First month on The Plan

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So I did it. I rejoined Weight Watchers Online on Saturday. Day 1. Ahhhh… it brings back so many memories of moderation.


I plan to post on the first monday of each month, as it relates to my quest for reduced poundage. Just one post, per month, to either celebrate victory, or lament failure. With each post I will report on the following things:

1. My current weight (as of Saturday, it is 175.)

2. My current fitness plan (as of Saturday, it is called "walking on a treadmill, briskly, for 30 to 40 minutes every day… at least that is the goal.)

3. My mental space (as of Saturday, I would probably kill a small animal for a Butterfinger.)

And of course, I will also be covering things such as:

a. whining and complaining about feeling hungry, even though I’m not actually feeling hungry because I’m eating "filling" foods.

b. whining and complaining because I wasn’t born naturally thin, and am somehow convinced that thin people have no issues whatsover.

c. whining and complaining that I want to enjoy being healthy a hell of a lot more than I actually am.

That gives you an idea of what you’re in for on the first Monday of each month.

Enticing. I know!

So I’m starting small. My first goal (as of Saturday) was to make it until noon without freaking out. Then 6 p.m. Then to bed. And guess what? I did it. And on Sunday, too.

The next goal is to get into the habit of doing the healthy living thing. Third is to hit a 5% weight loss, which will put me at around 166.3, or so.

Then I will create new goals from there. And, I’ll try to share any awesome healthy foods I find along the way. (I also encourage you guys to post your healthy secrets!)

Dan, who loves me no matter what size I am as long as I will still agree to go clothes-less from time to time and hug him in a special way, told me just to take it slow and steady. No crazy goals. Just slow and steady. And he also said, in preparation to be on the receiving end of my lower fat cooking, "Bring on the rabbit food!"

So for Month 1, this is Cathy Zielske reporting from Rabbit Food Central. Check back in one month for more riveting tales from the scale.

Cathy ZielskeFirst month on The Plan

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    Susan Schacht

    You go girl. I’m in the same boat. This is the year. I’ve already shed 245 pounds (but it’s in the form of the ex-husband). Maybe I can get rid of that last 50? 🙂 I’m with you – in spirit, in rabbit food, and in that feeling of killing for a butterfinger.

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    I’m there with you. I started today and have made it to lunchtime. Had no sleep last night so not feeling too cool but I am deff going to do this as I DO NOT want to fat and 40 in May. Would love to drop 28lbs by then. Fingers crossed! good luck and thinking of you.

    Sharon x (UK)

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    Andrea Adams

    I could stand more than a once monthly post– I need more motivation to stay with you. I will take the approach of making it to lunch, then dinner, then bed. Starting my kick start (no sugar for 10 days) today- makes me grumpy, but it helps. Good luck- this weight thing really sucks. (and I’m pretty sure that you’re right and thin people really don’t have any issues.)

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    Cathy, don’t you know that WW is custom made for anal freaks like us? HA! The more obsessive you are, the better it works – seriously. Because cheating is impossible. 😉 I lost 30 on it last year – and it was so easy it FELT like cheating. No rabbit food – seriously. Just plan out your day (we love to plan, right?). Having it all planned out is such a nice relief and makes it easy!

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    Hi Cathy, Right there with you – I help out at my local WW meeting here in UK, and I am NOT seeing 19st something again this year, or in fact ever!!! Been there too many times! Besides, wedding is in 4 months & 11 days.
    Keep at it – it really does work – stay motivated everyone.
    Ally x

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    Sarah in MN

    Best of luck to you in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals!

    For years, I had good intentions of living a healthier lifestyle, drinking more water and exercising; although, I found that after 2 months or so, I kind of fall off the wagon. Now I am pregnant with my first child so, weight loss is not really in the cards anytime soon.

    Prior to getting pregnant, I had taken my first water aerobics class and I LOVED IT! Although, going outside to scrape windows in the wee morning hours before swimming and then fogging up the inside of the car with a wet body after swimming convinced me that I should take the winter season off.


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    Good for you!!! I too started WW again, and at the weight of 174! We’ll keep each other going! Though I was too chicken to post it on my blog.

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    How inspiring! I have been bummed lately as I have slowly regained the 15 pounds I lost during the first half of 2008, so I am back to the drawing board. Your plan sounds so smart and doable. I wish you success as you carry it out. And as for food tips: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches…they’re da bomb!

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    Missus Wookie

    Good for you – we’re starting the healthier living thang here too. But we don’t eat rabbit food…. well unless rabbits eat roasted veggies, soups and similar stuff. Moderation is indeed the key… but that leaves space for a butterfinger or two.

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    You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone. I am having difficulty emailing from Jamaica, so I may try this circuitous way to communicate.

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    You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone. I am having difficulty emailing from Jamaica, so I may try this circuitous way to communicate.

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    Amanda Johnston

    Awesome!!! Congratulations for starting out right!! I really like the Berries and Cream Weight Watchers yogurt. Tastes like candy for one point. I wish you good luck!!!

