I tend to keep my politics to myself. However, I have absolutely NO control over those dogs I take care of. They’ve got minds of their own, you know.

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Oh Chester. You come back and visit anytime. (Thanks, Jim, for the pic.)

And happy election day, everyone.

Cathy ZielskeI tend to keep my politics to myself. However, I have absolutely NO control over those dogs I take care of. They’ve got minds of their own, you know.

51 Comments on “I tend to keep my politics to myself. However, I have absolutely NO control over those dogs I take care of. They’ve got minds of their own, you know.”

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    You have finally made a comment! Sitting in Oz listening to the press I have wondered which way you would go and why you had not mentioned it on your blog before! He comes across as by far the best candidate from our press but wondered what your own personal view was, if nothing else you are always direct!

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    Great photo! Great dog! Hope all goes well with you all as you vote today. Those of us not in the USA are continuing to watch with a keen and alert interest, since your choice is going to affect us all … I may well even stay up through the night to see what happens – and put matchsticks in the work-bag for eye-lid propping-open tomorrow!

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    Alexandra L.

    Looking in from Canada, sometimes I think your US politics is GOING TO THE DOGS!! Good luck today in the election. Either way, change is coming, and hopefully for the better. Peace out.

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    I always had a sense Chester was smarter than the average dog! Here’s to hoping some elephants in the crowd turn out to be just as smart!!!

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    How about a vote for Chester!? Good luck with voting today…here in Canada we voted last month.

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    Jeanne Pellerin

    Cathy! I am like totally crushed! You’ve always seemed so reasonable! How can this be?! And to think that I have loved you all this time in a way that only a stranger can. It’s just shocking.

    Okay, I still like you. Scrapbooking supercedes politics, but only where you’re concerned!! I HATE PAYING OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY IN THE FORM OF TAXES!! There, got that off my chest.

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    GOOD DOG! Okay, okay… and GOOD GIRL, Cathy! And as my 3-year old (4-year old and 6-year old too) would say, “Barack Obabm wins!” I’m not wanting to jinx things with over-confidence, so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed! HOPE. ;o)

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    My dog needs some serious meds, yes I think she is bi-polar. That being said, we remember that she is a DOG and will not be voting. BUT if ACORN had its way you never know……

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    Shirley MacDonald

    Where on earth did we go WRONG!!! At least we have one child for one and one for the other GO McCain/Palin Love Mom PS we already voted and did our duty.

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    That totally cracked me up! We’re a bipartisan house here – so even the dog didn’t get a sign. Thanks for making me laugh!

    P.S. I’m with Chester.

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    Kim K

    I’m with Chester! And boy, I’m constantly amazed by how strongly everyone feels in this election! I can’t understand how someone could support McCain (the old McCain, yes, the new McCain…no way!) Meanwhile, I KNOW they can’t understand how I could support Obama. I’m hopeful that when Obama wins, (please?) people will see that he CAN reach across party lines. Give him a chance. This man has GOT IT. Can’t you feel it???

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    Chester won’t have his pay taken away in taxes to have it redistributed to those who don’t want to work but want everything handed to them.

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    Love the dog… but I am a McCain girl my self & voted early this morning. Still love you Cathy

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    I always luvvvv your posts, its my favorite blog of all, for sure! Always funny, interesting post, and very nowadays too… Your dog is such a kilt one! And the sign is agreed by me, if I’d vote in USA, not in Brasil!
    kisses and more kisses!!!

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    Dogs are smart!:)

    Today is the beginning of a new world! I’m so happy and proud of you, America is a great nation.
    We, Europeans, are celebrating with you!

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    As a dutch girl i wonder about the things people say these days. Isn’t it a miracle that you get an african american president? And i read about the abortion issue, but McCain also stands for the death penalty! American people have sometimes funny ideas about life….
    I think this change is a real change and congratulate you all on this magical day!

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    Dee Pounds

    oh, i wish i had seen that poster before! it would sooooooo have been in my yard!! absolutely adorable — and VERY smart dog!!

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