It’s been one week on Weight Watchers Online (and I feel fine)

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I know I said I would only post once monthly about this whole mind-body-food-health-connection thing, but right now, it’s pretty much consuming (no pun intended) my every waking minute, as I get myself back into a whole new (well, it’s more like "selectively forgotten’ than ‘new’) mindset.

It’s funny how when you go back to eating healthy, you suddenly remember that you LOVE Wasa Sourdough crispbread, and that six thin slices of Buddig Honey Turkey can be stretched out if you’re creative with it. Or there are delightful surprises, like these Kettle Bakes Lightly Salted Potato Chips which are just two points a serving and quite possibly better than an orgasm.

I have exercised every morning, early, because that’s the only time I can make it work. 30 minutes on my treadmill. I’m not doing anything crazy like running or jogging. I’m just walking and trying to not hold onto the treadmill bar the whole time while I’m down in the basement. (And I think we all remember what my "workout studio" looks like.)

I’ve also managed to log over 10,000 steps each day. This is a bit of a challenge when you’re anchored to your tushka for your job. My solution? When my sweet managing editor Angie calls, (or anyone, for that matter) I get up, put on my phone headset, and walk the talk. I walk from my living room to my kitchen to my ‘scrap room’, and repeat. I probably look like a freak of nature to anyone peering in my windows, taking laps around my main floor like that, but who’s to say they’d be far off the mark? If I’m talkin’, I’m walkin’.

And I make a point of getting up every half an hour and just moving somewhere. Even if it’s just to the bathroom, and with all this damned water I’m drinking, that’s more like every 15 minutes. I swear, I am earning 2,000 steps a day just from going to the bathroom.

It’s all baby steps people. Baby steps.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in. I’m only going to weigh myself once a week. Because I’m doing the online version of the plan, this is as simple as walking into my bathroom, expelling all the breath from my lungs, and gingerly stepping onto the scale. Naked, of course. Everyone knows how socks and undies throw off the final tally. 

A few of you had commented about being brave to post my weight, but I don’t see it that way at all. It’s a number. That’s all. I could weigh exactly the same, but drop two pants sizes and what would that number really mean?

But numbers motivate me. I have a little OCD working for (or against) me. Weight loss is physics. Eat less. Move more. See numbers change. It appeals to my analytical nature.

Of course, so do these.

Like I said, baby steps, people. Baby steps.


One other thing: I must have been living inside a musical cave, because I just bought my first album by Ray LaMontagne, and seriously? I am mesmerized. Mes. Mer. Ized. This song in particular is the one that did me in. I’m sure a lot of you out there are already fans, but if you’re like me and missed this boat somehow, do check him out.

I will be picking up his other records in short order.

Have a great weekend.

Cathy ZielskeIt’s been one week on Weight Watchers Online (and I feel fine)

86 Comments on “It’s been one week on Weight Watchers Online (and I feel fine)”

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    Melissa Miller

    Oh Cathy. I am so there with you. Light lays chips and pace salsa. You can have a whole plate full for 1 point. LOVE IT!! If you haven’t tried the WW cornflake baked chicken…you seriously have to try it. My whole family loves it. My son calls it his “special chicken.” (I got the recipe from WW online a couple of years ago) Delish.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Of course your not…. I think 80% of us, uhhhh, wake up are realize we have been living large for too long. That would be me. Living large and getting large. But I have decided that I can ignore it no longer. Time to take care of me. I’ll be cheering you on, as I embark on my own journey to healthy living.


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    oh cathy, that is not even the BEST Ray Lamontagne album. You have to get Trouble. And Til the Sun Turns Black. And search for some bootlegs. All of them. You need all of them.

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    Laura Rich

    Don’t worry about the Betty Crocker things….I tried them, they’re not that good….I highly recommend “No Pudge” brownies…they sell it at most grocery stores & Trader Joe’s. The beauty is you only have to make one at a time, in the microwave, and they’re yummy! Just my 2 cents!

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    You go girl! I weighed in yesterday and was only .8 up from before Christmas. Yes. point eight. Not even one whole pound. I was so proud of myself my buttons popped off my shirt – and then I weighed even less! Here’s one of my new favorite recipes. Although I think all chili type food is pretty healthy, I calculated the points for this one (by hand) and I’m pretty sure it’s only about 2 ww points per serving if you use 1lb. ground beef and 1lb. ground turkey. Enjoy! Oh and I do eat it with tortilla chips which I think are about 4 points per ounce. super yummy.