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    You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone. I am having difficulty emailing from Jamaica, so I may try this circuitous way to communicate.

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    You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone. I am having difficulty emailing from Jamaica, so I may try this circuitous way to communicate.

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    katie scott

    I had every intention of starting on January 1 but somehow it just didn’t work out. So today is my day to start. I’ve ordered Nutrisystem. I’m on the same starting point as you (except I’m shorter – and thus fatter). I’m not sure if I’m going to post my progress online. I do this weird thing where if I start to lose weight and people tell me how great that is, I instantly go off my diet. Maybe I should just wear fat clothes until I’m at my goal weight. Can’t wait to see Oprah today 🙂

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    Beth D

    I am starting today. I need to check out the WW online thing. I need DAILY motivation and I don’t suppose I could talk you into starting a separate blog for that, huh? Oh well, just a thought. We can do this!!

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    “bring on the rabbit food” i -love- it!
    i love what you said about dan. laughed so loud i scared my dog!
    i’m becomming more aware of my portion sizes. that’s my start. and maybe adding some water to my dance card in place of a few diet cokes.
    little steps. we can do it!

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    Good for you! Because my gallbladder went nuts 6 weeks ago (just before thanksgiving)–I went “fat-free”–and now am “reduced fat” and am totally “PEPSI FREE” (I miss pepsi) Any way I did it for fear of physical pain. I swear that is the only way I was going to do it. Good luck to you in this….I am rooting for you you

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    I’ve got a little more than you to lose as I’m 183 pounds. I would love not to have to diet but I’m back on ww from today (though I may not go and weigh in until next week because I put on about 6 lb over christmas!). The things we do to kid ourselves!! Plan to try and do the WiiFit daily – it helped during summer but has been gathering dust lately. Good luck and I look forward to your ramblings.

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    Good for you! I have been on WW since February of 08. I have lost 75 lbs. It is hard at first, but it does get easier as the time goes by. I remember those first few weeks- I thought I was going to starve to death. 🙂

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    luana Meythaler

    Best of luck to you! In the same boat, wanting to shed about 5% initially.
    Thanks for being so real…

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    Alis in Wnderlnd

    I am so there with you! Except I can’t seem to stick to it with the online thing…I have to be humiliated in person at a freakin’ meeting. I don’t stay because they all suck around me, but I go in and weigh in.

    My goal is a at least 30 pounds. I need to lose more, but I can’t maintain anything lower than that without daily tears.

    My short term goal is treadmill 15 minutes at high level, and Wii Fit 5/7 days. I just got an inhaler–surprise, I have exercise induced asthma–no WONDER I HATED exercising; I couldn’t breathe! I was actually able to run for a solid minute on Saturday without gasping for air and thinking I was going to have a heart attack. (Yes, I spent all summer going to the cardiologist only to learn, my heart is in perfect health, it’s my lungs!)


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    Sherri P eh

    Congrats on getting started and thanks for the motivation. I did walk the dog this morning, which I usually find excuses not to do.(is that good english?) and I’m gonna step on that wii fit to check my weight and see how ‘old’ it thinks I am! Haven’t done that in a few months! Good luck to all of us!!

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    Good luck, Cathy! I am starting my second year on WW – having lost (merely) 36 ## last year (it *was* 42, but inattention and indulgence gave me back 9 – I know the math doesn’t work but the poundage does!)
    Work the Plan.

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    Julie Johnson

    I am there with you Cathy! Hubby and I started on the 1st and so far it hasn’t been too bad, maybe because we are doing it together so I have more motivation. The biggest problem I have with it is the upfront planning you have to do with your food as opposed to just eating what you can find when you are hungry. Huh, that may be part of the problem as to why I need to be on WW…
    Good luck to ya, I’ll be cheering you on 🙂

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    Shannon in WA

    You absolutely have to try Jello Dulce de Leche pudding. It’s only 1 point and it is so yummy! Go get some today!

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    Hi Cathy, first of all congratulations on taking the steps to become leaner. Maybe you can make it easier on yourself with your goal no 2: My current fitness plan (as of Saturday, it is called “walking on a treadmill, briskly, for 30 to 40 minutes every day… at least that is the goal.)
    Treadmill to me is like going nowhere fast. For me it would be boring after the 5th day. Why don’t you join your kids in some fun playful activitiy instead that gets your heart rate up or take your neighbors’ dog for a walk or better yet, walk to your grocery store and carry some of your groceries home. Great chance to get out of the house, away from the computer, breathe some fresh air, meet your neighbors, etc. Endless possibilities, unless you got the treadmill for Christmas of course 🙂

    Good luck,

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    Teresa Cotterman

    Me too. Been doing Weight Watchers for almost 8 months…40# gone! 60 more to go. Hard over the holidays. Have LOTS of recipes. Trying a new one everyday this week. Faux Fried Chicken tonight, Penne ala Vodka tomorrow. Having trouble gauging the hunger thing. That’s why I didn’t to CORE in the first place. Hello…If I knew when I was full, I wouldn’t have gotten to be 100# overweight! Good luck Cathy we are all in this together.

