Me ‘n Oprah… thick as thieves

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There's not a lot I have in common with Oprah. Technically.

Most of you have probably seen the cover of the January 2009 issue of “O” magazine, and if you haven’t, I’ll refresh your memory.


One of the things I’ve always loved about Oprah is that she definitely keeps it real. Even with the billions of dollars that must just float in the air around her, she’s always trying her best to be a good human. I think many times she succeeds. And seeing this latest chapter in her weight loss journey kind of struck home. Real close like. I present my own January 2009 issue, which will highlight some of why it’s hitting so close to where I live:


Aside from the obvious point here (graphic designers are nutty and have a lot of FUN!), I present to you the start of my challenge for 2009. To be puffy, or to not be puffy.

I am not one to ask, with luminous doe-eyes, "How'd THIS happen?" Because I know how it happened. It happened when I stepped off the treadmill, canceled my Weight Watchers online membership, and began to eat nearly everything I saw. For months on end.


Oprah's cover says, "How did I let this happen again?" And although she too knows full well (and writes about it at length) how it happened, I know the feeling. It's a feeling that you've somehow let yourself down, again. It's a feeling that likes to make you feel like, pardon my French, shit. That somehow, you're a failure because you didn't keep control.

I get that. And I struggle between wanting to immerse myself in a vat of self-loathing to trying to rise above and take the highest road possible in order to achieve optimum health.

In other words, I like to say, "I'm going to get into shape for my health and longevity," but in reality, I just want to wear a pair of size 10 jeans and feel hot again.

Keep in mind, these are MY issues. I think women and men have to decide where they are most comfortable. I know that right now, my chest is getting in the way of my arms, and when I bend over to tie my shoes, so is my stomach. It's not comfortable for me, and so… I  have to make a choice.

Now part of me is sad. Just like when I knew I had to quit smoking. And then, I wasn't just sad. I was devastated. Just ask Tara Whitney, who was on the receiving end of a handful of the most distraught phone calls a person could ever hope to receive during the first week I had quit.

It is hard to say goodbye to something that you not only love, but helps you function every day.

Right now, whole bags of potato chips and chocolate and boxes of grape popsicles are helping me to function every day. Because I have let them. Because I have now officially replaced smoking with food. It only took just under three years. Surprisingly.

The thing about food though, that differs from smoking, unless you're on Fear Factor or Survivor, it's usually not considered gross. You actually NEED it to live. Therein lies the rub. You have to learn to make good and healthful choices for your body. You can't just NOT do it. For all or nothing people, that can be an extreme challenge.

For me, it means getting re-acquainted with one of the scariest words in the English language, and one I have very little experience with: moderation. I'm shuddering as I type that.

So there it is. I am simply announcing my intention to get back on the horse and ride in 2009. I will post once a month on this subject, and no more. It's not really a New Year's resolution. I'm just sort of anal and like doing things that start on the first of any given month.

Wish me luck.

Cathy ZielskeMe ‘n Oprah… thick as thieves

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    I love the cover you made. I’m fighting weight issues for the first time in my life. At 47 I’ve gained 20 lbs in 15 months and am miserable. (Can I just say that age and hormones really bite?) I’m looking forward to your monthly posts. I have no doubt that you’ll have a lot of company in your journey. I’ll be there right with you.

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    I love how you can make it humorous but true. I’m right there with ya, though its been 5 years (hey almost 6 now?) since I quit smoking and I’ve lost “the” weight but have slowly started putting it back on again, sigh… How did I let this happen, AGAIN? So here I am making myself accountable for my actions/eating! I for sure will be along with you on this journey.

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    Cathy – I too looked at the cover of Oprah’s magazine and felt the same pain. My weight matches yours EXACTLY – to the pound. But I’m only 5’4″ so you know that’s not pretty. But I love your take on the cover and I’ll be joining in that “moderation” journey in 2009. At least you know you aren’t alone. Now to go finish my box of chocolates…

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    GOOD LUCK!!!! I wish you all the best. I am jumping on that horse with you and know that many other women will follow you on their horses. Its such a crazy journey that us women follow time and time again. You GO GIRL! Keep us posted on your progress : )

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    Amanda Johnston

    I faced this same issue in the middle of last year. None of my clothes fit. It hurt to bend over to tie my shoes. I couldn’t paint my toenails. I was miserable.

    I joined Weight Watchers and have been going to meetings. I’ve lost almost 30lbs. I feel great. Seriously. You can do this. I can still have bread, pasta, cake, all the things I like. I just can’t have them all TODAY. You can do this! They’ve changed their plan in the last three weeks. It may be worth another look.

    I have 8 pounds to go to get to my goal. Now, none of my clothes fit because they are too big. My belts are on their last hole. I guess that’s what a Crop-a-dile is for, LOL.

    You can do this! Best wishes in the new year :).

    Amanda Johnston

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    Melanie K.

    Ah, Cathy – I believe I will join you … I lost 60 lbs on WW starting Jan ’07. Achieved my goal that Oct and went to Cancun. Came back preggers with third child … Had baby … and still look preggers after five months sans baby in belly. Sigh. Hubby wants me ‘hot’ again. I want to BE ‘hot’ again. This time no surprise baby though – we got that fixed! Yah!!!!

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    You are soooo not alone in this!!! I may not be the celebrity you (or Oprah) are but this is one issue I can 100% relate to!! I quit smoking 9/2/08. Best decision I ever made but hardest thing I’ve ever done!! And unfortunately I had no Tara to call!! was a big help, but IRL the only people who knew I smoked were smokers themselves!! Going on 4 months smoke free and didn’t even think about a cig after a pretty major car accident on 12/6, so I feel good about that. What I don’t feel good about is the 40+ pounds I’ve gained. My husband and MIL both bought me clothes for xmas that were WAY too small and then said repeatedly how they just didn’t realize how much weight I had gained. Lovely, huh? I’m really beginning to feel like I belong on the TLC Half Ton Mom program …. sigh. 🙁 I’ve joined the gym and am considering ww online ….

    Although I know a gazillion people make this resolution every new year, I will look forward to your monthly post and am glad to know I am not alone!!! Thank you for sharing this!!

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    Good luck Cathy! I would like to think of myself as a yo-yo dieter but really I’m just a “yo” gal since I’ve never really lost a great amount of weight.
    Also, love the magazine cover. “Making Mountains out of Molehills” made my morning.

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    Hi Cathy,

    I am with you, girl! I am starting out at 260 pounds this new year and I am vowing to get healthy and fit into a more appropriate size jeans. I’m going on a cruise in August and one of my biggest wishes is to zipline over the glaciers. In order to do it comfortably I must lose some weight. I’m not talking 100 pounds in 8 months, just a reasonable weight loss of 2 pounds per week.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is this…I’m standing right beside you. I’ll support you and in turn you support me. We can…and WILL…do this!!

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    Cathy…you are seriously on par with that entire issue. I mean it. You are my Oprah. You get it and aren’t afraid to write about it on your blog which is probably why I stalk your blog. LOL

    Thanks for putting that out there…makes me feel like I’m not the only one fighting that battle and that other people get it and are struggling with it. Seriously. Thanks.