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    i know you are just starting out but if you got yourself 5bls hand weights, it would help you along. lifting weights is very important for woman

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    Ok, I’m impressed. I was going on diet this week and I’ve sucked!!! BIG TIME!!! I have stuck to my points for ONE DAY!!! I feel inspired by you so I will try and get back on it from tomorrow – In my defence, I have used my WiiFit three times and I’ve walked into town once and walked the dogs so I have done some exercise – which is more than I can say for the past however many months (or that’s what it feels like!). Keep at it and keep posting so I feel motivated – PLLLLLEEEEAAAAASE

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    Don’t forget: weigh in FIRST thing in the morning, post-bathroom-break and with no air in your lungs. And naked. Good luck!

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    Good for you! I’m trying to get my water in, eat more veggies and cut down on the late night snacking but it’s hard after the stuff-your-face-fest that Christmas was.

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    Chris Jenkins

    “YOU CAN DO IT!”

    keep doing what you’re doing and don’t forget to change things up and once things thaw out where you live – get outside and pound the pavement or the woods or whatever.

    ray lamontagne is amazing. his songs just make you “FEEL”.

    have a great day and good luck with your weight loss journey πŸ˜‰

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    I have 2 words for you on weight loss and exercise: Paul McKenna.

    He’s an English therapist and he made a show in the US (I know as I’m currently watching the re-runs in the UK LOL)called “I can make you thin”. Maybe you saw it?

    If you’ve not seen this or read his book I can totally recommend it. Seriously life changing stuff. And NO effort. Seriously.

    Here’s the link for the website:

    Don’t buy anything as he’s done a TV show with all the same info for free!

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    Sometimes I wonder about the air in your lungs thing because really air goes up, right? So if you have a bunch of air in your lungs, wouldn’t you tend to rise up a bit? Maybe? Seems logical! Anyone have a scale that goes to the 1/100th of a pound and can do experiments?

    Go, Cathy! I’m still on the mind thing. Haven’t even budged. OK, fine. I’ve done some Yoga, but does that really count?

    Good luck tomorrow!

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    carla callahan

    Well, Cathy… you motivated me to start back on Weight Watchers. I also went the online route this time… little cheaper and more in our budget. It’s been since Wendesday and I’m feeling very strong and motivated. thanks for planting the seed… it’ll be fun to follow along with you on your progress.

  14. #18

    YAY for you! Sounds like a great first week and I thank you for sharing. I too have decided to get back on the healthier bandwagon after a 2 year vacation from it… and I must remind myself of the baby steps too!!

  15. #19

    They way that drinking water helps you lose weight. I don’t believe that it’s the water, but rather all the extra walking to and from the bathroom that really helps you lose weight.
    Congrats on your first week! They say the first 2 are the hardest, so if you make it past the first 2, it gets easier.

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    Nicky H

    I’m less of a “diet” person and more of a “get off my butt” person. 3 days ago I weighed 201.5. I haven’t seen the 100s in 8 years, since my first pregnancy. I have excersized 3 days in a row and eaten more veggies and less junk. Today- 203. So how do you do it when things go wrong? I AM using weights, so it might be the “muscle weighs more than fat” thing, but it’s still VERY discouraging. Help!

  17. #23

    Warm Delights rock! I, too, have bid farewell to these warm, decadent treats. Thanks for posting about your “health.” It really motivates me.

  18. #24

    i was introduced to ray by a friend. and wondered (as i did even more about ryan adams) how i’d lived without him.

    advice–albums 1 & 3 are the best. 2 is good music, but rather dark…

  19. #25

    you go girl – are you using a pedometer to monitor your steps? if so, may I ask which one??

    also – as far as ray goes – I heard him on this WONDERFUL local radio station (listener supported, no commercial) XPN. . .they have a website: – you can listen online and they ROCK for new music.


  20. #26

    Awesome! You are so in the groove. The first week is the hardest, it gets so much better from here. I’ve been “on plan” for 9 months (8 if you subtract a trip to Disney and Christmas break) and have lost 51 pounds. After a while, it is just second nature. And I discovered those same chips about two weeks ago. I love the BBQ ones. I can’t believe I’ve been on WW this long and not found these before. Congratulations!

  21. #27

    Have you looked at the Hungry Girl website or picked up her cookbook yet?? Awesome food, and WW points included in all recipes. Yum.

  22. #28

    everytime I open your blog page your left sock looks like a pile of m&m’s
    can you tell I am in diet hell also? LOL

  23. #29
    Jennifer W.

    good for you on those 10,000 steps! that is not easy.
    and those warm delights are the main reason I cannot buy a microwave oven…

  24. #30

    hi cathy! πŸ™‚ i joined yesterday and even did a little wii fit step last night. i’m here cheering you on and selfishly you are motivating me too!

