Gettin’ merry with it

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This past weekend was the Zielske’s time to get with the holiday action. And get with the holiday action we did.

Cole performed his dramatic and scene-stealing turn in our church’s Christmas Pageant, "The Last Resort Inn." And even though he felt, in his words, "demeaned" by having to dress in a one-piece jump suit that made him look "like a toddler," he still gave it his very best effort.


(Look all the way to the far left, front row.) Cole had one killer line. Actually, it was more of a line, delivered with a pose, that the longer he held it, the funnier it got. And he worked it for a good 60 seconds. And me, with the poo poo slow lens, only got this:


But I think it’s pretty clear the boy has mad acting skillz.

Then it was onto picking up our tree on an unseasonably warm saturday afternoon. I have no pictures of the tree getting festivities, because guess what I did? Purposefully LEFT my camera home. Can I get a "what what!"?

Another twist on tradition… this year, I told Dan with my sucky wrists/pinched radial nerve resulting in referred-pain issue, he’d have to handle the lights on the tree. And all the bloody pitch that comes with it.


The great thing about Dan (well, there is more than ONE thing) is that tangled lights cause him NO consternation. At all. I can’t even function when faced with a too tightly tied shoe knot. He’s so patient. And cute, when he’s all lit up.

The kids busted out the ornaments and got to work.



Cole really had the Christmas spirit. He said, no less than four separate times, "I love putting up the Christmas decorations. It just brings back so many good memories."

Keep in mind, 9-and-a-half years can breed a goodly amount of things to recall.


After all was said and done, we made Ned Flanders’ Hot Cocoa and sat back, admiring our tree.

Yep. The Christmas spirit is alive and well at the Zielskes. Happy holidays from us to you.


p.s. To everyone on my holiday card list. You won’t be receiving a holiday card from me this year. It’s not that I don’t care and it’s not that you got cut. It’s just that this year, I decided to take one more obligation from my list o’ plenty off. And quite honestly? It even feels better than going bra-less.

Seasons Greetings!


Cathy ZielskeGettin’ merry with it

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    Katie Scott

    That little peanut Baby Jesus is so adorable. And thanks to this post I’m remembering to bring the good lens to the Christmas concert tonight πŸ™‚

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    I am so with you sister! I am cutting back too and not apologizing for it, it feels great! I’m going to relax and enjoy instead of being stressed out. Maybe I’ll have time to work on my DYL assignments DURING the holiday hub-bub! My kids are about the ages of yours and we put our tree up Sunday (only to have it fall over last night on top of the wood burning stove! But that’s another story). The great thing about the age of my kids is they did most of the tree decorating … so cool!

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    I stopped cards a few years ago and went with Smilebox. That way I can do a bunch of picts, a nifty song and have it done in 30 minutes or less. After all everyone… almost… has email and I’m not spending a ton of money on stamps too. Best shortcut I ever took in the card department. Off to make that hot cocoa. πŸ˜‰

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    sue Treiber

    my nine year old son has got the spirit aplenty too. He wears his Santa hat everywhere, sings carols, and spreads merriment. Little boys are good for that!

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    Beth D

    Happy Holidays to you too! Love your blog and these pictures are wonderful. You have a lovely family. And the tangled lights thing – definitely a guy thing to not be bothered by it! Finally – what exactly is Ned Flander’s hot cocoa?? Looks so yummy!!!

  6. #9

    I gave up sending Christmas cards a couple of years ago. Just one more thing to do, you know? I email a photo of my youngest with Santa. How modern!! and tacky. Oh well.

  7. #10

    I tried Christmas cards for the 1st time last year…and gave it up this year. LOL! Too much hassle and $$$ to be thrown away! Yeah for you…and me!

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    Melissa in AZ

    I’m rith there with ya re: sending the Christmas cards. They just get tossed. I’m debating sending a mass, impersonal e-mail.

  9. #12

    Love the little peanut! Reminded me of this: My friend is teaching her two-year-old son about the real meaning of Christmas and he’s “sorta” catching on; he now says “Cheeses in the manger.” πŸ™‚

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    Alis in Wnderlnd

    I am so sorry to hear abut your wrist…did I miss this in a previous post? Have you gotten a cortisone shot in your wrist? I am the biggest wus, but I had to have one in each wrist after getting carpel tunnel syndrome while I was pregnant that didn’ t go away afterward. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and it was so helpful. i still get shooting pain every now and then, but it’s gone in a so of taking it easy.

    I love your baby Jesus! Sweet!

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    Alis in Wnderlnd

    oops, I forgot to say that I am proud you didn’t send out cards. I wanted to take the year off too, but hubbie didn’t see it he same way. Instead, we agreed that next year we are going green and sending an electronic printable version. (We didn’t have enough email addresses from everyone to do it this year.)

  12. #16

    You crack me up! I love the baby Jesus peanut and the hot chocolate looks delicious! Is it spiked? πŸ™‚
    The only cards I sent out were for nieces and nephews with $$, so I don’t have to hassle with trying to pick out a present they might/might not like and then mailing it, blech!
    Still loving DYL! Amazing, amazing class!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year πŸ™‚

  13. #17

    Are you curtain challenged like me? I’ve been living in my house 10 years next month and while I have blinds, I still do not have curtains on most of the windows! I really gotta get a move on…!

  14. #21

    omg! is that a peanut baby jesus!? only you! love it. and your husband is a saint if he can deal with that tangled task…i’m with you on that one.

  15. #22

    I took the year off with cards as well. It feels great except when I get a card and feel like I need to contact the person to let them know that “we aren’t sending cards” so they don’t get offended or feel like they didn’t make our list this year.
    I might send something out in March. Holiday stuff will be over, and my friends and family get an unexpected update from us…….
    Thanks for blogging…..

  16. #24
    Lauren H.

    We have a Baby Jesus peanut like yours…had it for about six years, and I kept getting it back out every year, until one year my second born ATE Baby Jesus….Well, rest assured, Jesus is replaceable. There is now a new baby Jesus peanut safely swaddled in felt, and a’lyin in the popsicle stick manger.

  17. #25

    I totally hear you about the card thing!! Wish I’d had the foresight to just cross that off the list…w/ only 4 weekends between T-giving and Xmas, what was I thinking?! Anyway – glad your family had fun w/ the decorating. My 6yo also loves putting up tree decorating – doesn’t take long to “bring back memories”! Happy Holidays to the Zielskes!!

  18. #26

    no cards for us either. waste of time, except the year that the picture of my daughter Emma got into Ali’s book. I think you were in that LO too! LOL.

  19. #28

    Yeah… I remember those days… when braless-ness felt gooooood. Soooo — about the time the boobs hang and even us semi-flat-chested babes need some help, there is plenty of time to do cards and all of those other things you need to overlook while you still have kids at home to focus on.

  20. #31
    Amy G

    I LOVE your stuff! I fell in love with it when I read your first book. I want to start doing some digital scrapbooking and wondered if you have a program you would recommend. Do you?

  21. #32

    ROFL!!! I’m taking Christmas cards off my list this year too (well, at this late date not only am I “taking” them off but they are officially already off – past tense). And yes, it does feel better than going bra-less!


  22. #33
    Michelle Giaimo

    One of my goals/aspirations for the year 2009 is to rid my belief of ” I never win anything, therefore why try”.
    I am trying, and trying and trying–I VOW

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