said, "Let’s watch!"

Cathy ZielskeWas it worth five bucks? You tell me.

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    ali lipton

    Hey, Cole! That was awesome. That song always makes me ROTFL (yes, intended reference to the song lyrics). Loved it when you busted out the robot moves. You rock, dude!

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    Sharon in FL

    Yeah, I’d have definitely paid him for this one. WTG Cole!! You nailed this one. Wonder what $5 would get me at my house! LOL…

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    He’s great! Where do I send my $5? I’ll pay just to be able to come back to this when I need a smile.

    Thanks, Cole! Rock on, buddy!

    Kim B

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    Awesome, little Dude! Your video rocked my “white and nerdy” world this morning! I think you need to hit mom up for more royalties, though!

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    mary bartolotta

    YOU ARE awesome!!! I see your act going out on the road!! can’t wait to see the next one!

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    susan saunders

    Strange and yet wonderful to see another place where my own children would fit right in. Thanks Boy Wonder and keep getting paid for your art!

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    Heidi P.

    Too good! What a crack up. I love that you just kept going…cartwheels and all. Keep it up–you’re gonna be a star.

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    That is hilarious!! I think Cole could be the new Weird Al, or at least “Mini Weird Al”! : )

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    Roll on Cole.
    Favorite part at 2:02 “no one sees me, get freaky”
    Thanks for starting my day off really well.

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    Kristen B.

    Oh my. I love the cartwheels. My nine year old daughter does the same thing when they “freestyle” in her brand new dance class. Keep in mind, she’s never taken dance, and I use the term freestyle very loosely. And I just keep thinking, “darn sunglasses”. I hate when they fall off right in the middle of my routine. Ha.

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    Look out Weird Al!! the next X of white rappers is on his way!! that was GREAT!! loved the guest shot of your mom!! you definately should have got more than $5!! most excellent!!

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    Cole – way to go dude! I grew up with Weird Al (not literally like “with him”, figuratively speaking). Two of my favorites are Amish Paradise (we live about 15 minutes from a huge amish community) and his Brady Bunch version. (Because I grew up with all of those shows – and LOOOOOVED the Brady Bunch!)

    Anyway – enough about me! Rock on Cole. You da’ man!

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    LMAO! Cole you are the bomb! My favorite part was watching you try to keep your glasses on..oh and the cartwheels!

    Yo yo white and nerdy!

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    Cole-you is amazing! I love this song. My white and nerdy brother who is in college to be an electrical/computer engineer first introduced me to this song. You have done it justice.

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    Cole, I am ROTFL!!!!! Way to start my Wed morning out with a good laugh…You helped get me out of my mood. Hey Cole I think you should ask Mom for More money, You are a star in the making =0)

    Well worth it Cathy, thanks for sharing guys

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    jen w

    that rocked. well worth the investment. you should’ve asked for more cole – you’ll worth it!

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    Velta W.

    Cole, it’s those spectacular cartwheels that did it for me. This video should sweep the net. You’ll be more famous than the “Star Wars Kid” Nice of you to let your mom have a cameo spot!

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    Really enjoyed that, I have a rock star at my house too, will have to get bigger sunglasses for him.

    thanks for sharing!
    KellyM in MN

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    Okay, I feel completely validated for a recent post on my blog about paying my kids to “entertain” me.

    Cole, that was worth at least $10 in my book. Keep entertaining us, little dude!

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    Marcie Levine

    That is awesome. I can’t wait to get home from work and show to my boys, they are going to crack up, they love that song! Way to go Cole.

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    karen lee

    awesome video cole!!!
    my boys LOVE that song too!
    our favorite line is “I”m nerdy in the extreme, whiter than sour cream”

    karen lee

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    LOL – my 17 yo (who discovered Al a few years back and was amazed his doddering old parents knew who he was…) says “good job Cole”. And now, don’t be too jealous, but we saw Weird Al at the Puyallup Fair a few times, and just last week on our way down to the fair, (*oh joy*) we played an Al marathon mix during our 2 1/2 hour (should have been 45 minutes) drive. Now my 8 yo daughter loves the Ebay song…

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    cole!! YOU ROCK!!! you should definitely post some more music vids for us! but make sure to charge your mom. i think you could have gotten ten bucks for that one. don’t fall for all that family loyalty stuff. business is business, dude.