  25. #31
    Susan W

    I would like to share a recent yummy & healthy food find with you. It is 4 points for 1/2 of the pizza. It is AC LaRocco Ultra Thin Bruschetta Style Pizza. I would say the crust is more like a pita but super thin and crispy. It was so good. We made ours on a pizza stone which probally added to the crispiness. I found it inside the organic section of our food store.
    Good luck!

  26. #32

    Cathy–since last January, I have lost 10 pounds…granted I only WANTED to lose 8, but I totally get the whole WW world.

    Just an FYI–there is a publication that comes out about 3-4 times a year that is 5 ingredients, and 15 minutes and all WW!! It is FANTASTIC.

    In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I am going to go make these AMAZING chocolate, white chocolate, oatmeal cookies and eat them, because they are 2 points per cookie and the recipe only makes 10 cookies!! yum!

    Just thought I would pass that on–this time there is a bowl of yummy looking chili on the cover. Good luck! I got mine at Lowe’s (of all places!!), but I have gotten it in the past at Borders or Barnes and Noble.

  27. #34

    You have inspired me as well and I joined WW this morning-online. I’ve never done WW online so I am looking forward to following your progress.

  28. #35

    Either we need to have a chat with your hubby, or you’ve been married too long!! I mean chips are good, but THAT good? hehehe that really made me giggle.

  29. #37
    emily ruth

    i’m a ww on again off again girl,too…hoping to stay on again soon…i just needed to second that motion about the baked kettle chips! they are so good…they make the regular ones seem very very greasy…i mean if you were to try the regular ones…not that i would know anything about that…

  30. #40

    Well, you CAN do it! If I can, you can! πŸ™‚ I joined WW last year in March and in September, had lost 75 lbs. And, I love to eat as much as the next guy… or you! *wink*wink* (Jus’ teasin’ ya know!) Anyways, you go, girl! And, obsess about the food consumption… I decided part way thru that obssessing about food meant I was THINKING about WHAT and HOW MUCH food I put in my mouth. In the “old days”, I just PUT it in my mouth, without thought as to what it was or how much I was eating. I just ate. So obsession is good… ☺

  31. #41

    Ughghghg. Seriously, I wish I could be like all the others and post all these “positive” comments, but really . . . I hate you for doing things right this week – lol. I’m jealous – because I tried, and I didn’t stick to it! Where is the will power of my 20’s – – or even early 30’s? Geez. Three kids have given me the weakest mind and pooch ever! Please keep posting about it – it totally helps. You did awesome – good on ya!

  32. #42

    P.S. And, keep up that exercise, too. It’s a drag that it MUST be done… I’d much, much rather NOT get up earlier to go in the a.m. like you, but it sooooooo helps on the weight loss journey. The day I started WW, I added exercise back into my life. And, I KNOW it helped get the weight off quicker! And, (breaking my arm patting myself on the back!) I have only missed ONE day since! Go me! ☺

  33. #43
    Lisa Dickinson

    another vote for the album Trouble…i’m pretty sure listening it WHILE eating the Kettle Chips could result in multiple Big O’s…yep, it’s that good.

  34. #45

    LOL on the link to the brownie – I am SO with you there. I’m on the same weight loss journey, with a couple weeks head start. So far, I’m down 5.5 lbs. I’m looking foward to your posts, it helps to know others are facing the same challenges. Now, if I could just get those cookies in the kitchen to stop calling me!!

  35. #46

    Ray calms me down. Seriously, when I’m having a bad day I listen to Gossip in the Grain and there’s just something about the voice… anyway, he’s great.

    I’m on the wagon again, too and I love the Kettle Bakes. I couldn’t believe I could have 30 per serving. 30??? That’s more than a handful! And they don’t taste like crap! Delightful surprise, indeed.

  36. #47
    Lisa Cohen

    Glad you are getting back into the swing of things and discovering some of the joys of healthy eating… I’ve always been a foodie… before being a scrapbooker so I wanted to let you know that I just launched a collaborative blog on wellness/good eating with my fried Nancie! Come on over and get some food inspiration. We’re all about GREAT food…not deprivation. It’s a celebration of healthy yumminess and you’re always invited… hopefully you’ll even find some recipes to add to your files.

  37. #50
    luana Meythaler

    This blog has truly inspired me to fight the good fight, not only because of your encouraging and real posts, but also because I love scrapbooking. I don’t want to dread seeing pictures of myself and I do want to include myself in the family scrapbooks. Please keep posting, thanks for the motivation!