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    OMG – I’m right there with you Cathy! I gained 10 lbs since Thanksgiving. I can feel my stomach getting larger!! I had just lost 15 pounds before November rolled around. Now I’m ready to roll around. Back on the straight and narrow for me!! I should doctor up a magazine cover sometime too – I recently did that for a friend’s birthday present 😉

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    Battles with weight really suck. I’ll be working at it with you, though my mountain is a bit higher – I have 200+ pounds to lose. It seems overwhelming. Every pound that another woman loses inspires me. You can do this!

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    Paul Browning

    Thanks for making me laugh, sigh and nod in a knowing way all in one post. Guys aren’t supposed to go over a 40″ tum & that’s exactly what mine did after I stopped smoking & boy do I know why. Instead of those ciggies, I like to treat myself with chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc. Just like you said. Moderation? Never heard of it in this house! If a packet of bsicuits is opened, it doesn’t have a chance to be put back. Dessert? Should we take a slice each? Oh no, lets slice in half and each eat that. Glass of wine? Oops is that really a bottle gone? So yes I am in that same sad space right now knowing that I need to say bye bye to these reckless habits. So good to hear someone else say the exact same things with such irreverence & humour. Tons of hugs for the New Year & New You. Paul x

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    Sharon F.

    Looks like we need a bigger horse…good luck to us all. Moderation is a key word. As well as fit. I fell into this same boat, not feeling comfortable in my clothes refusing to buy that larger size. I unfortunately can not point to smoking as my culprit…I simply was a slug and did not burn the calories I was ingesting. So off to Curves – 30 minutes seemed ok to me. And I did not wait for day 1, I started on Monday 12-29. So far two mornings of exercising. I see it as one step at a time, one day at a time. And am using the WW principles of eating to get back to healthy…

    Cathy, thanks for keeping it real and calling it what it is. We are all in it together imagine the momentum we will all have in 2009. Say it with me ladies: We Can Do This!!

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    I’m with you on the chips and falling off the wagon.. Moderation? I sit down with a glass of wine and some chips, for just a bit… but then, I look down and I’ve eaten a whole bag and had wine to go with them all. Every night! For me, it is not eating dinner in moderation, it’s the mindless noshing while we watch tv. I’m good with the willpower until ten. Then at 10pm, I either head to bed or eat till I’m ill. And where does that go?? To my butt. The butt I sit on while I watch said tv. 🙂 Good luck, you have my support! You’ll do great in 2009! 🙂 I’m working on me, too! 🙂

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    Cathy- I know how you are feeling. I took the leap and joined WW in February 08. I have lost 78lbs. It was the best decision I made. I feel better about myself. I know that it is a hard road and one I will be on for a lifetime. Good luck on your journey.

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    julie L

    I need you! For inspiration! I too am starting anew. I love ww, so am planning on giving it another go in the new year. Keep writing about it. It helps.
    And, for real, your magazine cover? The bomb! I emailed your post to all my girlfriends. Why doncha just start your own Z mag? I’d buy it!

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    Lauren H.

    I do wish you luck…and ME too. Just in August I did a detox juice diet, exercised lots, lost 25 lbs. and did a half marathon. Now, by Christmas,I am pretty much back to where I started, and no where near able to go 13 miles. So, I ask myself the same question: How could I let this happen? I can totally relate. And you keep it pretty real, yourself. I appreciate that.

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    amen, sista!

    I know as soon as I saw the O magazine jan cover I felt at the same time that I no longer needed to PRETEND i didn’t notice that i’d ‘let it happen to me’, and I also felt better because I knew I wasn’t the only one. But I’m sure 98% of the women who saw that mag cover relate to it, since no one has ever probably made a decision to lose weight and be healthy and just done it and never faultered.
    And your mag cover is hilarious. I would love to make my own, but I’d have to go back several years for a decent “before” photo. :o)
    Thanks for this post.

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    Right now, whole bags of potato chips and chocolate and boxes of grape popsicles are helping me to function every day. Because I have let them. Because I have now officially replaced smoking with food. It only took just under three years.

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    so with you Cathy…sadly though I have the weight w/o quitting smoking so it scares me to make the plunge of quitting until I get the weight/exercise under control….
    but someone gave me the mantra minute by minute day by day…now if I could remember to use it! Keep us posted as we are all in the boat with you!

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    Emilie Ahern

    Oh Girl! I am exactly where you (and Oprah) are.

    Reading this post was like reading my own thoughts. Since my 30th birthday 1 year and 2 months ago I have gained 60 lbs. Yikes.

    And I blame our move across country, but the truth is, that I allowed myself to use moving as an excuse to consume mass quantities of pizza and any other cheese/carb combo out there. And I feel gross and guilty and like a failure. Ugh! I am also going to recommit myself in 2009, but even though one is supposed to think positive, I wonder if it will stick.

    LOVE that you shared this! I hope we both get healthy and become the smokin’ hot super-vixens we were meant to be on the outside.

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    Deborah P

    Ah, the old moderation thing. I had that knocked in the head until recently. Now? Moderation is whenever I’m so full I ache. Not good. But, it is fixable and we CAN do it.

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    Melissa Miller

    Oh Cathy…I am so there with you!!! I started WW about the time you joined on-line. I lost 20 lbs. then and now have them ALL back. Sucky day. I just joined a gym last night and plan to start weighing in again on Sat. The only way I am going to lose the weight again is to pay my money and have someone I have to be accountable to…(not just myself, I am way too understanding…yes, you can have another cookie, you deserve it…lol). Good luck with your endeavor. I’ll be rooting you on (along with myself…:))

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    Melissa LaFavers

    Cathy, dear Cathy. You are such an inspiration and joy to so many people, including me. I love your blog. I loved your DYL class. You’re just a great person all the way around, and you inspire so many women to create, which is something I totally aspire to do.

    While routine overeating is not good for anyone, stress and dieting can cause cravings that no normal human being can resist for long. I’m not a doctor, but I do know that there is far too much focus on weight in our culture.

    People come in all sizes. That’s the way it is. Our bodies are freaking amazing organic machines that, hey, know what they’re doing! We just need to feed ourselves well, get plenty of good, fun activity, and our bodies will take care of the balance we need for health. That balance doesn’t look the same for every body.

    I like to remember that how we treat each other, our impact on the world, carries much more weight than that number on the scale.

    Just saying, you rock, so be kind to yourself for that, maybe forgive yourself a little for whatever imperfections you see in the mirror.

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    Great cover BTW…I need to duplicate it when I teach PSE to my 8th graders. (ok…maybe a difference topic) I do know how you feel about food and snacking. That is why I am back on Weight Watchers on-line, even if I don’t fill in the food daily. It continues to charge my credit card each month reminding me that I am paying for it. (I hate paying for something I don’t use) I had gained 6 pounds which does not seem like much but you know how easily it creeps up.(and keeps creeping) I went right back on counting points and the highlight of my day was the Jolly Time Kettle Corn 94% Fat Free. I enjoy an entire bag each night. I have to say it is wonderful about quitting smoking and sticking with it. My husband quit 4 years ago and it is wonderful.

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    can I join in on this one too? In the past few days like a million other people I too am contemplating what “plan” I want to follow. The problem is I hate to deny myself anything. But that “plan” has gotten me 40 pounds overweight. I need to quit smoking too! Oh this mountain seems to high 🙁
    But….I will start a new plan and I WILL GET ON THE DAMN ELLIPTICAL IN MY SPARE ROOM!

    Please update us….it will help.