  29. #36

    Ooh, I look forward to Rabbit Food Central! Yay! I love how you are making ‘bite-size’ goals, not huge mouthfuls. I think I will follow your example in that.

  30. #37
    Carmen King, Avondale, AZ

    I knew several weeks ago that this was “my year.” I have said that before, but somehow I feel different about it. I want to stay motivated and committed as well, which has always been my issue. All of my friends run marathons and/or teach at one of the big gyms, so occassionally I feel a bit out of place with them. January 1st – 186 (I’m 5 foot 1 1/2 inches tall), so my goal seems impossible. I am just trying to remember that it’s one day at a time and I didn’t get this way suddenly, so I’m not going to suddenly wake up and it will be gone. Too bad it does’t work that way though!

  31. #38
    Sharon F

    Good for you! I too started with working out 30 minutes each morning ( I am a morning person) and am starting the Jenny Craig 20 pounds for $20 program this morning. Moderation is a key word. Its all in our control. Its just a step/day/filling food at a time.
    Wishing you much success at a slow pace…that way it will stay off.

    Yes You Can!
    signing off from “Rabbit Food West”

  32. #39
    Korey Lindberg

    Cathy you are a truly awesome! I also started a “living healthy” lifestyle today as I need to drop the pounds I gained after having my baby (ummm…I weighed less after the birth of my son than I did before having him, but have now put said weight back on. Crazy I know, but what can ya do?!?) I look forward to your posts and will be right there with you all the way!

  33. #42

    Good luck Cathy! I’ll be keeping you company. I did manage to lose 20 and keep 15 off last year, and I’m trying again now. As far as healthier cooking, check out cooking light. Everything I’ve tried has been yummy. Admittedly, I haven’t tried a lot since I’m lazy when it comes to cooking, but what I’ve made has been good.

  34. #44

    Yea you! You can do it! I’m on WW and just started the on-line tracking. Love it…makes it easier. Do yourself a favor and get your Vitamin D level checked. I just did and it’s really low (I gained 10lbs this year) and it turns out that women need 1000iu of Vitamin D supplement a day and that it helps with weight loss. Who knew? I just thought it was all those m&m’s putting on the pounds. Perimenopausal changes really mess with our weight control ability.

  35. #45

    I feel your pain. I would kill for a loaf of French Bread right now. Not on WW but found out I am allergic to wheat. I mean, what DOESN’T have wheat in it?

    I don’t mind the whining…whine away girl!

  36. #46

    Good for you, Cathy! I’m going to a WW meeting on Tuesday to start my road to recovery. My husband, too, loves me at any weight. At my current weight, he calls me curvy and voluptuous. Sweet, isn’t it. I’m looking forward to your once a month update.

  37. #47
    Christy B

    You go girl! WW is always my fallback when I’ve let myself stray. The online program is pretty good, and the recipes are great! Once you get used to portioning and cooking with tons of vegetables, it gets easier. I promise! BTW- I miss DYL class already. I was so productive the last three months!

  38. #49

    Welcome to WW. I’ve been on for almost 2 years now. I am the slowest loser ever. Lost 30 lbs and am 3 lbs from the top of my goal. Once you get used to it–not so bad. I just lost a point and will lose another on my birthday. Ugh. 18 measly points. For me, exercise is the key. You go girl. On a side note, you’ve always looked slim to me!

  39. #50
    Dana N (MissD)

    Good luck Cathy! I agree with Dan, start slow with realistic goals. I know how you feel as I too was not born with metabolism on my side. Plus, I Iove food. Just try not to think about it and obsess about it. It will happen if you relax, stick to it, and realize you are going to have a bad day now and then. Can’t wait to hear your updates.

  40. #51

    my biggest tip is this: it’s TOTALLY + COMPLETELY mental. you must convince yourself that being thin is better than that butterfinger tastes, or 2 potato chips, or anything eaten after 6:30 pm. you’re SO right – just get to bed. the evenings are the worst for me – I always want to go eat the remaining black olives in the fridge, so I go to bed earlier. you CAN do this!

  41. #52

    Good luck – that accountability makes a big difference. I lost 20 lbs using WW online last spring and then this summer got pregnant…with twins…WW keeps sending e-mails to me asking me to come back – maybe after I am done growing and back to the losing phase.

  42. #53
    Sara Amuso

    Thanks for sharing, there are many of us “in the same boat” at least we all have each other as a “paddle” now…LOL! I look forward to your reports of progress!


  43. #54

    You crack me up!!! I love reading your blog Cathy, but seldom post. I just had to tell you today that your blog always makes me smile. You have such a sense of humor! Good luck with your weight loss goals….I have a few of my own this new year. I am also taking it slow & steady (they say that is the way to win the race, right?) and am hoping to lose 15 pounds within the next 6 months! Nursing school will prove to be my biggest challenge! I have very little time once school is back in session so I need to keep on target and not slip back into old habits. Checking your blog every month will help give me motivation!

    We can do it!!!