  38. #51

    Ray is amazing. til the sun turns black is the BEST! Your readers are in for a treat with his music. it’s amazing how much of an “unknown” he still is. What a talent!

  39. #52

    Also… You should check out Martin Sexton. His ballads are similar in style to Mr. LaMontagne and the others are just plain fun to listen to. Happy weekend. Please keep the music suggestions coming!

  40. #54
    Sharon F

    best wishes on the physics lesson tomorrow. I too have exercised and been reducing the intake – 4 days on Jenny Craig – because I could not trust myself during the initial stages, needed it to be really easy. And so far it has been. I see an apple in a totally different light – its dessert. Who knew?
    My clothes are fitting differntly not sure if its the wiehgt or my imagination but if I can imagine myself to feeling fit so be it.

    I am rooting for you and right there with you in spirit of course because I am really walking the talk in CA.

  41. #56

    it is so funny, because my personal fav is Til The Sun Turns Black, and I don’t find it anything but inspirational….
    Love Ray Lamontagne!!!

  42. #57

    It might be just a number, but the only way I’m sharing mine is if I’m on The Biggest Loser! I’m going to sit down, make myself a plan, and hopefully in a year’s time, I’ll have a number I can shout from the rooftops.

    Go Cathy on getting back on the WW bandwagon.

  43. #59

    I meant to add that I really like some of the WW Smart Ones fozen dishes for lunch. The Santa Fe Bean n Rice is my fave! And it find it filling.

  44. #60

    I’m joining WW online this week. I’ve done the meetings but never online before. Please keep posting and sharing tips and good low points food with us, as well as how you are doing. You are motivating me and I need that!!
    I’ve never seen Kettle Bakes chips–where did you find them? I am from the Twin Cities too.
    Thanks Cathy!

  45. #61

    I see others have said it – but Ray’s first album is a must own one for the album collection.

  46. #63

    I always tell people I know the weight loss secret—eat less, move more. It really IS that simple. yet so damn hard. I’m on the journey with ya Cathy!I’ll be clapping when you announce your weight loss after the scale. It’s a WW meeting thing.

  47. #64

    Yay, you go… love your ‘workout studio’ Ooo you so need a big piccy of the Mr Neil on that wall in front of your treadmill, then you can be walking towards him every day, lol.
    Donna x

  48. #65
    Amy J.

    I just tried out the online WW…it was totally confusing to me and I already, just by putting in today’s breakfast had used more than half my points for the day! I only had a bagel and a bit of cream cheese…whole wheat, just one. Wow. I know I couldn’t possibly manage to keep within the points etc. And it felt stressful trying to figure it out. I guess I’ll keep looking…

    Good luck.

  49. #67
    Michelle Granger

    Good luck on your weigh in Sunday!! I have been on the plan for almost six months and have lost over 40 lbs….I wish I had done it sooner! Great pic of the blueberries btw.

  50. #68

    I’ve been a WW member for a few months. God bless e-tools. Here’s an amazing recipe. Its easy (or I wouldn’t be able to do it!) and its 1 point per cup!

    Cheese Soup

    3 15 oz. cans 99% fat free chicken broth

    2 16 oz bags frozen veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, mixed veggies

    1 can rotel tomatoes or italian tomaotes

    10 oz. of Lite Velveeta cheese

    Cook broth, rotel and veggies until tender, then add velveeta. Cook until melted


  51. #69

    I’m way off task here, but was wondering if you had posted tags for all 12 months. I only see six months and was hoping for February…. πŸ™‚

  52. #70
    Sev from france

    hi Cathy,
    I plan to begin a diet based on Simply Fillings tomorrow.
    Funny to see that Wasa is also available in the US ! I was used to eat the light ones but I want to try yours….
    Have a good day !

  53. #71

    my 1st weigh in is Monday am….even if I dropped nothing, I got my fanny on the treadmill for 5 days of the week…a pretty big step for me. I liked your nugget about your weight is only a number…..that’s s good attitude to have & I’m trying to balance the being healthy/fitting into out-grown clothes/dropping pounds. good job this week!

  54. #73

    Ih you go girl! I was talking to a 30something friend at the gym whose lost over 100 lbs since last July. No surgery pills WW nothing. Just eating sensibly and working out 6 days a week at the gym, 3 of which are with a personal trainer. You can do it. So can I! i just signed up for a DSA box to arrive this summer. I cant wweight!!

  55. #75


    I’m so stoked you found Ray and love his album. It’s been in my car for about the last two and a half months, ever since I got it the MOMENT it was released. Yeah, you have to get his other albums. I keep trying to think which track is my favorite but then I realize I love each song individually for different reasons. Ah, what a great album and a fantastic musician.