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    Kathy Travis

    Great post, Cathy. Love the ‘magazine’. I share all your thoughts and dismay. After a year spent doing BOOT CAMP! and going down 2 sizes, I spent the next 2 years doing nothing. And now I’m left with the feeling that it was all for naught.
    Like you, I’m now forced with the reality that I must do better and BE better about food and nutritrion. I want to be around to see my kids get married. So…. I’ll give you kudos once a month if it helps. Just know that you’re not alone sista!

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    I am with ya sista. I have also gained 30 pounds since I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago. I can’t seem to lose the weight and I started smoking when I drink so…now I am turning into an alcholic so that I can have a cigarette. I would love to run a 5K like Donna and it was my goal last year. Maybe I should try again. Thanks for inspiring me AGAIN.


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    Bridget =)

    I’m right there with you! I joined WW in 2004, lost 50+ lbs and have slowly gained 30 back. so freaking depressing… at least you had quit your membership!! I am still a member and kept going to meetings! can you say glutton for punishment!??!!? =(

    Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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    Cathy – love your magazine cover. I know how you feel. Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you every step of the way. Good luck to you.

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    I am puffy and wish to be less puffy. I had my 2nd son when I was almost 35 and WOW after I gave birth I really packed it on. Then some personal stuff happened and I packed on more. Well, I was already puffy so why not eat what I want to, know what I mean? I don’t look good, I might as well make myself happy by eating. But the thing is, it doesn’t make you happy in the end. But you’re right, there is that rub, we have to eat, so it sucks to have to change and force ourselves to eat less, eat right, because we can’t just not eat. Good luck and I’m right there with you.

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    I know how hard it is. I have been on weight watchers for 4 months and have lost 26 pounds, well actually just gained 2 over christmas, went off the program for 2 weeks and eak!!! I am jumping back on board today and sticking to it while I watch the next season of biggest loser, it really helped motivate last season, I know we all can get healthy.

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    Deitra Hart

    Hang in there! You can do this! I too have gained some weight over the holidays since I sprained my ankle and couldn’t go to the gym (of course spraining my ankle didn’t make me eat an entire 3 pound box of assorted chocolates, but I digress…). I am determined to get back on the wagon too and lose all of this weight plus the 2o I was on the way to dropping before. Sigh…and I was once the person everyone loathed for being able to eat anything and never gaining a pound!

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    Deb Jones

    I really like the cover you made. I soooo understand. I’m with you but I have a lot more to lose. So I’m going to work on shrinking and staying there once I get back there.

  36. #43


    I feel your pain! I too have made a committment to layoff the sweets and soda. I went from a hot mama at 128lbs to a fat mama at 150lbs…the last time I dared weigh myself. Best of luck to you…I know I’m going to need all the luck I can get!

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    Anna Willett

    good luck, cathy!!
    you can do this…
    and i would like to hijack this post and place it on my blog. i am feeling the exact same way! and i do want to commend you on the smoking thing. i was with my mom through her journey to stop smoking and i know that is it HARD! so, you can totally do the eating thing! and the example you are setting for aidan is invaluable.
    pretty much, you rock!!!
    be brave!
    <3 anna

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    Wow It sure looks like you hit the nail on the head with this Post, looks like alot of us feel the same right now. I really thought if I saved money and quit the gym I would keep up with my exercise NOT and I have really gained and just look puffy!! Why can’t I do this on my own? The big question is staying motivated taking walks and watching what I eat. It sucks when you get to be 50 things change, so I need to make changes. I will 2009 here we come!
    Hugs, Diane

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    go, cathy, go!!! i’m running right behind you!!! i’ll be 40 next month and by the end of the year i want to be HOT again!!

  40. #47

    You are a very fun and entertaining graphic designer! Definitely!
    Good luck with the choices you’re making!

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    Beth in Wisconsin

    I’m right there with you sister! Everything you wrote was me. I enjoy your blog immensely. Perhaps you could have TWO blogs – one for creativity and one for healthy….yeah, I know…in all your free time, right?! Just a suggestion. 🙂

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    Good luck, I walk the line every day of weight issues I am over weight yet I have an eating disorder! Which if I let it can get out of control, so it’s a thin line (no pun intended) I find the trick is & it’s hard with kids around is just not to have that kind of food in the house if it’s there you may be tempted to eat it! And it also helps to accept yourself which was / is the route of my problem but you’ve always sounded well grounded and giving up the smokes was the real hard deal so this should be less painful!

    Once again good luck , but I have faith in you can do this Seeya hugya *G*

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    Beth D

    I am right there with all of you. We can and will do this in 2009!!! Best wishes to all. Thanks Cathy!

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    I love the cover you made. I will probably either join ww or get my ww stuff out once I have this baby in February. I started this pregnancy pretty close to where I was at the end of my first pregnancy. Luckily, haven’t gained as much, but probably could lose 80 and be happy. Way to bring light to a subject we all think about but don’t want to talk about!

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    Yup, my husband and I are right with you. I just bought the book The SuperFoodsRx Diet. It is just eating better to help you lose weight. I haven’t found any chocolate recipes in the book yet, but I am still searching. There have to be some in there, right?! Chocolate is good for you, isn’t it?! 😛
    I am still doing my exercise program with the No excuses workout.
    Love your mag cover. You sure know how to make us smile 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

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    You GO Glen Coco! Sorry, I just love saying that. Seriously, good luck with your journey. I share it. I have the same battle with the “puffy.” The chocolate ganache fondue in the fridge is not helping. At all.

    I’ll play along right beside you!
    Peace and less-puff,
    =) Diane

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    There are many of us in the same boat. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 17 years ago, at which time I became a fitness and diet junkie. Now I have fallen off the wagon and gained over 40 pounds. It’s so much harder when you are on insulin to lose it. Maybe Weight Watchers is the way. It looks like there are lots of us to support each other. I’m working on a form of self-hypnosis, visualizing the fat in my body and connecting it with the trigger foods that I tend to overeat. This is the way I gave up a couple of other bad habits, neither of which were as tough to beat as smoking I may say. Also, I’m thinking to buy the O Magazine and frame it, or post it to the refrigerator door. Happy new year and new way of thinking to all. . . .moderation.

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    Amy Randell

    Cathy –

    Thanks for your honesty. I love reading your blog and wish you the best in 2009. I look forward to reading about your success…I am right there with ya! As I too got side tracked when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in August of 2008 and I have since gained a good 25 pounds back after losing 55..sigh… But, that isn’t an excuse to eat everything in sight. She needs me to be healthy so that I can take care of her and right now I am not healthy in body, mind or spirit. Good luck on your journey Cathy!

  49. #56
    Damon Crawley

    I found this once in my WW forum. I printed it out and hung it on my wall in my office.

    Start Over

    You’ve started out in pursuit of your goal and you’ve really tried with your heart and soul, but somehow things got out of control – START OVER

    When you’ve tried your best to do what you should and you thought this time that you surely would, but once again you didn’t do so good – START OVER

    When you’ve worked so hard to follow the dieter’s way and you fought to win a victory each day, but one more time you went astray – START OVER

    When the road to success seemed much too long and each temptation was oh so strong and once again you gave in to wrong – START OVER

    When you’ve told your friends what you planned to do and trusted them to help you through and soon discovered it’s up to you – START OVER

    When you know you must be physically fit but you hope seems gone and you’re stuck in a pit. That’s not the time to quit – START OVER

    When the week seems long and successes few and at weigh in time your feeling blue, remember tomorrow is just for you – START OVER

    To start again means a victory’s been won and starting over AGAIN means a race well run and starting over AGAIN proves it can be done, so don’t just sit there – START OVER.