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    Cole…you are a ROCK STAR!~ I think your mom is hiding something from “her” public! It is all about you baby… take a bow and tell your mom the next performance is worth at least $50.00. what got me, you ask? Well maybe it was the amazing moves at 1:12 (pretty impressive)… or the amazing arm work (and CLEARLY the foot work that goes along with it)! Over all I must tell you the cart wheels grabbed me, took me and convinced me to shout…. “America we DO have talent” and his name is COLE! Dude, I say hang up the tube socks and hang on to those rockin’ glasses you are going places brother! πŸ™‚
    ps. at the end of the day… remember this… “if momma aint happy, ain’t nobody happy”! That, my dear can make you millions!

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    Sonja Chandler

    What is it with Weird Al?
    My soon to be 11 year son is hooked on youtube videos of him. Especially this one.

    GREAT Video Cole!! You were definately
    keepin it real for your homies…wurd!!

    And worth every last penny of that five dollars mom! πŸ™‚

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    Martha M.

    I so get this because I have my own 8 year old! Absolutely fantastic and easily worth the $5 bucks! I might even have paid $10.

    Cole, you rock!

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    Cole….YOU ROCK! Love the moves! Make sure that for your next gig you get more $ and also I think you should make a list of your demands… like bottled water, small boxes of nerds candy…and since you are such a star I think you should say you only like the grape ones!

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    Lovebug Kat

    Well apparently it is a Zielske family trait to start my day with a smile!
    Thanks Cole for letting Mom show this, totally you should charge her more for the next installment.
    Rock on dude!

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    Katrina of Southern CA

    Way to go Cole!!!- My boys loved it. Next time you need to ask Mom for more $$$. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  30. #85

    Cole… worth way more than $5!
    I think you should be a regular on your mom’s blog. =)
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

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    Jill R

    This is fabulous! My favorite Weird Al song! And a super funny dude to pull off the dance video to it! Worth $5 in my book. πŸ™‚

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    Missus Wookie

    Hmmm Cole you should have set up a paypal account for those $5 πŸ™‚

    We like Weird Al here too and as a mini you look as if you are having a great time….

    although I confess I’m glad we didn’t get to check if you DID have your name in your underwear. There are some things only a Mom should know… πŸ˜†

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    That was brilliant- pure and simple- brilliant! I would venture to say that it was the best 5 bucks your mom ever spent! Love the 3-D movie glasses with the tape! I definitely think you should produce some more videos for our entertainment!

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    Deborah P

    My favorite parts? All the adjustments of the glasses, when he moved the camera to get a crowd shot and it was of you, with your back to the camera, and the backflips. Way to go, Cole!

  35. #97

    Awesome! Worth five bucks? For Cathy, totally; for Cole, he should probably ask for royalties before mom shows it at your Sr Prom!

  36. #107
    Helen W

    Oh Cole, tell me where to send my $5 for letting me watch that. You are definitely not nerdy — you are one COOL boy! Thank you!

  37. #113
    Beatriz R.

    Cole it’s the man!! πŸ˜‰

    0000 0000 0 0000 #
    0 0 0 0 0 #
    0 0 0 0 888 #
    0 0 0 0 0 #
    0000 0000 0000 0000
    R O C K S !

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    Leigh Ann

    Cole just kills me! That was so much fun to watch!
    Oh the trouble he and my 8 year old boy could get into…

  39. #118

    Too funny! My 7yo loves that song and even has some of the same moves as Cole! (Also, was that you making a cameo?)

  40. #119
    Elizabeth K

    i never comment but
    since cole wants comments thats what i’ll give him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    chicks dig white and nerdy-you’re awesome cole!!!!

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    Melissa (MilliD)

    Okay. You know what, Cole? Two words. You. Rock. I was having a HORRIBLE day and your video just turned it around. See?? I told you – you rock!! WTG, dude!!

  42. #125

    I’m rollin’…haha! Cole, you ROCK! But I do believe we almost experienced a full moon there!

    My daughter would say, “That’s TIGHT!”

    Happy Tuesday you crazy Zielskes! =)

  43. #130

    Holy Cow! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, LONG time! WTG, Cole! You had me at the glasses.

    Loved when you pan to your mom and she’s drinking coffee like nothing unusual at all is going on in the living room. Gotta love it!

    Cole, you’re gonna be a hit on your college campus!