  44. #55
    shari (tigsnbitz)

    Congrats Cathy! I work for WW, and I know how difficult it is to do the moderation thing. Portion control was hard at first, especially since my husband is 6’2″ and weighs 160. Remember, you have your 35 extra points, so if you want a Butterfinger, have it and count it and be done. Please spare the small animals! Trust me, if you treat it as a lifesytle change and not a diet, it won’t be so difficult.
    Good luck and hang in there!!

  45. #56

    This morning I weighed in at 165, which is up about 2 pounds since before the Xmas season. My goal is roughly to lose 30 lbs, but it’s not about a specific number. My main goal is to move mroe and eat less – everyday!
    Watch Oprah today for inspiration with Bob Greene and tomorrow is Dr. Oz.
    Well, gotta get back to the carrots. Crunch crunch.

  46. #57

    Good for you! I’m back OTW (or OTWW)starting today as well. We weigh the same – how tall are you? If I could look like your first after/now before picture I’d be thrilled!

    Good luck! Glad I’ll have somewhere to read as I go through this!


  47. #60

    You make me smile. Love your realistic approach to life. The way I figure it, eat in moderation. If you deny yourself, you will break your diet and binge. Eat healthy choices, and generally eat less and drink more water. I am taking these steps with you!

  48. #61
    Stephanie S.

    Good for you! I’m also doing weight watchers. I’ve got about 5 more pounds on me than you but I will be running the race right along with you! I’m set a goal to try new recipes every week so if I come across some good ones, I will send them your way. One day at a time!

  49. #63


    Took your DYL class and loved what I did. Because of personal and family reasons haven’t kept up recently.

    One of my favorite recipes is 1 can of drained asparagus with 1/2 cup of salsa in the blender. This makes faux guacamole that I love to dip veggies in. I love it becuase you are dipping veggies in veggies! How cool is that?

    Thanks for the class and I busy printing everything out now.

  50. #65

    Sitting here laughing to myself, only because I see my old self in your words. From the trying not to freak out until noon, to whining about think people’s great fortune in life. Surprisingly, my husband also liked me as long I agreed to take my clothes off, lol.

    Good luck, WW is IMO the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

  51. #67

    Ack…unfortunately I am so with you! I kept off 35 lbs. for 4 years. 4 YEARS! 17 of it is back and I am determined to stop it in its tracks! I am at 151. I, too, have adopted smaller goals this time. I’m going 5 lbs. at a time. My favorite tip from my LA Weight Loss days (which totally rocked – so sad they are gone) is to cut out carbs at night. If you can manage lean protein and veggies for dinner and gnaw on a pencil until you can fall asleep it makes a big difference. I don’t do it everyday because I can’t live that long without pasta but it helps knock off the weight. Good Luck!

  52. #68
    Heather Main

    Oh I am right there with ya Cathy 🙂 I am back on plan. I managed to lose 20 pounds just before Christmas then I gained back about 7 but I am back on track, Sunday is my weigh in day. I am doing Nutrisystem for now and once it runs out I am switching back to clean eating by Tosca Reno I did it before and I like it alot better.
    I tried WW but all the point counting got to me.
    You can do it! Hey your already 15 pounds lighter then me 🙂

  53. #69

    I want you to know that not so long ago, I was about three lbs heavier than that. I signed up for WW Online and about a year and a half later was wearing a size 8 for like the first time in my life(only a handful of lbs left to go). Slow and steady wins the race….you have to know the foods not so bad. Bake a chocolate cake with Diet Coke….it’s fabulous! Count me in as one of your cheerleaders!

  54. #71

    I joined WW (the meeting version even though I didn’t think that format was my thing–I think it depends on the leader) about 4 years ago. I made lifetime a little over a couple years ago. I think WW is the most sensible plan out there healthwise–AND do-able. After going through “butterfinger withdrawal” (mine was chips) I have to say I love our healthy eating now. I don’t crave any of the non-nutritious food–I don’t even think of it as a “diet” in the bad connotation way.

    Right now I’m reading Superfoods Healthstyle ( the author’s previous book is Superfoods RX). It’s somewhat analytical (what’s a phytochemical?), but it is engaging enough and goes through all the “superfoods” that should be included in our diets. The author explains all the nutrients in each food, what they do for our body, etc. etc.

    The book actually begins with a whole section on exercise and why it is so important for our bodies. I’ve already become an exerciser, but this gives a real motivation to keep it up.

    I know this sounds like nutrion-geek stuff, but for me it reaffirmed why I eat the way I do now. I want everything I put in my mouth to count nutritionally. I do not plan to gain it all back and have to start this again. Once is enough. Choosing the right foods (I only let foods in the house that are on our plan–if I want a cookie I buy ONE at the bakery or restaurant), portion control, staying ahead of real hunger (meaning I have a snack mid morning and mid afternoon), and exercise–those have been key for me.

    Good luck in this new year.

  55. #72
    Jennifer W.

    ok, CZ — I’m right there with ya! I’m 178 and want to lose about 25ish pounds!
    Slow and steady…I hate that!
    It is so wonderful that your wonderful Dan loves you at any size!