  50. #57

    Oh,so many of us are right there with you. At least you accomplished your goal once in your life, unlike me that has just stayed puffy. I also need to jump on the wagon of fitness and good health. I am turning 40 this next year and this week my eyes went blurry and I am scared of any overwieht diseases. It is just hard. I love that you keep it real! We must eat to live, but if half the nation is being honest with themselves, most of us live to eat. We should start up our own kind of The Biggest Scrapbook Looser! Have a contest with ourselves and also remember to laugh and not be so hard on ourselves!

  51. #58

    Speaking as one who smoked up to two packs a day for almost 20 years and quite cold turkey and haven’t had a puff for 18 years now…it still remains my most proud achievement…that being said, I puffed up to way over 200lbs since then…so it’s always a trial for me too…but, it’s still better to have quit smoking overall so I’ll just keep plugging away and go back to WW. Good luck to you though- 2009 is a new year! and you GET ANOTHER CHANCE to do it again (lose weight)! How great is that?

  52. #59
    Jenn Bertsch

    Hey Girl! Caught this link on Facebook. If you can quit smoking, you can do anything! I quit almost a year ago and haven’t looked back since the first awful 2 months. So you can lose weight, I decided in September if I can quit smoking I can exercise and eat right, and drink in moderation, since wine is my downfall, and now I’m down 23 pounds. You can do it my friend!!

  53. #60
    Scrap Evangel

    You are always so funny. Are you sure you’re in the right business?

    Weight Watchers didn’t work for me because the calorie reduction slows down the metabolism and causes me to actually gain weight after a few weeks.

    I quit WW and got a book called “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” (Lift like a Man, Look Like a Goddess)

    On this program, you eat normally and lift heavy weights like a dude. Finally, I lost inches and sizes (no pounds, however, but that’s fine with me). Maybe you could try it. Also, curbs the cravings, because the metabolism is improved (no I don’t work for the author).

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    Jennifer Larson

    Good luck, Cathy. What worked for me was finding an exercise I liked and looked forward to (swimming) and doing that in the time that I normally snacked (right after work). I also stopped buying my favorite snack foods. I still have about 10 pounds to lose, but I feel good. You’re a strong woman, Cathy. Kick weight loss @ss.

  55. #63
    Stacy T.

    I so appreciate your honesty. Owning your feelings is the first step and I applaud you. As you can see be some of the comments here you are also an inspiration to those who share in your quest. I as well (again!) have jumped on that horse. For me, (and several close friends) find that adapting the Suzanne Somers principles of eating (not dieting) really, really work. Read her books. You will feel her encouragement immediately and I bet you will love “Somersizing.” I know you can do it!!

  56. #64
    Susan D.

    i’m so there, too…i used to be the skinniest girl in my class (and one of the tallest)…i was one of the skinny bitches at the bars…but that was well over 17 years ago for school, a little less for the bar, and 3 kids ago with youngest being almost a year old. i hate the way i look. i don’t want to be the skinny bitch anymore…i was way too skinny, but it wasn’t for lack of eating, unfortunately, it all caught up with me and MY ass. i don’t like it and want it to find a new home, somewhere far away from me. i want to be in a size 10 too. so i’m with you, i’m so with you!

  57. #65

    Oh, I’m so with you on this. I joined WW in August and lost 15 lbs. and then gained 5 *LAST WEEK*. I’m sick about it. I think my motivation (beyond the size 10 jeans and feeling sexy) is that I’ll be 40 next week and can no longer blame the 35 extra pounds I’ve been carrying around on my nearly 4-year old. So, I got back on the horse that bucked me and ran 4 miles this morning. I hated every minute of it, but I hate being fat more, I think. thanks for being honest and sharing your journey. Please know that there are so many of us cheering for you and hoping you’ll do the same for us.

  58. #66
    Susan Carter

    I’m glad (but I shouldn’t be) that someone else knows exactly how I feel! I have eaten whatever I want for the past 1 1/2 yrs. and have gained over 30 lbs. I am at my all time highest weight (even more than when I was pregnant!) and I LOATHE the way I look. Don’t feel like you should only post about this once a month – you should post as you feel it will help you – it’s YOUR blog after all!

  59. #67

    I feel you Cathy – I lost my baby weight and then it came back on. Definately one of my goals too.

  60. #68
    Susan Kopp

    As I sit here feeling like Jabba the Hut, I am not fluffy I’m fat. I quit smoking a year and a half ago and like you it was really hard to do. A cigarette and a Pepsi was my diet and now food tastes so good and you have to have it, it is hard to moderate my love of Pecan Praline Ice cream and sweets and anything gravy covered or immersed in butter or tons of salt. I have done Weight Watchers and have lost 40-50 lbs.the previous 2 times, but give me a good excuse like my daughters (who were going with me) got pregnant and oh darn have to quit. Or I just couldn’t eat another couscous, whole wheat and quit smoking at the same time. So now there is Momentum and I will try this again since I haven’t figured out how to cheat at this particular program. Wish us all luck as we try to walk without the thighs rubbing, or breathing hard or waddling. So not cute! Good luck on your journey and mine also.

  61. #69

    Good luck. I’m riding that horse — been riding for a year — I’m still grappling with the fact that it is a ‘lifetime’ ride.


    The next thing you’ll have to accept — and I use the word “accept” with deliberation —

    Double Ick.

    I’m with you …. not as if that is any huge consolation.

  62. #70

    Great post Cathy – I love your cover. 🙂 You can do it – you’ve done it before. I’m with ya too.

    (Just pretend you could run into Neil at any given moment)

  63. #72
    Sara S

    I wish you luck. A ton of luck! (no pun intended). We are battling the same puffiness in my house. We are going to ride along with the Biggest Loser TV show. I watched last season and it was rather inspirational. So, again, I wish you luck! It can be done!

  64. #74

    Love your cover! I feel your pain with the whole weight gain thing. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds with Weight Watchers and I’ve felt myself slipping these past few months. I’ve only gained back two pounds, which isn’t much at all, but I feel like two pounds could turn into 20 pounds quite easily. Thankfully I haven’t quit my four day a week gym habit. But I have quit avoiding sweets like the plague. And while the sweets and I have had an awesome month together, sadly, we are parting ways yet again. Goodbye Almond Joy, hello Weight Watchers 1 point chocolate thingies. Best of luck to you, Cathy! I know you can do it! If I can, anyone can. Trust me.

  65. #76

    “She’s always doing her best to be a good human”.
    Perhaps she feels that her deeds will change the world in some way. What a heavy burden to bear! In the end, Humanism doesn’t work, thus human works to attain God’s favor does not either. No more back peddling, instead consider moving forward…
    “if you love me, you will obey what I command” – John 14:15

  66. #77
    Kathryn W.

    I too am feeling puffy and am starting my process to be less puffy. You might read Judith Beck’s new book ‘The Complete Beck Diet for Life’. I have found it useful and easy to understand.

  67. #78
    Kim C.

    What an amazing post and so true to life. I has worked hard and had lost alot of weight, all in the effort to have another baby(fertility issues.) I got pregnant and gained very little weight during pregnancy. When I went for my annual exam three months ago I discovered that I weighed 20 pounds more than I did the week before I had my baby in April, 2007. It was a real eye opener. Moderation truly is the key. I exercise every day but I need to learn to put food in its proper place. So thanks for being real and for the inspiration you are to all of us. I’ll be there on that horse with you.

