“Are you going goth on me?”

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We have this little joke in our house. Well, I guess it's just funny to me. Or to Dan. But rarely to the intended target, my beautiful daughter, Aidan. See, she's 12, and she spends a lot of time in her room, in the dark, chatting with her friends on the internet. (And no, she's not chatting with the predators on Dateline NBC.) So my standard line, when I pop into her room to see what she's doing is: are you going goth on me? To which she always assures me, with exasperation, "No Mom, I'm not going goth. Please leave."

Whew. That's good. Because it'd be hard to tell by the color themes in your closet.

(And yes, the fact that there is both a pink and a polka dot item in the collection gives me hope! No one listens to Bela Lugosi's Dead in polka dots.)

And believe me sister, if you are going goth, I would KNOW. My Gothdar is finely honed from years of personal experience.


Cathy Zielske“Are you going goth on me?”

36 Comments on ““Are you going goth on me?””

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    leigh ann

    that pic kinda reminds me of a darker version of Billy Idol–gotta love those flashback pics. My oldest went through a primarily black phase–it was a safe color, in her unsure world….thank goodness she out grew it.

    Our statement is Your not doing drugs are you…

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    sue Treiber

    whoa! Flock of seagulls flashback there.
    My daughter is 11 and doesn’t own anything black. I wonder what this means for the next year.

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    Shanon Gibson

    LOL! That put a huge smile on my face. We have a 12 year old boy who is a shoe collector…..much to my husbands dismay!

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    I read this to my just-turned-13 year old daughter (home, sick) and she is convinced Aidan is a kindred spirit. And Louis, my husband (home, sick) is incredibly impressed with your choice in music – and always comments on it, so I thought I’d let you know πŸ˜‰

    I am, of course, impressed with the ’80s look. You rock.

    Have a good one!

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    Love the Michael Jackson poster in the background.

    You should have a contest to see who can guess what year this picture was taken.

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    Denise in AK

    I don’t think you should worry as long as there is one polka dot item in the closet. Goths are actually allergic to polka dots.

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    My daughter went through a phase with black clothes at about 11. We got to the point where we said “NO MORE black clothes for a year!” Now @ 26 she probably has 30 different white tops. Its a phase to be replaced by another phase…

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    Jennifer W.

    I must be feeding a long-under-expressed desire to be goth – purchased 3 items at Kohl’s last night – all black. Black is still slimming right?

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    Let’s talk about all those fancy wooden hangers in the closet?!!

    I have always wanted wooden hangers.
    We have an eclectic mix of plahhhh-steek and complimentary dry cleaner wire.

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    Like the T-shirt says:
    I’m wearing only black until they come up with something darker.

    Thanks for the laughs and the reminders of what a good haircut really is.

    Olympia, WA

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    “No one listens to Bela Lugosi’s Dead in polka dots.”

    Hate to break it to you, but I’ve been Goth since 1981 and I wear both pink and polka dots. Sometimes both at the same time.

    Not sure if I’#ve ever done it whilst listening to Bauhaus, but since I do all three quite regularly there’s probably been at least one cross-over at some point.

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    What in the WORLD is up with the Michael Jackson poster in the background? It looks like you seriously defaced him – poor Michael.

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    Amy Sorensen

    I’m just seriously jealous.

    My mom would NEVER take my picture during my goth stage. Not one. (hmmmm…let’s wonder why I was all dark and twisty, should we???)

    I really wish I had a photo from those days.

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    Sorry I missed those 80’s styles–for me 80’s fashions meant maternity clothes or things you could breast feed in. Back then all maternity clothes had puffed sleeves–hard to be goth with that!

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    Hey Cathy, did you happen to change the RSS feed or something? Because your posts aren’t showing up in my Bloglines anymore!! It’s a total bummer. I tried un- and re-subscribing but that just got me old posts. Any thoughts?? Thanks so much!

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    Michelle Giaimo

    Your on your way— and in my family it did not cool down until age 21! Pick you battles wisely and know that for the “early years” values and belief systems are in place.

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    Eh, my son is 11.5 and I just realized he owns more “hoodies” than he does underwear.

    It’s a fine line between “cute kid with a wee hooded sweatshirt fetish” and “Unabomber.”

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