  44. #132
    Barbara Doyle

    I agree–the Segway thing is priceless, but the accompanying off-camera motion to “got my name on my underwear” is completely rad too.

    You rock, Cole. Totally.

  45. #134
    Mary C

    This is hysterical. I have workers in my house and they were looking at me strangely while I was watching this. I was cracking up and then the hip-hop music with this old white lady listening (me). I should send him five bucks!

  46. #139
    Julie H

    OK, so I was upset because I felt you “sold out” with all the blinkies on your blog. But I have to say you are back in good graces again. This little video made me laugh this morning, and I guess that is worth the price of looking at those stupid things.(The blinkies,not the sunglasses)

  47. #140
    Corie in Indy

    Oh my gosh, that’s stinkin’ hilarious! Go Cole! I wish I had half as much spunk and personality as you do! Cathy, how do you raise such cool and confident kids?!

  48. #141

    You’ve got to love Weird Al. And frankly, I think you should pay the boy more. Those moves were smokin’!

  49. #145
    Karen Kelly

    Cole–you should have held out for a few more bucks–this was definitely worth at least $20 πŸ™‚ White and nerdy isn’t TOO bad…I married a guy who actually is white and nerdy so I would know!

  50. #146
    Luann McEludff

    Freakin’ yes Cole…..you roll on with it. Think about an agent and charge Mom waaaaaaaaaaaaay more next time!

  51. #152

    “Stephen Hawkins in my library”:-)

    Totally made my day. Thank you Cole!

    Go the nerd route, Cole…in case your mom hasn’t told you yet, once you finish high school, it’s the nerds who rule the world (and get all the girls).

  52. #153

    Hilarious! I thought he was going to moon us at one point! LOL! No way you can find entertainment like that for $5. That’s a bargain.

  53. #154
    Vicki Hall

    “Dude – he totally rocked it out” (says my 6yo ds). It appears you have quite a following πŸ™‚ Thanks for the smiles – and protect that money-maker!

  54. #156

    How stinkin’ cute was THAT?! *(Heya Cole . . . you want to make some SERIOUS bucks? . . . think about sending that in to Funniest Home Videos.) AWESOME DUDE!

  55. #158

    Cole…i need to be your agent! You could have TOTALLY gotten more than $5 for that piece of work…. That my son is worth MILLIONS! Next time you get in trouble…you save this post… this is a get out of trouble pass that can be used TEN TIMES!
    U R rockin in out in the twin cities!

  56. #162
    Karla in So Cal

    Cole…you da’ man! My favorite is the end with the taped glasses. Thanks for letting your mom share.

  57. #163


    Your video was awesome! I think you should be an actor πŸ™‚

    Weird Al has some serious competition.

  58. #165

    he has a great future in music and entertainment thats for sure!

    great job cole! totally worth the $5.

  59. #166
    Wendy Inman

    Totally worth the money! Tell Cole he rocks… from everyone at my house where Weird Al is played or quoted just about every day πŸ™‚

  60. #173
    Kim in PA

    LOVE IT!!! Nice moves Cole, very “natural”–I’ve heard bits and pieces of this at my house, had to go check out Al’s version too!—Made my day—I’m sure my boys will be back to check you out!

  61. #174

    So now we’re having the brother/sister competition? fun
    I love this song. Loved the Segway bit, too.
    Nice one, Cole!

  62. #181

    Uh, yeah. Easily worth $5. And more. Too fun! I had never heard the song before (how white and nerdy does that make me?) but will be sharing Cole’s talent with my hubby. He thinks he has gangster roots, but must be the whitest guy I know. Thanks, Cole! Made my day!

  63. #183

    Cole, YOU ROCK!

    Totally should have asked for more than $5! How about ask mom for $1 per comment?

    (Sorry Cath!)


  64. #188
    Stephanie T.

    OMG!! Cole You are da bomb!! SO SO much more awesome than the Jonas Brothers that my girls listen to…This was total freakin’ goodness!!

    That’s it…I’m adopting a boy…after 3 girls, tutus and Barbies, I need a dude to break cartwheels in my living room!

  65. #190
    Judy in Huntsville

    So Fun! Love that he knows all the words! And those moves! Wow- totally worth the $5.