  68. #79

    What a great post Cathy!! And oh so true. I’ve been watching the scales creep up the last few weeks and know I need to change my eating. Like you I’m very much all or nothing. I’ve signed up for an online training program to get some extra motivation and to make a commitment to eating right (I do already exercise and love it). I’m sure making your intentions public will really help keep you accountable – it worked wonders for Donna. Best of luck and I look forward to your monthly updates.

    Libby (in Australia)

  69. #80

    Loved your magazine cover. I feel badly for you and your weight gain, but there comes a time in a persons life where they must decide…do I want to end up like those people on ‘The Biggest Loser’ or do I want to get control of my life and be around for another 40 or 50 years. That is the choice you have to make for yourself and your family. Have the chips. But have them this way – take one handful, put them in a small bowl so it looks full, put the bag away, leave the room and eat the chips elsewhere. Do not go back for more. It is too much work just for chips. And no more soda. One can per day adds up to 10 pounds a year (even the diet stuff). 10 pounds!!! Best of luck Cathy (and everyone else who wants to lose the weight). Happy New Year!

  70. #81
    Tammy Eberhard

    Good luck Cathy. You’ve inspired me. I will do the same! This is the year this MUST happen. We can do it!

  71. #83

    You can and will do it (if you want to)! just like you quit smoking. Go, Cathy, Go! Love your magazine covers!!!!

  72. #84

    I hear ya. I had a bit of a rude awakening this weekend when I was watching MTV Made and they measured this guy’s body fat percentage:

    I decided to finally check that fancy body fat measuring thing on my scale, and I was at the same percentage as him – BEFORE HE STARTED WORKING OUT. Gaah.

    I know those things aren’t always right, but still. Right now I weigh 40 lbs more than I did four years ago, and I don’t feel good. I’ve already lost 30, but I’ve still got a long way to go.

  73. #86
    Joann Bagon

    Hey Cathy! I’m definitely hoppin’ on your bandwagon for sure. It’s taken me years to gain my weight, so I know it will take me almost the same amount of time to get BACK where I want to be (or somewhat close). The thing I struggle with is ‘Why am I not wanting this enough’?! Because if I were to apply myself to living healthy like I’m obsessed with my new found hobby of paper crafting, then maybe I’d be shedding the pounds. Right?

    When I decided to start a blog last month (Nov), I chose a theme that was all encompassing. I needed a concept that would address different interests and events in my life. There’s so much you can do on a couch – for me, it’s reading, watching TV, crafting, etc. But in 2009, it will be all about what’s happening ‘OFF THE COUCH’. So I will be joining you in blogging about this subject once a month. I have already announced my involvement in a half marathon in March (oh boy, can I really do this?!). Good luck to us both!

    Anyway, thanks for posting. Since paper crafting, I have been searching for awesome leaders to model myself after in this community. It’s great to know that one I identified **that would be YOU!** is human:) Is down with the realness:) And willing to put it down like this:) Good luck, Cathy! I’ll definitely check in now and then!

  74. #87
    Jayne Kielman

    You (and Oprah) may be just what I need this year!!! I have been walking about in my own world — with all my comfort foods and regular soda pop!!! This is the year to get serious — I feel like I have a new team!! GO TEAM!

  75. #89

    I’m pulling for you, Cathy. The thing that helped me lose the weight after baby #3 was setting a 6 week goal: looking good at a friend’s Christmas party (yes, shallow) and then, training for a 10k.(never again) Small reachable goals seem best. Also, don’t eat after 8. I suck at that one.

  76. #90

    Wow, I could relate to everything you said. Well except the smoking. Never did it. Best Wishes to you. You are in my prayers. You can do it! Now me, I’m not so confident I can. But I will try!

  77. #93
    Kelly in Canada

    Well, goodness gracious you have certainly struck a chord with this post. Why does it have to be so hard? I am sure the folks flogging weight loss programmes are rubbing their hands with glee right now…I have to do something too but I’ve no idea what my plan of attack is. Good luck (to everyone)! Do I hear ‘moderation’ as the ‘one little word?’

  78. #95

    Good luck Cathy!!! Love your cover. Looks like a lot of us are right there with you. Wish you the best!

  79. #96
    Michelle Contarino

    Hey girl, I am right there with you. And now my NEW weight watchers books are staring me right in the face. I guess they tweaked their program a little while I was off stuffing my face!! Not a resolution for me either, just a must-do!! Good luck and know that you have lots of friends in this journey..

  80. #97

    So with you Cathy. LOVE your mag cover and your thoughts.I’ve got some moderation issues myself so I look forward to tagging along with you this year. Good luck!

  81. #99
    Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    Dear, dear Cathy, we’ve ALL been where you are. In the spring of 2007, my weight was winking at 300 pounds, and I’m only 5 feet tall, so you know I looked like a whale. To me, weight loss surgery was never an option. Somewhere between March and Aug. 2007, I decided to: 1. Quit worrying about a diet.I didn’t follow them anyway. 2. Eat only when TRULY hungry and then eat whatever I wanted, but only enough to satisfy me. If I wanted a chocolate milkshake for dinner, that’s what I had…and nothing else. I know, this isn’t the healthiest approach, but it has worked for me. By this summer I had lost about 70 pounds. And that includes having both a hip replacement in April and a knee replacement in June, so exercise hasn’t been an option…jeez, walking still isn’t much of an option! This is the first time in over 14 years that my weight is below 250. Still way too much, but still going down. While I was recovering from my surgeries, someone else had to do my grocery shopping. That was a GREAT thing. I was too embarrased to put those “guilty pleasure” items on the grocery list, so pretty much only healthy items came home. Apples became my snack food of choice. I know this hasn’t been the most conventional way to lose some weight, but even my doctors are happy. I am no longer a pre-diabetic and I no longer have to take medicine for high blood pressure. Perhaps you have a friend nearby with a similar goal that could switch shopping lists with you each week? I know your kids will have to have snacks, but I’d make them keep them in their rooms, out of my sight! This is probably the most unconventional advice you’ll get on this page, but at least I was able to do this and still eat something chocolate each day! In fact, my doctor and I believe that piece or two of dark chocolate helped with the blood pressure situation! You also might want to get your thyroid checked. After the age of 40, strange things can happen that definitely cause weight to be hard to control. I’m also using my Wii Fit to help with my physical therapy, but just for balance and strength, so I’m charting my weight progress there. My next goal is simply to be below 200 by the end of January. Small steps. It took 14 years to pile it on, but I’m determined it won’t take that long to get rid of it. Good luck and know that we’re all fighting this battle…or should I say war!

  82. #100

    Hi Cathy………just wanted to send a hug your way!! Good luck in will do great!!! I love the cover you made, you are one of the funniest people…especially the mountains out of mole hills part, too funny!!

  83. #101

    My office went on a cruise in November and I’m still eating in cruise control!

    I think I’ve gained at least 10 lbs since then! Eeek!

    It would be cool if we could all do an online weight loss challenge, somehow. No prizes….just praise, as we lose weight each week.

    Great support group to say the least!!!