  56. #74

    A personal trainer once told me to work out at least 10 minutes each day. We all can find 10 minutes. I have 3 ages five and under and a husband that just went through chemo. I try to walk an hour a day, but I make sure that I at least walk 10 minutes. I think it is great advice. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos of life and if you make it a priority to find 10 minutes then you will remain a habit. It is so easy when you have a million things to do in one day to say, I’ll do it tomorrow. And that’s when things can fall apart. Good luck Cathy!

  57. #75

    I am right there with you fellow blogger. In fact, I have been doing a similar thing on my blog. Would love for you to hop over there some time with some inspiration. I am doing WW online. I have been doing it for like 4 days now…why am I not skinny yet???

  58. #77

    I’m right there with you – re-upped for WW online on Friday. So far haven’t killed anyone! We can do it – see you on the WW boards!

  59. #78

    I am inspired by your willingness to “put yourself out there” by publicly sharing your current weight and weight loss goals. That’s something that I don’t think that I would ever be comfortable with. Good luck in this endeavor and thanks for continuing to inspire me in a multitude of ways.

  60. #79
    Kelly Butler

    Good for you Cathy! You are allowed to whine if needed. Not getting to eat all the Butterfingers you want is not exactly fun. It works if you stick with it though. (I lost over 100lbs using WW.) Stick with the small goals, even an hour to hour one if you have to. Looking forward to seeing your monthly posts on your progress.

  61. #80

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you! And having been a DYL student, I am equally sure you will be able to DYS ( Design Your Shape) with huge dollops of flair, skill, and perseverance. Will be checking back tomorrow, because for an awful moment or two, I thought you meant you were ONLY going to blog once a month on a Monday …

  62. #81


    That’s what i did on Jan 1st!!!
    And I am still in my points!!!
    (doing it on my own – which worked great a year ago – but today I registered for a free week at! Quite cool,bt too expensive for me! I’ll write down the new points for some foods – didn’t have starbucks in the old german version of the book, and I’m working there…. – and in 6 days I’ll quit again! );
    although the online-thing would be IT for me!!!…
    Maybe later…

    Lovely greetings from over the ocean!
    Katharina from the BlackForestRegion/Germany (;

  63. #82
    Tonja Trump

    You can do it!!! You are off to a great start and we believe in you (NO pressure, really)!! Baby steps work best and if you go 21 days with a new habit, it becomes a habit. GO YOU!!

  64. #83
    carrie harper

    First of all, I would reccommend doing a food & fitness journal when starting a new health fitness plan. If you can, pay a personal trainer to help you get started on a plan you can manage.(some will give a special rate for so many sessions) I went on WW four years ago and lost 13 lbs I have managed to keep it off. The secret, when i gain some weight I make sure I start my food journal again, and I exercise 5-6 days per week. Its hard to maintain a weight loss with nutrition only,you need to do it with your nutrition and exercise together. If you overeat on the weekend, make sure you exercise on the weekend to offset your extra calories. Also, alcohol packs the weight on me instantly. I have no will power when I drink.
    Some websites that have been helpful are
    Sparkpeople is the best free website in the entire world.

    Lastly, a vision board(I use a 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper)it is a great positive encouragement, put a picture of yourself when you were happy with your weight. Right down your goals, weight, spiritual, physical etc. Post it on your mirror so you see it everyday. It really does help.

    Gooduck to you, make the change for your life not just the next few months.

  65. #84

    Been on WW since last Jan (kind of petered out in Aug) and am now back on the bandwagon to lose the last 10 & make life time (lost 45 so far~-good after 3 kids in 6 yrs) LOVE CHOCOATE or anything sugary so here is a great recipe:

    2 points per serving
    1 cake mix (any flavor)
    1 can diet soda (any flavor) ROOM TEMP!!!
    Mix the two together and bake in 9×13 at 350 for 30 min. (I love devil’s food & diet chocolate cherry dr. p) Cut into 12 equal pieces and top with lite or ff cool whip!!! YUMMMMMMY!

  66. #85

    As a fellow ex-smoker (2 years), I feel your pain, Cathy. I like what you said the other day. The horrible irony with losing weight is that you have to EAT everyday!! It just isn’t fair. I wish you the best of luck!

  67. #86

    I just wanted:
    (A)Wish you luck
    (B)Comment on your bravery. Putting your weight out there is amazing.
    (C)Remind you that killing a small animal doesn’t usually get you a Butterfinger. And if it does, you probably don’t want it anyway, right?

    Thanks for being here…you brighten up so many of my days. I dig you no matter what size you are, too…but please, no “special hugs” for me! 😉

  68. #87
    Melissa B

    I am with you all the way! I am trying to take the slow and realistic road as well. You go girl. I am looking forward to your updates. 🙂

  69. #89

    I have been doing it with Weight Watchers online for 4 months and met my 10% goal and lost 25 pounds, let’s do it….