    On a different note, does Dan still have his vibe [THE CAR!] Ours was totaled in June and we bought a camry that I’m so not loving – and am seriously considering going back to the vibe / matrix -but now a sporty little corolla has caught my eye —

  66. #193
    Melissa Raphael

    Love the dancing! I think next time, you should ask for a bit more. Ask for $10 and make it a weekly post on the blog! Tell mom your it’s for your peeps…


  67. #195

    Way to go, Cole! You should have charged your mom $10 for that! I loved watching you try to keep the glasses on!

  68. #199

    OMG…that was too funny! My favorite moment was the “ping pong” around 1:07 and I loved your cameo, Cathy. I wonder why he positioned the camera on your during the ‘fanny pack’ phrase? Thank you for sharing Cole with us!!!

  69. #202
    Yolanda Robinson

    I loved seeing the reflection of weird al in your glasses at the end!
    You totally rocked it!

  70. #205

    $5? I think you owe that kid some more money! Or maybe his new ipod. That was totally awesome! Love the cartwheels and your cameo!

  71. #206

    Way to go, Cole! My 9 year-old son loves that song, too. But he hasn’t come up with a dance like THAT! Good for you!

  72. #211

    You go Cole! Don’t ever let anyone tell you Weird Al isn’t the greatest. The only thing missing in your video is Dan in the background playing the Donny Osmond part. My son is a senior in high school and is split between being a baseball jock and hanging with his friends that I lovingly call the “Nerd Herd”. White and Nerdy has been his ringtone on my phone since the song came out. Because you just gotta love a son who’s white and nerdy. I’m sure you agree, Cathy.

  73. #213

    Oh, Cole, that is just too, too cool! I love how we can see the video in your glasses at the end. I have one question…at about 2:20, you leave the viewing area for a couple of seconds, and I was just wondering what you were doing??

  74. #214
    Christa-The Blue Wife

    Dude–you totally ROCK! My daughter thinks you’re hot and want to be in your fan club. Well, actually, she didn’t say that but I think you have inspired her to want to the same on her mommy’s blog. Except maybe to a different song. I think you should hit your mom up for more money though. That was definitely worth a ten.

  75. #223
    Michelle A

    Absolutely, totally worth $5! You are awesome Cole. Do you take requests? I’d love to see your version of “Eat It”. You so rock!!

  76. #226

    coolness cole, so worth the $5! not sure how comfortable I am getting in the middle of this sibling rivalry – i hope i posted a comment on aiden’s post, which was also cool, so that I am fair.

  77. #228
    Nanette in WA

    Way to go Cole! Now that you’re famous, you can ask for more money for your next performance! πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to show my 6th grader tonight –I know he’ll love it – he loves that song.

  78. #230
    corinne delis

    I never comment but just HAD to comment on this. So worth the 5 bucks to bring a smile on my face. i can see you take after your mother πŸ˜‰


  79. #245
    Wendy in MD

    Tears are ROLLING! This is way too cute! I love 1:12 (Segway), too!

    At the end, was he showing the reflection of a video playong on a computer screen onto his sunglasses? Too cute!

  80. #253

    Five dollars well spent!! You rock, Cole! I loved the close up of your taped glasses at the end!

  81. #254

    This is just too funny! I would love to be a fly on the wall of the “Z” household for just one day!!!

  82. #258
    tena Sprenger

    Cole.. you have some serious talent, cathy you better get ready to pony up some bucks for the next video… you know there will need to be another one!! tena

  83. #260

    I don’t think anyone would argue that your Cole is going to be someone famous someday…he is a HOOT!
    Thanks for the chuckle today.

  84. #261

    Absolutely Hilarious…if only my nephews were so brave enough to let me post ridiculous things of them.

  85. #264
    Brigid G

    Cole, you ROCK! That was worth so much more than $5! Your mom got off cheap. Thanks for sharing your incredible dancing talent with us!

  86. #269
    susan gilman

    COLE! You should change your name to COOL because that was DA BOMB! Holy Moly that was awesome. Definitely should have asked for more than five bucks!! Tell your mom to bring you on the road next time she teaches!

    Longtime reader&fan of your mom’s blog – huge fan of the whole family now!!

  87. #270

    great job cole…maybe you can take the $5 your mom paid you and buy a “grill” for your mouth to complete your look? you rock!

