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    Poo on you for making me cry – ugh…that’s TOO good, girl! Yay to Margie for sending it and yay to you for sharing it. I think I need a few more pigeon friends.

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    Traci in Virginia

    I read your blog all the time and you always make me laugh. Thank you for this post. It was very touching. My husband passed away on Nov. 29, 08. Just weeks ago. He was only 39 and it was unexpected. He was my best friend. All those things in the video are true. I have been surrounded by my family, friends and the community and they did bring food. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know how I would be handling this without the wonderful women in my life.
    Thanks again…I will be reading your blog daily b/c you are so upbeat and funny. Something I need!
    Have a great day.

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    So lovely. God bless our girl friends. Why were we all so mean to each other in high school? We need each other!

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    That was lovely. And it compliments exactly what I’ve been thinking about my girlfriends in these last few days. Thank you for sharing.

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    Holy crap. I’m at work — in an office alone today, thankfully. I’m glad I restocked on Kleenex for the cold and flu season. That was absolutely amazing. And uplifting. We women rock, don’t we??

    Hugs to you, dear Cathy . . . and hugs up there to Traci (commenter #3). Be strong!

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    Women have phenomenal capacity and potential. And I think we forget sometimes.
    Thank you for the reminder.

    Olympia, WA

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    Kathleen Noriega

    Hi Cathy,
    This video pulled on my heartstrings today. My mom has breast cancer and she’s not ready to talk to her family about it yet. I know that it is not about me but this clip helps me be ready when she is ready to open up to me. I know this may not even happen, because why would she want to talk to me (her only daughter) about women stuff. Anyway, thank you for sharing. I sent the link to all my friends. Because all you gotta be is living, to appreciate this uplifting clip. Happy New Year!

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    So…I’m sitting at my desk all teary-eyed and without tissue within reach….should have followed directions!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. I’ll pass it along to my very own group of exceptional women.

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    What a touching video. SO true. Reminded me to be so grateful for my wonderful friends. I passed it on and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

    Thank you!

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    Donna from the musiczoo

    Happy to see this is circulating and now that you have posted it, it will go around the globe! Find a ‘Relay for Life’ team and join in against this fight against the big C, which needs to evaporate off the face of the earth for good!
    As always, your blog rocks! Peace.

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    Holly A. Moss

    Oh – how could you? You lovely woman, you made me cry … and then my 1 1/2 year old daughter cried, too. I don’t know you personally, Cathy, but I love you for sharing. Thank you for making me cry.

    What a heart-wrenchingly beautiful reminder of the strength and capacity for love that we all have within us.

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    Jo E

    I didn’t follow the tissue instructions either but I should have! My best friend lost her 17 year old son 3 years ago and everything in this clip is so true. She made that call to me…. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me that, I too, am blessed by the women in my life.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this; I was due for a good cry. I’m four radiation zaps from completing treatment for breast cancer, but in a holding pattern while my skin recuperates.

    I can’t wait to link it on my blog, and send it to my dear friends.

    LOVE the header!!!

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    Joan in Kingman

    That was great. This will be sent to all my friends. Thanks for sharing.

    Prayers to poster #3 also. Hang in there. You can do it.

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    What an amazing speech. I clicked on another of her videos on YouTube, the one when shes reads a chapter from her book about going bald. Wow, leaves me speechless, what an amazing courageous lady. And Traci in Virginia, my heart goes out to you, keep strong.

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    Ruth in OZ

    WOW. I saw this a day or two ago, it reminds me that the wonderful women who are or have been in my life make the ride bearable and fun. Thanks for making sure lots of people see this.

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    A friend sent this to me before Christmas but I must admit I cried again! Thanks, I definitely need to pass this on.

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    Wow, wow, wow! I watched this with my daughter. We are going to go buy The Middle Place and read it together. But first, I will send this link to all the women in my life. Women are amazing, aren’t they?!
    Traci, my heart goes out to you. Sharon, Kathleen (and your mom) too…may you all gather strength and peace and lots of love from the Father and those around you.
    Cathy, thanks for sharing. You rock!

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    This has been making the rounds in blog land and it is beautiful.

    I, too, was compelled to get the book and while I just started it, I love it! She is a great writer and I love her sense of humor and reminds me of someone else Cathy! YOU!

    Read the book!

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    Ok—I went to her website and am now the proud owner of her book The MIDDLE PLACE. I started reading it and am hooked! Planned to catch up on my DYL but will do that another day!

    Flooding here…basement is leaking great day to read!

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    lara jane


    I, too, disregarded your directions (I’m just that type of person), but am now regretting it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    marjorie jo

    It seems I know and love many women who have the talent to write this. you know who you are. now go forth and publish.

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