  70. #90

    Your comments earlier about re-joining WW made me think, re think and decide to rejoin too. I attended my very first meeting…I’ve been on the plan before, but NEVER attended a meeting. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. The good news is, I just discovered that “chicken bones” candy is LOW, LOW, LOW in points. As a matter of fact, four of them is just one point! Yippee!
    I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  71. #91

    Cathy- Good luck to you in your weight loss efforts. I know that WW was the only thing that ever really worked for me (I was going to the meetings, never tried online), but I went off of it thinking I’d “got the hang of it” and I could do it on my own- wrong! I just got tired of all the points counting. Right now I’m 7 weeks preggo, so I’m looking to put on pounds (but not too many!), but maybe I should try WW again after baby. BTW- how tall are you? I also weighed in at 175 this morning, but I think I’m a lot shorter than you, because I think I look heavier than you do in pictures. Looking forward to your updates!


  72. #92

    you are so brave to share this with all of us and just be there and be real and talk about how food just is a struggle. i joined WW last year and had to quit because i was literally dreaming of food and whining and crying to anyone who would listen to how hungry i was….

    YOU ROCK for being so real.
    good luck and try not to highjack any pastry trucks.

  73. #95

    I just want you to know how brave I think you are for posting your weight online for all to see. That is so courageous! If you can do that, you’ve done the hard part!

  74. #96

    I lost 30 pounds between June and September in 2008. I have always eaten a fairly healthy diet (reduced fat, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains), but my problem was portion size. By watching portion sizes and balancing the types of foods, I was able to lose the weight. And I didn’t gain any back over the holidays!!

    Good luck, Cathy!

  75. #97
    Sara S

    You can do it!!

    A quick treat – sugar-free jell-o topped with fat-free redi-whip. I think it is just one point!!

  76. #98
    Jen de Ridder

    Yep I am with you. My account woke from a long sleep. I do not think Weight Watchers knew what to do with me. Sigh… I also made a goal to be honest. Mostly because my husband is doing it with me and he loves me no matter what but would like to see me feel healthier. Plus he knows it will make for more excitment in the bedroom. Nuf said!

  77. #99

    I’m right there with you. Although my exercise program will have to go a lot slower since I’m recovering from foot surgery.

    Good for you for having a husband that will say stuff like, “bring on the Rabbit food!” My husband doesn’t eat rabbit food at all.

    You are inspiring me to go back to tracking my food intake using SparkPeople. I need to do this!

  78. #100

    Good luck, Cathy! I just subscribed to Clean Eating magazine (–I picked up my first copy on impulse in the B&N check-out line because the food on the cover looked too good to be “clean”). Anyway, I’m really enjoying making some of the recipes, which are really healthy and natural. And even my meat-and-potatoes hubby has enjoyed some of the meals I’ve made (chicken fajitas, baked whole wheat penne, etc.). So check it out if you want some this-tastes-too-good-to-be-healthy food (and complete nutrition info for every recipe!).

  79. #101

    Good for you Cathy and good luck! I have been on WW since 5/08 and I’m down 47 pounds. But just realized watching Dr. Phil today that I need to set a goal to keep myself motivated in 2009. An interim one — baby steps like you’re doing. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  80. #102

    good job hun! I dont have a ton of successful weight loss tips and stories like all these wonderful ladies, but I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh- in the bestest possible way! hahahah big hugs and good luck!

  81. #103
    Sarah B.R

    I love your very straightforwarness in general so I am going to be straight forward with you as well. You are setting yourself up for failure. I applaud you for signing up again and for wanting a change but from reading the post, you don’t seem to really really want the change, as if your life depended on it. And that motivation is what is going to keep you going when it gets tough.
    I think it is great that you are chosing realistic goals: small and slow is how to do it but I didn’t see a deadline and a deadline is very important. You also want to write down WHY you want to lose weight. If being healthy in itself doesn’t rock your world, maybe you can write down why you want to be healthy: so you have more energy for your kids. so you are a great role model for your daughter (body image etc…). It can be anything but it must be so powerful to you that food won’t stand a chance against it. If you’d like more information or pointers, feel free to e-mail me. I am not a fitness expert but have gone through my own body weight problems and have successfully reached my goals so I am hoping to help. Go for it!

  82. #104

    I am here to tell you weight watchers is the BEST! Lost 20 lbs. Did core….life change not a diet! Love it!

  83. #105

    thank you for the laughs. really. i mean, my sides hurt most days after reading your posts. and i just made it through your top 2008 posts and i laughed even harder than the first time i read them. i’m really glad you did this, some how i missed the dick weed post and that sister, is a GEM! thanks for sharing your story. you make the internet fun. good luck with your rabbit food thing! -wende

  84. #106

    Her Royal Highness, Oprah, said today on her show that she doesn’t have a weight problem, she has a “love” problem.

    I must really have a love problem.

    I will be watching/reading to see who loses more weight by June, you or Oprah. Despite the fact that she has Bob Greene and you have… well…Dan, I am betting on you.

