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Sometime awhile back, I had a fun idea to make a book of tags for one month. (Read all about it here.)

From time to time, I’ve received requests for more tags, and I finally got off my duff this weekend and made a complete set. The tags are little, fun, and easy. You can do with them whatever your little crafty heart desires. I did a few like this:

I have that little album sitting on a small easel and I look at it regularly. It’s little. And cute. Two things I most strive to be. So there you go.


So here you go, one full year of print ready taggers in PDF format. You could even make a tag book for December. It’s only the 2nd day in… enjoy!

(Mac users can just click and the files should download, or do a "Save Link As"; PC users, I’m not 100 percent sure, but you may also have to "Save Link As" or "Save Target As." If some super smart PC users knows, post in the comments!)

Download a-jan.pdf
Download b-feb.pdf
Download c-march.pdf
Download d-april.pdf
Download e-may.pdf
 Download f-june.pdf
Download g-july.pdf
Download h-aug.pdf
Download i-sept.pdf
Download j-oct.pdf
Download k-nov.pdf
Download l-december.pdf

Cathy ZielskeA Year of Tags for You

95 Comments on “A Year of Tags for You”

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    Candace H

    Thank you so much! I’ve saved them all for a cute & quick 2009 mini, and printed Dec. tags to add to my “Dec. Daily/Merry Days” album! I’m a PC user and there is a little Save button that comes up when you open the file (it looks like a floppy disk).

  2. #9

    Aren’t you the coolest little chickie ever!!!! Thanks for creating these – let the fun begin!

  3. #10
    Sherry M

    CZ thanks for sharing the templates. I’m off to being documenting December. Also just downloaded your SS Gratitude template. Thank you!

  4. #11
    Sherry M

    Okay so I didn’t spell check… I going to “begin” documenting December… Guess I’ve go to get to “being” in December to “begin” documenting:)

  5. #13
    Jennifer McKinney

    Sweeeet! We used the August tags to document our summer vacation at the beach. Several times since then I’ve yearned for Sept-Dec tags. Thank you!!

  6. #14

    I just found my March, April, May tags last week and thought it would be cool to have more. Thank you!!!

  7. #22
    lara jane

    I’m thinking about making a MINI mini-tag book for the year, only doing one front-and-back per month. Is that cheating? I’m lazy.

  8. #23

    Thank you Cathy, I made the tags earlier this year and I loved the format, easy to use. I have been patiently waiting for the rest of the year! Thanks again, now I can make a December book!

  9. #24

    Thanks! … I did one back in May… oh man, it doesnt seem like that long ago. oh, how time flies!

  10. #27

    I made one the last time you posted this for April….had a blast…and it too is sitting on a little easle at my desk. Definitely doing one for next year!

  11. #28

    YOU ROCK Cathy! I have been dying to make this tag book but being the OCD personality that I am I couldn’t do it without having the entire year! Thank you SO SO MUCH for allowing me to complete that obsession 🙂
    Merry Ho Ho to you and the family!!

  12. #32
    Dana N

    Thank you for the tags! I wanted to do Ali’s Daily December album but was a bit overwhelmed. I love your idea of using a tag a day. No pressure! Off to take some pictures!

  13. #35

    THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!!! Thanks so much for spreading a little bit of love with all of us!

    Love back at’cha,

  14. #37
    Sara S

    how cute! i do the 12×12 each month and absolutely love that album. and scrapping holidays and birthdays are not my favorite thing… so, here is the answer… i am going to make a small tag album of holidays and birthdays. thanx cathy!

  15. #41

    I downloaded the other tags you made and forgot I had them. Thanks for the reminder and more!!! I didn’t get my act together for Ali’s Daily Dec. album this year, so maybe I’ll try this instead. Thanks again! 🙂

  16. #43

    Thank you for sharing…I used these when I made Ali’s 1 week album. I am doing one week out of each month for my album and your tags were perfect for it. Thanks again.

  17. #45

    Thanks for sharing with us. I am going to document December daily somehow. This will save me some work! Thanks.

  18. #50

    Thank you. I loved the spring ones. I’m going to use this for a quick overview of 2009. Thanks for sharing your talent so freely with all of us.

