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I’m still in Utah for work and last night, Dan had to be out for a few hours at home, which meant Aidan and Cole were on their own.

It’s the strangest thing, when your kids hit the age that they can be alone at home. They don’t have to come with you to the grocery store. Or the doctor’s office. Or the grocery store. (I don’t really go anyplace else.)

It’s definitely one of those things that makes you go: WOW! Time is moving forward. And at an alarming rate.

Don’t get me wrong: we don’t leave them for hours at a time. It’s not like we shout: "Okay guys, Daddy and me are heading out to an all-night rave in Minneapolis. Be home tomorrow-ish!"

If we’re going out for the night, we still get a babysitter. But last night was a night where we figured they’d be fine. And besides, with me in my hotel room with a web cam, it’s more or less like being there, right?


Notice the enthusiasm they have for Big Brother, er, I mean, me?


And honestly? Even though we can leave them home alone now, we really don’t do it all that much. Besides, staying at home with these two is just a much fun as an all-night rave any day of the week. And easier. The only discernible difference? Less ecstasy and more Advil.


Cathy ZielskeInternet Child Care

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    Looks like they are entertaining themselves just fine with the PhotoBooth. I’m sure they missed you though… Aren’t web-cams the greatest?

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    By the way, you’re missing snow in MN. So much for them saying on the weather channel yesterday “no need for the Twin Cities to pull out shovels yet…”

    This morning, I woke to find all of the grass covered in snow and every single tree branch blanketed under it as well. It really is quite pretty… not stuck to pavement yet so, doesn’t look like your kids are responsible for the shoveling at your house quite yet.

    Good Morning from MN.

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    sue Treiber

    I love that I don’t have to take them with me on every errand. It’s cut down on the whining big time! And now that they have a cell phone, it’s like I’m there!

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    It’s kind of nice isn’t it. I hesitate at leaving my two together at home–I might come home to find someone missing ;o) I can leave one and take the other. A boy almost 12 and a very head strong 8 1/2 girl can get into some dooseys when left alone together–heck–even when we are home.

    Have a safe trip home.

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    Just one more reason I have to figure out how my webcam works in the mac πŸ™‚ I too leave mine for short spurts of time, makes me nervous every time! Enjoy your meetings.

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    The only discernible difference? Less ecstasy and more Advil.<– how about no hangover!? Well except the candy/popcorn/sore cheeks from laughing kind, of course

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    I feel weird leaving my kids home alone. So like you, even though we CAN do it now, we don’t do it often.

    It really freaks me out to think I was a latchkey kid at 8!

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    Our kids are so amusing we turn down all offers to do adult things on New Year’s just so we can watch their comedy routine, which is never ending!

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    I totally agree with where you’re coming from. It’s weird when you reach that point isn’t it. You can’t believe that you’re old enough to have children you can leave home alone for a while let alone that they’re old enough to be left without a sitter!
    Yours looked like they had a great time though.

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    Missus Wookie

    We abandoned our 14yod for the evening as her brother was out and we had a gig for our anniversary. When we said are you going to be o.k.? She replied, “oh yeah, I mean as long as it doesn’t leave traces I can do ANYTHING I want right?”

    Thankfully, we got home, she’d cleaned the kitchen done the security checks, written us a note detailing what she’d done and headed to bed as usual… :phew: πŸ™‚

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    When my niece and nephew were on spring break last year they would Skype me every day and we’d play Webkinz against each other while their parents were painting rooms in the house. One day it was 4 hours straight… my brother said it was the cheapest babysitting ever… πŸ™‚

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    My brother-in-law Skype-sits our 2 year old occasionally while we cook dinner or change the baby. It’s awesome. πŸ˜‰

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    Oh wow, Cole became a little man it seems like overnight! In that top photo, he looks like a full-blown teenager.

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    Rebecca G.

    I just spent the weekend with a friend who has a 6 week old and a 6 year old. I have to say that I cannot imagine having to do that again! It really is so nice to have a little bit of freedom again… But, I definitely get the idea that time is passing so fast. I remember the first time I left my kids alone… I think I called them 10 times in the 45 minutes I spent at the grocery store! Ha!

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