  85. #108

    I cannot believe I am saying this out loud (sort of) to you, but I am joining you. Today was the first stupid day in the rest of my stuipd life. I haven’t even considered trying to lose weight in years. I never succeed and when I fail, I gain back more than the meager few pounds I was able to lose. Today on Oprah they told me I’m supposed to figure out why I eat too much. Hell, I don’t know. Stupid Bob Greene. So, anyway, I’m here with you, but obviously I’m not the one you come to for a pep talk. I’ll let you know next month if it’s working. Please God, let me have good news. Day 1 down, hungry and horrified over the task ahead, yippee.

  86. #109

    Oh my freaking goodness…gal…I LOVE your attitude and way of communicating! You are a riot! I think you are going to pull me along with you! Thanks for the inspiration…go on with the whinin’ … love it. 🙂

  87. #111
    Ululani Pomroy

    Good luck Cathy. It’s all about baby steps. By the way, you might want to join Hungry Girl ( She sends out daily emails giving you heathly information. It’s a great website and prefect daily helpings of positive reinforcements.

    Good luck again,

  88. #112
    Phyllis R.

    Oh Cathy! Thanks for keeping it so real! I too, have put on the lbs. over the last few years. Made great strides two years ago (15 lbs. down), got a bit cocky about it, thought I could eat junk on a regular (read nightly) basis again, and put it all back on again. I’m with you sistah! (Will be whining or celebrating right along with you)! Wishing you and all the other “losers” on here a successful ’09!

  89. #114
    Sev from france

    Hi Cathy,
    my goal is to loose the kilos I kept after my pregnancy…baby boy is only 2 months old but I’m not satisfied with my weight !!
    I’ll begin the diet after finishing breastfeeding…

    I’m with you !!

    sev from DYL ( I miss your slideshows !!)

  90. #115
    stacey r

    I just signed up for WW yesterday. It’s my first time. I signed up right after lunch, and tracked the things I’d eaten already that day. I thought I had been doing well, but I had blown through all of my daily points and some of my weekly ones just in half the day! Obviously I need to learn more about the foods I’m eating. I wish you luck too.

  91. #116

    um i’ll be joining you at the end of the week
    i gained back 15 pounds – need to get it off
    rabbit food

  92. #117
    Gina Sekelsky

    “I never met a human being whose humor was not the better for a walk.” (David Culross Peattie) Actually, I think I might have gotten that from an old issue of SS!! Anyway…I love to walk, would happily walk with you. I try to walk every single day, even if just for 10 minutes. Then there is no saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Every. Single. Day. Call me!

  93. #118

    Thanks for being our inspiration. Not only do I have quite a bit of weight to lose, but so does our family dog. He is an Australian Shepard who weighs a whopping 90 pounds. He is due for shots, so I am giving me and him till the end of Februay to see what walking will do for both of us! Talk about pets and owners looking a like! Have a great month.

  94. #119

    I feel your pain but had to laugh at your post. 6 of my siblings, myself, 1 brother-in-law and a friend started our own “Biggest Loser” contest yesterday to help us all get healthier…with cash as the prize/incentive (we are each kicking in $50). End date is Easter Sunday. I’ve been following…okay,okay…attending WW meetings (at the LSS!) regularly for almost 2.5 yrs and have lost about 20 lbs. I’ve consistenly kept 15 of that off but do bounce down to 20+ lbs lost and then back up. I did, however, manage to lose weight over the holidays so am feeling way more motivated than I normally do in January! I’ve determined that 2009 is THE year I finally reach my weight loss goal…and winning the cash from my family wouldn’t hurt either. Especially because I still weigh more than most of them! 🙂

  95. #120

    Good luck. I too am trying to lose weight and doing small goals. I would like to be a certain weight for my 40 birthday which is 1 year and 4 months and some odd days away. But I totally understand about thin people..especially the ones that think they are fat!

  96. #121

    “go clothes-less from time to time and hug him in a special way” … oh my gosh, you crack me up! I told that to my husband. I have a feeling he’s going to use that line on me one of these days.

    Good luck in your quest for happy healthy living. I’m starting my quest, too! Here’s to us!

  97. #122
    Kristen Zuro

    Cathy, I’m with you. I’m reading your blog, watching Biggest Loser, and crying a little. We can do it, dammit!

  98. #123
    Dixie Lee

    From one fellow rabbit to another.
    I hate exercise. I love to eat.
    I lost 17 pounds in the last six months.
    You can do it. I’m rooting for you.

    Check out the book “Strong Women Stay Young” It’s been motivation for me not to just loose the weight but to build up the muscle.

  99. #124
    Andrea J

    Cathy I am right there with you girl. The Wii fit told me only one person at a time please when I stepped on the board. Just kidding but really I am at the same weight but I am pretty sure I am shorter than you 5’2″ I weighed about 10 pounds more before Christmas so i am going to do it!! I have a 20 year reunion coming up and I just need to get healthy for my family and my kids. I am following WW as well but on my own I just don’t have the money to spend on meetings right now. My saving grace has always been grapes for a snack pretzels too. lots and lots of water the soups that are zero points and skinny cow ice cream sandwiches when I need something sweet they do taste good.

