Fall is for chili and U2’s October

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First, the chili. I think i've posted this recipe twice before, and if you think I'm not going to post it again, well, in the words of Judas Priest, you got another thing comin'.

It is seriously one of my favorite fall things. They call it Chililicious. Serve it with lots of fresh lime wedges, cilantro and crushed tortilla chips. And you can't mess up this recipe. I usually reduce it a bit when I make it (two cans of white beans, one of black, and two – three cans of broth.)  Thanks to Margie's cookin' (and handsome) hubby, as always, for the recipe!

Download chililicious.pdf

And the other thing I'm really into on account of the cooler weather? October by U2. It reminds me of Seattle. And long haired boys who were prettier than me. Freshman year of college at the University of Washington.

But the cool thing is? The album holds up. Bono was so young. The Edge had hair. And this song? Absolute perfection.

Cathy ZielskeFall is for chili and U2’s October

45 Comments on “Fall is for chili and U2’s October”

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    lynn whelan

    We love this recipe, use it often! I just love the combination of lime and cilantro, yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Kelly W.

    I am not sure I have ever gotten over that song and that video. Loved it then, love it now.

    I don’t think I ever thought way back then that they would become one of the greatest bands of all time. Even when I don’t like U2, they are still one of the greatest bands of all time.

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    Truly the voice of an angel, add to that his passion for humanitarism and he is an angel… even if I can’t spell. You get where I am going with this.

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    Yah – you’re welcome here to cook & listen to music anytime you’re in Sweden! *grins*

    …HAVE to try this recipe. I’ve just been to lazy to translate measurements. But I’m gonna. *nodnod*

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    woh – flashback, but in a cool way.

    why don’t I remember Bono being so boppy though? crazy.

    and I’m somehow comforted that Bono, too, had a mullet.

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    Genine D.

    Wow I never coment on blog posting BUT you were talking about my 2 favorite things ,Food and U2!! And just for FYI U2 is writing the score for “Spiderman the Musical” interesting uh?? Have a great day…

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    Amy J.

    As soon as this started playing, I immediately started singing. Still know all the words and I haven’t listed to that album in YEARS! I was SO in love with Bono back then!!! He’s gotten a bit wonky with age, but still one very sexy guy. Ok, now I’m gonna be playing U2 for days.

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    amy m

    cathy that looks delicious. I was going to go with a plain chicken noodle soup tonight, but now I’m all about chililicous.


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    Thanks for the recipe.

    Omigosh, does the video bring back memories…I remembering seeing them in Cleveland, Ohio in 1987–it was such an awesome concert. I love all the songs from this album…which I had at one time but now I think I will order it on Amazon today! Thanks Cathy!!

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    Oh, the flashback. Seattle in the 80’s, an evening at The Vogue. and just a little bit of techno-bop in your soul for the rest of your days.
    thanks, I needed that.

    Olympia, WA

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    Katrina Of Southern California

    U2 one of my favorites. Just love to watch them in concert and Crowded House too of course. I just have to say Edge has to be one of my favorites, but he is much better looking without hair.HOT!!!

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    Oh My Goodness…I have such fantastic memories of dancing to U2 songs at The Wave in Virginia Beach my junior year in high school. Simply magical times…if only I had known!!! 🙂

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    You made my day! I LOVE that U2 song–there aren’t many I don’t like. Man, if Bono was so young, we were too. Amazing how time flies. Thanks for sharing the video.

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    Kirsty Wiseman

    Glorious is one of my all time favvo tracks from that album. I event hink I own that song.
    Dont get me started on Streets With No Name from the Joshua Tree album and Unforgettable Fire fromt he album of the same name.

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    The combination of “Gloria” and Chilicious in one post just sent chills down my spine. Goodness!!!!

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    This is one of our family’s favorite meals. And it’s all thanks to you. And I make it for a lot of people too. And they love it too. And now they all make it for their family’s. If this is all I get out of reading your blog, I’m a happy, happy, girl!

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    You can never go wrong with U2!! My favorite U2 song of the moment is Stay(far away, so close) live from Toronto during the Elevation Tour.

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    Holly Scheer

    I was a soph. at University of Missouri during U2’s October. Still LOVE them today!! Bono? Mmmmmm!

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    Funny how a song can stir up memories from long, long ago. I absolutely loved U2 when I was in High School. I still adore them!

    And coincidentally, I am sitting here eating some super delish Chicken Chili that dh whipped up. Mmmmm!!!

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    My kids can’t believe that the U2 they like was a fantastic band when I was in high school. Thanks for bringing that memory back. I need to dig out my U2 cds now…

    Oh and chili? Totally a cool/cold weather thing. Chili CANNOT be eaten in the summer or spring. Even if it’s a cool April day with temperatures like an October day. Nope. Can’t eat chili. And cornbread on the side, with apple butter. Or pear butter. Or pumpkin butter. Gotta try this recipe, looks to be a winner!

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    Sev from france

    Hi Cathy,

    thanks to your fabulous class, I improve my design skills and thanks to your recipe, I cooked this evening my first Chili ! My hubby loves mexican food and I didn’t know that !! He was really happy !!
    It was delicious. I replaced Jack cheese by young Mimolette from Holland.
    See you soon on BPS !

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    Carmen King, Avondale, AZ

    Do you think Bono had any idea who he would be in just a few short years? It’s amazing to see his changes. I only wish it was just as easy to see my own, of course, if I was bald now, I might notice that!

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    Annette J

    In order to fulfill my New Year’s Resolution to make four new recipes per month, I tried the chili. WE LOVE IT!! And by “we”, I mean my husband, three semi-picky daughters, and me. The plan this evening was to make the chili and grill ribeyes (my favorite steak). We decided against the steak since everyone wanted the chili instead. I have tried several white chili recipes in the past and they were all flat, bland, and boring. This recipe is amazing– thanks for the recipe! aj

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    BEST BAND IN THE LAND!!! Themz my boyz…. forever!! Can you tell, love me some U2… Now, off to make the chili recipe!! Look forward to the blog just about everyday!! Thanks for the laughs…Peace to you..

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    Anybody who scrapbooks AND quotes Judas Priest is my all-time favorite person! I saw both Priest and U2 in 1987. Whatta year…man. I think I’m lucky to remember it. And I assure you that Bono was unbelievably HOT then, felt the heat and charisma from my spot four rows back in the mosh pit. Leather studded chokers are long gone and traded in for pearls and a station wagon. Sigh.

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    Sue Sykes

    U2 Rocks! Although WHAT in the world is goin’ on with Adam Clayton’s hair?? Either I blocked it out back in high school or was too fixated on Larry Mullen Jr!

    Chili looks so warm and fall-ish – can’t wait to try Jason’s recipe!

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