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Welcome to the week of February 15th, blog readers. Today, I want to share some cool stuff with you. Now, before you think I'm going all "I'm the Grand Harbinger of Style and All Things Cool," let me just remind you what my bedroom looks like:


And, my wardrobe:


Okay? Are we clear here? I'm not an expert on style, fashion or coolness, but, when I find stuff I'm digging, I'm sharing. Good? Good. First up:

Apple iLife 09


Sometimes, it pisses me off that Apple releases a new version of this software every year, because then I feel obligated to buy it, but every so often, there's something in it that is just way too cool. And the part that's super cool? iPhoto now offers Face Recognition, and will scan for every face in your digital photo library, then you simply put a name to the face, and the iPhoto will take care of the rest. Aidan is the first person I'm adding to the Faces feature.



So once it goes through and finds pictures of what it thinks are Aidan, it then asks you to confirm the selection. This is going to take me some serious time, because I have a gazillion shots of Aidan. But what is so cool to me is iPhoto finds her face EVERYWHERE. Even on photos on scrapbook pages in photos, or in picture frames in the background of photos:


What is also fun is seeing who comes up that iPhoto thinks is Aidan.


Cole shows up from time to time. I'm thinking that should lay to rest any rumors that Dan isn't the father of both my children.

But Stacy Julian ? How'd that happen? I'll bet it's because like Aidan, she's cute. End of story.

Stacy's not aidan

It's finding her, even from when she was 7 (when I got my first digital camera in early 2004) through today, at 12. iPhoto KNOWS she's getting older and can still say, "Oh, there she is!" I just think the technology is cool because now, when I want to find pictures of Just Aidan, or Just Cole, or apparently, Just Stacy, it's as simple as one click. Cool!

My New Clock


Let me say this: I don't find cool stuff on the internet. I let other people do thatโ€ฆpeople like Heather Armstrong, over at, which is where I found this lovely clock from Pilot Design. I'm pleased to announce that this is my very first Etsy purchase. It's ticking away in my office as I type this. It makes me especially happy that the artist is from Minneapolis. Love to keep it local (and it helps when I explain to Dan why, despite becoming unemployed in a few weeks, I'm spending money without blinking. But honey! The dollars are staying in our community!)

My New Print (and second Etsy purchase!)


I also did not find this. Nope. That would be my former co-worker and sweet friend, Miss Wendy Smedley. Wendy finds things. Adorable things. If you're going to miss Simple, then bookmark Wendy's blog. She'll keep you in the know. I love this print because I love french fries and simple type treatments. Not sure where it's going, but it's staying in the office. The print is from Studio Mela, another Minnesota artist. But honey, the dollars are STILL staying in our community!

Should I stop here? Or do you want to see more? Because this next one is just person-related coolness.

Cole's Lego Renaissance


Cole decided to dump out his entire Lego collection, with an estimated retail value in the THOUSANDS, onto the floor of his room. (Man, we could make some quick cash on eBay with this, but I'm getting sidetracked.) The boy had a plan this weekend. After watching Jurassic Park: Lost World with me on Friday night, he dug out some of his pieces from the Lego Dino Attack collection:


Then, he rebuilt one of his Lego airplanes:


Then, he re-created the Miracle on the Hudson:


I'm sorry. He's just too cool, that kid.


Okay… that's enough coolness for one day. I'm pretty much EXHAUSTED from this post.

Now go on and enjoy thinking about some your favorite presidents today. That's what I will be doing. For sure.

Tune in tomorrow for Cool Stuff, Part Deux…

Cathy ZielskeCool Stuff for Monday

44 Comments on “Cool Stuff for Monday”

  1. #1

    Wow! You HAVE been busy! Though it’s Cole’s busyness I am admiring right now. That plane’s made out of Lego? Golly – amazing! How long did that take? With such talent, determination and what I call ‘stickitude’, you might consider hiring him out to Legoland as a designer while you put your feet up. Metaphorically speaking, of course … ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. #6

    OK, first let me say that anyone who does not think Dan Zielske is Cole’s father does not have an eye in their head! You feel free to pass along those internet finds, even if you didn’t find them first. That most likely means we didn’t find them yet, either. That clock rocks!!

  3. #8

    From the mom of one Lego guy to another………that’s cool. Not quite as cool as a Storm Trooper sitting on the potty, but pretty damn close. Enjoy your clock. I think I’ll go feed french fries to the gulls today down by the lake.

  4. #9
    Deborah P

    Thanks for the cool things. I, too, find those via the blogs of my cool friends, not from my own searches. So I always appreciate the sharing.

    And I second Alexa, Cole definitely could go to work for Lego – he’d be a natural at it.

  5. #10
    Beth W

    #2 son will be 35 this year and still has to get Lego’s for Christmas. However I am not allowed to play with them-unfair!

  6. #11
    Nicole D.

    Very cool stuff indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am thoroughly impressed that Cole actually sifted through ALL of the pieces to rebuild the plane. Wow!

  7. #12
    Deborah M

    OK, I was going to try and resist the iLife update, but the face recognition is really cool. And what is it with boys and the legos? Mine sets up Star Wars battles all over the house.