    Good luck
    Andrea J

  100. #125

    Good luck to you! I will be looking forward to your monthly posts. For my one little word for 2009 I picked “move”. I am now posting this word all over the place. “Remember to move.” Hopefully this helps motivate me to get some exercise, of any sort.

  101. #126

    You go girl! Great way to start. I am unhappy with my current weight situation and hate to enter my 40s out of shape. I want to change my lifestyle and exercise and eat better. I am not a gym girl so I ran into infomercials from and have friends using their videos. I am 3 weeks into Slim in 6 and see results. It takes the dedication to exercise 6 days a week but I feel good about what I am doing. Check out’s message boards to see real people sucess stories.

  102. #127

    Go Cathy! 🙂 I’ve been there – 175 – and now have 10 pounds to go. Love WW! Perfect for us anal-types, isn’t it??

  103. #128

    Hi Cathy,
    right there with you sister…I started WW on Monday, and, no, I am not even close to brave enough to post my weight (lets just say it is quite a bit more tha you)but so proud that you are 🙂
    I watched Biggest Loser last night…and hell, if a 360 lb woman can run on a treadmill until she pukes & then keep going, I can at least walk on my treadmill for 45min and watch Marth Stewart
    looking forward to your posts….

  104. #130

    Cathy – I am with you girl. I have been on WW for three years, losing 80 pounds in about 18 months and now maintining my weight. I have not reached ‘goal’ yet – oh so close, but I have not given up. For me, this is my way of life.I like myself much more now I am 80 pounds thinner. I liked myself 80 pounds heavier, but now I feel healthy and hope to be around for my family. Be strong. Little steps. Before you know it, you will be at your 166.3 then go from there. Hang in there. CindyML

  105. #131
    karen Hobbs

    Hey, I restarted WW online too! so far I have not killed for candy but I feel it coming on!!! Ha! Loved your class last fall too, I hope to do lots of scrapping and less eating!!! thanks for being honest and so open with all of us…it makes me feel less alone in my struggle! Rabbit food and tiny portions ughhhh…but we’re in it together! Amen sister!

  106. #132

    Hi Cathy,

    Best of luck to you! If you have time check some of Tosca Reno’s books. The clean eat diet. Whole food is the best way to go.

  107. #133

    Hey Cathy! Best of luck…I joined today with a Weight Watchers at work meeting. We start next week! We will persevere!

  108. #134
    Erin McMilon

    i am hungry… dieting after the holidays is the worse time for me to start – i am so hungry for sugar, cuz that’s all i have eaten for the past month, DANG… anyways i read this on another blog and think it is a great idea – i am gonna start with tomorrow night’s dinner –
    “Dinnertime Trick: I’ve also figured out a way to lower my portions at dinner. Before I set the food on the table, I take out enough for lunch the next day. If I do this first, then I won’t over eat at dinner.”

  109. #135

    I have been doing Weight Watchers for about 2 years on and off. I am back on and hope to stay there.
    Check out This is a terrific website and you can sign up for daily emails with really great ideas, recipes and food finds. She also has a fabby cookbook.

  110. #136
    Diane Roberts


    Me too hun! I (like Ally up there) am a WW helper in the UK. I’ve lost 5lbs in a year… been a bad year! But this year I’m going to focus, and I’m going to DO it. I saw pictures of me in a black bikini on a beach, looking like Orca…. hang in there – and I can really recommend the creamy mushrooms on toast! LOL

  111. #137
    Kelli Panique

    Okay, so it’s Thursday and I’m replying to your Monday WW post, but I’ve been dying for a Coke all day (a real non-diet one) and I can’t have one because I went out to lunch with my hubby. Anyway, I found these Fuze drinks that have like 20 calories in the whole bottle and are super yummy. Not quite a Coke, but not nearly as boring as water! Also, a FUN SIZE Butterfinger is only a point or two. Not as fun as a big one, but satisfying for those of us gathered at moderation central! Good Luck!

  112. #138

    I started on Monday! so it is day 4 and I haven’t ate my arm yet….we can do it!! good luck and will post some ideas soon

  113. #140

    I just don’t work well on other people’s schedules so that whole “getting healthy on the first” was totally blown off. I started around Thanksgiving. and I’ve lost 5 pounds but gained flexability and lean muscle. I love food so here’s the two biggies I did to help me – I stopped drinking soda (even diet and I started strength training (not weight lifting – just slowly working different muscles and eventually adding reps and weigh). At the gym – I am that super sad, sweaty fat chick in the corner who grunts everytime she lifts 15 lbs.

    But I’m doing it and I don’t feel like I missing out on yummy foods. If I want that yummy cheesecake – I add another 5 minutes on the elliptical to earn it.

    Thank you for announcing your intentions – and being realistic about your goals. As a longtime fan, I really appreciate your no BS style and looking forward to “losing the muffin top” with you.

  114. #141

    Slow and steady works though. I am walking proof of that. It took me a full year of slow, steady and nothing crazy to get me to where I am now. You’ve seen the photographic proof. It can be done and I know you will do it too. Then we’ll go see Neil together and be all skinny while we dance to “Distant Sun.” 🙂

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