The experts say to have a successful blog, you should include many bright and colorful photos

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I’m assuming then, it’s completely acceptable to use ridiculous quantities of Photoshop actions to enhance the shots?

Or, to post groupings of shots that are not related in any way to the previous shots. Like my new toaster? And my new food processor?


(That’s right? How you like me now?)

Or maybe shots that provide irrefutable proof that we are not alone in the universe?


Or, irrefutable proof that with patience, you can spell just about any word using strategically placed edibles from a bag of Chex Mix?


Man, they’re RIGHT. Adding many bright and colorful photos DOES enhance the entire blog experience.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Cathy ZielskeThe experts say to have a successful blog, you should include many bright and colorful photos

42 Comments on “The experts say to have a successful blog, you should include many bright and colorful photos”

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    Consider your blog a “great success!” (to quote Borat, you must supply the Borat accent in your own head as you say it).

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    great pics. no one will know you altered them. we will just think you are a phenomenal photog.
    and yeah, the pics are better than your random blathering… :0)
    lol – just kidding!

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    I am pleased to note that extraterrestrials dig AC/DC. The burning question in my mind is: do they too have to cave and shop at Wal-Mart to get the new album???

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    I just love your blog!! It’s one of my favs! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. πŸ™‚
    Tight hugs, Nanette

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    I enjoyed meeting you at CKC last weekend! (I’m the short one with the fake flat friend with me. wink) By the way – I love your new toaster!

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    i have the exact same toaster and I LOVE IT!
    i am a cuisinart and kitchen aid junkie and proud! i have the toaster, coffee maker (the one that grinds your beans and looks so fancy) and a blender….but i do not have a food processer yet and i am so jealous! that and the kitchen aid stand mixer are on my wish list….happy cooking and bagel toasting!

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    laura vegas

    as your blog was pulling up … my 8 yr old walked by and then stopped and said “oooohhhh, pretty colors” like she was in some sort of trance. lol! pretty funny considering your post!

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    The secret is to NOT tell people you photoshopped the pictures so we can stand in awe of you…well, I am awed by you, anyway.

    Hey, when are the vlogs coming back? You should sing for us some more. It was very…enlightening.

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    love the photos!!!! as of this very minute i am close to pulling out my hair looking for a 4×6 photo album similar to the one you used for your gratitude journal(in the current SS)!!! did you happen to make it or am i totally losing my mind? (maybe i missed the ‘ingredients’ in the magazine as well?) any help would be appreciated!!! thanks bunches!!!

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    Hey Cathy, nice touch with the ACDC T-shirt and the Alien Mask. Have you heard the new ACDC LP? Great Stuff!

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    Love the post…made me laugh. Thanks for the chili recipe above. And happy chopping with your new Cuisinart. I just made some yummy nutty granola with mine. I used to do it by hand and it would take FOREVER to chop all those nuts. Have fun and thanks again. Also-I am loving your class. I’ve never made so many cool pages. My friends are all jealous! lol

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    Jeannette P

    I got such a kick out of this post that I had to share it with my hubby. He laughed & then said, what kind of people do you hang out with & know? This post was a riot!!! LMAO

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