  8. #13
    Keisha in MN

    Don’t you just love the new iLife ’09 with face recognition! We’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s SO addicting. I’m on there for an hour or two every night “teaching” it more people. I love being able to see how people’s hairstyles, weight, etc change over the years – all at a glance. And it amazes me how it can identify someone over a span of many years when their looks completely change. SO cool!

  9. #14
    Tammy McClain

    Cathy…I just want to say how much your posts make me smile…and how much this post makes me want to log into Etsy and spend countless hours I don’t have on finding coolness like you…hav a super Monday!

  10. #17

    Oh you inspired me–I am going to Seattle today–maybe I can find some coolness! the $$ would stay local!

  11. #19

    Love all your “cool stuff”. And just so you know and feel a little more cool…your bedroom is WAY cooler than mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Loved Cole’s LEGO Hudson landing. Cool!

  12. #20
    Jeannette P

    That iLife software with face recognition is WAY cool! Is it only for Macs though? Wonder how it would work with my kids. They resemble each other quite a lot…at least that’s what people say & I can see similarities in them.

    Cole’s Lego collection is quite AWESOME! My husband & kids would totally LOVE it. My husband has what I thought was a lot but Cole has TONS. He has his organized into nuts & bolts bins so he can find things easily (until our 4 & 6 yr old get into them ROFL).

    Thanks for sharing the fun finds (whether you found them or not).

  13. #22

    Cole – you beat my son’s collection by a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a great collection there. My son’d be envious – if I showed him your Mum’s post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. #27

    We have iPhoto, but not the newest version. Too funny about Stacy J=Aidan (wha?!).
    Love Cole’s recreation – tell me he worked on this all weekend, right, because I know it takes my husband at least a day to get the Thomas-the-train tracks hooked up like my 6yo wants them. Cole sure is one cool kid, that one.

  15. #28
    Jennifer Larson

    Very cool. I’m more than a little curious as to what role the dino will play in the rescue.

    : – )

  16. #29

    that is a lot of coolness for one day – but oh how sweet it is – love all the legos – but ouch when you step on them in the dark on the way to the bathroom! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    i also triple love the print – why?, because it really needs no explanation – anyone with half a brain cell will know that birds dig fries! those without half a brain cell probably have had a really partying life and won’t care or try to understand!

  17. #32
    Deb Jones

    One more reason to want a Mac. Drool. The clock is cute and so is the framed saying. The boy is cuter and I get a kick out of his Lego adventure.

  18. #33

    Etsy is my favorite, I use the same rationalization! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Makes me feel truly good though, supporting independent artists. I’m refraining from the new iLife though, since I hardly use the old one! I use Lightroom to tag and organize exclusively now.

  19. #34

    Love the clock, spending dollars in your community is retail therapy for your shock in adjusting to impending unemployment.
    Cole is a wonder with Lego, do you have Legoland in the USA?

  20. #35

    Whoa, love Lego creations. Our g’son, 8, has tons too and he loves to build and build. The saying is great and the clock is cool. I haven’t bought the upgrade to iPhoto yet but it is coming soon. Your blog makes me happy. Thanks!

  21. #37

    Sounds like you are feeling better…more like your old self…thankfully! What neat software. I am still trying to learn the best way to tag photos and stuff in PSE6…pointers welcomed from anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. #38

    Ok, I must say that I love the legos on the floor. I don’t know how many times I went into my son’s room, only to see the entire collection of legos on the floor, the bed, the chairs, etc. And not only the legos, but the entire collection of Jurassic Park action figures – talk about thousands of dollars. Now that my son is a little older (20), I’ve put all the collections in big rubber maid bins and have put them on the top shelf of the storage room. It’s something that neither he nor I can part with for now.

  23. #39
    Rebecca Foxworth

    I’m loving all your affiliate links to the right. It’s how I found and bought the book “Get it Scrapped!”. One question, though…why no Weight Watchers affiliate link? They have banners and buttons and a program for ya. Maybe some blog readers want to get on the “look at food but don’t eat it” bandwagon with you? (Me? I’m already there. Weight Watchers and a job loss. Wonder how many points a day if I subsist on Top Ramen, apples, and peanut butter?).

  24. #40

    I thought that by cool stuff, you meant those red hearts on the cupcakes…but there was much more!

    Did you find the etsy purchase easy? I successfully stuffed up an etsy purchase recently. I’m a little scared to go back!

  25. #41

    Hi. I have that saying hanging up in my scrap room. I had seen it somewhere on a blog and just made up my own copy. Now I know where to buy the original. Thanks for sharing. I love that saying because birds look so happy with a french fry. Good stuff.

  26. #42
    Judy Bishop

    I LOVE the photo software you shared with us but I’m alas not a MAC user (yet) and since I’ve been unemployed for 5 months I won’t be one anytime soon. Do you know of any PC software that does this?

  27. #43

    Cole ROCKS! Love the Hudson recreation; totally reminds me of things my son has done with his Legos…oh, and I never thought I’d see a Lego collection as big as Christopher’s (and he’s only almost 6, lol)…but perhaps Cole is a contender, lol.

  28. #44

    I have the same art hanging in my living room that you have hanging in your bedroom – empty Ikea frames! Very cool. Except that a few of mine have photos taped to the front of the glass. : )

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