  88. #276

    Ok. That was FRICKIN’ hilarious! Oh my gosh! And my 14 year old says, “hey mom, when did you start listening to White & Nerdy?”. Well, honey, I didn’t. Blame it on Cathy. But maybe I’ll have to now πŸ™‚

  89. #278
    Liza Garibaldi

    OMG! That was hilarious! Totally worth the $5.00!! What was really funny was that the camera effects sometimes made it look like his mouth was “blurred-out” like they do when someone on tv says a bad word! Too funny – you rock Cole!

  90. #280
    Sue in Grapevine

    Oh, now you know what will be shown in the little video montage @ the rehearsal dinner for Cole’s wedding.
    Blackmail material such as this is a bargain @ twice the price!

  91. #287

    My 12 year old daughter just watched this with me. At the end she said “His moves are sick. That was awesome.”

    Final verdict? I’d say it was worth more than five bucks. That video was PRICELESS.

  92. #298

    How do you feel about arranged marriages? I have a 9 year old daughter who is a total jock, beauty…I am NOT going to let her be a cheerleader, and she will have extensive exposure to Classic Rock, the outdoors, and silly people…they will be perfect together!

  93. #300

    Laugh Out Loud! This is absolutely hilarious and I love it!!! Thanks for sharing a laugh with us!

  94. #302
    Susan, Nathan, Colin & Ryan

    Thank you, Cole! You made our bedtime relax time AWESOME!!! Even Aydyn had to tear himself away from the new Lego Batman video game to watch some.

    Nathan, Colin & Ryan (aka the boys)

    Yep, worth the $5!

    Susan (aka the mama)

  95. #306

    You are the coolest! Only a real stud laughs at himself and realizes life is supposed to be fun.

  96. #309

    Ah, to be Cole’s age again! Pay him another $5. Awesome job, Cole! My fave Weird Al song is his version of Gangsta’s Paradise…

  97. #312
    Karen Y

    Definitely worth the $5! Had me cracking up! You’re great Cole. Looking forward to more of this.

  98. #313

    I might need to come rent a square of carpet in your house… just for a day. I need to see all of this silliness and super-star moves IN PERSON!

  99. #314
    Jennifer Stewart

    Ok, that is like the best thing I’ve seen in a LONG time. COLE…you rock, man! And hey, that’s sort of a Donny Osmond related song, so I’m loving it! πŸ™‚


  100. #316
    Sharon F.

    REally he sold out too early. It was worth the whole $6 bucks! Love the cartwheel attempts!!

    Cathy you are a crack up! Thanks for the smiles and giggles. Thanks too Cole – You Rock Man!

  101. #317

    Great Job Cole! Loved it. Now you need to design a video for your Mom’s Design Your Life class!

  102. #318
    Jennifer Larson

    Hysterical. I make the prediction that Cole will one day be his high school mascot. Or Homecoming King. Possibly both.

  103. #322

    Hey Cole! That was great – sure put a smile on my face. You must keep things really interesting at your house. I can only imagine what your mom and dad will experience in the next 10-15 years. Keep them on their toes!!!

  104. #324
    Cheryl S

    OMG! Cole you are friggin’ hilarious! Yes Cathy that was more than worth the 5 buckaroos..Cole, I would have asked for more!

  105. #330

    Good job, Cole. You’re a star. Got that creativity from you mom, I think. Always fun and amusing checking in with your family!

  106. #332

    Cole, you shoulda charged at least $10! Totally worth it! Made my day! I do have just one criticism. Here in Des Moines we have a local gymnist by the name of Shawn Johnson. I think her cartwheels might be a little better than yours, but otherwise your moves are great!

  107. #333
    Sherry G

    Cathy, that was totally worth the money – I would have payed $20!

    Cole, you make White & Nerdy look pretty cool!

  108. #334
    Shawnna flipflopmom

    i am going to show this to my son tomorrow – he is 9 and loves to dance πŸ˜‰


    do you guys watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE – my son loves it

  109. #340

    you are one talented white, nerdy kiddo…thanks for sharing…if you get more comments than Aidan I think you should get her to pay you $5. πŸ™‚

  110. #341

    What a scream! Way, way worth the money! I was laughing so hard somewhere around 2 minutes that I actually snorted! Definitely money well spent! Cole…dude, next time negotiate for more money!

  111. #342

    Awesome Cole. Thanks for the smiles. Looking forward to more such videos. Milk your mom for more money though. Totally worth it.