  56. #76

    thanks so much for sharing your journey! I too have been on ww online for the last 6 years. i tend to go back and forth and lately have been more off than on. thanks for motivating me to get back into it!! Good luck!!

  57. #77

    Oh, no, you don’t REALLY like those chocolate things, do you? I tried them and I think they are nasty. They have a chemical taste I think. Keep thinking “toxic chemicals” and maybe you will want them less. Good luck with your journey – you are doing great.

  58. #78

    Good luck on your new WW endeavor and may you have great success. The last time I tried any serious dieting, I ate so much fruit that A) I got quite a bit of bathroom reading done and B) I needed to add a tooth whitening program as well (thus the more personalized WW-W program, which encompassed the need for whitening).

    Now, I was completely with you until the Ray LaM. video. I…dunno. I felt like I was swirling and flying and it’s like this. I don’t have wings. It’s okay, really, just not settling well in the musically challenged pathways of my brain. πŸ˜€
    Love your blog, Kathy.

  59. #79
    Beth R.

    I have said this before but dang girl, I wish I was your neighbor. You would be so much better than the funky guy next door.
    I just know I would be thinner, funnier, scrappier and so much better at awkward small talk. I mean who else could I talk to about the big O and kettle chips, who else would understand?
    Thank you for posting this weight thing you got goin’ on, I have actually started “paying attention”, my precursor to actually doing WW, I’m drinking water, doing the Wii and today I MIGHT walk on the dreaded tread, haven’t gone so far as to track my points, but I am getting there. A couple more days of mind games and I’ll be right there with ya.
    Thanks Cathy for being so dang funny and so dang real.

  60. #80

    Way to Go! If I worked from home, I would look into an excercise ball…those things are magic. Like you said with the numbers. My weight has only dropped 10lbs, but I am down almost two pant sizes and feeling better. add some resistance bands to your treadmill, you won’t regret it!

  61. #81
    julie L

    If you are loving Ray Lamontagne, you should also try Amos Lee. And Donovan Frankenreiter. Smooth sound. Love Love. Oh, and love you, too. πŸ™‚
    Weighing in tomorrow at dub-dub (WW) for my first week. Fingers crossed!

  62. #83
    Amy Fitzpatrick

    Ray Lamontagne is awesome! You must, must, must get “Trouble” as your next album. He is a Maine native and we love him here….and we are proud of him when we hear him on “House” episodes, etc. I have not had an opportunity to see him in concert or at the local pubs but friends have and they say he’s even better live.

  63. #84
    Karen Kelly

    I have never been one for dieting and such but let me tell you…I actually have become quite the advocate for Weight Watchers! I did the online version last year in May and I lost 16 pounds and quit the program after only a couple of months–really wasn’t even tracking points by the 2nd month though I feel my portion control was in a good place. I began working out and that made me feel entitled to eat more so I maintained my weight, but didn’t manage to continue losing. Started tracking my points again a few weeks ago and have lost 5 lbs so as they say, “Keep a tracker, lose weight…don’t keep a tracker, don’t lose weight” πŸ˜‰ I only have about 7 more pounds to go but hell…I’m just glad to be out of my damn maternity pants (my daughter’s 2nd birthday this past June was what motivated me in the first place). So, unsolicited food suggestion…
    Cup or so of baby spinach (or any lettuce for that matter), 1/2 c fresh strawberries, 1/8 c blueberries, little cucumber and/or red onion if you like and 1/2 tbs light raspberry viniagrette (Kraft or Ken’s Steakhouse are decent ones) and you got yourself a 1/2 point salad! I eat one about every afternoon because I’m typically ready to chew my own arm off by about 3:00 and it gives my sweet tooth a fix. Enough from me…best of luck to ya!

  64. #85

    Wow, your options are endless Cathy! I have no doubt you will be great at whatever comes along next. As long as your blog continues there will be a lot of happy people out there. But I must say .. your guitar hero guitar really is lacking in embellishments. I got busy with the rub-ons etc and honestly, it does make it sound so much better! LOL I can play much faster now. True story .hehehe

  65. #86
    Lorraine D. from Indiana

    I’ve lost 28lbs so far on Weight Watchers, Cathy – you can do it! Back injury and the fact that my 6’2″ husband was only a few pounds more than me was my wake up call. You will scare yourself after a while because you will be able to eyeball portion sizes and accurately guess the point values of food – oh and then you won’t be able to eat half as much as you used to. I allow myself a small treat every day. Try the oatmeal/dark chocolate chip cookies by Kashi – they saved me (2 points!). Best of luck!! I enjoy your blog!

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