  19. #52

    AAAAHHH! I love you for that “goodie”!!!
    Haven´t finished April, but like this stile and shape of tag very much. So I can continue!

  20. #55

    I’m a novice, so I was wondering if you could explain how to put the grommets on around the hole. Thanks!

  21. #56

    Thanks BUNCHES! I plan to print them all out on Ivory Cardstock, and use them to jounral some highlights from each month. It’ll be a quick and easy project and get the whole year “scrapped” at once!
    Thanks again!

  22. #57
    Cheryl Sue

    Thanks for the tags Cathy! Maybe I can get motivated to record stuff now! Instead of straining my brain to try and remember!

  23. #58

    Thanks Zathy, you’re da bomb! I have been procrastinating about doing Ali’s December album, what format I would use, what size, would I have something to say EVERY day, etc, etc, Now I know, I will do the tag thing for December. Fantastic!!!!

  24. #59

    Thank you thank you! Love these tags and can’t wait to work on them again. I think they will be perfect for the 25 days of Christmas album.

    You rock!!

  25. #63
    Fabi Moraes

    Hey Cathy, it’s Fabi again! Can you see me waving my arms, trying to get your attention? I hope I did… I really loved the video you posted the other day (the one you made for New Zeland) and felt inspired to venture myself into iMovie. I’m a member of Scrapdiary (a Brazilian scrapbooking community, don’t if you heard of it) and I used the images from our end-of-the-year party this past weekend.
    Since you’ve been sharing so much in our class, I’d love to share this with you:

    Take care!

  26. #65

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating and sharing! Just what I need to jump start a new project! Thank you again!

  27. #69

    Thank you so much! My friends love the April ones I did. Now I can make them their own little tag books as gifts to them for Christmas. Thank you so much….so cute!!!!!

  28. #70

    Cathy, In a two words, YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. They are totally do-able! And they’ll be a great help in scrapping for this month. Thanks again.

  29. #72

    Very generous of you to share your creations! I was just starting my Christmas favorites photo/journal and these are perfect. Thanks so much and God Bless

  30. #74
    Ginna G

    Love the tag idea. You could use it for any thing. We are finishing our basement and I think I will use this format to document the procress. Cute, quick and in one little place.

  31. #75

    These are wonderful, Cathy – thank-you for so muc for such a generous spirit! I will make my this month for 2009…

  32. #78

    Thank you very much! My mind is spinning with ways to use these! Also, love your Thanksgiving comments about family and blessings. That’s exactly how I feel too.

  33. #80
    KC England

    love these little tags! My sister-in-law is having twin boys later this month (scheduled c-section on 12/30). I am planning to print out one set of tags for each of the babies so she can write little notes/add photos to the back of the tag throughout the year! great little mini album to capture some of the “firsts” throughout the year! Thank you!!

  34. #81

    Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed right now. My husband was recently deployed and I am making him a mini book each month of the homefront happenings. Cathy, you are so creative AND generous.

  35. #82

    You are a total gem. I have been wondering how/when I could ever get up the nerve to ask you for the rest of the months. I didn’t want to be high maintenance and all…but, I really thought they’d make a cute 2009 mini…I followed along with you and did one for March…and I love looking back at it! Can’t wait to use these soon! And, THANKS a million!

  36. #84

    Hi CZ…I came to check in to your blog for the day and got reading previous postings (that I’ve read before but they’re just so darned good!) and I came to this post about the year of tags. I downloaded some when you first offered them but tonight I downloaded all of them, Jan-Dec. I don’t remember if I thanked you for these the first time around so I’m thanking you know for sharing your creative genius. I love the tag book/album concept! Hope you had a great weekend!

  37. #89
    Vero Aguilar

    Cathy!!! Thanx sooo much 4 everything…whenever i have scrapbooking block, i always visit your blog and find something inspiring…you are much cheaper than a therapist!! And…i love your new runnign phase (that’s is my 2nd hobby too!)

  38. #90

    This template you are using. Is it free. And I like the fact that you can use lots of your own picutes.
    What is the name of it.
    Thank You.

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