Just a little something to help with your weekend wrapping

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And no, I’m not talking about personalized lessons from LL Cool J, though wouldn’t THAT be a giveaway?

No, I’m talking about gift tags. I did some major wrapping last night, but first had to design a quick and simple tagger for my packages. (I don’t use bows on my gifts. Just tags. It’s… cleaner somehow.)

Anyhoo, these couldn’t be easier. Just print and trim.



Download gift_tags.pdf

If you don’t like the colors, you can open the PDF in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop  (File > Open), and change the color quite easily.


Cathy ZielskeJust a little something to help with your weekend wrapping

91 Comments on “Just a little something to help with your weekend wrapping”

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    Thanks Cathy! These are perfect! I also only use tags for most of our gifts- I feel like it is so wasteful to add ribbons and bows that just add to the huge pile of garbage on Christmas day.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!


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    Wow these look great! Thank You Cathy

    I only use tags too…. our cat chews on the bows….. some how doubt people want cat slobber as part of their gift. lol

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    Kris Lindsay

    Thanks Cathy,
    That’s one thing I won’t have to spend time designing this year – I know it doesn’t take that long, but at this point, time is of the essence. Your the best!

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    Andrea Foss

    Those are great! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for picking me in the post below too! I was SO SO excited to see my name listed as the winner this morning (I’ve emailed you). You made my day a happy one!

    Happy Holidays!

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    Thnx a million. OOH these are going to come in handy! Happy Holidays Cathy to you and yours. May 2009 bring you happiness, health and joy!

    winnipeg, MB

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    Michelle in Texas

    I never use bows either, but not because of looks. When I first married we ALWAYS had to go somewhere for Christmas, usually several somewheres. The bows always were squashed! So now I leave them off and have a cute tag. For years I would print a business card with a picture of our daughter and “To” & “From”. Then they just come apart at the perfs. No cutting!

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    Aleta Henderson

    Just what I needed to finish up my packages. Since we travel for Christmas, I never use ribbons – love using just tags!! Thank you for sharing.


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    I love that they’re so clean & simple. Thank you Cathy, & Merry Christmas to you & yours.

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    These are wonderful–thanks–my gifts are all under the tree with no tags–if anyone moves them around I won’t know how they go to–better go print those tags now!!

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    Thanks for sharing! One of these days will you share how you just design something so quick and simple?

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    Thanks for sharing. Before I had kids, my packages were all nice and neat with handmade bows. Now I quickly wrap everything and write their names on the package. But now with your wonderful tags I don’t have to this year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    Julie Howard

    these are awesome Cathy! THanks so much for sharing! What font did you use…it is great!!

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    Stephanie M

    Thank you so much for sharing. These are awesome, simple, and just my style. No bows here either.

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    Jana Millen

    You can’t believe how helpful these are! I was just thinking that I am running out of time and will not be able to make tags this year. I am just too far behind. These? I can do! Thanks!

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    laura vanderbeek

    Thank You Thank You Thank You! I so needed gift tags and did not want to go to the store – and guess what, they match the red, green and white wrapping paper I wrapped every gift in this year. Merry Christmas!

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    Kate Anderson

    Thank you so much Cathy, does this mean I have to get organised and start wrapping the presents now!
    Seriously, thank you very much.

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    Jessida Stoops

    Thanks for the tags. I am looking forward to getting back on Design Your Life Track after Christmas.Loving the class. Jess

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    Kim Strother

    Thanks for the tags Cathy! And Thank you for everything from your DYL class. I loved it, and I’m sad it is over. But I learned sooooo much and I have started a blog so I can now post all my pages with confidence becasue I know thy have great design behind then…and all thanks to you.
    Merry Christmas!

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    Melanie K.

    I have a quick question … what type of paper did you print those on? I really like the texture of that.

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    Amy Emery

    thank you! and thank you for the time, effort, and crazy video fun in Design Your Life. (my 6-going-on-7-on 12/26 daughter especially loved my crazy, in a good way, teacher!)
    merry christmas!

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    chris Wormald

    Thanks Cathy for the great download..A very Merry Xmas to you and yours..Have shared this link a couple of times thanks honey!

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    Cathy, thanks for the tags! Per usual, as I start my wrapping I can’t find last years tags. On the other hand, there may not be any from last year, cause often times I just write the recipient’s name on the bottom of the gift!!

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    Kim Gangloff

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is the reason for the season…sharing and giving back. You are ahead of the game!

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    Sharon F

    Thank you these are terrific. I printed yesterday and used them. I am now official done with making and wrapping xmas gifts.
    Just the ticket!!!

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    Thanks so much for the tags! My Christmas wrapping had come to a halt because of my lack of tags – what a lucky coincidence πŸ˜‰

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    Jen Cozzens

    Thanks, Cathy! These are great! They came just in time for my gift wrapping night – printed them on sticker paper and made my husband cut them out with pinking scissors! So cute! I even used red for one child and green for the other. I’m obviously enjoying this one small victory this season since I have 2 days to finish everything else!

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    thank you these are wonderful I have to just use to my family there is no
    “from” on them! Boo hoo…but they work out great…thanks again! Hugs Grace

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    Thanks for sharing your gift tags. I have just printed them out on Papyrus cardstock and they look great.
    Best wishes to you and yours.

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