  84. #102

    You can do it! I’ve battled this same thing off and on for years. Things finally made sense to me when I read Leigh Peele’s Fat Loss Troubleshoot ( and I started losing. Of course, then I got pregnant (surprise) so it’s on hold. I’ll be back working on it again in May, though! I look forward to your monthly thoughts on the subject. 🙂

  85. #103
    Mary Ann

    My word for 2009 is Adventure, so while you’re moderating your butt off, I’ll be adventuring mine off – and Yay! for both of us!

  86. #104

    Your cover of O Magazine is, of course, hilarious! Like you, not only do I struggle with my weight, but I am still a smoker. Kudos to you for quitting and staying a non-smoker. My 50th birthday is in July of 2009 and my plan is to be a non-smoker before then. I shudder at the thought of the amount of weight I might gain, but quitting smoking is the priority for me in 2009. Good luck with your “getting back on the horse and riding!” Just remember, you’re fabulous no matter what the scale says!

  87. #105

    You go girl! You can do it! Your work is so inspiring to all of us out here in blogland. You definitely have what it takes to accomplish anything you want! Good Luck!

  88. #106

    I think I weigh about the same as you. I also think a size 10 would be wonderful. I was a 6 when my hubby and I started dating and an 8 when we were married 3 years ago. To think, I would just like to get back down to a 10!!! My main problem is I sit all day for work and don’t want to take the time to exercise after work. But I must do something because I can’t hardly stand the way I am. That’s the truth. You have definitely hit the nail on the head with this post. I hope that I can be there with you this year. Losing a little weight, looking better, feeling better. Thanks for the inspiration Cathy!
    As for the smoking thing, uh, maybe next year…..

  89. #107

    As I’ve scrolled through the comments, I’m taken back by all the support you have here. You can do this! I believe that the overriding reason is health (a hot bod is a great motivator) and if you remind yourself of what you are doing for your family I believe it becomes managable. We are with you! Thanks for sharing.

  90. #108

    I totally get wanting to feel better. Potato chips make me feel better. I have been reading my clean eating magazines and chips are no where in the magazine. I want to be like the ladies in the magazine. Maybe I can learn about moderation from you. Your blog readers and DYL fans will love you either way, but like I said, I get wanting to feel better. WE CAN DO THIS!

  91. #109
    Sarah BoulayHaupt

    I so understand, right there with you on this journey. Sometimes it is nice to know your note alone. There is good in that.

  92. #110
    Judy in Huntsville [al]

    I’m [again] at my all-time highest weight. I weighed this much back in 1999 and it’s SO depressing to be here yet again…love your word: moderation, and thought of that very thing tonight as I ate a WHOLE BAG of frozen veggies [cooked of course, ‘California mix’] and thought, “Can I not even practice moderation in the good things?” Good luck getting healthy!

  93. #111
    Kimberly Marcus


    Wishing you much luck on this hurdle that seems to effect so many people, including me. Why is it so hard to take care of yourself. I always have the best intentions and start strong but somehow fail. Well, I am with you this year, this will be the year of change.

  94. #112

    I could write a book here about how I feel about losing weight, but the thing you said that I most relate with is how sad I am to give up my overeating. It’s short-lived happiness, but man, food makes me so happy when I’m eating it… or even anticipating eating it, like, “hey – what will I have for dinner?” as I wipe my mouth after finishing breakfast. I quit trying to lose weight many years ago, but I’m so miserably fat that I have to do something… I think… can you sense the commitment issues? Good luck to us!

  95. #113

    Wow, this was for me to read today! I am still holding on to “baby fat”, but my baby will be 5 in June. Good luck to you! I am with to de-puff!

  96. #114

    It’s so hard after 40!!! I hit the gym 3-5 days a week and never lose a pound, yet let me look at pie and poof! there’s another 5! I know perfectly well that if I stuck to fruits and vegetables, it would come off, but how does one give up the three deadly C’s, chips, cheese and chocolate? Good luck to us all.

  97. #115
    Chiara O

    Best of luck on your journey. I have been on my journey to a healthier me since last March. It is a constant struggle and honestly there are days that I take it minute by minute but the end result is all worth it a happier healthier and skinnier me.

  98. #116
    Cassonda Tadlock

    You can do it Cathy! GOOD LUCK! Looks like you have lots of ladies following this journey along with you. The biggest commitment is to change your lifestyle forever. It’s hard but can be done. Hugs honey!

  99. #117
    Jennifer Stewart

    Well, I think you’re pretty darn awesome, no matter what. You inspire me and I just want to say that I am RIGHT there with you. For me, it’s just waiting to have a baby, thinking “I can’t possibly work on my weight…what if I get pregnant?” But you know, after 8 years I should probably just wake up. I want my butt to be smaller at this year’s Inspired. 🙂

    Love ya,

  100. #118

    I’m getting on that horse too. I’m starting to get uncomfortable tying my shoes so I know it is time before it is really too far gone. I’m trying wii fit and so far I’m 6 for 6 days. Hoping that since it shows how many days i’ve missed it will be a good reminder.

    Best of luck to you!

  101. #119
    Christine Campbell

    Can I just copy and paste your blog onto mine? You and me both sister!! Although, I think you look great anyway, do it for you!!
    I have considerably more to lose but I’ve decided, it’s time and it’s not stressing me out like it has in the past, so, I’m thinkin, that means it will really happen this time.
    Good luck!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  102. #120

    I totally understand what you’re saying about the smoking thing. I quit, uh, what was it? Oh! Nearly six years ago. Believe it or not, I still have dreams in which I smoke. And I still have cravings from time to time.

    Crazy cakes, huh?

    The weight thing also lurks around, mainly due to the lack-of-smoking thing, the age 40-plus thing and the utterly bliss taste of Lindt chocolate.

    So, 2009 is going to be the year of moderation. I’ll back away from the Lindt if you back away from the chips. 🙂

  103. #121

    You go girl!!! I’m so with you. It seems like everyone sent us Godiva chocolates this Christmas. I have SIX boxes in the kitchen, plus 2 boxes of truffles, and an 8 box tower of goodies from the in-laws. I’m doomed:-( Why did everyone send chocolate, why?????

  104. #123
    Jeannette P

    I too am battling the wt thing and know that it is due to making poor food choices. I have to figure out how to make food fuel & not everything else. It definitely takes dedication, perserverance & a willingness to give things ups. Good luck. It is one of my 2009 goals (not resolutions) as well & I hope that everyone who is dealing with the same issue will find success this year & continue it each year to come.

  105. #124

    I may have to print out your magazine cover….replace the Z with a B, replace Neil Finn with Keith Urban (he’s Austrailian) and replace your picture with mine and that would match me perfectly.
    I had just read Oprah’s article (and I honestly never buy her magazine)I was intrigued with what happened to her. So even if you have Bob Green and Dr Oz as friends and all ther personal chefs and trainers money can buy you can still ‘fall off the wagon’. Well that just sucks because what chance to I have. I don’t have any of those people. Just a treadmill in my dark basement in front of a tv. Too cold to go outside 7 months of the year (here in Alberta it’s a balmy -30C, that’s -22F. But the sun is shining and that’s the only thing that keeps us going around here).
    Anyway good luck to us all! Here’s to me being 30 lbs lighter this year.
    I miss you DYL class 🙁

  106. #125

    Good luck! This spring, I was not feeling comfortable in my own skin. So my hubby and I have been working together to be healthier through exercise and what we eat. We used (free!) to track our food and exercise, set goals, find articles and recipes, etc. I’ve relaxed on tracking every single thing, but I’ve still be able to maintain my lower weight and feel much better overall–and I now turn to exercise rather than food when I’m stressed. And I’ve started subscribing to Clean Eating magazine, which has some great recipes and ideas for healthy living and eating.