  112. #346

    My husband and I are very impressed. I wanted him to do the “pop pop!” hand moves – but very awesome. You do a great impression of Weird Al’s dancing, Cole!

  113. #348

    Cole, Dude! You rocked it! I think you need to ask your mama for a raise though. You were way under paid!

  114. #353
    Toni Brockliss

    I’m married to a nerd and he’s awesome.

    Well done Cole.
    If you still dance like that in 13 years or so years when you are out at nightclubs, the ladies will be lining up around the block to dance with you.

    Girls like funny guys. Trust me.

    Toni – Australia.

  115. #355
    Tonja Trump

    Somebody get him an agent..he was underpaid! Totally need to up that annie to $20 at least! Where’s his MTV award? I hope Weird Al is watching…he’s got some competition now!

  116. #357

    My favorite part is when Cole’s glasses fall off, and he has to feel his way around to find them. Awesome! Good Job Cole!

  117. #359

    Soooo funny Cole… You are one talented kid! Thanks for suchan enjoyable chuckle. Cathy, you and Dan have wonderful kids, but I’m sure you know that already! Cole go for more cash next time!

  118. #364

    Oh my, I can’t stop laughing!!!! My favorite lines were, “I’m whiter than sour cream” and “I spend all my weekends at the Rennaissance Fair, got my name on my underwear!”

    Thanks Cole! That was totally worth the money Cathy!

  119. #366
    lynn whelan

    Let’s see some of my favorite highlights were when he panned over to you, and when he tried to show his underware. I just have to ask, was there a lot of practicing for this? It seemed so well thought through!

    I can see how it would bring a smile to your face. I don’t even know the kid and it does that for me! You’re a lucky mom.

    Hi Cole!!!!!!

  120. #369

    You rock Cole. Loved the video and can totally see how it would brighten your day…too cute

  121. #371

    COLE! That was AWESOME! You’ve got some skillz…knowing just how to turn that camera to get your quasi-cartwheel & I loved how you captured the video in your sunglasses. You’ve got artistic vision, man! This was totally worth the $5. I think you should’ve got $10 though! CZ, thanks for sharing this on the blog! Have a great day, Zielske’s!

  122. #372
    Mary Beth

    This summer I paid my 6yo to swim across the pool. I didn’t know he could do it. He did. 5 times. I only paid him $5 though πŸ™‚

    Good job Cole!

    Love the blog. MB

  123. #375

    LOOOOVE IT! You crack me up! I will probably have that song in my head all morning now. Ha Ha…can’t wait to see the next video! πŸ™‚

  124. #377
    Shelley Laming

    Awesome job, Cole! I think you deserve more than 5 bucks just for the sheer entertainment value. πŸ™‚

  125. #379

    Wow! Cole you definitely have “star quality” Next time hold out for more money! Totally put a smile on my face this morning!

  126. #380

    OMG This was awesome and just as funny today as when I saw it on youtube (tried to comment and rate of course you tube was updating) last night. I would have NO prob paying 5.00 bucks for this just tell me where to send the check. You the man Cole!
    Those are some great kids you have Cathy, thanks for sharing.

  127. #381

    That is my absolute favorite Weird Al version of a song! Cole, you did a great job. Perhaps you can be the next Weird Al, rather than the next Super Big Fan. I look forward to the next video.

  128. #383
    joanne (spagirl)

    i just had to check in and watch again! i keep thinking… cathy, you must be so proud of your awesomely (is that a word?:P) talented kids! i re-read aidan’s post too… so funny and creative!! hopefully we can hear from her again soon too!

  129. #385
    Susan E in VA

    Cole, that was awesome! I loved your cartwheels and how your Mom is just working away in the background! My DD12 loves Weird Al too! Rock on!!

  130. #387

    Awesome! I love the way the bricks and the plaid of your shirt blend together. YOu are the antithesis of nerdy! Too cool for school Cole, that’s who you are.

  131. #390
    Lisa M

    Cole, You’re AMAZING! Not only the dancing and the costume, but you actually understand ALL the words to the song…that’s more than I can say for myself…guess I’m showing my age!!!

    Way to go! Happy Thursday!


  132. #392

    too cool, think Mom should pay you more than $5 bucks though you know inflation, cost of living & all. My daughter said she would come by & show you some more white & nerdy moves.