    Anyway, bring on 2009! We’re all cheering for you!

  107. #127
    Lori Hudson

    Cathy – You so rock for putting the actual numbers out there. You and I weigh exactly the same. When I saw that, my first thought was, “But I’m taller than her, right??” I quickly found the picture of you grabbing my boob( saw that I am NOT taller than you. Besides, I would have to be about a foot taller than you for 176 to be the right weight for me. I was going to do it anyway, but thanks. I headed for 140 and size 8 (yes I was an 8 sometimes a 6 at 140)again in 2009, too.

  108. #128
    Heather H.

    I’m so with you. Moderation is not one of my favorite words either. I’d like to stop eating altogether too but man, around noon I just get really hungry! I just need to cut back on the little debbies. But somedays they are the only thing keeping me and my 2 1/2 year old alive!

  109. #129
    Amy in PDX

    Right there with ya, sister.

    I just started using The Daily Plate at My husband has been using it for a couple of months now, and has lost 20 lbs so I figured it’s time to give it a shot. It’s free, takes away the math/points factor, and makes me own up to what I put in my mouth. (Plus I’m just coming off of a bout with the stomach flu, so I figured this was a good time to start!) Best of all, it’s awesome for those with OCD tendencies who spend time on a computer (or iPhone). Check it out. ; )

  110. #130
    Susan Hessler

    I’ll be sending you all my good and motivating thoughts…and calling in others for myself. Good luck!

    Peace. Susan

  111. #131

    Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, you so made me LOL with your cover stories. Espesh the bit about Neil Finn, ha ha! I can see you’ve struck a chord and that we can all relate. I’d lost 38lbs by the summer since starting Slimming World (the largest UK weight-loss company) in Jan 08 – and by Christmas I’d gone and gained 10 of those back. Gah! And I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen, so how then do the lbs creep back on like that??? I know I can do it this time, I just have to keep focused. Thank you for making me laugh and allt he best for 2009!!

  112. #132

    Good for you Cathy for getting it out there. I am too am sooo with you on this one. And i have an important goal too, my holiday back home to Australia for Christmas 2009 where we will spend most of the days at the beach. i need to not feel the way i do now otherwise i will be hiding away, so 30 lbs needs to go. So here is to a new month, a new year and a new way of living.

    Happy New Year

    BTW – I am really missing my weekly emails from DYL. It was a fantastic class!

  113. #134

    Ok let me be the dissenter here for a moment. Ive always had a morbid fascination with her weight. Takes my mind of my own weight that I need to lose. The after, or heavier pic that they are showing is after shes lost some weight. She was a whole lot heavier last yr! But that saidI wish her well. I mean unless youre being paid to do it, no one can stick to that kind of pilates forever. She bought the whole 9 yrds, trap table and all. Im not sure what Im getting at. Maybe its just to look inside yourself and decidewhat youre willing to live with and what is frustrating you. Good luck with the journey.

  114. #135
    ana roat

    I was telling my pastor that the enemy had ahold of me and he told me that the only thing wrong was that I hadn’t “rebuked the fork” yet! LOL!!!


    Happy New Year fellow fatties!

  115. #136

    Cathy I was were you are at almost to the pound last year at this time. I joined WW on Jan 15,2008 and lost 40 pounds. It was hard but the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am going to be 40 in 2009 and I was so tired of feeling yucky about myself and I thought this year is going to be about being a better me. In turn I became better for my family too. I’m also working for WW now because I want to help others and I know it will help me stay motivated too.
    Here is a great blog Roni’s Weight. She is so honest and has been on the same battle that we all seem to go through. I love how honest she is with her struggles. So check her out. Good luck…. I know you will do great.

  116. #137

    I just blogged about my intentions for the new year. And although I did not specifically mention LOSE 30 LBS, it is my intention to do so. What I did profess is my desire to life my daily Fabulous 5 more consistantly which includes 8 hours of sleep, daily excercise and healthy eating. Because I know that it takes all 3 of those for me to lose weight. I too lost and then regained more than 30 lbs. in a similar time frame to you. I went from 173 down to 135 in about 3 months and then over the last 2 years I have gained all but ONE stupid pound of it back. And I’m pretty sure that I am shorter than you, so that makes me pretty darn chubby right now FOR ME. I love your magaizine cover and I applaud both your ability to acknowledge you situation & poke fun at yourself AND your willingness to get back on the wagon and attempt to do something about it. And somewhere about 3 hours north of you, there is another busy, creative, food loving mom trying desparatley to stay on that wagon with ya! Thanks for the post. Can you tell it hit home?
    Check out my blog….

  117. #138
    Ruth in OZ

    Oh yeah honey me too – it is already 1st Jan here across the big pond, and I too have got this 1st of the month thing happening – I need to exercise more and yep use that moderation word (I too tremble and get clammy atthe very thought of it) So looks like there is a big band of us on our horses, so forward Yo.

  118. #140

    I am also on the same page. I have even murmured the same words that you have. I will be on the same path and for the same reasons. Good luck!!

  119. #141

    LOVE the “Z” magazine cover! I’m with you all the way. I keep telling folks I’m trying to lose the “baby weight” after my last pregnancy. That old line is falling flat since the baby in question turned 21 in September!

  120. #142

    Cathy! I love you in a totally non-stalker-ish way!! Love the fact that you did the “O” knock-off…I need to do one too…This IS the year, man…the year…where my baby weight comes off…baby is 3.5!!

  121. #143

    Cathy! I love you in a totally non-stalker-ish way!! Love the fact that you did the “O” knock-off…I need to do one too…This IS the year, man…the year…where my baby weight comes off…baby is 3.5!!

  122. #144

    Oh, yeah, sister… I quit smoking 16 years ago, and it was the single hardest thing I have ever done. I can laugh at this now – but I remember starting to gain weight and telling people (in a very strained and raised voice) that I’d rather DIE than gain ten pounds. You see, this was after a successful Oprah-like liquid diet where I had lost a very BIG chunk of weight, and actually felt good about my looks again. Suffice it to say that ups and downs have continued – but no more smoking, and I’m very proud of that one. My most recent weight loss success was also WW online. I think my competitive nature kicks in when I’m actually recording all the things I eat, because I don’t want to “go over”. Anyway, I still have about 15-20 to go – and want to renew my resolve in 2009 as well. Good luck to us both!

  123. #145

    You are one of the few people who seems to understand the “all-or-nothing” personality. Most people just think I’m crazy lol! Please keep us posted on how it’s going for you. I’m staring down the barrell of 20 lbs to loose too. We’ll get the weight off, and be so much happier for it. Thanks for making me laugh everytime I visited. And thanks for the personal attention at BPS.

    Your DYL Student (looking forward to the next class already)

  124. #146

    My mantra for this next year is “they will make more cheesecake tomorrow so I don’t have to eat the whole thing today.” I don’t need to be a total pig about eating because I could have another bite tomorrow if I REALLY want to. This way, I won’t feel deprived but can have a taste.
    Good luck to everyone on the quest to be healthier.

  125. #147

    Good luck! I have finally gotten on the right track but it is a daily battle and I don’t think it ever ceases to be a battle for many of us.

  126. #148

    Wow Cathy, this just proves that none of us are alone in this! I was terribly thin all my life until having children and hitting 40. Now I am struggling with how to watch what I eat because I never had to. I have a good 20 pounds to lose to feel good. Not thin and not heavy. Thank you for the inspiration.

  127. #149

    Love the cover – only because I can relate to it.

    1 year smoke free here – but now 30 lbs. extra. It’s a very hard thing to deal with, and I am not liking this extra weight. Oh and eating nothing but chicken & salad, is so not appealing. is doing a weight loss challenge starting Jan.4th – I’ve never done any of their challenges there before. But I just signed up for this one. What the heck. It’s free, and they have prizes involved.

  128. #150

    Man – I know this probably isn’t going to mean anything . . . but you wear your weight well! You and I are at the SAME numbers – freaky. I’m close to 5’7 and I’m struggling with very close to the same numbers – – but the difference on me is so much more obvious than on you. You carry it really well – and I mean that – sincerely! Lucky that you can hide it as you lose it. I just look plain fat. Plus, you must have much better self esteem, because you’re not afraid to “show yourself” – lol. You know what’s even worse (I used to be a Marine officer) Sad for me – good for you. I’ll be secretly cheering you on, but honestly . . . misery loves company : )

  129. #151

    Oh Cathy!
    I can realy relate to this post. To tell the truth. I want to loose weight too.. not because of the health issues but because I want to look HOT just like you do.
    I am sure we will reach our goal this year! We can do this weight loss thing.. What was the word you used??? Moderation.. then theres the other scary word for me… sport. 😉
    Lots of Love and have a fantastic 2009

  130. #152
    Erin Glee

    I glanced at your new Header Thingie at the top of your blog (mast?), and thought it said “BITS & PIE”… perfect for your topic today… and then I realized the “CES” was harder to see over the scale & socks!
    Never having smoked, my love affair with food has been life-long. I, too, shuddered when you typed that nasty word “moderation”..`anything but that.
    Good luck to you and ALL the readers with the same issues : )

  131. #154

    like so many others, I’m there with ya! weight issues and all. Healthy eating and moderation and moving are the things I’m opting for. someone told me moving helps. we’ll see 😉

  132. #156

    I’m in the same boat too girl. I have always battled my weight, but in 06 I decided to get it off. I worked hard and got down to my goal weight. Then last year, I decided I was tired of always having to think so much about my weight and decided to “relax” about it a bit. You guessed it…I’m right back to where I started and am disgusted and embarrassed about it. About me and my lack of self-discipline. I think this is a life-long battle for me. Let’s get lookin’ fine in ’09!

  133. #157

    I’m right with you, Cathy. I’ve gained 20 lbs in the last two years and I’m 63 yrs. It gets much harder as the years roll on. I’m going back to WW meetings and get my health back. Good luck to us all.

  134. #158


    I hear you, loud and clear. I lost and gained the same 30 pounds in 2008. And yes, I know how and why it happened. There’s only so much in life that we can balance. I am a stress eater, and 2008 contained the monumental stress of both of my boys being diagnosed on the autism spectrum and the depression that accompanied those diagnoses. I have fought with my weight for a LONG time. What pisses me off is when people chalk it up ONLY to will power. There’s so much more at play than that. This year, on my blog, my hubby and I have started the “Fabulous at 40” campaign, as 2009 will include my 40th birthday. We are hoping to reserach some really helpful things about all the main components of weight control, particularly the metabolic roller coaster that some of us battle.

    I am there with you, sister. Thanks for being so open about it.


  135. #160

    I so understand your feeling. 10 years ago, I lost 123 pounds on WW and declared that I would never gain it back. I was so happy and proud of myself. But you can guess what happened in the following years. I gained it back almost. I try and try to lose it again but could never get back in the «zone». Last January, I went back to WW for the zillion times. When I got on the scale and saw the number, i started to cry. I was so discouraged. The lady just said a few words and I think it finally touched something inside me. I decided to do the program the best I could. As of today, I lost 66 pounds and I will get to goal in 2009. It is not always easy but if I can do it, everybody can do it. I am 63 years old, still working and scrapbook whenever I can.

    Cathy and all of you, I am right here also.

    p.s. I tell everybody I do it for my health. But who am I kidding? A nice small pair of jeans sounds great for a hot grandma.

    p.p.s Sorry for my English, I am French-speaking.

  136. #161

    Thanks for sharing your pain. I started going to overeaters anonymous 6 months ago and I have seen such changes in my life. Not only have I lost weight, but I have gained so much in my life. Check out and see if it may help you.

  137. #162

    I so understand your feeling. 10 years ago, I lost 123 pounds on WW and declared that I would never gain it back. I was so happy and proud of myself. But you can guess what happened in the following years. I gained it back almost. I try and try to lose it again but could never get back in the «zone». Last January, I went back to WW for the zillion time. When I got on the scale and saw the number, i started to cry. I was so discouraged. The lady just said a few words and I think it finally touched something inside me. I decided to do the program the best I could. As of today, I lost 66 pounds and I will get to goal in 2009. It is not always easy but if I can do it, everybody can do it. I am 63 years old, still working and scrapbook whenever I can.

    Cathy and all of you, I am right here also.

    p.s. I tell everybody I do it for my health. But who am I kidding? A nice small pair of jeans sounds great for a hot grandma.

    p.p.s Sorry for my English, I am French-speaking.

  138. #163

    I just got back from a lovely 3 weeks with my family to discover that SOMEONE crept in while I was away and shrunk all my pants.

    After spending a painful day sitting at my desk being strangled at the waist, I got batteries for the long abandoned pedometer, dumped the junk from the fridge and cupboards and made a plan.

    Here’s to the end of impacted knickers and my thighs setting my jeans on fire.

    I’m with ya!

  139. #164
    Beth R

    I don’t even know where to start for fear of rambling.
    To say I know how you feel seems redundant, every one of us that have taken the time to comment knows exactly how you feel,I however could never put those feelings into words quite like Cathy Z! I wish that I could say that I have actually lost the
    20-30 pounds I need to loose & gained it back , but I have never gotten that far.Though not for lack of trying, I lost 14 pounds once , I was thrilled . Now at 172.5 ( lets not forget that .5 )I need to loose double that. I am not thrilled.I joined WW in 1994 after a sad divorce. At 34 years old I weighed in at whopping 147 pounds 5’10” and thought I needed to “get a handle on it”. For the first time in my entire life I had gained 7 pounds! What a fool! I would chew off my left foot if I thought I could weigh that again! I have been doing a half ass job of “watching” what I eat for the last 4 days, I drank a couple glasses of water this week LOL ,did Wii fit twice and thought about getting on the treadmill, total gym or pilates at least 10 times a day, trying to trick myself by not using the word “diet” all the while knowing that is what I need to do.
    I hate to start counting points again, weighing and measuring and all that crap for fear of failing yet again.
    But because I want to be in the cool group I will join you and all the others who are struggling. I also want to wear a size 10 and feel smokin’ hot again!!! Oh yeah and all that healthy stuff too 🙂
    P.S. Yes I know I was rambling , at least I can admit my short comings.

  140. #165

    Hi Cathy so with you on this. I have these pair of bermuda shorts I want to wear so bad I can taste it, but instead I keep on tasting the ol ben and jerry’s (even though I started eating frozen yogurt kind, you gotta start somewhere!!!) Best wishes to you!!!

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