  133. #394
    Tertia Jacobs

    Five bucks??? Is that all you got? I think you were ripped off Cole – If I were you I would speak to my union or something! That is so worth more than Five bucks!!!!

  134. #397
    jenn shurkus

    hahahahaha LMAO!!!! this is prolly the funniest thing i have seen in months….

    totally worth the $5… i’m pretty sure we should ALL be sending cole $5 for the pure entertainment πŸ˜‰

  135. #399
    Carol Ann H.

    OMG – ROFLMAO!!!! Weird Al ain’t got nuthin’ on Cole!!! I love how at the end you can see Weird Al in Cole’s sunglasses, LOL! Very cool, dude! Carol

  136. #400

    Yo Cole, dawg u got it goin on ! Tell ya mamma she need to slide you more than 5 lil ones..Youse in the big time now..
    peace out

  137. #402
    Tanya Webster

    SO awesome!!! My five year old daughter kept making me go back to the part about the underwear and laughing hysterically πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laughs and smiles this morning!!!

  138. #403
    Lisa Along

    Oh, my goodness… it’s like watching my own kid! He’s white and nerdy too and we love him.

    Keep up the good work, Cole!! You rock!

  139. #413
    Tammy B

    That was AWESOME!! My boys love that song and it always makes me laugh when they start singing it! Way to go Cole!

  140. #421
    Christine Campbell

    OH OH OH MY GOD!! I can’t breathe, laughing alot!!
    If I had seen that on someone else’s blog, I still would have known that was your son.


  141. #431

    Awesome Cole!

    pssst……you Mom should pay you more than $5 for posting that one. You worked hard and were very entertaining…….worth way more than $5.00!!!

  142. #432

    Cole, your video is very cool, but I think it might be even cooler that you have a mom that will make and post a video like that.

  143. #434
    Ruth in OZ

    Posting from the west coast of OZ so that COle can get his comments count way up – and it was a lot of fun to watch , thanks for sharing, the pan shot to Mum was cute.

  144. #435
    Lyn Meeker

    Cole… that was easily worth $20 .. hold out for more next time! It really put me in a good mood this morning .. I’m almost ready to tackle cleaning the kitchen! .. Better watch it one more time to make sure!

  145. #437

    Way to go Cole! But only $5?? I think you need to raise the price if there’s a sequel πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for putting a smile on my dial today.


  146. #441

    that looked like awesome fun Cole! Loved the cameo appearance of your mum in the background too πŸ™‚

  147. #443

    Cole–dude, bustin’ those Segway moves. At times you were a gangsta gymnast with the cartwheels. (You were a bit undercut on the public domain humiliation rate–my kids would charge me $10+ice cream).

  148. #445
    Sarah (Hutchinson, MN)

    Cole ROCKS!

    That is too funny that those glasses keep falling off…. and the tape on the bridge of the glasses – YES, totally white & nerdy!

    I like at the end how you can see the video playing in the reflection of his glasses.

    Like mother, like son…. you two are both QUITE talented!

  149. #455

    Wow. Tell your mom to cop for film school. Seriously. You have a gift.

    And I wish I made 2 cents per second at work. Don’t let the other posts fool you. This is an excellent wage.

    I would make $553.85 per day at that rate. Now whose white & nerdy?

  150. #457

    My boyfriend introduced me to this song last year so I HAD to forward this to him. Can’t wait to see what he thinks.

    Cole – You did great! Thanks for the laughs! Well worth the $5.

  151. #458
    Deborah M

    That was worth the $5! I think you should get Dan to do the Donny Osmond dancing in the background πŸ™‚

    OK, and I have to admit, this is one of my favorite songs too…

  152. #460
    Gloria Baures

    Dude, you kicked it with those cartwheels! or was that an attempt at break dancing? Ha! Loved it! Uh, next time ask for more dinero, though…YOU RAWK!

  153. #461
    Cindy B.

    Cole, you and my son would get along so well. He was just blasting this song last night and dancing around to it. He makes videos all the time. You are too funny!

  154. #465
    Linda A.

    Too funny! πŸ™‚ My husband used to work for Segway here in NH – guess that makes us pretty “white and nerdy” too! πŸ˜‰

  155. #468

    Little Dude, your mom totally ripped you off. That was worth so much more than $5.
    CZ, your household must be a riot. So entertaining.

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